Ms Wheelchair Tennessee 2016 Carly Pearson Found Her Dress at The Gilded Gown <3

We absolutely love meeting new people and finding out their stories. Yesterday we were thrilled to meet a beautiful, vibrant lady named Carly Pearson. She came in looking for a formal gown. She described herself as a tomboy who doesn’t like to wear dresses, but said she urgently needed a long dress. And, it needed to be beautiful. Oh, and another thing….Carly Pearson uses a wheelchair. Turns out she needed a very, very beautiful gown because she is Ms Wheelchair Tennessee 2016 and she is going to represent Tennessee in the national pageant NEXT WEEK in Grand Rapids, Michigan to compete for the crown of Ms Wheelchair America 2017. Our reactions: Wow that is cool! YAY Carly! So glad she is at The Gilded Gown! Ummm, wait. did she say Next Week??? and OK WE NEED TO HELP HER FIND THE PERFECT DRESS STAT!!!




Carly, a healthy, extremely fit and beautiful mother of two, would much rather be participating in sports than rocking a long dress on a stage. However her mission is to help other people with disabilities live active and healthy lives and she knew participating in the Ms Wheelchair Events would help promote her platform.

Carly sustained a spinal cord injury in 2002, when she fell while heroically fighting wildfires in Oregon as part of her work with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. She currently works as an independent distributor for Advocare International and a motivational speaker.

Carly’s Facebook Page

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Carly Pearson News Interview

Bridal Stylist Grace kept Carly busy trying on lots of gorgeous options. Everyone in the store admired the different dresses as Carly came out to look in the big mirror. The choice was obvious when Carly came out in this Nina Canacci Royal Blue Gown:

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20160729_141844 (2)

Carly, thanks for making our day! We know you are going to do great in Grand Rapids!

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