CAKE BREAK: Wreath and Garland Wedding Cakes

The Christmas holiday is upon us, and we’re pretty sure when you hear the words “wreath” and “garland,” Christmas decorations spring to mind. But we aren’t talking about those fragrant signs of the season. We are talking about a stylish take on Wedding Cakes that has nothing to do with Santa and his reindeer, but has everything to do with a perfect desert on your wedding day cake table.

Boho brides, we know you love your floral crowns and greenery halos! We do too. But did you know that this free-spirited trend has made its way onto wedding cakes? Pastry chefs and wedding cake bakers everywhere have been turning out tons of artsy-chic garland and wreath cakes. They’ve basically taken style inspiration from what you want to wear in your hair and translated it into cake decorations. De La Rosa Cakes & Cupcakes is responsible for the sweet boho wedding cake crowned with a floral wreath below (image by Sonya Khegay):

These whimsical wedding cakes are adorned with wreaths, or garlands, or swags of something beautiful. These bakery delights can be topped with anything from handmade sugar confections to natural elements – and therefore they can lend themselves to any style wedding decor. For example, if you are planning a feminine-but-rustic nuptial, take a peak at this glorious customized cake by Baker’s Brew Studio, which features hydrangeas, greens and twigs. It is the absolute perfect combination of girly & foresty. Perched atop of wood slice, the swag of loveliness accentuates the delicateness of the pale pink ombre cake. We know, you want a matching crown to wear. We do too.

Are you going with mocha and peach tones for your wedding palette? Get inspired by this yummy milk chocolate and gold three-tiered cake from designer Susan Trianos which features a twig wreath, leaves, tiny beaded pods and one gorgeous rose.

Going for a preppy, Southern-style, Kate Spadesque wedding soiree? Then you’ll be wanting a crisp black and white striped cake with a boxwood wreath, like this one:


For all you DIYers who plan to decorate your own cake, we love this square boxwood wreath to add a dose of classic sophistication to your cake at your wedding, available at Target for $26.99, (and just right to hang on your new front door in the future), here:

Are you planning a Spring garden wedding with shades of pistachio & mint? We bet you’ll be majorly inspired by this fabulous option from Wedding Cakes by Design; a marbled, three-tiered confection adorned with a stunning wreath of Juliet roses, tea roses and trailing vines:


The perfect cake stand for your wreath or garland wedding confection? We suggest this gorgeous, modern marble & acacia wood cake stand, available at Target for $24.99 here:

Are you looking for a super-simple but elegant cake for your intimate wedding? Might we suggest this option, a white cake encircled with laurel. (Cool fact: Laurel crowns were worn as a mark of honor in the past):

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a greenery garland is to simply encircle the base of a cake. We love the clean, fresh look which would be a snap to recreate for yourself very affordably. Just purchase a white cake and wrap a garland around it. Use a fresh strand of greenery from your florist, or purchase an artificial one.

Is your wedding more of a floral garland cake type of affair? Then, try this adorable floral garland, for under $40, available here:

We are enchanted with the posh British cake design house Rosalind Miller‘s botanical collection, (image by Mowie Kay) seen below. Swags of sugar florals never looked more gorg!


However you envision your special day, there is the perfect garland or wreath cake for you. You’ll love it so much it will feel like Christmas!



CAKE BREAK: Color Block Wedding Cakes

Design trends usually have an interesting history. The current craze for color blocked confections can be easily traced back to the work of artist Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter whose modern, abstract style was distilled into very simple, geometric paintings. Color-blocking is thought of as the exploration of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. We love how a concept can originate with an artist, pop up in fashion a couple decades later, and then get “discovered” fifty years after that.

Yves Saint Laurant, the famous French clothing designer, inspired by Mondrian, translated the trend into fantastic cocktail dresses back in the 1960s.

