Bye Bye Prom Window, Hello Gorgeous Giant White Paper Flower Window #BridalWindowDisplay #WhitePaperFlower

As we bid adieu to Prom Season 2016 it is time to welcome this year’s exciting new Bridal Season. Yay Brides! WE LOVE YOU.

And it is time to say “Bye-Bye” to our Prom Window Display and “Hello” to something new, fresh and beautiful. (And something relatively easy and inexpensive!)

Bridal season brings to mind Springtime and Happiness. And since most of our brides are working the rustic, outdoor, DIY theme we thought a flower based window design theme would be fitting. After all, as Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “Earth laughs in flowers.”

Inspired by great images sourced on Pinterest, we decided to install a giant white paper flower wall for our new window display. We know this is not news to anybody, but: There are tons of great tutorials on paper flower making and tissue paper flower DIY on Pinterest! WE LOVE YOU PINTEREST!

We scavenged the materials from what we had behind the counter: One ream of copy paper, white tissue paper, three rolls of scotch tape, one roll of white duct tape, two pairs of scissors. patience and two pairs of willing hands!

We spent a few hours (six!) cutting out graduated petals in different shapes and fashioning the flower centers in varying ways. After taping them in concentric circles and adding the centers we got super inspired. We started rolling the petal edges around a pencil and loved the results. Then we realized that the flowers looked best when crumpled up, so we had a good time “distressing” our work. The flowers are basically fool-proof. Even the sad looking ones looked great when clustered together with the prettier flowers.

Installation consisted of tearing down the old display and duct taping the new flowers to the wall. Installation took about 15 minutes.

We LOVE the new window display. We will probably be making more flowers to fill it in some.

Come by and visit us at The Gilded Gown! We’d your thoughts on our new window display!

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