Don’t Throw Rice! Creative Toss Items for Your Wedding Send Off

A wedding send-off is a friendly demonstration that takes place immediately following the ceremony. Traditionally, guests file through a receiving line and then gather outside to await the bride and groom. When the couple makes their exit, the guests typically shower them with rice. Throwing rice at a newly married couple has been a tradition for thousands of years, possibly going back as far as the ancient Assyrians and Egyptians. The idea is that tossing this symbol of a good crop at a couple will give the newlyweds good luck, fertility, and abundance in the future. But as with all traditions, there are plenty of creative alternatives for people looking for a little something different. The fact is your guests can wish you well with plenty of things besides rice. We’ve gathered a few festive send-off ideas to make your special day extraordinary.

Dried herbs or flowers, such a lavender, make a fragrant, eco-friendly toss item.

Put them out for your guests in adorable paper cones.

Or have little open sacks of herbs served up in a crate. Your guests will love this beautiful, earth-friendly option.

Whimsical Pom Poms, either the tiny balls or the shaker kind, make a send-off a celebration!

Put out little containers of poms in your wedding colors to compliment your day.

Clean up on the bitty poms can be time-consuming, though, so you might want to consider cheerleader style pom poms on sticks. Your guests will get into the cheering spirit with colorful shakers. Heck, they might even come up with an impromptu cheer just for you guys.

Imagine stepping out to face your future together to the tingle of tons of tiny bells.

Help your guests ring in your new life together with little bells.

Or, use the ever-popular cowbells. There is never enough cowbell!



You can always leave your wedding in a flurry of floaty fun bubbles.

All of your friends and family will feel like kids again as they blow a cascade of bubbles at you.

You might even want to join in the fun!

Paper airplanes are an adorable send-off item.

Your love will take flight when your guests bombard you with everyone’s favorite childhood DIY. Map paper airplanes are an especially special send-off when you are traveling for your honeymoon, too.

Looking for a cheerful send-off? Rainbow sprinkles are the epitome of cheerful fun.

Sweet packets of these will deliver a major fun moment for all.

Tubes make great of confetti sprinkles

Ribbon wands add a festive flair and a fantastic insta-ready photo opportunity at your send-off.
Ribbon wands are a quick and easy DIY project, plus they don’t require any cleanup AND they can be customized for any style wedding. Win, win, win.
Our final creative alternative to a traditional rice throw is leaf confetti. This is our favorite option because it is free and eco-friendly.
Leaf confetti simply requires a hole punch, some handy helpers and mother nature’s bounty of leaves. Punch any shapes you desire into your leaves. Voila, wedding confetti!
No matter what you choose to have your guests sling at you, we know you’ll be showered in happiness.


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