Top 5 Tips for your first bridal appointment! #firsttimebridalshopper

Selecting your wedding dress is one of the most memorable and important shopping trips you will ever make, so we’ve compiled five easy tips to help make your first bridal appointment successful and stress-free.

Schedule only one appointment for your first day of bridal shopping. Shopping for your wedding dress can be overwhelming, so focusing on a single appointment will allow you to relax and fully enjoy your bridal fitting experience. Most appointments take from one to three hours, so be on top of your bridal shopping game by arriving well-rested and hydrated. We hope that you will visit The Gilded Gown for your first fitting if we are in driving range for you. Please call us at 865-329-4905 to schedule your appointment. If not, find an indie bridal boutique in your area with this handy zip code locator so you can experience the exceptional individualized service local stores offer. It is a good policy to always call the salon to schedule your fitting so that they will have a room and stylist available to help you. Weekends are usually super-busy, and fun, if you want to be around lots of fellow brides and enjoy the excitement in the air. If you would like a calmer experience plan to go during the week, say a Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

To prepare for you visit, take some time to consider what style gown you want. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself on your happy day, walking down the aisle to marry your soulmate…how do you see yourself…what are you wearing in your mind’s eye? Is it a magical princess ball gown, a sleek and sophisticated satin dress, a flowy chiffon number or a vintage-inspired lace dress? Drawing a blank? Check Pinterest and bridal mags for inspiration, then bring your favorite looks in to the bridal boutique. Showing your consultant what you have in mind will help your bridal stylist pull styles for you. Also think about the kind of wedding you are planning. Any details you share about your wedding venue and theme will also enable your consultant to find the perfect dress for you. Also decide on your bridal gown and accessory budget. This will help you and your stylist find the best look without breaking the bank.

Remember to keep an open mind. Try on several different silhouettes, including A-line, Trumpet, and Sheath gowns. Since you are just starting your search it won’t hurt to try a few gowns that aren’t typically your style or aren’t exactly what you have in mind. You might just be surprised! Tap into your bridal stylists’ knowledge and experience, they can be a fantastic resource for you!

Don’t be alarmed at the sizes! Most bridal designers run 2-3 sizes SMALLER than your regular everyday clothing. What are the manufacturers thinking, right? Who on earth wants to go up three sizes when they are wedding dress shopping. Remember they run super-duper small, so please don’t worry about the number on the tags. Size is a four letter word and nothing more. At The Gilded Gown, we have tagged our gowns with the size they actually fit like. Our tags say “fits like size __” so that our brides are able to pull gowns that are the same as their everyday clothing, no matter how the designer has sized them. We found this genius system helps our brides and our stylists and saves lots of time, too!

Have fun. Enjoying your quest for the dress can set the tone for the entire wedding and provide a joyful memory for the rest of your life. Independent bridal boutiques provide the perfect atmosphere for a happy shopping experience with individualized service, fabulous bridal gown selections and caring consultants.

Some other helpful tips:

  1. Wear nude undergarments
  2. Don’t bring too many people, as that just makes things confusing and hectic
  3. But, be certain to bring the person who will be paying
  4. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find THE dress right away, we promise your dress is out there!
  5. Don’t be afraid to go ahead and purchase if you find THE dress, even if it is the first one you try

The Gilded Gown Hosts National Bridal Sale Day Event July 15th at Knoxville Center Mall



All of us at The Gilded Gown are absolutely thrilled to be participating in the second annual NATIONAL BRIDAL SALE DAY!


NATIONAL NatinalBridalSale_fitbox_640x900BRIDAL SALE DAY or “BRIDAL SATURDAY” will take place across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Guam on July 15, 2016. More than 700 locally-owned independent bridal retailers (SHOP LOCAL! YAY!) will participate in this awesome event, each offering brides designer bridal gowns at tremendous savings. This event is intended to become a yearly tradition, much like Black Friday, according to the event’s creator Sue Maslowski, owner of Jay West Bridal in Haddonfield, NJ.

Sue explains, “Every store is unique as far as merchandise selection and price, however the benefits to brides are universal. The brides get designer dresses at great prices; the benefits of buying from a reputable salon; and the ability to touch, see and feel what they are purchasing with no surprises. Brides can also take home their dream dress that day, no waiting or delays!”

At The Gilded Gown, we will be offering amazing deals on all wedding dresses and accessories (stay tuned!) plus we will be participating in a Bridal Faire which will include a Fashion Show, Wedding Workshops, and lots of other local wedding vendors including Regal Tuxedo, Heartland Meadows, Knox Vegas DJ’s, Melissa Timms Designs, Megan Kabela Harpist, Claire Queisser Runway Events, , Simplicity Events,  and Knoxville Center Mall.

