BRIDAL STYLE: Luminous, Glowy Skin for Your Wedding Day #LuminousBride #bridalmakeup

As a bride we know you want a glowy, fresh complexion for your wedding day, right? And, starting with luminous skin will make any makeup you apply on your special day look even better. So, we’ve sourced some fabulous tips to get your face in tip-top shape!

1. Exfoliate!

Start exfoliating several months before your wedding to get truly radiant skin. The best exfoliators contain lactic acid, like DR. BRANDT SKINCARE’s Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator ($79 at Sephora), a scrub formulated with aluminum oxide crystals and soothing botanicals to polish away dead skin cells, provide a radiant, healthy look, and smooth skin’s texture. You’ll be amazed at the maximum results you’ll achieve in minimal time. Want even better results?  Visit a dermatologist where you can get you major improvements for your skin, since their products contain a higher concentration of glycolic acid than at-home treatments provide.


2. Detox!

Whatever you put IN your body, shows on the OUTSIDE. So it makes sense to detox your body to help eliminate any toxins and thereby benefit your skin. The best ways to clean up your interior? Start by drinking tons of water each and every day. Fill up the crisper in your fridge with lots of fruits and veggies, and nosh on them every chance you get. Those nutrients will save your skin! Cut back on everything fun including sugar, salt and alcohol. Hey, it’ll be worth it! (And we did just say “cut back,” not “eliminate.” You still got to enjoy life!) If you want to get real serious about detoxing, we suggest juicing. Juicing for Beginners is a great place to start.


Eat your greens, drink your water and cut back on the margaritas to achieve a naturally beautiful face for your fiancee to adore!

3. Vitamins!

Vitamins for skin are key, especially vitamin C. Applying Vitamin C to your skin is the best way to achieve a bright, even complexion, notes Erin Ferrill, East Coast educator for HydroPeptide. “The brightening qualities of this well-known vitamin make it the perfect companion for anyone struggling with age spots, sun damage or those who just want a makeup-free pick me up,” Ferrill says. For a true vitamin-taking/skin-enhancing win, take both vitamin C and vitamin E together. This powerhouse combo has been shown to increase the ability of the skin to protect itself from sun damage. “While this is no excuse to ditch the sunscreen, it is a great way to give your skin a fighting chance against the damaging rays of the sun. Look for products that combine vitamin C with gentle exfoliants and natural skin brighteners like bearberry, licorice, mulberry and brightening peptides.”

4. Chill out!

We love this super simple trick. Sucking on a cube of ice chills all of the millions of cells in your cheeks and lips, increasing circulation, and resulting in plumper, more rosy-looking skin! Annie Tevelin, founder of SkinOwl, says, “This is a great glow-fix mid-dinner or before taking a picture to restore fatigued skin to a more peaches and cream complexion.”

5. Makeup!

Achieve the “lit from within” look with the help of radiance-enhancing makeup products. Start by applying an illuminating cream under your makeup, like Becca Backlight Filter Primer ($38 at Sephora). Use TARTE Water Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 – Rainforest of the Sea™ Collection for a glowy and flawless look lasting for up to 12 hours. Finish with some bronze contouring, a little rosy blush and some illuminator swept across the tops of your cheekbones. Or better yet, find a local makeup artist to transform you into the very best version of yourself. In Knoxville we recommend Bangs and BlushSouthern Sirens, or Southern Belle Beauty!


All brides glow on their wedding days, and you will to. The happiness and joy you feel as you marry the love of your life provides more brilliance to your beautiful face than any tips we dish out ever will. But, a little prep never hurt.


DIY: Giant Fall Wreath from Dollar Store Supplies #EasyFallDecor #HulaHoopWreath #FallDisplay

September has rolled around and there is a delightful hint of crispness in the air. Fall decor is crowding the shelves at our fave stores like Target, Michael’s, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree. Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Latte on the menu, football is on, the leaves are turning and we are already planning our fall capsule wardrobe. Needless to say, we’ve got major feels for fall right now.

Our bridal store window needs to reflect our love for this season, so we decided to make a giant fall wreath. And by giant, we mean HULA HOOP size. In fact, we made the wreath using a hula hoop!

Always budget conscious, we decided to make a wreath with major autumnal impact using ONLY Dollar store items. We invite you to make this easy, inexpensive project for your home or store window, or even for your fall wedding! We can’t imagine the cost if you tried to buy a 3 foot diameter wreath out in the world, but we’re sure it would cost a pretty penny! Our wreath costs just about $25!

