A Peek In Emily’s Purse, #WhatsInYourBag #BridalConsultant #TheGildedGown

Bridal Consultant Emily Muse Gives Us A Peek Inside Her Purse.

We thought it would be fun to share the contents of our bags. After all, we all know that what we choose to lug around in our purses each day says a lot about our lives and which products work for us.

Emily gives us a video tour of the contents of her bag here:

Official Bag Contents:


We all have wallets, not much to see here…or is there? I feel like the fact that Emily’s wallet closes completely lets us know more about her. She is fairly tidy and organized. Many of us can’t fit another thing in our splitting at the seams, totally overflowing wallets. [Calling out Miss Jacqui!]

Card Case

Again, Emily proves to be nice and organized.


Safety first. Especially useful in mall parking lots late at night.


Emily is a Mom. Emily works at a Bridal Store. Emily is an actress. Bandaids are a must have.

One Safety Pin

There are probably quite a few things one can accomplish with a single safety pin. You could double down and keep two or three, cuz carrying a few wouldn’t take up much purse real estate and might be a little more useful. Gurl.com offers lots of tips on unexpected ways to use a safety pin:



Helpful for taking quick glances to make sure all is in order. Oh no, is that a CHIN HAIR? Grrrrrrrrr! Wait, just grab your purse razor:

Purse Razor

I don’t know where these things have been all my life, but I’d never seen one until Emily unveiled her purse razor. Cool.



eyebrow trimmer



Purse mints = smart.

Gift for the Boss

Emily’s daughter Carly made an adorable Art project for GG owner Jacqui. Gifting the boss lady is a very nice gesture.

Five (or Six) Lip Glosses

Emily calls this an addiction, but five lip glosses does not seem the least bit excessive in my book. [I’ll be spilling the contents of my purse soon…]

Emily’s favorites are Elf Lip Stain and Clinique Long Last GlossWear “Hooked on You”:

emily hooked on you emily purse elf lip stain


Perfect for keeping lips moisturized. Talking to brides all day, or delivering lines in her latest movie role takes a toll on Emily’s lips. Chapstick always delivers.



Emily is great for couponing and providing savings tips. A wonderful couponing resource is the krazy coupon lady!



Emily loves our Lord, and her keychain cross makes her happy.


Thanks for spilling the contents of your bag and sharing your thoughts Emily.


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