All of us at The Gilded Gown have Hearts Full of Love for Havyn Adams and Isaac Tinsley

Please watch the heartfelt WATE TV Coverage here


Kristy Myers, owner of Margaret Claire Wedding Events called us last week with a story that absolutely filled our hearts with love. She told us about meeting a bride named Havyn Adams at the recent Pink Bride Show. Kristy said, “I asked the bride tell me about your groom and I watched her little face just fall with a little bit of anguish and just had a little tear in her eye and I just knew the good Lord laid it on my heart to just bring her in the back of our booth and talk to her a little bit,” Myers recalls. Touched, Myers asked Havyn for more details. She discovered that in January, Havyn’s fiancee, Isaac Tinsley, was given a diagnosis of leukemia. Then Isaac was in remission for awhile and the young couple rejoiced, but he recently relapsed and is now receiving care at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Undaunted the couple wanted to go ahead with their wedding plans, but the day seemed out of reach due to financial burdens and illness. Havyn also has a family member with a brain tumor. The wedding plans grew heavy on their hearts.

The young groom said from his hospital bed, “All I’ve been doing is praying and praying every day that God would provide this wedding somehow and make it happen. Because it’s been so stressful.”

Kristy, with a heart full of love, decided to take action. She offered her services for free to the young couple. Then she took the time to reach out to many other vendors in our area to see if they wanted to participate and help this lovely family too. Well, they did. In a big way. She says, “I called them and kind of spilled my heart through my tears and all of them called me back within an hour with ‘we’re in,’” said Myers. “I feel honored and very blessed to be part of an amazing wedding community in Knoxville and to all of them for helping me out with my little bride.”

Kristy planned a meeting Tuesday evening with Havyn and her family at Margaret Claire Wedding Events. Havyn had no idea what Kristy had planned. All the vendors along with news cameras from WATE were there to surprise her with a bounty of wedding gifts:



Havyn Adams and Isaac Tinsley
Havyn Adams and Isaac Tinsley


Our owner, Jacqui Wadsworth donated a dress of Havyn’s choice plus all accessories from the Gilded Gown. Hunter Valley Farms donated a $10,000 venue for the wedding and reception, complete with tables and chairs. Lisa Foster Floral Design donated flowers, White Table Linens will be providing tablecloths, Jason Mullen offered to photograph the entire event, Relic Video Productions agreed to video the wedding, Lamon Jewelers donated wedding bands, Rose’s Catering  will be providing catering, Ogle Entertainment offered up a DJ and sound equipment, Sweet Beginnings by Elaine is making a gorgeous cake and the Stables at Strawberry Creek donated a place for the couple to stay on their wedding night.

“I love Jesus and I know he brings people into our path that we’re supposed to encounter,” said Myers. “It’s not a chance or a fluke that Haven walked by and I was just introduced to her that day and I know she was strategically placed in my life at that moment.”

If you watch the WATE TV COVERAGE  of vendor after vendor presenting their gifts to Havyn and her family I guarantee you will be needing as many tissues as Hayvn. She couldn’t believe so many people came together to answer her prayers.

“I knew Kristy having the big heart that she had, but I didn’t know exactly what and I never would have imagined that it would have been this big,” said Adams.

The couple’s wedding date is set for March 10, 2017.

The real gift is for all of us to enjoy: the spirit of generosity and love in our community. Our hearts are full of love for the young couple, their family, all the vendors who so generously stepped up to provide their services and for Kristy having the beauty of spirit to see a need and to address it so graciously.


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