DIY: Giant Fall Wreath from Dollar Store Supplies #EasyFallDecor #HulaHoopWreath #FallDisplay

September has rolled around and there is a delightful hint of crispness in the air. Fall decor is crowding the shelves at our fave stores like Target, Michael’s, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree. Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Latte on the menu, football is on, the leaves are turning and we are already planning our fall capsule wardrobe. Needless to say, we’ve got major feels for fall right now.

Our bridal store window needs to reflect our love for this season, so we decided to make a giant fall wreath. And by giant, we mean HULA HOOP size. In fact, we made the wreath using a hula hoop!

Always budget conscious, we decided to make a wreath with major autumnal impact using ONLY Dollar store items. We invite you to make this easy, inexpensive project for your home or store window, or even for your fall wedding! We can’t imagine the cost if you tried to buy a 3 foot diameter wreath out in the world, but we’re sure it would cost a pretty penny! Our wreath costs just about $25!

The first step is a quick shopping excursion to your local Dollar store to compile your supplies. (We purchased our items at Dollar Tree.)

Fill your buggy with leaf garlands, loose leaves, tiny pumpkins, fall floral picks, bags of moss, floral wire and a hula hoop. We purchased 10 maple leaf garlands, 2 bags of Spanish Moss, 2 bags of Reindeer Moss, 1 small glitter pumpkin (we wanted more of these cuties, but they only had one), 1 mini gourd, 4 bags of leaves, a hula hoop and 4 fall floral picks.

Tools we had on hand included a glue gun, glue, fishing wire and scissors. These items can also be found at most Dollar stores as well.

Set up a project table, lay out your lovely fall items and plug in your glue gun. Start by applying glue to small sections of the hula hoop and then wrap the moss around. It makes a giant mess, so make sure you have a broom, dust pan and vacuum ready for clean up!

Keep working your way around the hula hoop, gluing on more and more moss until it is completely covered. Really squish the moss around the hoop, don’t be shy.

The moss will shed quite a bit, but keep at it, it ends up amazing. Once you have a nice base layer of moss around your hula hoop it is time to start adding your maple leaf garlands. Use floral wire to attach the garland to the wreath and wrap it around and around. Repeat the process with additional garlands.

The wreath starts looking pretty darn awesome at this point. Attach your fall embellishments to a section at the top of your wreath. We started with the pumpkin and gourd, and then filled in with lots of extra leaves and parts cut from the floral picks. Bottom right photo shows the completed top portion.

We installed our fab fall wreath in our front window. We used fishing wire to hang the wreath from the ceiling. It kept twisting and turning, so we simply added fishing wire the the bottom of the wreath and taped it to the floor. Our vision for the window was completed with more leaf garlands hung from the ceiling and scattered loose leaves. 

We couldn’t resist the addition of a few adorable pumpkins purchased from Ross.

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Please comment below if you would like to see more of our DIY Decor Projects.


The project took about two hours to complete, including installation, (and clean-up) so it is pretty quick.

TREND ALERT: DONUT WALL Make a #DonutWall for your Wedding Reception

So we were checking out some of the latest wedding trends for 2017 (we have to stay on top of things like that) and stumbled across the term “donut wall”… ‘Wait, what?’ we thought. Immediate research was required. Did it mean wall art featuring donuts?

Image result for quote about donuts

Cute, but NO.

Did it mean wall art with realistic looking 3-D donuts?

Image result for quote about donuts

Even cuter, and we totally agree with the sentiment. but still not the whole story.

A quick google revealed all the awesomeness of actual donut walls, and we fell in truly and madly in love. TA DA, we present you with the best idea ever in history in our opinion:

OMG this idea is SO BRILLIANT! A wall.COVERED. In. DONUTS!!!!! That you can reach out and grab. And devour!!!!

Image result for donut wall

Display donuts vertically and they will serve double-duty as both dessert and adorable decor. Offer your guests a wall full of donuts at your wedding reception and let the fun begin! Can’t you picture their happy faces? Our faces are happy just looking at all the donut wall pics. Num Num!!!

Image result for donut wall

Your friends and family will be all like:

Image result for people eating donuts

Donut walls can be finessed to compliment any color scheme or theme. You can easily add floral elements, signage and display other deserts in front of your wall. Such a whimsical, affordable and amazing concept!

