Brides who love pearls meet PearlCore, the hottest fashion trend!

Brides who love pearls meet PearlCore, the hottest fashion trend!

What is pearlcore you may be asking? Pearlcore, my dears, is the art of adorning oneself with the gorgeous, luminescent orbs of beauty known as pearls. Taking social media by storm, this old-school staple is appearing in fashion houses and streetwear alike. And, brides, especially are incorporating these iridescent lovelies into their wedding day accessories like crazy.

Pearl Everything!

Pinterest reports terms such as “pearl gown,” “pearls,” and “pearl ring” as trending, big time. And, we are fairly certain that this iridescent gem will be a bridal staple this year. So we’ve loaded up The Gilded Gown’s accessory department with pearl everything. You’ll find dresses encrusted with pearl details, embellished veils, earrings, garters, necklaces, bracelets, and loads of pretty headpieces too.

Pearl Bracelets

One way to incorporate these lustrous, highly prized gems on your wedding day is to wear some around your wrists. At The Gilded Gown, we have pearl bracelets in loads of styles. We have options in rose gold, gold, and silver with all shapes and sizes of pearls.

Pearl Earrings

Imagine all your close-up wedding photos of your face highlighted by a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings. Shop our selection of delicate pearl drops, decadent pearl chandeliers, and fun pearl statement pieces to find the picture-perfect finishing touch to your look.

Pearl Necklaces

When you think of pearls, do you first imagine the classic strand necklace? If so, we do offer traditional pearl necklaces as well as lots of fashion-forward options too.

Pearl Headpieces

One of the most wonderful ways to wear pearls is with a gorgeous headpiece. At The Gilded Gown, you will find all types, from fanciful to traditional. Luckily you can try on all the styles to find the perfect pearl hair accessory for your special day.

Pearl Veils

Another way to incorporate your love of pearls on your wedding day is to wear a veil featuring the precious gems. We stock a lovely selection of veils with lots of different styles featuring pearls.

More About Pearls

Pearls aren’t just pretty. They also have some neat qualities. For example, historically pearls have symbolized wisdom gained through experience. The charming gems are also believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth. And, they are well-known for their calming effects. 

Pearls are unique among gemstones because they come from the sea whereas others stones arise from the depths of the earth. They also are the only gemstones that require no special cutting or polishing to showcase their lustrous beauty. For this reason, pearls have been treasured since ancient times.

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