Being green is a good thing. Helping our planet not only feels great but makes the world a better place. Easy ways of going green include sticking to warm showers (instead of steaming hot), requesting email receipts instead of paper, meatless Mondays (veggie pizza = yum) and sticking with plain soap instead of antibacterial. Interested in being even greener? Click on this link to see fifty ways YOU can help the planet: http://www.50waystohelp.com/

Wearing green is also a good thing. Because mint green for Prom 2016 is a hot color that flatters most girls. This luscious and light color is pleasing & pretty. Plus we’ve sourced some awesome mint green inspiration in the form of Chucks (love us some Converse!), rollerskates, headphones and even a great recipe for a mint smoothie.


The Gilded Gown Knoxville TN Pastel Prom Nina Canacci 2016 The Gilded Gown - Mint Green Collage 1 Mint Green Smoothie Collage The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Mint Inspo 2


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