The Best Portable Appetizers of 2021

Party Pleasers

Who doesn’t love being passed a delicious little treat at a wedding reception? We all adore those small appetizers, amuse bouchées, and light bites, don’t we? And, with easy to hold and eat options you can make it easier for your guests to enjoy all the deliciousness. So we’ve sourced the best portable (and yummy!) appetizers for 2021. There are options in cool shot glass shooters to delectables served on a skewer. Just keep reading for ideas of which pleasing tidbits you’ll want to serve to your favorite folks.

Serve ‘Em A Shot Glass

Nothing is easier to carry around than a little glass. So there’s the handiness factor. And you can really pack a flavorful punch in little glasses. Almost any food you can imagine, you can miniaturize for your guests. Everything from a charcuterie board to french fries can be scaled down to work perfectly. We love the creative all-in-one concepts people have developed to entice guests. Like these joyful mini grilled cheeses perched atop savory shots of tomato soup!

Or, these darling roasted cauliflower soup shots, each garnished with a dash of paprika on top plus a breadstick spiral.

Perhaps you’d prefer to serve a mini stuffed pork loin with cherry tomatoes and tossed greens? Yes, please! We’ll be taking two of these.

Maybe a refreshing shot glass of feta, olives, and sundried tomatoes is more your vibe. We suggest serving this delicious recipe by Appetizer Addiction. You could even whip up a batch yourself to sample before your wedding day.

We’d follow this tray of shrimp shooters around the whole venue. Yes, shrimp cocktail in a shot glass. Yes, lemon wedge. Yes, cocktail sauce. Yes.

Who loves french fries? Everybody, right? We’d LOVE to have this cute little jar of fries and dipping sauce in our hands during any happy occasion. Nom nom. The only problem is deciding between ranch or ketchup.

You could also present sweet French toast and syrup shots to your guests. These would be especially well-received passed around at the end of the reception.

We think these little charcuterie board inspired shots would be a huge hit. Don’t you wish you had one right now?

Pass Around Some Skewers

Another way to serve moveable munchies is on skewers. Such a variety of tidbits can be threaded onto sticks. Easy to pick up and carry, they are another perfect way to provide portable appetizers. Any small food items work well presented this way. Not only are they delicious but these are easy to make ahead if you are catering your wedding yourself. One way to do a skewer? Put a delicious seasoned serving of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls and basil on a wooden skewer.

These Gouda and Peach skewers are an elevated take on an old-school classic: cheese and pineapple. They are the perfect bite of sweet fruit, and savory cheese. And the sprinkle of fresh thyme gives these treats an extra oomph.

Proof that appetizers on a stick can be elegant, these layered smoked salmon appetizers check all the boxes for finger food: they’re pretty, delicious, can be served at room temperature, AND can be made ahead.

Watermelon and feta cubes make a refreshing and fulfilling appetizer option. These tiny treats are served up on the dearest little heart picks.

Craving Caprese? Present your guest with some skewers with all the makings of the signature Italian salad. A crouton of bread, salami, red pepper, tomato, and mozzarella all drizzled in balsamic vinegar combine to make a delectable appetizer.

Another tasty option is a Cuban sandwich on a stick.

You could go the comfort food route and offer your guests some pepperoni pizza on skewers. We are confident that these will go very, very fast.

And possibly the best idea for a portable appetizer of all are these adorable Mini Spaghetti Nests and Italian Meatballs!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of portable goodies and will find inspiration to use at least one of these ideas for your special day!

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