CAKE BREAK: Square Wedding Cakes

It’s Hip to Be Square

Brides, if you are looking for a fresh take on wedding cakes, consider going with square layers instead of the more traditional round tiers. Because there is something inherently cool about square cakes with their crisp edges and sharp angles. Plus their clean lines are perfect for a modern wedding day aesthetic. And square wedding cakes can be sleek and chic, glamorous, or even whimsically romantic depending on the decorations used. So, if you’re hip to be square, keep reading, because found some of the best wedding cakes for 2021 just for you.

Spare & Square

The world’s best cake artists are totally embracing the square cake format. Take, for example, this stunning cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes. It features simplistic white squares accented with darling floral hoops.

We are crushing on this marbleized confection by pastry chef Megan Joy of Megan Joy Cakes in Eagle, Colorado. The beautifully bespoke cake has a hint of blue and green and is a study of composed simplicity.

Crummb Cakes a cake studio in Singapore has created some of the most trendsetting cake designs to light up social media. Owner and cake artist Paulin Teo has developed a modern, architectural aesthetic that has inspired cake decorators (and brides) aroundย the world. We adore her pale blue, three-tiered confection with pearl details. The soft color looks so pretty juxtaposed with the sturdy squares of cake.

Another minimalistic approach to square cakes is this one which features an elegant textured white frosting and a single natural element. This cake manages to deliver a whole lot of impact with very subtle details. We can totally picture this at any hip wedding whether it’s in a field, a desert, a forest, or against a mountain backdrop.


Just because a cake is square doesn’t mean it can’t also be effortlessly glamorous. Take for instance this glamorous tower of white cake with an asymmetrical cascade of colors down one side.

We love this fancy little square cake by Miss Shortcakes. This one is lavishly decorated with gold leaf vines, and accented with a single gorgeous bloom.

Another amazing cake by Ron Ben-Israel, who the New York Times calls, “the Manolo Blahnik of wedding cakes.” This sumptuous cake uses an exceptional color scheme and an abundance of floral elements.

A more traditional take on a square cake, this four-layer beauty, is a study in blush, ivory, and white. The scrollwork and fresh lush blooms make this one truly elegant.

Whimsically Romantic

Square cakes can be whimsical and full of romance too. Like this fanciful purple and gold leaf cake is from the artists at Montreal based Bayard Royal bakery.

Square cakes can also be naked like this delicious-looking chocolate and blackberry square cake by Cassidy Budge Cake Design. We want very much to eat it, don’t you?

Where are our Boho brides at? Because you all will love this textural white wedding cake with sugar macrame (SO CUTE) and bright blooms.

Lael Cakes a Brooklyn based boutique cake studio is responsible for this gorgeously vibrant and unique square cake.

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