Image result for donut wall

Planning a Rustic Burlap/Mason Jar type wedding? Featuring Flamingos in a fun filled tropical setting? No problem. There IS a donut wall design concept just perfect for you:

Image result for donut wall

Envisioning a shindig that’s kinda fancy in a slightly hipster way? Voila. Might we suggest an Acrylic wall over lacquered plywood with gold lettering.

We love the basic pegboard donut wall variations. Especially since you can easily make one of these for yourself. Plus, this is a decor item that will be useful long past your wedding. You can use it over and over again. When you host a backyard barbeque as a newlywed couple, prop up you donut wall in your yard: fill it with some krispy kremes and be the social darlings of all your friends. We can imagine so many happy occasions where a donut wall would be appropriate: birthday parties, baby showers or EVEN as a fun weekend morning surprise for your family. (You wake up early and fill the donut wall with each person’s faves. They wake up to a very exciting surpise. Talk about a good start to the morning!)

Image result for donut wall

Donut walls also make great photo backdrops. Everyone looks good with donuts over their shoulders. And you can’t NOT smile in proximity to 20 dozen yeasty sugar bombs.

You can even spell out fun words. Or your monogram. Yum.



Check out for a fantastic tutorial on how you can DIY your own nifty pegboard donut wall.

DIY Donut Pegboard | Oh Happy Day!


We recommend upgrading your regular run of the mill dowels with these swanky sticks from HCMemories on etsy, 50 for $27:

50 dessert and fruit skewers in crystal, pale pink, blush, silver, and pearl - dessert table, donut bar, appetizers





Spring Cleaning Kon Mari Style: Get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy! #whattheheckisKonMari

Happy Spring Ya’ll! I know it is FEBRUARY, but apparently we are starting early this year! Thanks to the warm weather, daffodils blooming and new grass it seems it is time to SPRING CLEAN. And while planning my spring clean this year I discovered something I want to share…the life changing Kon Mari Method.

Related image


Ok, yes, I plan my spring cleaning. And, I’ll also admit that I LOVE to organize. For example, cleaning out a kitchen drawer is something I do for fun. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a trip to a store with an aisle filled with cute boxes, baskets and bins. I edit my possessions regularly and donate to local thrift stores every month. My storage is compartmentalized, labeled, and on point. Or so I thought. Recently several YouTube videos have been on my feed focusing on de-cluttering and organizing with the Kon Mari Method. “Huh?,” I thought. “What the heck is the Kon Mari Method?”

Image result for spark joy

The Kon Mari Method is the brainchild of Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizational expert who has written several books on the “life-changing magic of tidying up.” The basic premise is that you go through your belongings, category by category (not room by room), and as you examine each item you ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If the item does not make you happy then you eighty-six it. In other words you get rid of anything and everything that you don’t absolutely love. Hmmmmm….using this method, even if you are hyper-organized like me, you WILL find things to get rid off, in amazing quantities. Then you can uber organize everything that is left.

Basically, if you only keep the belongings that SPARK JOY, your things can become a delightful display such as this:

Image result for spark joy

Pretty, right?


If you are interested in Kon Mari-ing your own things, do the following:

Image result for spark joy

Image result for spark joy

I mean if your your closet looks like this….

Image result for jumbled closet

Using the Kon Mari Method you can end up with a closet like this:

Image result for spark joy

Yes! I love that using this method you can end up with a huge pile of stuff to donate to help others; you get more room in your drawers, cabinets and closets; and you can enjoy the luxury of only owning items you LOVE. I am working on my categories, starting with clothing. It is surprising how much you will purge if you pick up each item and really ask yourself if it makes you happy. Not how much you paid for it, if it was a gift, or if you think you might need it one day….just does it “spark joy.” This simple question is causing bag after bag of clothes to leave my house.

If you are so inclined, please visit Marie Kondo’s website at for a much better explanation of her method.

Here she is doing the perfect fold. #FoldGoals. Isn’t she adorable?



You can also purchase her books if you are interested in getting the whole story on the Kon Mari Method in more detail:

Spark Joy, $12.91, at Walmart, click here.

Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up

and, The life-changing magic of tidying up, $10.19, at Walmart, click here.