So, the colorblock “trend” has been around for awhile – but it’s been cropping up in creative new ways in fashion. From multi-hue dresses to colorful separates to bright accessories, this style is everywhere:

The design world loves color-blocking, and it is showing up in clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture and home decor. We present the joyfully, color blocked, woven Tropicalia chair by Patricia Urquiola:

These days this concept has found its way into the hearts of bakers and brides, and has been transformed into so many beautiful wedding cakes. Some are color blocked on the inside:

But most are color blocked on the outside:

A delicate take on this style trend, uses soft colors and metallic touches to deliver the trend in a classic wedding palette:

The craftsmanship and coolness of the baker at Letterpress Bakery of Canada, produced this combination of color blocking in soft plum, gold and cream paired with succulents for this incredible work:

The addition of lush florals add romance to multi-tiered cakes in tones of burgundy, pink and grey:

The black, gold and white color blocking on this dramatic cake radiates style:

De La Creme Creative Studio, a powerhouse bakery located in St. Louis, Missouri, makes literally the most beautiful wedding cakes we’ve ever seen. They specialize in fabulous, artistically-inspired creations for brides willing to have the very best. Several of their designs incorporate color blocking, in the softest, sweetest pastels. Behold the eye candy:

This cake combines gentle color blocking with sequins and stripes:

A magnificent multi-tiered cake with an embossed layer and a super cool floral wreath encircling a monogram:

Here is an additional confection featuring a wreath on the front. We are sensing another trend here!!! Love this!!

Cascading roses top this darling two layer cake. The embossed piping on the bottom layer is divine. Yes.

Pale blue, silver and rhinestones deliver a Marie Antoinette-worthy wedding cake. Swags of jewels, a monogram, tufting, draping, bows AND color blocking. Yeah, and we count six layers:

It’s pretty cool how a Dutch painter’s work from back in the 1930s is informing wedding trends in cakes today. From artist, to design world to fashion to cakes – color blocking has made quite a journey. The inspiration utilized bright primary colors and the interpretation has softened the look to translate into wedding-worthy shades.




CAKE BREAK: Beaded & Sequined Wedding Cakes #BeadedWeddingCake

We’ve always got time to “research” beautiful, glamorous, delicious-looking wedding cakes for our brides. And this time we focused on cakes dripping with decadent, delectable, edible sequins and pearls. Now, if only we could figure out how to reach through our computer screen and grab ourselves a piece (or a whole cake)!!!

Beaded and sequined bridal cakes are an upscale take on traditional tiered wedding cakes. And, these beauties lend themselves to just about any wedding theme. For example, the beaded confection below, by the amazing self-taught cake artist Lina Veber, who Cake Geek Magazine has called “one of the world’s premier sugar flower artists,” would work perfectly for any rustic wedding. We love the charming purple ribbon that encircles the cake. Check out Lina’s website to get super inspired about your own wedding cake: Lina Veber Cake Bakministeriet

We love the soft, romantic vibes the next set of delicately beaded cakes display. The faintest hint of pink coupled with pearls and rosettes make the sweetest looking cakes, ever. Garden wedding? Try one! The floral elements would also pair nicely with any tea party themed nuptials, too.

Rebekah Naomi Cake Design the cakery of acclaimed American baker Rebekah Wilbur produced this gorgeous gold and green four-tiered number. The edible bead work is just exquisite! This would be right at home at any sophisticated affair!

The monochromatic white and silver metallic cakes below demonstrate the glamorous options available to the discerning bride. Delicate pearl beading paired with enchanting rhinestones add elegant flair to the confections. These could bring loads of design flair to any classic style wedding. They just ooze sophistication! And, somehow, they’re sort of understated AND over-the-top at the same time.

Looking for a more dramatic cake statement? What about this Ah-mazing black and white pastry we found on Pinterest. Just…WOW.

Our crew is obsessed with this adorable, itty-bitty sequined cake. How perfect for a small, intimate wedding. Even if it’s just the two of you going to the courthouse, a wedding cake is still in order. DIYers you can even make this yourself by following the tutorial on

The edible sequins come in all shades of metallic, so you can be sure to have your favorite included on your cake. Rose gold!!! Gold!!! And you can add a pop of any color you like to pull in your wedding scheme. The pink rose really stands out against the background of gold sequins!

Beading and sequins add to towering cakes, too. Combined with ruffles, floral accents, and other cake decor, the embellishments add pizzazz and sumptuousness to each layer. Perfect for traditional and large weddings. Plenty enough so that you can freeze the top layer for your anniversary.

