Meet Heather: A Beautiful Bridal Stylist with a Heart of Gold

When you visit The Gilded Gown these days you are likely to meet one of our newest team members, Heather. This beautiful dreamer will surely capture your heart like she has ours. The first thing you’ll notice is her charming personality. Heather is super outgoing, full of laughter and has a captivating wit. So you are guaranteed to have a blast with her and leave with a new friend (and most likely a dress and accessories). You’ll see that she has fabulous personal style, too. She happens to have a killer boot collection, like the pair pictured below:

Heather’s background is in retail, human resources and management. Throughout her career she’s honed her great interpersonal skills. We are thrilled to have her as a key part of our growing team in the position of Sales Manager and HR Specialist. She brings major professional cred with a caring and approachable attitude.

Heather has a huge appreciation for life and practices gratitude daily. She believes in enjoying each and every moment. And she makes it her mission to make sure everyone around her is having a great time too. Heather is also really down to earth and extremely kind. Her motto is “Eat the Cupcake!” and it perfectly embodies her spirit of living in the moment. She doesn’t say no to any treats, in fact, she even has a Pinterest Board named: “Get in my belly!” Her humor and joyfulness carry over into all her bridal appointments. You can always tell where her bridal parties are located in the store by the constant laughter. If you love having fun, schedule a fitting with her. Since she models so many of the dresses she has a fantastic firsthand knowledge of how they fit.

This Southern belle has the accent and mannerisms of a true Tennessean, although she was actually born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She came here with her family during her elementary school years and stayed all the way through college at both The University of Tennessee and Pellissippi State. The most important trait she kept from her Northern roots is an intense love for the Steelers!

Family is everything to Heather. She is a proud mama to two amazing kids, Hannah and Drew. Hannah recently graduated from Bearden and currently works at Double Dogs. Drew is a sophomore at Bearden who loves playing video games.

Her third child is her precious dog, Allistair, if you count dogs. (We do!)

Heather has a large group of close friends who she enjoys spending time with.

Some of her other interests include gardening, playing scrabble, reading, crafting, camping, photography, and watching Lifetime movies.

Heather is having a blast working at The Gilded Gown. Her favorite part is working with brides and seeing them experience the happiness of finding the dress of their dreams. As she describes it, she loves, “the moment the bride gets chill bumps on her arms and you can see the excitement on her face!”

Heather’s winning ways with brides:

  1. She helps them focus on the positives
  2. She makes them feel comfortable during their appointments
  3. She encourages her brides to relax and enjoy themselves
  4. She has fun with her clients
  5. She understands that dress shopping can be stressful and helps avoid it

Heather’s long-term dream is to camp her way across the country where she can, “meet people and hear their stories and sleep under the stars.” As she puts it, “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and with people I haven’t met.”


We think her favorite quote, by Dolly Parton, perfectly sums up how she treats the world:

“If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”



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  1. Danica C. says:

    Heather is amazing!! She was wonderful when it come to helping me find my dream dress with one amazing deal! & I loved her honesty! If I wasn’t sure about how something looked, she gave me her honest opinion, & that I loved because I’d rather be told what looks right & what don’t than to be told everything looks great on me when I know it don’t. I would highly recommend Heather & The Gilded Gown to anyone I know getting married! 🙂

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