The ground-breaking sale will be held all day at the store, and the Bridal Faire will be from 1 pm – 5 pm in front of the Gilded Gown at Knoxville Center Mall. We encourage all brides to attend! If you would like to shop in store, please come see us. We are not taking appointments, but operating on an “all are welcome,” first come, first served, basis. We have a feeling that day will be crazy, but in the best possible way.

Special giveaways, Swag Bags, Treats, and MORE!!!! Don’t miss this brides!!!!!

Tons of reputable wedding organizations are on board to support this event, including: Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, Bridal Guide, BrideClick, International Bridal Manufacturers Association (IBMA), My Wedding, The Knot,Vows Magazine and Wedding Wire.

There is even a perk you can click on right now from The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. They are providing brides with a $25 gift certificate good towards gown cleaning and preservation.

A list of participating retailers, including THE GILDED GOWN, and which is growing by the minute, can be found

National Bridal Sale Event Facebook

National Bridal Sale Event Instagram

National Bridal Sale Event Website

Local Vendors:

Regal Tuxedo

3001 Knoxville Center Dr.

Knoxville, TN  37924


*2nd Location at Windsor Square Shopping Center

Phone: 865-531-9998

Regal Tux Collage

Megan Kabela, Harpist

 Megan Kabela, Harpist


Heartland Meadows

5428 Salem Church Rd

Knoxville, TN  37938


Heartland Meadows

Knox Vegas DJ’s

5428 Salem Church Rd

Knoxville, TN  37938

Phone: (865-256-2982)


Melissa Timm Designs & More

8078 Kingston Pike, Suite 118A

Knoxville, TN  37919


13509771_1180749355290673_1167375485_oMelissa Timm Designs 2

Claire Queisser Runway Events



Simplicity Events

Heather Lynn


Simplicity Event Planners

Knoxville Center Mall

Image result for knoxville center mall logo



PROM 2017: The Very Best Apps #BestPromApps

Prom 2017 is in full-swing. Yay! So many girls are excited and ready to get everything planned perfectly for their once in a lifetime nights. We’ve sourced a few super-convenient apps that can make Prom Planning a SNAP!

Image result for prom fun



App: Plan’it Prom

For: Making it all Work

Cost: FREE

Image result for planit prom

App: Plum Perfect

For: Your Best Face

Cost: FREE

Image result for plum perfect

App: ManiMatch

For: Your Mani

Cost: FREE

 App: Curb

For: Your Ride

Cost: FREE

Image result for curb app

New Lillian West Dresses in Stock! Yay!

Lillian West Collage 1We are thrilled to have new Lillian West Gowns in stock at The Gilded Gown. Please take this opportunity to come see these lovely boho-chic, vintage-inspired wedding dresses while we have them in store. Brides are falling in love with them left and right.

This dreamy feminine chiffon A-line gown with an illusion V-neckline, lace appliqués on the sleeves and sheer back, and a dropped waistline plus a chapel length train arrived in a size 12.

And Style 6433 arrived in a size 10. This adorable dress has floral details adorning the bodice and plunging crisscross straps plus a natural waistline, tulle skirt, and chapel length train.

Come See ‘Em!

The Gilded Gown is located in Knoxville Center Mall, downstairs, near Sears. We are open Monday – Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday from Noon to 6 pm. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, easy layaway plans, and tons of beautiful gowns waiting for you!!!

Meaningful things to do with your wedding dress after your wedding day!

Weddings are all about love and happiness. But you can continue spreading love even after your happy day if you are up for donating your wedding dress. There are so many meaningful ways to donate your wedding dress if you don’t need to save it for your daughter or want to preserve it as a keepsake. Let the power of love make you do right like Al Green sings about.

We love the idea of a wedding dress going out into the world and helping others.

Here are a few options for you, if you’d like to consider sending your dress on a special mission of love:

1. Have it sewn into Angel Gowns

We came across this incredible program when a friend on facebook posted a photo of 17 precious little gowns made from her wedding dress. She was donating the dresses to the NICU at Vanderbilt Hospital for any infants who are lost during their hospital stay…Thus…Angel Gowns.

A little time googling “Angel Gowns” showed that wonderful people are doing this all over the country; sewing the gowns themselves, or sending them to seamstresses and donating the results to local hospitals. Sandi Fasano is one such seamstress, who founded Front Range Angel Gowns located in Colorado. Her website lovingly proclaims: “There is no foot so small that it can’t leave an imprint on this world.”