The first step is a quick shopping excursion to your local Dollar store to compile your supplies. (We purchased our items at Dollar Tree.)

Fill your buggy with leaf garlands, loose leaves, tiny pumpkins, fall floral picks, bags of moss, floral wire and a hula hoop. We purchased 10 maple leaf garlands, 2 bags of Spanish Moss, 2 bags of Reindeer Moss, 1 small glitter pumpkin (we wanted more of these cuties, but they only had one), 1 mini gourd, 4 bags of leaves, a hula hoop and 4 fall floral picks.

Tools we had on hand included a glue gun, glue, fishing wire and scissors. These items can also be found at most Dollar stores as well.

Set up a project table, lay out your lovely fall items and plug in your glue gun. Start by applying glue to small sections of the hula hoop and then wrap the moss around. It makes a giant mess, so make sure you have a broom, dust pan and vacuum ready for clean up!

Keep working your way around the hula hoop, gluing on more and more moss until it is completely covered. Really squish the moss around the hoop, don’t be shy.

The moss will shed quite a bit, but keep at it, it ends up amazing. Once you have a nice base layer of moss around your hula hoop it is time to start adding your maple leaf garlands. Use floral wire to attach the garland to the wreath and wrap it around and around. Repeat the process with additional garlands.

The wreath starts looking pretty darn awesome at this point. Attach your fall embellishments to a section at the top of your wreath. We started with the pumpkin and gourd, and then filled in with lots of extra leaves and parts cut from the floral picks. Bottom right photo shows the completed top portion.

We installed our fab fall wreath in our front window. We used fishing wire to hang the wreath from the ceiling. It kept twisting and turning, so we simply added fishing wire the the bottom of the wreath and taped it to the floor. Our vision for the window was completed with more leaf garlands hung from the ceiling and scattered loose leaves. 

We couldn’t resist the addition of a few adorable pumpkins purchased from Ross.

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Please comment below if you would like to see more of our DIY Decor Projects.


The project took about two hours to complete, including installation, (and clean-up) so it is pretty quick.

6 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas #WeddingGuestBookAlternatives

We love how friends and family congregate at weddings to celebrate a new couple. And we think each guest should be remembered and appreciated. Wedding Guest Books provide a space for guests to mark their attendance, but they are, well, kind of unimaginative. And, after the wedding, the sweet sentiments recorded in them are usually carefully packed away in a drawer never to be seen again. So we sourced some unusual options for your special day that provide a bit more pizzazz than a plain ole book. These unique wedding guest book ideas are fun for your guests and might actually be displayed and/or used in your home, keeping the love visible for years to come.


Personalized Poster

Hello Am on Etsy offers really pretty personalized posters for couples wanting a little something different for their wedding guest book.

Weddings - Gold Wedding Guest Book Alternative - Wedding Poster - Guest Book Print - Sweetheart Gold - Sparkle Guest Book Wedding


Big Ole Glass Bottle

Beaucoup has this awesome monogrammed glass bottle which can serve as a neat guest book alternative. This personalized bottle provides a creative way to involve wedding guests in the festivities. Leave out for guests to either sign or to leave a wedding wish. You can use corks, mini scrolls, or torn cardstock as the message medium. And this lovely bottle would look great on a bookshelf or fireplace mantle.

Personalized Bottle Wedding Wishes Guest Book

There are so many unique ways to have your guests sign in when they attend your wedding! It’s also a wonderful way to remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. We’ve collected some amazing wedding guestbook ideas that we think would be a great addition to all kinds of weddings. From maps […]:



Loobie Design on Etsy offers upcycled, hand painted plastic globes to be used as an alternative to a wedding guestbook. The globe can easily be written on, perfect for your guests to leave messages on your wedding day. Loobie Design can provide a globe in a range of colors, plus names, dates or quotes can be added by request. This conversation piece would add interest to any space from living room to office.

Hand Lettered Black & Gold Chalkboard Globe | 8" Diameter | Wedding Guestbook | Personalised | Home Decor | Wanderlust | Travel | 'Sparkle'

And, resourceful girls can find themselves a vintage globe at a local thrift shop. All you’ll have to do is make a cute sign for your guest book table and put out some sharpies. Guest sign in project done!

unique wedding guest book signed on tellurion:



Another adorable idea for a guest book is to use a vintage or new dictionary. You’ll simply ask your guests to circle a word inside and sign the page. You will have a useful, practical and wonderful reminder of your special day for years to come. Every time you go to the dictionary to look up a word, you’ll be rewarded with a precious memory from your wedding. Awwwwwww….

