Get to know your Stylist: Grace and her beloved Blue Tick Hound “Jazz”



This is the story of Jazz and Grace. Grace found “Jazz”  wandering a deserted country road,  lonely and starving. Grace knew that she had to take her in, since she was also really sweet and pretty. Grace loaded her in the car that first day and took her straight to Seymour Vet Clinic to get checked out. They thought Jazz would be okay once she got fed regularly and had lots of affection. She got all her shots.

Here is Jazz on the day Grace found her. Grace knew they would be best friends when she laid down on the hula hoops. (Grace is also an avid hula-hooper.)


At first Jazz was timid and afraid of everything. She was afraid of walking on wood floors, ceiling fans and loud noises. She was afraid of a lot of things. She was absolutely starving. Gradually she began to gain confidence and strength. She got all the love and affection a dog could ever want. With proper nutrition and care she began to flourish.

She still really hates storms and fireworks and some loud noises, but what dog doesn’t?

jazz-skinny jazzy-after-a-week

Grace has now had her for two years. Graces says, “Jazz will eat ANYTHING. She’s really bouncy. She sleeps with me in my bed just like a person with her head on the pillow. She also has a crate that she loves to sleep in. She is a TAD spoiled as she has about a thousand toys, which she doesn’t chew up. She loves to enjoy a nice bowl of Blue Buffalo dog food.. She must smell everything. She loves to go outside. Go for car rides. To the horse farm where I rides horses as an eventer!”

Jazz also likes to visit The Gilded Gown where everyone adores her.

Grace describes her a typical day in the life of Jazz:

Jazz Wakes Up, Snuggles, Goes Outside, Comes inside to be harassed by our Jack Russell. She bugs Jacqui. And she just hangs out at the house for most of the day with the other dogs. They eat about five or six o’clock. When I comes home they go into the Palace (Grace’s Room) She hangs out, plays and sleeps. Pretty sweet life for a very sweet girl!







  • The Blue Tick Hound is one of the breeds that can claim to be “made in the USA.”
  • A Bluetick coat is a thickly mottled dark blue with black spots on the back, ears and sides.
  • The Bluetick is a cold-nosed dog, meaning he’s good at finding and following an old, or “cold,” trail.

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