INSPIRATION: Nudie Cohn’s Nudie Suits and our Azzure Couture #FloralEmbroideredGown #NudieSuitDress

Welcome to our ode to one of the best clothing designers, EVER, the flamboyantly-amazing Nudie Cohn. Nudie was born in Russia, but immigrated to the US with a dream to become a tailor. While traveling across the US he stopped in Minnesota at a boarding house, and it was there that he met his future wife Bobbie. Together they made a move to New York City where Nudie found a job as a burlesque costume designer. Eventually the young couple made their way out to California where they began making clothes out of their garage. Nudie, who had always loved watching the old westerns and seeing the American cowboys, had himself a life-changing idea. Nudie decided to approach several country stars and offer to make them suits. His charm and personality won the day and he actually talked his way into becoming a world famous designer. Word got around and his reputation grew. By the 1950s Nudie had opened his own shop in Hollywood and convinced Roy Rogers and Dale Evans to let him be their custom tailor. Roy Rogers is credited with making Nudie’s gaudy, glittery suits acceptable for cowboys. Nudie went on to design the most over-the-top decorative rhinestone-encrusted, floral embroidered suits, known as “Nudie Suits” for music royalty and celebs alike.



Nudie had a style all his own. He wore his own crazy-cool suits around town, but always wore a mismatched pair of boots to keep himself grounded and to remember his humble beginnings when he could not even afford a pair of matching shoes. To learn more about this spectacular sartorial genius visit The Official Nudie’s Website.


As Nudie’s reputation grew more and more stars had to have their own customized rhinestone cowboy suits, like Porter Wagner,Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Elton John, Keith Richards and Sly Stone.

Even modern-day celebs, like Kesha, love themselves some Nudie action:

When Gilded Gown owner, Jacqui Wadsworth, saw this Azzure Couture gown at market she was instantly reminded of Nude’s ostentatious extravagance. Currently available in store in blush or black this lavishly embroidered floral gown features all the flash that Nudie loved.

Side note: Jacqui has a personal connection with the Nudie brand, as she actually met with Bobbie Cohn and sold her thread many years ago. How cool is that?

We love folks who embrace their own style and don’t mind strutting around in out of the ordinary looks. If you are feeling the love for this heroic designer and would like to try a Nudie Suit inspired gown, we invite you to visit The Gilded Gown. We wish we could come pick you up in one of Nudie’s customized convertibles….


And one more thing, NUDIE also designed the famed GOLD LAME suit for Elvis. YEAH! We certainly feel a kinship with a man who makes a golden, gilded suit such as this. Thank you Nudie for your legacy. We love you!

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