Dictionary Guestbook idea! - Angela & Ryan's Berkshires Wedding • The Melideos:

10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas: Ask your guests to circle words in a dictionary that remind them of you:

Guest book idea: find a vintage dictionary, have your guests choose a word they think reminds them of you and leave their comment. They can use markers to mark off the page their word is on. It's a creative way of getting your guests thoughts. Also ideal for those that get stumped on what to say. This gives them a starting point.:


Birthday & Anniversary Chart

It is so hard to keep up with birthdays and anniversaries of our loved ones. So, we love this riff on a wedding book. Guests add their birth dates and anniversaries to this giant calendar and you’ll never miss another special day. Buy a bunch of greeting cards at your local Dollar Store so you can be on top of your snailmail game. Use your handy chart and you will have a great way to pay the love forward, Nice.

" I wish I did that at my wedding" we ♥ this!



Paper Airplanes

Beaucoup has a whimsical way for your guests to leave a message for you. Love will take flight at any travel-themed wedding when you incorporate these airplane-themed wishing well notes. Set comes with 25 pieces of paper, each with a blank side for writing and a side marked with pre-scored folding lines to help fashion a paper airplane. Each sheet is designed to be folded and molded into the perfect paper airplane for jotting well wishes off to the happy couple. Your guests will have fun making their airplanes and we can envision lots of test flights livening up your sign in table!Paper Airplane Wishing Well Notes with Mini Suitcase

TREND ALERT: Totchos…When Nachos Meet Tater Tots… #BestFoodMashupEver

In the bridal business we definitely believe with all our hearts that two is better than one. So we thought we’d venture into the crazy world of food mashups, whereby two foods combine into a third, hopefully better, food. For instance there is the ultimate confection from the mind of New York City Pasty Chef Dominique Ansel (who is credited with starting the food mashup craze); the CRONUT, which is a marriage of a croissants and a donut, and which we are totally down with:

There are all the crazy combos you’ve probably heard of — and kind of clutched your stomach while imagining the intense pain and pleasure eating such a concoction might induce. Like the insane ballpark fare of a Hamburger with Krispy Kreme Donuts for buns. Or a Hamburger with pizza slices instead of buns. Or the Chili Taco Dog, whereby a taco shell is stuffed with the innards of a chili cheese hot dog. Obscenely awesome. Scarily delicious. Not-for-every-day-consumption. But what a heck of a good time.

Hello Totchos!

Aka Tachos. Aka get in our belly!

All you need to do is to top crispy, crunchety oven-hot tater tots with everything you might pile on a stack of nachos. Tex Mex, Buffalo Chicken, heck throw a poached egg on top if you’re feeling Food-Networky.

Kelly Senyei, the creative genius at Just A Taste, has the perfect recipe for Loaded Totchos:

Loaded Totchos RecipeLoaded Totchos RecipeLoaded Totchos Recipe

  • PREP:
  • COOK:
  • 1 (28-oz.) bagfrozen tater tots
  • 1 poundground beef or ground turkey
  • 2 1/2 teaspoonstaco seasoning
  • 1 (15-oz.) canblack beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 1/2 cupsshredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 cupdiced tomatoes
  • 1/4 cupdiced red onions
  • Guacamole, for serving


Bake or fry the tater tots per the package instructions then arrange them in a single layer on a foil-lined baking sheet.

Preheat the oven to 350°F.

Add the ground beef and taco seasoning to a large sauté pan set over medium heat. Cook the beef, breaking it up with a spatula, until it is cooked throughout.

Sprinkle the ground beef atop the tater tots then top the beef with the black beans and cheddar cheese. Bake the totchos until the cheese is melted, 3 to 5 minutes.

Remove the tochos from the oven and top them with the tomatoes, onions and guacamole. Serve immediately (or else they might get soggy).

Oh, and you might need an additional ingredient:

Image result for tums

TREND ALERT: Drip Cakes #ForYourWeddingCake #DripCakes2017

Kinda kooky, very amusing and highly delish, Drip Cakes are trending red hot this year for weddings! Drip Cakes can be naked, multi-tiered or uber-ornate. All that’s required is a baker’s imagination and lots of yummy drizzle running off the top of the cake. Covered with anything and everything, from fruit to flowers to candy, these confections are the perfect artistic vehicle to enhance your ceremony’s theme. Whatever your color story or vision may be, a Drip Cake can be whipped up to match. The cakes are eye-catching, frivolously fun and memorable. Your guests will be sure to speak fondly of them long after your special day. “Remember that brilliant, drippy cake you had?,” they’ll say. “Covered in pirouettes, flowers and strawberries? That was SOME cake!” You’ll respond, “Yes, I loved that cake!”Image result for drip cakes

Cakes by Cliff, made this lavish, yet also understated-but-still-bold, cotton candy inspired, buttercream Drip Cake. We adore the wooden pedestal it is elevated on, too:

These cakes can be sophisticated and elegant — yet they always convey loads of whimsy. The chic one below is reminiscent of the inside of a large, gorgeous seashell and would add tons of “oophmfff” to a beach wedding.