The official Angel Gown program transforms donated wedding dresses into absolutely free and beautiful burial gowns for infants who pass away during their hospital stay. All of the burial gowns are handmade by volunteer seamstresses and the program accepts dresses from anywhere in the US. All wedding dresses must be cleaned before donating and you can learn more about the program on its FAQ page. What a beautiful way to spread love after your wedding.


2. Wish Upon A Wedding

Wish Upon a Wedding provides wedding attire to couples facing serious illnesses or life altering circumstances. This inspirational non-profit operates across the country. Reading about the couples that they have helped will bring you to tears. Their blog about the couples who’ve been “Granted Wishes” is awesome. Here is How you can help.

DDP-255 copy

3. Adorn it in Grace

Adorned in Grace is a re-sale shop located in Portland, Oregon that accepts used wedding gowns. The shop sells the donated gowns and gracefully donates all proceeds to raise awareness and prevention of human trafficking and support victims. Learn more at Adorned in Grace and find more about how you can Donate Here.

Wedding -0073.jpg

4. Support Your Country

“Planning a wedding is challenging when your loved one is on deployment. This is our way to bring joy into a military couple’s life and say thank you. They sacrifice their lives to give us freedom.  This is the least we can do! I want to make sure our brides put away their camouflage to be a princess for the day.”
— Heidi Janson, Founder of Brides Across America

Brides Across America is a wonderful organization that has donated 2,000 wedding dresses each year to military brides. Learn more about donating here.



The power of love can assist so many. A simple gift of your wedding dress can help countless others. <3

A Peek In Emily’s Purse, #WhatsInYourBag #BridalConsultant #TheGildedGown

Bridal Consultant Emily Muse Gives Us A Peek Inside Her Purse.

We thought it would be fun to share the contents of our bags. After all, we all know that what we choose to lug around in our purses each day says a lot about our lives and which products work for us.

Emily gives us a video tour of the contents of her bag here:

Official Bag Contents:


We all have wallets, not much to see here…or is there? I feel like the fact that Emily’s wallet closes completely lets us know more about her. She is fairly tidy and organized. Many of us can’t fit another thing in our splitting at the seams, totally overflowing wallets. [Calling out Miss Jacqui!]

Card Case

Again, Emily proves to be nice and organized.


Safety first. Especially useful in mall parking lots late at night.


Emily is a Mom. Emily works at a Bridal Store. Emily is an actress. Bandaids are a must have.

One Safety Pin

There are probably quite a few things one can accomplish with a single safety pin. You could double down and keep two or three, cuz carrying a few wouldn’t take up much purse real estate and might be a little more useful. offers lots of tips on unexpected ways to use a safety pin:


Helpful for taking quick glances to make sure all is in order. Oh no, is that a CHIN HAIR? Grrrrrrrrr! Wait, just grab your purse razor:

Purse Razor

I don’t know where these things have been all my life, but I’d never seen one until Emily unveiled her purse razor. Cool.



eyebrow trimmer


Purse mints = smart.

Gift for the Boss

Emily’s daughter Carly made an adorable Art project for GG owner Jacqui. Gifting the boss lady is a very nice gesture.

Five (or Six) Lip Glosses

Emily calls this an addiction, but five lip glosses does not seem the least bit excessive in my book. [I’ll be spilling the contents of my purse soon…]

Emily’s favorites are Elf Lip Stain and Clinique Long Last GlossWear “Hooked on You”:

emily hooked on you emily purse elf lip stain


Perfect for keeping lips moisturized. Talking to brides all day, or delivering lines in her latest movie role takes a toll on Emily’s lips. Chapstick always delivers.



Emily is great for couponing and providing savings tips. A wonderful couponing resource is the krazy coupon lady!


Emily loves our Lord, and her keychain cross makes her happy.


Thanks for spilling the contents of your bag and sharing your thoughts Emily.



Look 2Look 2 Nina Canacci 7239

FOR $500 (Or Less!)

