Use Flowers in Creative Ways at Your Wedding

Use Flowers in Beautifully Creative Ways at Your Wedding

Carrying a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers down the aisle is a moment brides-to-be dream of. And, while this is the most traditional way flowers are incorporated into wedding days, some brides are seeking more unique ways to use floral elements.

With a little bit of imagination, you can easily use flowers in your wedding in creative ways that your guests will remember for years.


1. Decorate with Cascading Florals

The Bridgertons aren’t the only ones who can get married under a floral canopy. A florist can create a floral cascade for a dramatic effect. A trellis, blank wall, or canopy at the altar can also support an array of flowers and greenery.

Consider covering a swing with flowers if you have an outdoor ceremony. Photos of you and your spouse sitting in the swing after the wedding are super romantic.

2. Wear Some Flowers

There are lots of ways to incorporate wearable flowers into your wedding day. For instance, you could adorn your hair with a circle of beautiful flowers.

Or, any area on the bridal gown can become a floral centerpiece. If the gown has a wraparound bodice, the florist can create a floral edge. Another option is to wear a pretty row of flowers around your waist.

You could also consider attaching a few gorgeous blooms to your veil.

You can also create a garland of flowers that drapes down the back of your gown. Want a dramatic photo to remember how you looked on your wedding day? Pose in your dress, wrapped in your garland, and look back towards the photographer. Stunning.

Don’t forget the accessories. Consider sweet floral earrings for the finishing touch.

3. Get Married in a Garden

A garden wedding can save you a bundle on your flower budget. Whether you choose to wed in a backyard or at an outdoor venue like the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum, you’ll be surrounded by the serenity of nature and many native blooms.

Every season has its flowers. For example, in Tennessee, the fall offers a wide variety of gorgeous autumn colors in vibrant warm colors, but there are also tons of mums, flowering kale, and ornamental cabbage. And even into the winter pansies and violas continue to bloom in a variety of shades. Use in-season blooms and you’ll have all the beauty of flowers without the added cost. 

Even with nature as your beautiful backdrop, you can still layer in more florals. A tree is a perfect spot to gracefully drape a flower garland:

4. Adorn Your Wedding Cake with Flowers

Another neat way to bring more flowers to the table at your wedding is to adorn your cake with beautiful blooms. There is such an amazing array of flowers to choose from, each with a different meaning and message. You can infuse extra meaning into your special day by including flowers that reflect your feelings. For instance, softly delicate roses in the palest pink convey grace, gentleness, joy, and happiness. All good vibes for a wedding day, right?

A sprinkling of gerbera daisies adds a romantic touch to this three-tiered confection. They symbolize innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love.

5. Use a Signature Flower

Another way to highlight flowers is to focus on one signature flower. You can then use it throughout all your details, from your bouquet to decor. Having a single major floral element can really elevate your day. Say you love sunflowers, well use them everywhere, from your entry to your aisle.

Your guests will definitely take note of your flowers if you weave a signature flower throughout the venue:

You can even add some sunflower party favors for your wedding party to take home. Etsy makes a number of flower party favors, from napkin holders to place card clips.

6. Garnish a Signature Drink with Blooms

One final way to use flowers in a creative way at your wedding is to garnish a signature drink at the reception with edible blooms. Cheers to you and whichever way you choose to incorporate flowers for your day.

Pro Tips:

A couple of tips to keep in mind when you use flowers:

  1. All flowers attract bugs. True, some are beneficial to your garden and yard.
  2. It’s best to avoid using snapdragons and hostas in your hairpieces or backdrops.
  3. Pro tip: bees tend to avoid marigolds, chrysanthemums, and red petunias

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