Samantha and Stan. The Sweetest Love Story.

Samantha and Stan. The Sweetest Love Story.

True love prevailed recently when Samantha and Stan got married this March. They promised to love and honor one another forever at a charming train station in Tennesse. The day was beautifully captured by photographer Rebekah Chapman Santos. We asked the lovely Gilded Gown bride to share some details about her day. We were so touched when she responded with the sweetest love story ever:

I’ve loved this man from day one and I say that in all honesty! I never believed in love at first sight until Stan! I knew from the first day I met him that he would be my future, my whole world, my husband!

More In Love Each Day

What I didn’t know is that every day I would fall in love with him more and more every single day. I swear it feels like I couldn’t possibly love him anymore, but today I love him 1000 times more than yesterday and tomorrow I’ll love him even more than today!

Stan and I met through my uncle a little over five years ago! We were married at the historic train depot in Greenback, TN on March 14 of this year! Stan is the most genuine, kind, selfless, loving man I have ever met in my entire life! I knew the day we met he would be mine forever! He’s truly my best friend! He even stepped up in my girls’ life and has been the best father they could ever ask for!!

Being Married Is Amazing!

People keep asking me how it feels to be married now and honestly it feels amazing! As weird as this sounds, it’s the same, but so different. It’s so much better than I ever imagined. All the love, passion and intimacy we shared before is only that much stronger. I crave him, his presence, his touch.. hearing his voice in ways I never imagined – in the most innocent forms! I just want to be close to him, to hear his voice, to see his face, to feel his touch all the time! I can’t get enough! I’ve never been so happy before, I’ve never felt the things I feel before… Everything is so perfect! I am so incredibly blessed to call this wonderful, selfless, kind man MY husband! Will things get hard, I’m sure, but I’m also sure that together he and I can face anything this world may throw at us! He is my encourager, my best friend, my biggest fan!

Such A Blessing!

He works hard to provide for our family, to make sure we always have what we need. He strives to show us how loved and special we are every day. I don’t know what I did in this life to deserve such a blessing, but boy am I thankful!

I can’t wait to do this life with you, my husband, by my side!

Please join us in wishing this precious couple and family the brightest future filled with joy and happiness.





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