Karley & Brent’s Romantic Beach Wedding

Karley and Brent’s Super Romantic Beach Wedding

The Perfect Couple: Karley and Brent

You know those couples that just RADIATE true love? The couples who we all call the “lucky ones.” Two people, who have found what we all dream of? Well, gorgeous Gilded Gown Bride Karley and her handsome hubby Brent are definitely one of those couples. They are young, beautiful, kind-hearted, and caring…and they are absolutely head over heels in love with one another! Happily, these two got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2021. This darling couple is so in love they couldn’t wait to say their “I do’s.” So they decided to tie the knot just a few months later. They wanted something chill, fun, carefree, and family-oriented for their special day. And they put their heads together and came up with the best destination wedding plan ever.

The Perfect Plan

Karley explains, “around the time we got engaged both of our families were trying to plan family beach vacations for the summer. We thought, ‘let’s just merge the two, and plan a beach wedding weekend where everyone could still get their vacations in, while also celebrating with us.’ Our decision only gave us about four months to plan everything (which was a little difficult being in another city), but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. I will forever cherish the moments of prepping/planning, and will forever remember everyone who made it joyful and exciting (BIG SHOUTOUT TO GILDED GOWN).”

The Perfect Beach: Isle of Palms, SC

Karley and Brent decided on the charming beach of Isle of Palms, SC for their destination wedding/family vacay. Luckily, photographers Kristin Lane Burrows and Lucy Wheaton were there to capture all the beautiful moments.

The Perfect Bridal Look

Karley looked perfect on her special day. Her soft beach-ready curls were thanks to the artistry of Shane Archer. And her dewy, picture-perfect makeup was by Kelsey Caudle.

The Perfect Ending

As if a stunning beach ceremony filled with joy wasn’t enough, this happy couple ended their day with three amazing deserts thanks to Logan Sweet Treats. Their wedding cakes looked too pretty to eat, but we’re pretty sure everyone got past that. And two more words come to mind: Macaroon Tower!

The Perfect Dress

Karley’s found the dress of her dreams with us at The Gilded Gown. She fell in love with a gorgeous wedding gown, that fit her wedding day vision perfectly. She chose a fitted sheath silhouette lavishly embellished with beads from the bodice to the scalloped hemline. The flattering v-neckline and lace-up open back are complemented by a sweep train.

A Perfect Experience

Karley shared her dress shopping experience with us. She says, “I remember calling my mom right after I left my dress appointment at The Gilded Gown. She was excited for me, but she was also confused as to how I had ALREADY found, tried on, and bought my wedding dress! I had scheduled my appointment at the last minute (this was my first one), and neither my mom nor my sister could go. So my friend and I went with little expectations of actually finding ‘the dress’ – I remember my mom saying on the call, ‘Karley, this is the first place you went! How???” – I was shocked myself, but I truly give all the props to Gilded Gown because the experience was so easy, so exciting, and somehow stress-free.”

The Perfect Yes

She says, “I showed one picture of what I was looking for, and my stylist Elizabeth and I went around and picked out all the dresses that were similar. She also encouraged me to try some different styles/patterns that I wouldn’t have normally thought about (which I was so thankful for because I ended up getting one that was so different from the picture I showed her). The dress I bought was actually the first dress I tried on (although I tried on several after that) – I vividly remember putting It on for the first time, and I swear, I couldn’t stop smiling (which had to mean something right?) – after trying on several other dresses, I came back to the first one, and the rest is history. I’m VERY GRATEFUL for my experience at Gilded Gown, their team is amazing!”

The Wedding Pros

Photographer: Kristin Lane Burrows

Second Photo Shooter: Lucy Wheaton

Wedding Location: Isle of Palms, SC

Hair: Shane Archer – Salon: Grow Knoxville, a Shane Archer Concept

Makeup: Kelsey Caudle

Sweets: Logan Sweet Treats

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