7 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Wedding Dress!


Have you been shopping for your wedding dress for months? Have you dragged your bridesmaids to several cities and bridal salons? Or are you wondering how to tell when you have found your dress? Tried on so many wedding dresses that you’ve developed bridal fatigue? Indecisive by nature? Just not sure if the dress you think is the one is actually THE ONE? Well, perhaps we can help.

Here are 7 signs that you are in love with your dress and it is the perfect bridal gown for you:

1. You gasp (in a good way) when you see your reflection.
If you find yourself open-mouthed at your reflection in the mirror it is a great sign that you might have found your “Yes” Dress.

2. You (or someone in your bridal party or your bridal consultant) breaks into tears.
When the waterworks start that is a pretty sure sign you’re rocking your perfect gown.

3. All your other favorite dresses pale in comparison.
If your previous favorite styles all seem way less special and plain.

4. You can suddenly picture your fiancee’s face on your wedding day smiling lovingly at you.
Picturing your groom’s happy reaction to as you walk down the aisle? The hunt is over.

5. You won’t take the dress off.
Have you been carefully considering the dress for more than thirty minutes? Have you been excitedly repeating, “I don’t want to take it off.” You’re done.

6. You feel super beautiful.
You were worried about finding a dress you love and now you feel immense relief, because, well, you look beautiful in this dress! When you can’t get over how flattering the bodice is, or how the dropped waist hugs your curves in all the right ways. When you feel like you look better than you could have ever dreamed, congrats you’re wearing your perfect dress!

7. When you suddenly don’t need the opinions of anyone else.
Every other dress required endless querying of other people’s thoughts. This one speaks for itself, so it is a definite yes!



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