This ocean blue square cake with gold “rope” trim would be well-suited to a beachside ceremony.

For the utmost in chic cake, we suggest a stunning black cake loaded with elaborate beading and floral elements. The splendor of this cake works for the fanciest of occasions. We feel it would suit any ritzy, big city wedding. Or any wedding where you want to impress the heck out of your guests. This one is almost too magnificent to eat. Almost.

Image result for quote about cake


TREND ALERT: Translucent Wedding Cake #NotQuiteNaked #TranslucentWeddingCakes

There is a new cake in town, and this one isn’t quite naked! This year’s updated version of the uber-popular naked cake is called the “Translucent Cake.” Translucent cakes have just a sheer hint of frosting which lets the cake layers peak through. These humble confections feature a dressed down, textured look which are usually adorned with natural elements such as flowers and/or fruit. Easily dressed up with flavorful drizzles (think Caramel or Raspberry), Translucent Cakes provide the perfect amount of sweetness: sweet but not TOO sweet. Naked, but not TOO naked.

Image result for quote on cake



We love the four-tiered fabulousness that is this towering translucent masterpiece. Clean and elegant, the sheer frosting and carefully placed greenery add up to a stunning display. This unfussy look would play well at any rustic/industrial, barn or even beach event. And who doesn’t love a barrel for a cake display table? Houzz has a great take on a barrel here. Resembling a wine barrel, this rustic metal accent table has a removable lid adding ample storage space so you could use at your wedding for a cake table and then bring it home for a great reminder of your special day, too.


Check out this beauty! Layers, upon six layers of delicious cake with the barest flick of frosting and an artful arrangement of fruit and flowers. This cake would be very at home at a country or backyard wedding. Heck, we think this would even be easy to make yourselves.

Translucent takes a turn for the romantic and beautiful with this four-tiered stunner. Embellished with delicate roses and the barest hint of buttercream, this confection would be a memorable treat at any wedding celebration.

For an intimate wedding, we suggest the tiniest of translucent cakes. This one is utterly gorgeous: featuring a small white cake surrounded by lavish floral elements and greenery. 
Sherri Meyers, owner of The Pastry Studio in Daytona, FL is an executive pastry chef with serious cred. Her work has been featured in countless magazines and on TV networks like HGTV, The Food Network and MTV.

sherri meyers decorating a 4 tier wedding cake

She offers this glorious take on a Translucent Cake at The Pastry Studio. We totally covet this Blush confection– a luxurious masterpiece of cake layers, breath-taking floral elements and greenery. Be sure to visit her site to see all of her team’s amazing cake work.

In the spirit of transparency, have you heard of the “Water Cake”? This perfectly translucent cake, aka Sakura Mizu shingen mochi is popular in Japan and is made of water, sugar and magic. This delightful morsel is so delicate that it will disappear in 30 minutes if not consumed. Probably not practical for a wedding, but super cool. Visit to see more.

Make Your Own Japanese Water Cake at Home


Translucent cakes will likely disappear very quickly, too, because your guests will gobble them up. And, we are clear (get it? haha) on one thing: No matter your wedding budget or style, a translucent cake will transform your cake table into a very happy place!


TREND ALERT: Drip Cakes #ForYourWeddingCake #DripCakes2017

Kinda kooky, very amusing and highly delish, Drip Cakes are trending red hot this year for weddings! Drip Cakes can be naked, multi-tiered or uber-ornate. All that’s required is a baker’s imagination and lots of yummy drizzle running off the top of the cake. Covered with anything and everything, from fruit to flowers to candy, these confections are the perfect artistic vehicle to enhance your ceremony’s theme. Whatever your color story or vision may be, a Drip Cake can be whipped up to match. The cakes are eye-catching, frivolously fun and memorable. Your guests will be sure to speak fondly of them long after your special day. “Remember that brilliant, drippy cake you had?,” they’ll say. “Covered in pirouettes, flowers and strawberries? That was SOME cake!” You’ll respond, “Yes, I loved that cake!”Image result for drip cakes

Cakes by Cliff, made this lavish, yet also understated-but-still-bold, cotton candy inspired, buttercream Drip Cake. We adore the wooden pedestal it is elevated on, too:

These cakes can be sophisticated and elegant — yet they always convey loads of whimsy. The chic one below is reminiscent of the inside of a large, gorgeous seashell and would add tons of “oophmfff” to a beach wedding.

