BFFS: Friends make life wonderful!

A BFF is the person you value above other friends in your life, someone you have the absolute most fun with ever, someone you trust with your life and someone in whom you confide. BFFs are your chosen family and their importance in life is indescribable. Best friends are super–supportive and your secret-keepers. They boost your self confidence and stand by you during tough times. Best friends make the very best partners in crime and will share literally millions of inside jokes with you. They will be there for you if you should need a shoulder to cry on and they possess the uncanny ability to make you laugh uncontrollably. In fact, your BFF can even make you laugh WHILE you are crying.

BFFS don’t care if your house is a mess and you are in yoga pants with holes. Best friends will answer your late night phone calls, cheer you on, accept you as you are, and provide you with a reality check when you need one. BFFS provide unconditional love, understanding and loyalty. But the greatest thing about BFFS is that they make you happy, share in your good times and make life exciting, worthwhile and joyful. They will also help you find just the right outfit, especially for important events in your life like prom.

This year at The Gilded Gown we have been witnessing lots of BFFs shopping together for Prom. The excited chatter and laughter coming from the dressing room area is at an all-time high. We are thrilled to see all that love, friendship and support radiating from our beloved beautiful Gilded Gown Girls! Life is good, friends are awesome and the dresses are beautiful.

Grab your BFF and come find your dream prom dress. We don’t mind if you talk too loud or giggle like crazy. (You’ll fit right in!)

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