The life-changing magic of tidying up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing











Unusual and Unique Bridal Bouquets #Nontraditionalbouquets

Unusual and unique bridal bouquets

Selecting a bridal bouquet is one of the best opportunities for brides to express themselves on their wedding day! The tradition of carrying bouquets down the aisle originated long ago, when it was believed that holding a collection of fragrant herbs, flowers and spices would ward off bad luck and also mask body odors in a time when people bathed just once a year. The style of the blooms was not considered important until Roman times, when both bride and groom wore lush garlands of greenery, flowers and spices to increase their fertility and fortune. In time bouquets came to symbolize a bride in bloom without any heavier meaning. Nowadays brides just want to hold something that speaks to their hearts and compliments the style of their happy day. If said bride wants something unique and different then we have several non-traditional bouquet suggestions. These can be much longer lasting than floral bouquets, more affordable and perfect for a DIY bride.


Image result for wreath bouquet bride

Wreath Bouquets

We think that the wreath-as-a-bouquet trend is so adorable. This fresh and fun idea works down the aisle and then can even be re-purposed as decor at the reception. How cute would this be hung at the front of the bride and groom table? Great for DIY brides and rustic themes alike.


Image result for wreath bouquet

Bridesmaids wreaths are so sweet too. This pair we spotted on Ruffled blog:

Image result for wreath bouquet

Succulent Bouquets

Succulents have been popular for a few years and they are still going strong. They make lush and beautiful unexpected bridal bouquets.

Succulent Bouquets bulk wholesale succulent prices at the succulent source - 1

Image result for succulent bouquets

We love the pink roses and hanging moss adorning this unique bouquet:

Image result for moss bouquets

Greenery Bouquets

Carrying a handful of greenery is a refreshing alternative to an ordinary floral bouquet.

Melissa Timm Designs in Knoxville, TN designed this fresh take on a bridal bouquet for a styled shoot. We love the oversize scale and colorful ribbons in this custom bouquet:

Bride Lace Cap Sleeve Wedding Gown Bouquet Greenery Leaves Multicoloured Ribbons Outdoors Ethereal Boho Wedding Ideas shared this glam green bouquet:

Image result for greenery bouquet

Image result for greenery bouquet

Paper Bouquets

Paper flowers are popular trend  for weddings due to their durability, beauty and uniqueness. Many brides are choosing paper flowers for their wedding bouquets to save money and to have a lasting keepsake from their special day.

Paper Flower Bouquets

A beautiful tutorial on Ruffled’s blog by paper flower maven Rachael at Appetite Paper is here. Her flowers are so realistic, lovely and inspiring.

DIY Paper Flower Bouquet by Appetite Paper -

Christina Norris Designs offers up her fetching take on paper bouquets here. Image result for paper bouquets

Brooch Bouquets

We adore brooch bouquets which can be made from heirloom or family pieces. Grandmother’s brooch and Aunt Edna’s earrings incorporated into your bouquet can be a reminder of the love you have for your family as you walk down the aisle. These are not only stunningly beautiful but they are also long-lasting.

Image result for sarah brobst brooch bouquet

Interested in having a custom bouquet made? We suggest Sarah Brobst of Sarah Brobst Designs, a talented artist with mad brooch bouquet skills. Her work starts at $150 and up. She can build a bouquet from your materials or source them herself.  Sarah, is a self-described “one woman operation, filled with fun creativity and the drive to repurpose items of all sorts.” Her work is unreal, gorgeous, interesting, fun, and, well, see for yourselves….

Candy Bouquets

Having a fun and light-hearted wedding? How about a sweet candy bouquet? These adorable bouquets can include so many colorful candies. We love this marshmallow and waffle cone confection:



An armload of lollipops makes another fun statement. So easy to make yourself and sure to put a smile on your guests faces as you pass them by. Children in attendance will surely be captivated!

Image result for candy bouquet bridal

Cotton candy bouquets offer up a spun-sugar delightfulness and are great for saving money on flowers!

Image result for candy bouquet bridal

We would love to hear what kind of bouquet you are considering? Are you going with a traditional and beautiful floral bouquet, or are you considering something outside the box?

Time to Write your Wedding Thank You Notes! Ya Gotta! #WeddingThankYouCardTips

You did it!!! You had the big wedding day. Yay! All your hard work and effort tending to the millions of details needed to pull off your special day paid off with a happy wedding.
Man Wearing Black Dress Shoes
And now you’re back home, fresh from your honeymoon and all you want to do is nest with the hub. You are weddinged-out, exhausted and ready for a well-deserved break.
But you can’t slip out of “wedding mode” yet, because it is time to write your Thank Yous!

You have to. You really, really need to send those thank yous out.

