4 Wedding Reception Food Trends for 2017 #WeddingReceptionFoodTrends #Yum

After a beautiful marriage ceremony — following the happy tears and sentimental yearning, the oohs and ahhs over the gorgeous bride and such — we love the feeling that comes over the crowd of family and friends. The feeling that it is time to relax, head to the reception and EAT! YA-HOOOOO. Nothing livens up a crowd more than the promise of refreshments!

We’ve rounded up some of the very, very best wedding reception food trends for 2017. Granted, some of them have been around for awhile. But, you just can’t argue with tried and true good food. And while we aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel here, we do think each of these trends is a worthy choice for any upcoming wedding. Speaking of wheels, how about hiring yourself a food truck for your reception.

The darlings of hipsters, foodies and farmer’s markets, food trucks offer an amazing array of cuisines from high-end to carnival and every food in between. We love the mega-convenience factor in that these babies roll up with all the food, dishes, and staff inside. And after the party they roll all the mess on down the highway. Sort of the best way to entertain IMO. Plus they look adorable and make a great photo backdrop.

You can work a food truck into just about any wedding style. Beach wedding, how about a “Lobstah Love” seafood truck?

Mexican food is always a popular choice for post-wedding noshing: satisfying, filling and affordable.

Everybody loves some breakfast for dinner. Brinner is a great way to save on your food costs, please your guests and showcase your personality. Waffle and fruit skewers dusted with powdered sugar will spread lots of joy.

Quiche and maple bacon provide a perfect savory note.

A yummy biscuit bar provides your guests lots of options for customizing their bites.

Teensy-tiny food is soooo cute. Treat your guests to mini everything, from apps to entrees and deserts!

Min pies on sticks in jars for the win!

Mini salad shooters are beautiful to look at and easy for your guests to eat!

Curated food pairings are definitely on the rise at events this year. Since most people nowadays are exposed to chefs and chef-speak thanks to food network, they will feel special and fancy when presented with pairs. Start them off with an amuse-bouche paired with a shot of wine.

Or you can always surprise them with something more down-home like roast beef sliders and a beer.

Sure to please classics like burger sliders, grilled cheese and teensy mugs of brew are always popular. Provide cones of waffle fries for your hungry guests and they will thank you! Finish with coffee topped with donuts (the ultimate food pairing!) and you will end the event on a happy note for all.

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