CAKE BREAK: Color Block Wedding Cakes

Design trends usually have an interesting history. The current craze for color blocked confections can be easily traced back to the work of artist Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter whose modern, abstract style was distilled into very simple, geometric paintings. Color-blocking is thought of as the exploration of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. We love how a concept can originate with an artist, pop up in fashion a couple decades later, and then get “discovered” fifty years after that.

Yves Saint Laurant, the famous French clothing designer, inspired by Mondrian, translated the trend into fantastic cocktail dresses back in the 1960s.

So, the colorblock “trend” has been around for awhile – but it’s been cropping up in creative new ways in fashion. From multi-hue dresses to colorful separates to bright accessories, this style is everywhere:

The design world loves color-blocking, and it is showing up in clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture and home decor. We present the joyfully, color blocked, woven Tropicalia chair by Patricia Urquiola:

These days this concept has found its way into the hearts of bakers and brides, and has been transformed into so many beautiful wedding cakes. Some are color blocked on the inside:

But most are color blocked on the outside:

A delicate take on this style trend, uses soft colors and metallic touches to deliver the trend in a classic wedding palette:

The craftsmanship and coolness of the baker at Letterpress Bakery of Canada, produced this combination of color blocking in soft plum, gold and cream paired with succulents for this incredible work:

The addition of lush florals add romance to multi-tiered cakes in tones of burgundy, pink and grey:

The black, gold and white color blocking on this dramatic cake radiates style:

De La Creme Creative Studio, a powerhouse bakery located in St. Louis, Missouri, makes literally the most beautiful wedding cakes we’ve ever seen. They specialize in fabulous, artistically-inspired creations for brides willing to have the very best. Several of their designs incorporate color blocking, in the softest, sweetest pastels. Behold the eye candy:

This cake combines gentle color blocking with sequins and stripes:

A magnificent multi-tiered cake with an embossed layer and a super cool floral wreath encircling a monogram:

Here is an additional confection featuring a wreath on the front. We are sensing another trend here!!! Love this!!

Cascading roses top this darling two layer cake. The embossed piping on the bottom layer is divine. Yes.

Pale blue, silver and rhinestones deliver a Marie Antoinette-worthy wedding cake. Swags of jewels, a monogram, tufting, draping, bows AND color blocking. Yeah, and we count six layers:

It’s pretty cool how a Dutch painter’s work from back in the 1930s is informing wedding trends in cakes today. From artist, to design world to fashion to cakes – color blocking has made quite a journey. The inspiration utilized bright primary colors and the interpretation has softened the look to translate into wedding-worthy shades.




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