Check out these cute thank yous on Etsy at VeronicaFoleyDesign

But don’t feel anxious and overwhelmed, cuz help is here! Writing tons of thank you cards won’t be such a chore if you can come up with a few heartfelt phrases and re-purpose them over and over. And, remember this job should be shared by both you and your partner. This mutual task is a great way to start your coupledom, thanking the loved ones that celebrated with you and bought ya’ll  your stainless steel toaster. That said, make sure you let your guy come up with his own heartfelt phrases and don’t dictate or micromanage. Say he comes up with “I sure do like the big ole’ frying pan, it’ll come in handy with bacon.” Perhaps it is not the carefully crafted missive you wanted, but it WILL get the message across just fine. And, if you can accept that HIS way might not be YOUR way… but it is getting the job done nonetheless, well then you’ve learned an important lesson for your marriage.  Accept that there are different ways of accomplishing the same goals as a married couple.

So there are some established ground rules for notes of gratitude:

Technically, you should mail your thanks yous within 2-3 months of your wedding day. Realistically, IMO,  you are better off sending them right after the wedding. That way everything is still fresh in your mind, your Aunt Elma doesn’t have to wonder if you received her crocheted plant hanger, and you are starting your marriage with a responsibility nicely completed.

Believe it or not, you need to send out a thank you to everyone who attended. (EVEN IF THEY SHOWED UP EMPTY-HANDED!) So what if they didn’t contribute to your china collection? They made the effort to be there and witness your vows. And, after all, that is the most important part of the day anyway.

When you are composing your notes remember to address the giver by name and mention the item received, if there was one, but don’t mention actual monetary amounts.

Be sure to use black or blue ink to honor tradition and leave the pink glitter pen for another occasion. Yes, you need to write these by hand.

So gather together the names and addresses of your wedding guests. Find that list of gifts too. Collect your wedding thank you notes, stamps and pens and get comfortable…it’s time to start writing….

Thank you notes don’t need to be very long, thank goodness. Short and sweet and sincere wins the day. Remember to address each giver by name and refer to the gift they gave, no matter how small. Or if they came sans gift, still thank them for their presence. If you are on a first name basis use that in your card. If they are folks you are not that familiar with, then go with a more formal form of address, such as “Mr. and Mrs. Rockefeller” as opposed to “Jack and Diane.” If the person contributed in some meaningful way to your wedding day (traveled a long distance, helped Aunt Edna onto the dance floor, etc.) be sure to also mention your appreciation for that as well.

Below are some nice examples of wedding card wording for ya, based on different scenarios:

If they brought a GIFT:

Dear Marc and Chantal,

Thank you for joining us on our special day! Having all of our family and friends there made us very happy. We were thrilled to receive the blender, and we look forward to using it for years to come. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

All the best,

Freddy and Olive

If they gave you CASH (don’t mention the amount):

Dear Uncle John and Aunt Jane,

Thank you so much for joining us at our wedding! We were so happy you were there to share in our special day. We appreciate your lovely gift, and look forward to using it towards the down payment on our new home. Thank you again for attending our marriage. We look forward to visiting with you at Thanksgiving.


Todd and Liz

If they just attended the wedding with NO GIFT:

Dear Paul, Johnny and Little Doc,

Thank you all so much for attending our wedding! It was wonderful to see you again after all this time. It means a lot that you all traveled so far to share in our special day. Thank you for filling our hearts with gratitude.

Much love,

Aspyn and Parker

If they sent GIFT, but couldn’t attend:

Dear Heather,

Our wedding was a happy and special day, but we were very sorry you could not be there to share it. You were missed. Thank you for sending us the lovely gift of the hibachi grill. We will use it often on our back patio and we will think of you each time. Your kindness is much appreciated.

With gratitude,

Jacqui and Beau


Dip-Dyed Wedding Dresses are Really Cool!


Dip-Dyed, Ombre, or Hand Painted Custom Wedding Dresses are really intriguing! Perfect for the bold bride, these adventurous creations add color and personality to ordinary white or ivory bridal gowns.

Andrea, a stylist at The Gilded Gown, showed us this incredible, sunset-inspired wedding dress featured on


The dress is the amazing handiwork of uber-talented artist (and bride) Taylor Ann Linko, who embellished the hemline of her gown using a beautifully creative spirit and an airbrush. She details her experience perfecting her dress on her personal website. We adore her artistic imagination — which is evident in every detail of her wedding, from her cascading dyed hair to the glorious profusion of colorful wildflowers flanking the aisle! Taylor’s stunning creation is garnering all sorts of attention on social media. She will be offering her services to other brides who want an original look on their special day!


