Rock Prom! Find the Best Dress for Your Body Type

Selecting the perfect prom dress that looks like it was practically made for you, is all about embracing your body type and celebrating your favorite features. Everybody has body parts they worry about. Short, thin, tall, curvy, well-endowed or tiny, all girls want to look their absolute best at Prom. Accentuate your positives, dress to flatter your figure and you will rock your prom dress for sure! It’s all about balance and proportions. Want to pick the best prom dress for your own special body type? Read on for some easy tips on how to select a style that fits YOU best! Remember our friendly stylists at The Gilded Gown are trained to assist you find the absolute perfect style that you will love, too.

Are you Petite?

Try a dress with a sheath or column silhouette, ‘cuz those long, lean lines lengthen the body visually. Princess seams which run vertically up and down a dress will also make you look taller. If you want a princess style ballgown, try one with a strapless, sweetheart top but a flowy skirt. The fewer layers in your skirt, the better. Short dresses are also good for petites, especially when paired with some amazing high heels. Empire waisted gowns are another perfect option!

Column silhouette with princess seams and sweetheart neckline

Are you worried about your bust?

Keep the girls in check with a corset style dress with built-in boning. The structure and support will have you carefree and dancing. Or, try an illusion top gown for tons of security. We love their ease of wear. And you can’t go wrong with a defined waist dress!

Illusion Top gown with a defined waist

Want a boost in your bust?

Your best choice is a plunging v neck dress. These dresses feature super low necklines, sometimes with sheer panels, which are very popular this year. You can also try a dress that is heavily beaded or sequined on the bust area to emphasize what you’ve got. A sweetheart neckline accentuates as well.


Plunging V

Heavily Embellished Bodice

Want to look little in the middle?

A-line gowns are the most forgiving style and they are also super easy to wear and comfy. Sitting, dancing, and even eating are no problem in this silhouette. Your midsection will be discreetly concealed by layers and layers of tulle. Another style to try is a dress that features flattering pleats (called ruching) that camouflage any unwanted lady lumps. Consider emphasizing your shoulders with a cap sleeve selection. Creating the illusion of more width in this area will make everything below it appear more narrow.

A line, flowy dress

Concerned about your arms?

Sleeves are cool these days, and we are really happy about that. Try a gown with three-quarter sleeves for a fresh, fun, modern take. You will be covered, but stylin’, with a glamorous lace top.

3/4 Lace Sleeves

What to slim down your lower half?

Try on dresses with A-line skirts, but stay away from anything TOO full to avoid that tu-tu look. We suggest a color blocked dress featuring a fun pattern, with a dark top. Two piece gowns are also a nice option.


Whatever your shape, you can feel confident and beautiful! We invite you to come view our selections for Prom2K18 at The Gilded Gown. We have a huge selection of all styles and colors in stock. Plus all sizes are available from 000-36. Easy layaway program! And, we register your gown so you can be sure to be the only one at your school in your dress.


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