TREND ALERT: DONUT WALL Make a #DonutWall for your Wedding Reception

So we were checking out some of the latest wedding trends for 2017 (we have to stay on top of things like that) and stumbled across the term “donut wall”… ‘Wait, what?’ we thought. Immediate research was required. Did it mean wall art featuring donuts?

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Cute, but NO.

Did it mean wall art with realistic looking 3-D donuts?

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Even cuter, and we totally agree with the sentiment. but still not the whole story.

A quick google revealed all the awesomeness of actual donut walls, and we fell in truly and madly in love. TA DA, we present you with the best idea ever in history in our opinion:

OMG this idea is SO BRILLIANT! A wall.COVERED. In. DONUTS!!!!! That you can reach out and grab. And devour!!!!

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Display donuts vertically and they will serve double-duty as both dessert and adorable decor. Offer your guests a wall full of donuts at your wedding reception and let the fun begin! Can’t you picture their happy faces? Our faces are happy just looking at all the donut wall pics. Num Num!!!

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Your friends and family will be all like:



Donut walls can be finessed to compliment any color scheme or theme. You can easily add floral elements, signage and display other deserts in front of your wall. Such a whimsical, affordable and amazing concept!

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Planning a Rustic Burlap/Mason Jar type wedding? Featuring Flamingos in a fun filled tropical setting? No problem. There IS a donut wall design concept just perfect for you:

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Envisioning a shindig that’s kinda fancy in a slightly hipster way? Voila. Might we suggest an Acrylic wall over lacquered plywood with gold lettering.

We love the basic pegboard donut wall variations. Especially since you can easily make one of these for yourself. Plus, this is a decor item that will be useful long past your wedding. You can use it over and over again. When you host a backyard barbeque as a newlywed couple, prop up you donut wall in your yard: fill it with some krispy kremes and be the social darlings of all your friends. We can imagine so many happy occasions where a donut wall would be appropriate: birthday parties, baby showers or EVEN as a fun weekend morning surprise for your family. (You wake up early and fill the donut wall with each person’s faves. They wake up to a very exciting surpise. Talk about a good start to the morning!)

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Donut walls also make great photo backdrops. Everyone looks good with donuts over their shoulders. And you can’t NOT smile in proximity to 20 dozen yeasty sugar bombs.

You can even spell out fun words. Or your monogram. Yum.



Check out for a fantastic tutorial on how you can DIY your own nifty pegboard donut wall.

DIY Donut Pegboard | Oh Happy Day!


We recommend upgrading your regular run of the mill dowels with these swanky sticks from HCMemories on etsy, 50 for $27:

50 dessert and fruit skewers in crystal, pale pink, blush, silver, and pearl - dessert table, donut bar, appetizers


For the be-all-end-all of donut tuts you must check out Shari’s Berries ah-mazing DIY:





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