26 Fantastical Drip Wedding Cakes ~ we ❤ this!

Bakeries are putting out so many stunning Drip Cakes, like the berry-laden, daisy-dotted chocolate version below. YUM! Don’t you wish you had a fork right now? And you could taste pictures? I do!

Image result for lavish drip cake ivory

Even a relatively simple version, like the Drip Cake below, conveys a sense of joy. The perfect shade of coraly-pink & gold foil leaves = winning:

Image result for drip cakes

Speaking of simple, check out this luxe gold drip cake with an edible sugar peony. Pa-pow, this minimalist take on Drip Cake packs major wow factor.

Image result for white drip cakeIf you would like to take on a Drip Cake making project of your own, check out this amazing tutorial on “How to Make a Trendy Drip Cake” on by Juniper Cakery on Craftsy. This baking how-to features an upside down “ice cream cone” smashed on top and “melting” down the sides. SOOOOOO ADORABLE! June or July Wedding? Perfect-o!

Drip Cake Tutorial

Ummm, YEAH, we love cake designer Agnes de Sucre’s thought process (as we imagine it) for this fabulous confection. “Let’s add some frosted donuts AND some macaroons to our triple-decker drip cake. And, for garnish, perhaps sprinkle on a spattering of pink popcorn, edible roses and luscious chocolatey drips.”

Related image

Anges de Sucre Logo

BeSpoke Bride blogged about this Katherine Sabbath style concoction, wonderfully suitable for any colorful & summery ceremony. You could even add a paper umbrella or two to this one, or a spray painted circus animal should the mood strike you:

Katherine Sabbath Inspired Cake tutorial katy perry themed decorating cake White-9

Charcoal grey and peach make a lovely combo, especially in this Drip Cake featuring Love, our favorite subject!

Image result for lavish drip cake ivory


Image result for cake quote

Check out this fantastical, multi-layered vision in chocolate and confetti. Sprinkled with miscellaneous flowers, berries, and who-knows-what-else, it packs some serious eye candy. The raw wood cake stand makes it even cooler:

Image result for drip cakes wedding

We will leave you with some graceful words of wisdom that have never failed us in our many long years, and which we strongly support:

Image result for quote on wedding cake

TREND ALERT: DONUT WALL Make a #DonutWall for your Wedding Reception

So we were checking out some of the latest wedding trends for 2017 (we have to stay on top of things like that) and stumbled across the term “donut wall”… ‘Wait, what?’ we thought. Immediate research was required. Did it mean wall art featuring donuts?

Image result for quote about donuts

Cute, but NO.

Did it mean wall art with realistic looking 3-D donuts?

Image result for quote about donuts

Even cuter, and we totally agree with the sentiment. but still not the whole story.

A quick google revealed all the awesomeness of actual donut walls, and we fell in truly and madly in love. TA DA, we present you with the best idea ever in history in our opinion:

OMG this idea is SO BRILLIANT! A wall.COVERED. In. DONUTS!!!!! That you can reach out and grab. And devour!!!!

Image result for donut wall

Display donuts vertically and they will serve double-duty as both dessert and adorable decor. Offer your guests a wall full of donuts at your wedding reception and let the fun begin! Can’t you picture their happy faces? Our faces are happy just looking at all the donut wall pics. Num Num!!!

Image result for donut wall

Your friends and family will be all like:

Image result for people eating donuts

Donut walls can be finessed to compliment any color scheme or theme. You can easily add floral elements, signage and display other deserts in front of your wall. Such a whimsical, affordable and amazing concept!

Image result for donut wall

Planning a Rustic Burlap/Mason Jar type wedding? Featuring Flamingos in a fun filled tropical setting? No problem. There IS a donut wall design concept just perfect for you:

Image result for donut wall

Envisioning a shindig that’s kinda fancy in a slightly hipster way? Voila. Might we suggest an Acrylic wall over lacquered plywood with gold lettering.