Look of the Week: Destination

This Head To Toe Bridal for $500 (Or Less!) Look of the Week: Destination

Package includes all of the following:

Nina Canacci White Dress Style in Choice of Size

Ansonia White Veil Double Layer Style Heather

& Mariell White Bridal Floral Headband

This week’s incredible bridal package features an adorable gown by Nina Canacci. Although originally designed as a prom gown, this dress works perfectly for a wedding and has proven unbelievably popular with our brides. Light, airy and easy to wear, this sweet dress boasts a bateau neckline embellished with a beaded lace illusion panel. Another illusion panel adds loads of lovely, lovely interest to the back of the gown. A sweet floral detail is at the natural waist (which could be easily removed if it doesn’t work for you). An A Line sheer tulle fabric skirt overlays a full length, mermaid lace underskirt. A back zipper makes this look a breeze to slip on.

Ideal for a backyard wedding, beach wedding, courthouse wedding, or even a farm wedding. This style will easily lend itself to most wedding themes and color schemes.

A fabulous white floral headband by Mariell adds innocence to the look with more sweet details.

A double layer veil in simple white netting completes the bridal package.

Purchase this look here:

If you are looking for a different style wedding package or would like to see a certain look and size please let us know. We will happily custom curate a fresh look for less for just for little ole you!!!!!

This week’s HEAD TO TOE BRIDAL FOR $500 (Or Less!) is featured in a display at the front counter. We invite you to come see the look in person when you visit The Gilded Gown at Knoxville Center Mall. We are located downstairs near Sears. We are open Monday – Saturday 11 am to 7 pm and Sundays from Noon to 6 pm.

Gratitude…The Best Attitude!


Embracing an Attitude of Gratitude will change your life in amazing ways: you’ll be happier, healthier, less stressed, more optimistic and energetic plus you’ll also influence those around you in a positive way. YAY!

How, you may ask?

EASY. Just BE THANKFUL for everything you have and all the people in your life. See that sun up in the sky? Appreciate it! Stormy night? Well that’s pretty cool too. Mom make your favorite dinner? Count that blessing! BFF laugh at your joke? Notice that simple pleasure! It is not hard, really, if you just start acknowledging everything you receive. Just live your life constantly being aware of how much you are given and appreciate those little gifts. Focus on the abundance you have, and celebrate it!

Of course there are going to be bad days and you are going to have problems and adversity at times. But even when things aren’t going your way there is still room for gratefulness. Ask yourself: “What can I learn from this?”

Once you embrace an Attitude of Gratitude, you’ll start to appreciate simple pleasures and things that you previously took for granted. Gratitude won’t just be a reaction to getting what you want, but a deep-down feeling of thankfulness for the little everyday things and you’ll even look for the good in unpleasant situations. Start today! You can do it!!!!

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN Gratitude Collage 1 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Gratitude Collage 2

Boho Wedding Inspiration

The boho style is associated with bohemains — those cool like-minded peeps who are wanderers, adventurers & vagabonds who pursue unconventional lifestyles involving music, art, nature & literary pursuits.

Boho Weddings incorporate some Bohemian touches for an artistic wedding. Think windflowers, dreamcatchers, bits of vintage lace, braids, feathers, sunshine, tambourines, wind chimes, nature, kick-backed vibes, positivity, exotic touches, lots of color and a sense of fun. We can help you find your perfect boho wedding dress at The Gilded Gown in Knoxville TN

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Boho Wedding Inspo Collage 7 The GIlded Gown - Knoxville TN - Boho Wedding Inspo Collage 8

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Boho Wedding Inspo Collage 1 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Boho Wedding Inspo Collage 2 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Boho Wedding Inspo Collage 3 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Boho Wedding Inspo Collage 4 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Boho Wedding Inspo Collage 5


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

And so do we!!! All of us at The Gilded Gown absolutely LOVE to have fun with our prom girls & their friends and families.

Prom Season 2016 is in FULL-SWING! The store is stocked with all sizes from 0-32. Every color and style you can imagine is on the floor!

This year we offer an especially festive atmosphere. So many girls are finding their dream dresses and we are super stoked! Customers are driving in from all over the Southeast because they’ve heard great things about us. We are honored & humbled and having FUN!

FUN PERKS: We keep a prom registry to insure you will be the only one wearing your dress at your school. We also have a tremendous layaway option with only 25% down. Oh, and when you purchase your dress you automatically receive 50% off all jewelry and accessories. Nice, right?

So what are you waiting for? Come have some FUN at The Gilded Gown today!

PS: We have a new exciting sale coming up, so stay tuned about that….

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN Girls Wanna Have Fun Inspo Prom 2016The Gilded Gown - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Inspo 3 Prom 2016The Gilded Gown - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Inspo Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Inspo Curvy Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Inspo Curvy 2 Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Inspo 2 Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Inspo Curvy 3 Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Inspo Curvy 4 Prom 2016