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Kinda kooky, very amusing and highly delish, Drip Cakes are trending red hot this year for weddings! Drip Cakes can be naked, multi-tiered or uber-ornate. All that’s required is a baker’s imagination and lots of yummy drizzle running off the top of the cake. Covered with anything and everything, from fruit to flowers to candy, these confections are the perfect artistic vehicle to enhance your ceremony’s theme. Whatever your color story or vision may be, a Drip Cake can be whipped up to match. The cakes are eye-catching, frivolously fun and memorable. Your guests will be sure to speak fondly of them long after your special day. “Remember that brilliant, drippy cake you had?,” they’ll say. “Covered in pirouettes, flowers and strawberries? That was SOME cake!” You’ll respond, “Yes, I loved that cake!”Image result for drip cakes

Cakes by Cliff, made this lavish, yet also understated-but-still-bold, cotton candy inspired, buttercream Drip Cake. We adore the wooden pedestal it is elevated on, too:

These cakes can be sophisticated and elegant — yet they always convey loads of whimsy. The chic one below is reminiscent of the inside of a large, gorgeous seashell and would add tons of “oophmfff” to a beach wedding.

26 Fantastical Drip Wedding Cakes ~ we ❤ this!

Bakeries are putting out so many stunning Drip Cakes, like the berry-laden, daisy-dotted chocolate version below. YUM! Don’t you wish you had a fork right now? And you could taste pictures? I do!

Image result for lavish drip cake ivory

Even a relatively simple version, like the Drip Cake below, conveys a sense of joy. The perfect shade of coraly-pink & gold foil leaves = winning:

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Speaking of simple, check out this luxe gold drip cake with an edible sugar peony. Pa-pow, this minimalist take on Drip Cake packs major wow factor.

Image result for white drip cakeIf you would like to take on a Drip Cake making project of your own, check out this amazing tutorial on “How to Make a Trendy Drip Cake” on by Juniper Cakery on Craftsy. This baking how-to features an upside down “ice cream cone” smashed on top and “melting” down the sides. SOOOOOO ADORABLE! June or July Wedding? Perfect-o!

Drip Cake Tutorial

Ummm, YEAH, we love cake designer Agnes de Sucre’s thought process (as we imagine it) for this fabulous confection. “Let’s add some frosted donuts AND some macaroons to our triple-decker drip cake. And, for garnish, perhaps sprinkle on a spattering of pink popcorn, edible roses and luscious chocolatey drips.”

Related image

Anges de Sucre Logo

BeSpoke Bride blogged about this Katherine Sabbath style concoction, wonderfully suitable for any colorful & summery ceremony. You could even add a paper umbrella or two to this one, or a spray painted circus animal should the mood strike you:

Katherine Sabbath Inspired Cake tutorial katy perry themed decorating cake White-9

Charcoal grey and peach make a lovely combo, especially in this Drip Cake featuring Love, our favorite subject!

Image result for lavish drip cake ivory


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Check out this fantastical, multi-layered vision in chocolate and confetti. Sprinkled with miscellaneous flowers, berries, and who-knows-what-else, it packs some serious eye candy. The raw wood cake stand makes it even cooler:

Image result for drip cakes wedding

We will leave you with some graceful words of wisdom that have never failed us in our many long years, and which we strongly support:

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