Olivia & Brennan’s Fairytale Love Story

Olivia and Brennan’s Fairytale Love Story

Olivia and Brennan have the absolute sweetest, fairytale love story. And they recently had the most beautiful, fairytale wedding EVER, too! And we are so thrilled that Gorgeous Gilded Gown bride Olivia was kind enough to share all the details (and photos) of their amazing story with us!

The Sweetest Introduction

We LOVE the story of how these two met. Oliva explains, “I had been working at State Farm corporate office, in Atlanta GA., for two years under an amazing manager named Brad. We became great friends and I would always talk to him about my guy problems. One day I came into work crying over an Ex, so Brad said he wanted to introduce me to someone that would treat me right. He took out his phone and showed me the Instagram page of the most handsome man I’ve ever seen … it was his little brother, Brennan!” From there, Brad gave Brennan Olivia’s phone number and Instagram and the rest is history!!

The Best First Date

Fast forward to February 2017. Olivia and Brennan had been texting and talking on the phone for a couple of weeks when they decided to go on their first date. She says, “Our first date was at a hookah lounge in Atlanta. We ate good food, danced, talked about life and had so much fun! By the end of the night we weren’t ready to leave each other so we went to another lounge, we paid for parking, parked the car, and talked about our childhood, our future, and our families for four hours straight! We never actually made it inside the 2nd lounge!” Brennan told her at the end of the night that he knew she was the one and one day he would marry her. Olivia says, “Of course I didn’t believe him at the time! Lol!”

A Big Move

After a couple of years of dating, Brennan told Olivia that his company wanted him to move to Knoxville for an amazing opportunity. He let her know that the only way he would take it is if she moved with him. Olivia recalls, “At this time, I had never even heard of Knoxville and was nervous to move away from all my friends and family in Atlanta with a “boyfriend.” I was also deep in my career and was scared to leave my job. I didn’t know what to do. Brennan without telling me decided he wanted to make a commitment before I just up and moved to Knoxville and sacrificed everything for him. So he nervously went to my parents’ house and asked my father for my hand in marriage. He told my dad that he didn’t want to move their only child to Tennessee without plans of making me his wife. My dad loves Brennan so naturally, he said yes!”

The Perfect Engagement

Their engagement story is so sweet! Olivia tells how it all went down, “On our first night in Knoxville Brennan asked me to go to dinner with him to celebrate his new accomplishments at work. He gave me his credit card and told me to pick out a new outfit. [<3] And, he said he wanted to take me to an amazing seafood restaurant that he heard about. (Brennan knows that seafood is my favorite food in the whole world.) Later, Brennan took me to Chesapeake’s in downtown Knoxville around 8 pm. He kept fidgeting and looking around so I asked what was wrong? He said, “You’re so beautiful, you’re making me nervous.” I just knew something was up, so I smiled and grabbed his sweaty hand and gave it a squeeze. Then he went to the bathroom and when he came back he got on one knee and asked me to marry him!  I cried and I almost forgot to say said YES!”

The Wedding Planning

Olivia and Brennan started making plans for their wedding for the following year (October 2020), but the pandemic hit in March 2020. So sadly, they had to put everything on hold. Olivia recalls, “When stuff started opening up a little, I started planning for a 2021 wedding. Since the pandemic was still going on I had to figure out how to do things like my dress shopping and my bridal shower a little differently.”

A Zoom Bridal Shower

Olivia had an amazing bridal shower despite dealing with the pandemic. She explains, “I had to figure out how to plan a pandemic bridal shower because I was in Knoxville all alone while my family and friends were in Atlanta. I decided not to let COVID stop me from having an amazing experience. I had a ZOOM bridal shower with over 50 guests. The theme of the shower was a pajama “Sip & Paint” party! I had everyone order the same sip and paint set. We all got in our PJs and poured our glasses of wine. We played games, we painted, we laughed for hours, and I even opened my bridal shower gifts on the ZOOM call. I had the best time! “

Dress Shopping

Olivia felt like her dress shopping was going to be so lonely without her family and friends to share in the joy. She remembers, “I had to do my wedding dress shopping alone because of the pandemic, but thank God I found Gilded Gown! The Gilded Gown was the third shop I visited. No other shop had unique dresses in my size, and all their dresses looked the same. But not at The Gilded Gown! Their dresses were all so different and they had such a large variety of beautiful plus-size dresses! Plus, they treated me like family when I needed family the most! My stylist helped me find the perfect dress! Thank you!”

Venue Shopping

Brennan and Olivia knew they wanted to get married in Georgia but they didn’t know where exactly. So they set up tons of zoom meetings with different vendors and venues every other day until they found the best option! The Crowne Plaza Ravinia Dunwoody, GA was perfect! The venue has the most magical outdoor area that was perfect for their fairytale themed wedding. 

Wedding Weekend

When the wedding weekend rolled around Olivia was nervous because when they arrived in Georgia it was raining hard AND it continued to rain every single day leading up to the wedding day. She says, “We prayed for sunshine and God delivered! Our wedding day turned out to be one of the sunniest most beautiful days I’ve ever seen.”

“I was an hour late to my own wedding but if you know me, you know that’s not shocking at all. I was treated like a Queen all day! But my favorite part was at the reception when my Cuban family got to show my husband’s family how to do some Spanish dancing like the Salsa and Bachata! It was so surreal watching our families merge together on our special day! Everything else went perfectly! I honestly felt like it was the start to a wonderful fairytale!”

The Decor

Olivia did all the gorgeous decor for her wedding, from the centerpiece to the bridesmaids bouquets. Her artist Instagram is @OliviaLoveCreations. She makes the most incredible things!

The Wedding Vendors

Dress & Accessories: The Gilded Gown

Venue & food: Crowne Plaza Ravinia Dunwoody, Ga.

Cakes and desserts: Cakes and Treats of Atlanta

Photographer & Videographer: The Wedding Pros

DJ: The Wedding Pros

Same Day Wedding Coordinator: @KeySheryl

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