MARRIED LIFE: Time to Tackle His Drawers! Upgrade and organize them! #upgradehissocks #tommyjohn #organizehisdrawers

You found him, fell hard, married him. You also discovered, pretty quickly, that he hoards old boxers and ancient socks full of holes. He is most likely proud of this and views it as an accomplishment. He is able to overlook the saggy waistbands and the no-longer-tight-or-white-ness of these items due to their “comfort,” or out of a strange sentimentality, “but I’ve had these since high school!”

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But. No.

No. We just can’t have this:

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Certain things we just need to convince our guy of, like, for instance, the pleasures of a high quality toilet tissue. He might be hesitant at first. He might protest that a four pack for 69 cents makes more sense economically. But, by exchanging his cheap, generic sandpaper with our choice, aloe-infused, cushioned tissue; we can gently steer him toward some of life’s finer things! After all, comfort IS key! Once he’s felt the good stuff, he’ll never want to go back.

So, too, do we need to introduce some order and comfort to his underthings. He will thank us! Take the time to tackle his drawers and edit, upgrade and organize his base layers. After all, he deserves the very best! Investing in some good quality items, like those offered by Tommy John will give him something that feels like nothing else. And, once he experiences the comfort and ease of a day without his undershirts, underwear and socks pinching, bunching and sagging, he’ll be a new man.

Our friends at TommyJohn understand how difficult it can be for your guy to part with the trusty staples of his wardrobe. So show him this nice, logical flow chart. Working this system can make the experience of purging his everyday essentials easier and help decide what gets tossed, donated, or kept. Because basics actually do have an expiration date and even that “lucky” pair needs to be updated every now and again.

(Especially the “lucky” pair!)


Once the editing is complete… it’s time for the fun part! Shopping to restock the essentials!!! Fill his drawers with nicely folded stacks of comfortable, no sag, no bag undergear and you will both be loving life! Imagine…a life with no more constant pulling up of the socks or incessant crotch tugging! A life where it is always time to break out the ukulele and dust off those dance moves!

Tommy John has “revolutionized the fit, feel and function of man’s most fundamental layers.” They understand how men move, and they have combined innovative fabric technologies with their passion for tweaking the fit down to the last stitch.  The result? Shirts that stay tucked, socks that stay up and underwear that keeps everything in place, whichever way your man moves. We think investing in their amazing products is a no-brainer. PLUS Tommy John has so kindly furnished you with a bangin’ discount code good for 20 percent off your first order. (The magic code is TJ20SPRING)

Our picks, which will fill his drawers with joy:

The Long Weekender Trunk Set, consisting of three pairs of premium, cool cotton shorts in shades of blue and grey:

The Sock Style Sampler, which includes five pairs of perfectly designed, uber-comfortable socks:

And finally, the fun Freedom Boxer Brief Set, which includes a crew neck tee and adorably patriotic shorts. Packable and perfect for the summer:



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