Meaningful things to do with your wedding dress after your wedding day!

Weddings are all about love and happiness. But you can continue spreading love even after your happy day if you are up for donating your wedding dress. There are so many meaningful ways to donate your wedding dress if you don’t need to save it for your daughter or want to preserve it as a keepsake. Let the power of love make you do right like Al Green sings about.

We love the idea of a wedding dress going out into the world and helping others.

Here are a few options for you, if you’d like to consider sending your dress on a special mission of love:

1. Have it sewn into Angel Gowns

We came across this incredible program when a friend on facebook posted a photo of 17 precious little gowns made from her wedding dress. She was donating the dresses to the NICU at Vanderbilt Hospital for any infants who are lost during their hospital stay…Thus…Angel Gowns.

A little time googling “Angel Gowns” showed that wonderful people are doing this all over the country; sewing the gowns themselves, or sending them to seamstresses and donating the results to local hospitals. Sandi Fasano is one such seamstress, who founded Front Range Angel Gowns located in Colorado. Her website lovingly proclaims: “There is no foot so small that it can’t leave an imprint on this world.”

The official Angel Gown program transforms donated wedding dresses into absolutely free and beautiful burial gowns for infants who pass away during their hospital stay. All of the burial gowns are handmade by volunteer seamstresses and the program accepts dresses from anywhere in the US. All wedding dresses must be cleaned before donating and you can learn more about the program on its FAQ page. What a beautiful way to spread love after your wedding.


2. Wish Upon A Wedding

Wish Upon a Wedding provides wedding attire to couples facing serious illnesses or life altering circumstances. This inspirational non-profit operates across the country. Reading about the couples that they have helped will bring you to tears. Their blog about the couples who’ve been “Granted Wishes” is awesome. Here is How you can help.

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3. Adorn it in Grace

Adorned in Grace is a re-sale shop located in Portland, Oregon that accepts used wedding gowns. The shop sells the donated gowns and gracefully donates all proceeds to raise awareness and prevention of human trafficking and support victims. Learn more at Adorned in Grace and find more about how you can Donate Here.

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4. Support Your Country

“Planning a wedding is challenging when your loved one is on deployment. This is our way to bring joy into a military couple’s life and say thank you. They sacrifice their lives to give us freedom.  This is the least we can do! I want to make sure our brides put away their camouflage to be a princess for the day.”
— Heidi Janson, Founder of Brides Across America

Brides Across America is a wonderful organization that has donated 2,000 wedding dresses each year to military brides. Learn more about donating here.



The power of love can assist so many. A simple gift of your wedding dress can help countless others. <3

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