We love the basic pegboard donut wall variations. Especially since you can easily make one of these for yourself. Plus, this is a decor item that will be useful long past your wedding. You can use it over and over again. When you host a backyard barbeque as a newlywed couple, prop up you donut wall in your yard: fill it with some krispy kremes and be the social darlings of all your friends. We can imagine so many happy occasions where a donut wall would be appropriate: birthday parties, baby showers or EVEN as a fun weekend morning surprise for your family. (You wake up early and fill the donut wall with each person’s faves. They wake up to a very exciting surpise. Talk about a good start to the morning!)

Image result for donut wall

Donut walls also make great photo backdrops. Everyone looks good with donuts over their shoulders. And you can’t NOT smile in proximity to 20 dozen yeasty sugar bombs.

You can even spell out fun words. Or your monogram. Yum.



Check out for a fantastic tutorial on how you can DIY your own nifty pegboard donut wall.

DIY Donut Pegboard | Oh Happy Day!


We recommend upgrading your regular run of the mill dowels with these swanky sticks from HCMemories on etsy, 50 for $27:

50 dessert and fruit skewers in crystal, pale pink, blush, silver, and pearl - dessert table, donut bar, appetizers





Meet Us In the Mountains for A Refreshing, Simple & @PracticallyFreeWedding!


Meet Us In The Mountains

for a Refreshing, Relaxed & Practically Free Wedding

On a recent glorious fall day The Gilded Gown and friends staged an adorable faux wedding at Mynatt Park in Gatlinburg, TN. We wanted to showcase a no-fuss, simple and carefree wedding. The premise: a young couple texts and emails their family and friends to “Meet Us In The Mountains for a Hodge Podge Wedding.” Everyone is invited to bring a covered dish to share. and meet in a park for a casual, yet meaningful ceremony. Using thrift store finds, a relaxed attitude and the beautiful mountain setting we feel like we achieved a stylish, fun and basically FREE wedding. And if we can pull this off, anyone can!


The invites cost nothing. The location, a public city park, was free. Mynatt Park offers a covered pavilion for rent also, but we wanted to be outside. If you want a roof over your head it is a mere $25 for four hours. So far this wedding is proving cost effective!

We envisioned a cozy & carefree but also cute wedding. Since we knew the day would be chilly, we had a row of flannel shirts on hand for guests. Stacks of cozy plaid throws were also available. These items were all purchased from Community Shares Thrift Store on Chapman Highway for less than $15! Everyone looked so cute in their mismatched plaids. Theron McKenry, our “groom”, rocked an awesome Austrian Plaid Jacket from Goodwill on Kingston Pike. This vintage gem set us back a whooping $4.99. Our “bride,” Grace McRae Alexander, made the sweet chalkboard sign. If you want to plan a themed park wedding for yourself and don’t want to spend any money on decor, you can always ask your guests to bring blankets, flowers or props to enhance the style you are going for. People love to pitch in! We had a blast sourcing our plaid/flannel/vintage vibe items at local thrift stores!


Grace, who loves the Avett Brothers, took inspiration from one of their songs for her “wedding” day. The sentiment of their lyric “i brought you to the mountains to watch the clouds go by” perfectly captured the relaxed and loving feeling we wanted for the wedding.

The chalkboard heart was $1 at Community Shares Thrift Store on Chapman Highway. This simple sign tied to a tree with twine made a perfect photo backdrop. The blanket of fall leaves and crisp fall air added a festive feel to the day.


The guests all took pics of the day using their assorted Ipads and phones. The spectacular scenery & the beauty of the young couple provided some amazing shots. No professional photographer = FREE!




Grace personalized her stunning Justin Alexander gown from The Gilded Gown with a hair vine, feathers and twigs. Her bouquet was courtesy of the grocery store floral department, coming in at $3.99.


Our friends and family had a blast pitching in for the day. The lovely Cheryl McKenry, mother of the “groom,” helps Theron prepare for the ceremony!


All the guests brought homemade dishes, which were laid out on a hodge-podge plaid tablescape. The succulents were 3 for $12 at Whole Foods and served double-duty as table decor and bridesmaid “bouquets.” The vintage dishes were sourced at local thrift stores and garage sales for under $10.


One of the guests brought old-fashioned soda (from Cracker Barrel) displayed in a vintage Royal Crown Cola crate. So fun!


The food was simple and perfect for easy snacking. With everyone bringing something, the food costs were minimal. Plus the pot-luck atmosphere added to the sense of a community wedding. Everyone lent a hand and therefore felt invested in the day. Mesh food covers are a good idea if you have a food-laden table in the middle of the woods! Nobody wants bugs in the dip!