Dip-dyed dresses can have just as much impact with a single color.

Southbound Bride featured this gorgeous reworked second-hand Dior Bridal gown. The hemline was hand-dyed a rich yellow.

The fall-hued orange hemlines on these custom wedding gowns add incredible flair:



This bride worked in her color from the bodice down, leaving the hemline untouched. The purple is dramatic and personalizes the dress just for her:


Another option is to simply dye the underlying layers of a dress. We love the peekaboo flair on this one! Isn’t she pretty in pink?


A subtler approach is adding a rose gold to the bottom half of the gown. Super sophisticated!


A hint of blue on the skirt of this gown provides just the right counterpoint to the vibrant hot pink floral crown:


If you are interested in dip-dying your gown, The Wedding Scoop has a tutorial here. If you are nervous and want to practice on a test gown, you can always visit The Gilded Gown to find an affordable dress in our half price gown department.

DIY Dip-Dye Ombre Wedding Dress


Vintage Inspirations – Wonderful Wedding Decor Rental Company

vintage inspirations lenoir cityVintage Inspirations is an awesome resource for local brides. This locally owned company, which is run by an extremely likable pair of ladies (Nikki and Sheri), offers vintage items for rent at very, very reasonable rates. Their services and decor is perfect for rustic barn weddings, shabby chic events or even an elegant French soiree. The ladies of Vintage Inspirations distinctive style is evident in their spectacular inventory of items: from chippy vintage doors, antique vanities and dressers, rows of candlesticks, elaborate cake stands, lace curtains, gilded mirrors to the perfect velvet armchair. Their selection of vintage rental decor is truly impressive.

Nikki and Sheri possess spectacular staging skills and an eye for sourcing the perfect pieces to compliment any vintage event. They honed their skills when they planned and decorated for their own daughters’ weddings. This passion has gown as they have built their rental and decor business.

And, did I mention how nice they are?

If you would like your wedding or event to look like a million bucks, but don’t want to spend a fortune, please contact Vintage Inspirations at 865-591-5240 or email them at or visit their facebook page here.

Brides, please stop by The Gilded Gown’s booth at the Pink Bride Show this Sunday August 14th. You can Plan Your Dream Wedding in One Day at this event.

Vintage Inspirations is staging our booth at Pink Bride and it is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!


This wedding features the hugely popular RUSTIC GLAM look:

Vintage inspirations 1

We love the chandelier hanging in the tree in this adorable outdoor display:

vintage inspirations 2


How absolutely breath-taking is this wedding backdrop. Perfectly complimented by a pair of ivory, chippy vintage doors:

vintage inspirations 5


What a cute idea for a wedding station…leave a note of advice for the new couple. Love the vintage Underwood typewriter!

vintage inspirations 4

A table full of carmel apples? Yes, please!

vintage inspirations 3


Vintage Inspirations has everything you need for your next party or event. We will be calling on them for all of ours….



vintage inspirations a vintage inspirations b vintage inspirations c vintage inspirations d vintage inspirations e vintage inspirations f


DIY Paper Flowers aka Decor you can make from office supplies #PlayAtWork #DIYDecor #DIYWeddingDecor

DIY Paper Flowers 1

We love to make something from nothing. And by nothing, we mean things you probably have available right now whether you are at home, school or at work. So kinda free.

Do you have a stack of copy paper, tape and scissors? Or if you don’t have any copy paper, you’ve probably got a newspaper or magazine handy. ‘Cuz you could easily substitute those for the copy paper. No tape? How about a glue stick? That’ll work too. So from those simple items you can create an amazing paper flower. Cluster a bunch of them together and you can have yourself a luxurious and gorgeous display. {Please view our previous post about how we used these for a glorious backdrop of White Paper Flowers here!}

So these flowers can be made in any color or pattern depending on the paper you use. We used white for our bridal shop window. But you could easily make whatever you like to tie into your wedding or party theme…

The following tutorial is for one style of paper flower, but you can easily make different kinds by varying the shape of petals you cut out and also varying the sizes of yours as well.


DIY Paper Flowers 2

DIY Paper Flowers 3

DIY Paper Flowers 4

DIY Paper Flower 5

DIY FLowers 5

DIY Paper Flowers 6

DIY Paper Flowers 7

DIY Paper Flowers 8

DIY Paper Flowers 9