Beautiful Brides of The Gilded Gown 2023 – Part 3

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Join us in the journey through Part 3 of our series, where we delve into the wedding days of our stunning Gilded Gown brides. Experience these beautiful weddings through their photos, where each bride redefines style and love, donning gowns that mirror their unique visions for the day. Immerse yourself in their love stories as we joyously celebrate all their special moments.

Haley & Dakota

Haley and Dakota shared their sweet vows in beautiful East Tennessee, and Haley was an absolute vision. Draped in a lace ballgown and crowned with a sparkling tiara, she radiated pure joy and elegance. The love between Haley and Dakota was palpable, and what made their day even more heartwarming was the inclusion of their sweet pup in the celebration. As they embarked on this journey of love and commitment, surrounded by the picturesque setting of Mountain Fields Homestead, Haley’s radiant presence and the charming addition of their furry friend made their wedding day truly unforgettable.

Drew & Dalton

In the picturesque embrace of Sunset Meadow Farm, Drew and Dalton’s wedding day unfolded like a dream. Drew, a stunning Gilded Gown bride, exuded grace and beauty in a lace dress (with detachable sleeves) that perfectly captured the essence of her love story. With the talented lens of Sarah Hill Photography capturing every moment, the day became a visual symphony of joy. Special thanks to Heather Mounce at Willow Pond Alterations for the impeccable dress alterations that made Drew’s gown truly hers. Drew expresses heartfelt gratitude to The Gilded Gown team for helping her find her dream dress, making her day at Sunset Meadow Farm perfect.

Amber & Cory

Amber and Cory’s love story unfolded against the rustic backdrop of Foothills Farm, a perfect setting for their special day. The catering by Holstons added a delightful touch, and Stephen Goff Entertainment kept the atmosphere vibrant. Petals Florist transformed the venue with their floral magic, creating a picturesque scene for Tara Kneiser Photography to capture. The moments were also beautifully preserved by Team 22 Studios in a heartfelt video. Amber, the radiant bride, graced the occasion in a gown from The Gilded Gown, adding a touch of elegance to this joyous celebration of love.

Kelsey & Zack

In the picturesque embrace of Rocky Meadows, Kelsey and Zach embarked on their journey of forever. Kelsey, a radiant Gilded Gown bride, graced the occasion in a gorgeous fit-n-flare dress that echoed elegance and timeless beauty. Sydni Stinnett Photography skillfully captured every moment, preserving the essence of their love story. The venue bloomed with enchanting florals, courtesy of Daisee If You Do Flower Bar. James Fisher, the videographer, artfully documented the day, ensuring that every cherished memory was beautifully immortalized. Kelsey’s radiant glow, styled by Desilee Hardin for hair and Tayler Wilson for makeup, reflected the joy and love that filled the air. Here’s to Kelsey and Zach, may your journey together be as beautiful and everlasting as your wedding day.

Mary & Michael

Stunning Gilded Gown bride, Mary, wrote, “Thank you so much for helping me pick out my perfect dress for my special day.” She married the love of her life Michael in true style! Their wedding ceremony unfolded at the historic Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, creating a backdrop steeped in tradition and charm. The celebration continued as they sailed to their reception venue, the Lakehouse Grill in Vonore, TN, aboard a beautiful 55ft Sea Ray—a journey that surely added a touch of magic to their day. The talented photographers, Hailey Duncan and Hannah Bennett captured every moment with amazing finesse, ensuring that the memories of Mary and Michael’s union are preserved beautifully. Cheers to Mary and Michael, may your love story continue to be as extraordinary as your wedding day.


Beautiful Gilded Gown bride Ashton epitomized individuality on her special day with a destination beach wedding. Ashton opted for a truly distinctive black and nude ballgown wedding dress that perfectly complemented the seaside setting. Against the backdrop of sun-kissed shores and rolling waves, Ashton radiated a beauty that was as unique as the love she celebrated. Her choice of attire mirrored her exceptional taste and added a touch of unconventional charm to the coastal celebration. Ashton’s wedding was a testament to the beauty of embracing personal style and creating a day as unique and remarkable as the love she and her partner share.

Macey & Khayman

In the enchanting setting of Elliot Farm in Niota, Tennessee, Khayman and Macey celebrated their love amidst the rustic charm of the venue. Captured through the lens of Katelin Barnes Photography, their special day unfolded like a storybook romance. Macey, the radiant Gilded Gown bride, graced the occasion in a stunning gown, embodying elegance and grace that perfectly mirrored the beauty of the day. The picturesque surroundings provided an idyllic backdrop for the couple’s love story. Each photograph, bathed in the warm glow of the Tennessee sun, became a cherished memory.

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