The desert table was particularly appealing as we had a cake and our brand new invention: THE DONUT TREE! This adorable station took just a few minutes to set up. We love our donut tree: a thrift store candle holder stacked with yummy Dunkin’ Donuts. The lovely, lovely fall cake was purchased for $20 from Whole Foods and displayed on a bed of moss and fruit on a wooden pedestal thrifted for just $2. The vintage cameras are also thrift store finds.


The wedding party was also fuss-free with no matchy-matchy dresses or tuxes. Everyone was encouraged to just show up with love in their hearts, comfortably dressed for a fun day in the mountains. Easy on the pocket books and low on the stress level.



We feel like a real couple could easily replicate this wedding with almost no expense. Which is kind of refreshing considering the amount of time and money that goes into a typical wedding. Even if you don’t have a fortune to spend, you can have a day to remember. What matters most is sharing the day with loved ones and creating memories for a lifetime.  Love and laughter and sunshine. Majestic trees and babbling creeks. Commitment. Fresh air, Moss and the crunch of leaves underfoot. Hugs and support. The Mountains. Watching the Clouds Go By….These things are free….but priceless.


Heartfelt thanks to Grace, Cheryl & Theron, Todd, Joan, Jill & Uncle Ed, Suzanne, Morgan, Bef & BigLilWonder, Heather, Drew, Hannah & Mia, and Cassy & Rebel & Penelope!


guests guests-22 guests-2


Studio Wed Box, the perfect subscription service for brides #StudioWedBox #Giftforbrides


A box crammed with hand-picked bridal surprises arrived at The Gilded Gown recently. Woo-hoo, we LOVE loot! And, presents geared just especially for brides are AWESOME. Yay for StudioWedBox!!!

This fun monthly subscription box can arrive at your door each month and help you through all your wedding planning! I remember when I was plotting all my wedding details, oh so many years ago, and for like an entire year I had WEDDING on the brain. If I had a time machine, I’d go back and invent this subscription service myself….it’s that good.

This jewel of a subscription box is just what the doctor ordered for all you girls currently swept up in all things bridal! StudioWedBox is packed full of delightful items and helpful ideas that just might make it into your own nuptial plans. Some of the items might just spark your imagination and help you create the wedding of your dreams. I know I could have used a wedding planner in my pocket back in the day, and now with the help of the useful tips in StudioWedBox  it’ll be like having your own personal wedding planner!

You will have the option of signing up for a monthly subscription, 6-months subscription, or a 12-month subscription.  You want to  choose the length of your box subscription depending on how many months you have until your wedding. You can sign up here!

Once you have signed up, the boxes will start arriving at your front door in about one month.

The Box

Each month you will receive ::

  • A useful innovative tip that will be personalized to your progress in the wedding planning process created by the experts in the industry!
  • Fun samples and products from only the best vendors around the country.  Some items you might have heard of, and some maybe not!  But that’s the fun part!!

So here is a breakdown of the items in our adorable, wedding-centric StudioWedBox:


Let’s start with my fave item in the box, the canvas goodie bag from flair & paper!  This super-cute and fun Floral Cosmetic/Clutch retails for about $15 and would make a wonderful (and affordable) bridesmaid gift.



You can even have the bags customized from flair & paper. Sooo cute!

Canvas Makeup Bag - Floral Make Up Pouch - Bride Tribe - Personalized Canvas pouch - Cosmetic pouch - Cosmetic Bag - Bride Tribe Canvas Bag

Grey Ghost Bakery‘s Chocolate Espresso cookie was another awesome addition to the box. Nom nom! Their delish cookies are made from scratch with all natural ingredients from legendary family recipes. As they say, their cookies have the “goodest quality” and “bestest taste.” If you love chocolate and coffee AND cookies (of course you do), then get you some of these pronto! Visit the Grey Ghost Bakery site to shop all the amazing offerings from this Charleston, SC bakery. You can customize the cookies and use them as favors at your wedding! Please order a bunch extra though, because you are going to want to eat a LOT of these!


For instance, say you are a peanut butter aficionado. Share your love of pb with your wedding guests with this adorable 4 oz can. This will be a very well received favor at less than $5! No one will leave these on the table!

Grey Ghost Bakery Gourmet Cookies Peanut Butter flavor four ounce canister

Other affordable options are the Grey Ghost Bakery wedding favors, well-packaged and priced at below $3 each.

