Looking for a spectacular bouquet? Consider carrying a brooch bouquet on your wedding day!

Brooch Bouquets

Gorgeous bridal brooch bouquets combine so many elements we love: Vintage pieces, DIY spirit, creativity, opulence and beauty! These lovelies can be composed of family treasures, special sentimental pieces such as Great-Grandmother’s earrings, vintage boy scout pins, and even odd bits of lace from a heirloom wedding dress. Each bouquet requires upwards of 50 jewelry pieces to build. So that means a treasure hunt of epic proportions for brides wanting an ever-lasting, artistic bouquet on their special day. Many brides enlist the help of family and friends to search out brooches and jewelry pieces from thrift stores, Etsy, Ebay, garage sales, estate sales and their own jewelry boxes.

There are tons of YouTube video tutorials on brooch bouquet making, such as this one:



And, this awesome and amusing tutorial from blogger Anne at Planting Sequoias:

Stunning Brooch Bouquet! Underside has draped pearls around a ribbon-wrapped stem.

Brooch bouquets can be customized in any color or theme and embellished with ribbon, fabric floral elements and greenery.


Not feeling the DIY, but love-love-loving the brooch bouquets? Lucky Day! We personally know a world-class brooch bouquet artisan here in Knoxville. Sarah Brobst of Sarah Brobst Designs is a talented artist with stunningly gorgeous work, AND she is the sunniest, friendliest person this side of the Mississippi River. I personally guarantee you can’t hold back a big smile whenever you are in her presence. Her work starts at $150 and up. She can build a bouquet from your materials or source them herself.  Sarah, is a self-described “one woman operation, filled with fun creativity and the drive to repurpose items of all sorts.” Her work is unreal, gorgeous, interesting, fun, and, well, see for yourselves….

Contact Information

Sarah Brobst

Tel: (865) 684-7466

Sarah also makes fabulous jewelry and sculpture pieces. You can find Sarah’s Designs at:

  • McClung Museum – Knoxville, TN

  • Knoxville Visitor’s Center

  • Ijams Nature Center- Knoxville, TN

  • Customs House Museum- Clarksville, TN

  • The Local Company- Johnson City, TN

  • Willow’s Dream- Asheville, NC

  • The Curiosity Shoppe- Black Mountain, NC


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