26 Fantastical Drip Wedding Cakes ~ we ❤ this!

Bakeries are putting out so many stunning Drip Cakes, like the berry-laden, daisy-dotted chocolate version below. YUM! Don’t you wish you had a fork right now? And you could taste pictures? I do!

Image result for lavish drip cake ivory

Even a relatively simple version, like the Drip Cake below, conveys a sense of joy. The perfect shade of coraly-pink & gold foil leaves = winning:

Image result for drip cakes

Speaking of simple, check out this luxe gold drip cake with an edible sugar peony. Pa-pow, this minimalist take on Drip Cake packs major wow factor.

Image result for white drip cakeIf you would like to take on a Drip Cake making project of your own, check out this amazing tutorial on “How to Make a Trendy Drip Cake” on by Juniper Cakery on Craftsy. This baking how-to features an upside down “ice cream cone” smashed on top and “melting” down the sides. SOOOOOO ADORABLE! June or July Wedding? Perfect-o!

Drip Cake Tutorial

Ummm, YEAH, we love cake designer Agnes de Sucre’s thought process (as we imagine it) for this fabulous confection. “Let’s add some frosted donuts AND some macaroons to our triple-decker drip cake. And, for garnish, perhaps sprinkle on a spattering of pink popcorn, edible roses and luscious chocolatey drips.”

Related image

Anges de Sucre Logo

BeSpoke Bride blogged about this Katherine Sabbath style concoction, wonderfully suitable for any colorful & summery ceremony. You could even add a paper umbrella or two to this one, or a spray painted circus animal should the mood strike you:

Katherine Sabbath Inspired Cake tutorial katy perry themed decorating cake White-9

Charcoal grey and peach make a lovely combo, especially in this Drip Cake featuring Love, our favorite subject!

Image result for lavish drip cake ivory


Image result for cake quote

Check out this fantastical, multi-layered vision in chocolate and confetti. Sprinkled with miscellaneous flowers, berries, and who-knows-what-else, it packs some serious eye candy. The raw wood cake stand makes it even cooler:

Image result for drip cakes wedding

We will leave you with some graceful words of wisdom that have never failed us in our many long years, and which we strongly support:

Image result for quote on wedding cake

Wedding Inspiration: Rockabilly #RockabillyWedding #1950sStyleWedding


Rockabilly is a wild and free attitude that oozes cool with a big nod to the great era of the 1950’s when cars were works of art and guys were called Daddy-0. When the sounds of Elvis and Carl Perkins were heard on the radio. When girls wore scarves and crinolines.

Wedding Inspiration: Rockabilly

If you crazy kids love iconic 1950s style and the rock n roll state of mind: saddle shoes, bangs, bright red lips, tattooed boys wearing Ray Bans, polka dots, motorcycles, peep toe pumps, drive-ins, bows, hearts, records, 50s music, pompadour hair and cool cars; then we suggest throwing a jumpin’ and jivin’ Rockabilly Wedding!

A modern take on this style is so much fun. Take for instance, the most amusing engagement ring photo we’ve ever seen, courtesy of a sharpie and some Rock-n-Roll ‘tude, shown below from Dimples and Tangles:

OMG best engagement picture ever:

Get inspired by some awesome retro weddings we found online. How cute is the rockabilly bride holding all the black and white balloons? Her groom is also looking adorably vintage with his white jacket and black bow tie. Their wedding was photographed by the talented photographer Ben Blood, and was featured on Another bride stuns in her knee length bridal gown, complimented by her polka-dotted bridesmaids. Her special day was a 1950s inspired wedding held in the UK and featured on Love all the red heels!