Grey Ghost Cookie Favor - Love is Sweet

Ok, so I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on cookies here. It’s a problem in real life too….

And, StudioWed provided fresh, uber-flavorful java from Asheville Coffee Roasters. The company started as an artisan roaster, hand-roasting small batches of the best ingredients from around the world. They continue this tradition today, cooling and packing their specialty roasts daily in foil-gusseted packages with de-gassing valves to preserve freshness.  And lemme just comment that any company with a signature coffee product named “Pit Bull on Crack” has my immediate interest and affection. Asheville Coffee Roasters’ tasty coffee would be great to give as favors, and/or gifts for your wedding party, or better yet served up at a killer coffee station at your reception.



Next up in the StudioWedBox was a “one too many kit” from This little kit has all of the essentials for day-after recovery. This could be a great addition to bachelorette party gift bags, or to put in the out-of-town wedding guests’ treat bags. Or, maybe one for your purse. And your car. Desk drawer? Depends of how much fun you like to have. Wedding planning can get a trifle tough you know. Life is always better when you know you have a sweet little stash of lotion and pain relievers.


One too many kit ® includes an eye mask, earplugs, cleansing wipe, hydrating lotion towelette, and pain reliever. Feeling poorly after last night’s fun? Order your own kit here for $11! Check out Urban Aid’s other kits too, like the bridesmaid option:

bridesmaid kit


Nestled among all these goodies was a drawstring burlap bag stuffed with several tiny treats. A tiny engagement ring in silver, a perky black and white hair tie, a nail file and best of all CHAMPAGNE flavored jelly beans.  We are totally using the jelly bean favor idea at the next bridal show we attend.

fullsizerender_6 cutie-file champs-beans bnw-hair-tie

So thank you to StudioWedBox. We love, love, loved your subscription box. We ate, we drank, we recovered and we took great inspiration from the products you sent.






Wedding Inspiration: Rockabilly #RockabillyWedding #1950sStyleWedding


Rockabilly is a wild and free attitude that oozes cool with a big nod to the great era of the 1950’s when cars were works of art and guys were called Daddy-0. When the sounds of Elvis and Carl Perkins were heard on the radio. When girls wore scarves and crinolines.

Wedding Inspiration: Rockabilly

If you crazy kids love iconic 1950s style and the rock n roll state of mind: saddle shoes, bangs, bright red lips, tattooed boys wearing Ray Bans, polka dots, motorcycles, peep toe pumps, drive-ins, bows, hearts, records, 50s music, pompadour hair and cool cars; then we suggest throwing a jumpin’ and jivin’ Rockabilly Wedding!

A modern take on this style is so much fun. Take for instance, the most amusing engagement ring photo we’ve ever seen, courtesy of a sharpie and some Rock-n-Roll ‘tude, shown below from Dimples and Tangles:

OMG best engagement picture ever:

Get inspired by some awesome retro weddings we found online. How cute is the rockabilly bride holding all the black and white balloons? Her groom is also looking adorably vintage with his white jacket and black bow tie. Their wedding was photographed by the talented photographer Ben Blood, and was featured on Another bride stuns in her knee length bridal gown, complimented by her polka-dotted bridesmaids. Her special day was a 1950s inspired wedding held in the UK and featured on Love all the red heels!


A color palette of red, black and white with pops of aqua works with the retro theme. Check out these sweet wedding cakes and cupcakes! We are loving the lovebird cake adorned with roses and an anchor featured on The tattoo influence is evident on the true love cake courtesy of Steve Gerrard of / Ben the Cake Man / Flickr: 77443176@N03. Super cute soda shop inspired cupcakes courtesy of


The red Gerbera daisy bouquets are just the right touch for a vintage ceremony. Top your cake with a custom made cake topper from tohellinahandbag on Etsy. It’ll cost you $300, but I bet this would be one beloved keepsake. They will make the topper in your likenesses! Adorb!


For your reception eats, you can totally riff on drive-in fare. Load your buffet with bottled cokes, popcorn, mini BLTs, burgers and maybe have a mini milkshake station. Easy and inexpensive too! If you can afford one, rent a vintage 50s car to park out front! Great for pics and for setting the scene.


One of the best things about a custom wedding is it allows couples to be themselves and showcase their individual styles. We dig!


It’s easy to tie into the Rockabilly theme with a pair of saddle shoes from ModCloth and polka dotted garters from AllofYou on Etsy.

rockabilly-saddle-shoes-and-polka-dots-collage rockabilly-5-collage

A glam touch are these sweet white chocolate covered cherries from The adorable black and white polka dot converse can be found on ebay.


