10 Wonderful Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

We’ve all been to weddings where the favors (though well-intended) were just not that, shall we say, “useful.” And most of those ended up gathering dust or worse, thrown in the trash. We don’t want that for YOUR wedding. No, no, no. Consider gifting your guests with wedding favors that they will actually love and really use! We’ve compiled a list of the top ten wedding favors that will make your guests very happy!

1 | Popcorn

Ahh, popcorn. Served at all the best events! Movies, Fairs, Circuses, Theme Parks, Beach Boardwalks. So why not your wedding too? Popcorn epitomizes light-hearted food fun. so what better way to entertain your loved ones on your wedding day than to provide them with a buffet of flavored treats? We know we’d be selecting the kettle corn option. Or maybe the butter toffee…

We love the idea of these sweet little jars of unpopped kernels. These cheap and easy DIY favors can be made well in advance of the wedding, and will certainly be appreciated by your guests.


2 | Soap

Your friends and family most likely use soap every single day, so we are pretty sure they will actually use a sudsy bar of goodness. Soap can be packaged a myriad of awesome, cute ways, such as in a lil’ parchment pouch with a thank you card attached, like so:

You can go high-end and cool like these handmade soaps. Inspired by quartz, these soaps resemble rocks, are tied with gold cord, and were also featured on Ruffled.

Check out this French Country bonanza of lavender infused soaps in a rustic basket. We love how each soap is beautifully packaged with a stalk of lavender.

3 | Tiny Succulents

Succulents are a wonderful option for your wedding favors: they’re “green,” they’re attractive, and they can double as place settings AND decor at your event.

Your guests will be clamoring to pick up their very own tiny succulents. They will find good homes on window sills, desks and coffee tables.

We love this little army of cacti in galvanized pails, just waiting to be oohed and ahhed over.

4 | Matches

Matchbox favors are super affordable, customizable and a really cute takeaway for your guests! Everyone needs matches, and we’re pretty sure your friends and family will keep their box of matches from your special day for years to come. Each time they open that catch-all drawer in their kitchen and see your matches, they’ll be like, “Oh, that was a great wedding.”

Beaucoup offers a set of 50 personalized matchboxes for about $30.

BeSpoke Bride has a great DIY for making your own matchbook covers for your wedding.

5 | Bottle Openers

Bottle openers make fabulous favors. These practical gifts will be popping off lids well into the future. We love these antiqued bronze key bottle openers from littlethingsfavors.com:

6 | Honey

Individual pots of honey will add a touch of sweetness to the end of your wedding day. How adorable are these jars of honey with dipper sticks attached?

Custom Love Gifts offers precious fabric topped honey favors, too:

7 | Candy Bar

Some things in life are just going to make people happy. And, candy is one of those things. Install a sweets bar at your wedding reception and watch your guests gather round it with big smiles on their faces! Everyone turns into gleeful kids when surrounded by Sour Patch, Twizzlers, and Gummies!

It doesn’t even have to be an elaborate buffet of candy to make your loved one’s day. A simple display of Hershey’s kisses, (with a scoop to load them into takeaway containers) provides a joyful goodbye for your guests. We guess they’ll be unwrapping a few before they even make it to their cars!


8 | Mini Bottles of Liquor

Nothing says “celebration” like champagne. Provide your guests with their own take-home mini bottles of bubbly for a memorable and festive favor.

Now, this is a favor table the guys will love! Mini bottles of alcohol all lined up, just waiting to be happily pocketed by all your wedding guests.

9 | Spice

Something a bit unexpected, but also useful for your guests are mini spices bottles. Spice lasts practically forever, and it adds so much flavor and excitement to food. Don’t you adore the idea of your guests making a delicious meal using your favors? These cuties are from girlywedding.com:

Order your own custom spice blend from Wedding Spice Favors, or use some of their prepackaged options. Our pick? Himalayan Pink Salt.

10 | Mints

Send your guests on their way with a tasty, edible favor. Mints, like the pretty ones in plastic cases, below, are treats guests will be thrilled to take home.

An easy DIY version, buy prepackaged mints and simply add your own labels.

No matter what tokens you provide your guests, Including favors at your wedding is the nicest way to show your gratitude and appreciation to all.

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