A color palette of red, black and white with pops of aqua works with the retro theme. Check out these sweet wedding cakes and cupcakes! We are loving the lovebird cake adorned with roses and an anchor featured on The tattoo influence is evident on the true love cake courtesy of Steve Gerrard of / Ben the Cake Man / Flickr: 77443176@N03. Super cute soda shop inspired cupcakes courtesy of


The red Gerbera daisy bouquets are just the right touch for a vintage ceremony. Top your cake with a custom made cake topper from tohellinahandbag on Etsy. It’ll cost you $300, but I bet this would be one beloved keepsake. They will make the topper in your likenesses! Adorb!


For your reception eats, you can totally riff on drive-in fare. Load your buffet with bottled cokes, popcorn, mini BLTs, burgers and maybe have a mini milkshake station. Easy and inexpensive too! If you can afford one, rent a vintage 50s car to park out front! Great for pics and for setting the scene.


One of the best things about a custom wedding is it allows couples to be themselves and showcase their individual styles. We dig!


It’s easy to tie into the Rockabilly theme with a pair of saddle shoes from ModCloth and polka dotted garters from AllofYou on Etsy.

rockabilly-saddle-shoes-and-polka-dots-collage rockabilly-5-collage

A glam touch are these sweet white chocolate covered cherries from The adorable black and white polka dot converse can be found on ebay.


Some hip invites which would compliment the Rockabilly feel are available from notonthehighstreetcom. We love the old vinyl hanging from the rafters for decor. And how awesome to have customized guitar picks for favors (available from Yay.



You can channel rock and roll, fifties style, with a softer palette too. Pink softens the mood in a very romantic way. Have your bridesmaids wear pastel cotton dresses with parasols and the groomsmen wear suspenders for the sweeter side of Rockabilly. Awwwwww…..


However you incorporate the Rockabilly style into your wedding, make it your own. After all, it’s only rock n roll!!

Image result for rockabilly quotes


geode cake collageOk, so you might be thinking, “What the heck is a geode and what is it doing on my wedding cake?”

Well, in nature, a geode is a rock containing a cavity lined with colorful crystals or other mineral matter. Lots of folks treasure them for their beauty, and find them to have healing powers. We sourced a beautiful one at Neiman Marcus. Isn’t it lovely?


If you’ve got upwards of $5000 laying around somewhere, you might want to purchase this stunning ring from British fashion gurus Browns Fashion:


In wedding cakes, sparkling cutouts of edible crystals that echo the beauty of naturally-occurring geodes can takes your wedding cake to the next level of gorgeousness.

No boring run-0f-the-mill buttercream confections here! Take a look the hottest new trend with some of the geode cakes we are currently OBSESSED with below:

First up, this turquoise and gold themed geode cake ROCKS. (Sorry had to go there:) But it does, from the dramatic cavern of turquoise rock candy rimmed in gold to the matching rock candy swizzle sticks this wedding cake display is uber-stunning. RED BALLOON PHOTOGRAPHY/CAKE: THREE TIERS FOR CAKE


Sara’s Sweets in Austin, Texas baked up this amazing purple geode cake that is too pretty to eat. (But, we’ll take a slice from the middle please.)

Image result for sara's sweets purple geode cake

 WHISK CAKE COMPANY created this fabulous deep-blue cavern of deliciousness with metallic accents. Love how the gold “cracks” in the cake add to the rock feel:


Here is a purple and marble beauty by Charlotte at Cakes Decor.

Amethyst Geode Cake by Charlotte:

@POMMEHOONIE/INSTAGRAM highlighted this Rose Quartz and Agate cake. The peachy-pink swirls provide a sense of movement and the rock candy center is a delicate touch:


ALI N GARRETT/CAKE: INTRICATE ICINGS CAKE DESIGN produced this icy winter-wedding appropriate confection. The rich navy interior and white background add to the cold weather vibe.





Emerald and gold takes a swath through this creation from KAKES BY DARCI:
ALANA JONES MANN took fragmented rocks to the outside of her cake which is another take on the geode trend:



 ANGELA SHAE PHOTOGRAPHY/ CAKE: IRINA MURASHKO went literal with this two-tiered cake topped with actual geodes:


DIY Brides if you want to try your hand at making edible geode candy slices, here is an awesome tutorial from Daniella at Describe in One Word’s You Tube Channel.