Some hip invites which would compliment the Rockabilly feel are available from notonthehighstreetcom. We love the old vinyl hanging from the rafters for decor. And how awesome to have customized guitar picks for favors (available from Yay.



You can channel rock and roll, fifties style, with a softer palette too. Pink softens the mood in a very romantic way. Have your bridesmaids wear pastel cotton dresses with parasols and the groomsmen wear suspenders for the sweeter side of Rockabilly. Awwwwww…..


However you incorporate the Rockabilly style into your wedding, make it your own. After all, it’s only rock n roll!!

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Time to Write your Wedding Thank You Notes! Ya Gotta! #WeddingThankYouCardTips

You did it!!! You had the big wedding day. Yay! All your hard work and effort tending to the millions of details needed to pull off your special day paid off with a happy wedding.
Man Wearing Black Dress Shoes
And now you’re back home, fresh from your honeymoon and all you want to do is nest with the hub. You are weddinged-out, exhausted and ready for a well-deserved break.
But you can’t slip out of “wedding mode” yet, because it is time to write your Thank Yous!

You have to. You really, really need to send those thank yous out.

Check out these cute thank yous on Etsy at VeronicaFoleyDesign

But don’t feel anxious and overwhelmed, cuz help is here! Writing tons of thank you cards won’t be such a chore if you can come up with a few heartfelt phrases and re-purpose them over and over. And, remember this job should be shared by both you and your partner. This mutual task is a great way to start your coupledom, thanking the loved ones that celebrated with you and bought ya’ll  your stainless steel toaster. That said, make sure you let your guy come up with his own heartfelt phrases and don’t dictate or micromanage. Say he comes up with “I sure do like the big ole’ frying pan, it’ll come in handy with bacon.” Perhaps it is not the carefully crafted missive you wanted, but it WILL get the message across just fine. And, if you can accept that HIS way might not be YOUR way… but it is getting the job done nonetheless, well then you’ve learned an important lesson for your marriage.  Accept that there are different ways of accomplishing the same goals as a married couple.

So there are some established ground rules for notes of gratitude:

Technically, you should mail your thanks yous within 2-3 months of your wedding day. Realistically, IMO,  you are better off sending them right after the wedding. That way everything is still fresh in your mind, your Aunt Elma doesn’t have to wonder if you received her crocheted plant hanger, and you are starting your marriage with a responsibility nicely completed.

Believe it or not, you need to send out a thank you to everyone who attended. (EVEN IF THEY SHOWED UP EMPTY-HANDED!) So what if they didn’t contribute to your china collection? They made the effort to be there and witness your vows. And, after all, that is the most important part of the day anyway.

When you are composing your notes remember to address the giver by name and mention the item received, if there was one, but don’t mention actual monetary amounts.

Be sure to use black or blue ink to honor tradition and leave the pink glitter pen for another occasion. Yes, you need to write these by hand.

So gather together the names and addresses of your wedding guests. Find that list of gifts too. Collect your wedding thank you notes, stamps and pens and get comfortable…it’s time to start writing….

Thank you notes don’t need to be very long, thank goodness. Short and sweet and sincere wins the day. Remember to address each giver by name and refer to the gift they gave, no matter how small. Or if they came sans gift, still thank them for their presence. If you are on a first name basis use that in your card. If they are folks you are not that familiar with, then go with a more formal form of address, such as “Mr. and Mrs. Rockefeller” as opposed to “Jack and Diane.” If the person contributed in some meaningful way to your wedding day (traveled a long distance, helped Aunt Edna onto the dance floor, etc.) be sure to also mention your appreciation for that as well.

Below are some nice examples of wedding card wording for ya, based on different scenarios:

If they brought a GIFT:

Dear Marc and Chantal,

Thank you for joining us on our special day! Having all of our family and friends there made us very happy. We were thrilled to receive the blender, and we look forward to using it for years to come. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

All the best,

Freddy and Olive

If they gave you CASH (don’t mention the amount):

Dear Uncle John and Aunt Jane,

Thank you so much for joining us at our wedding! We were so happy you were there to share in our special day. We appreciate your lovely gift, and look forward to using it towards the down payment on our new home. Thank you again for attending our marriage. We look forward to visiting with you at Thanksgiving.


Todd and Liz

If they just attended the wedding with NO GIFT:

Dear Paul, Johnny and Little Doc,

Thank you all so much for attending our wedding! It was wonderful to see you again after all this time. It means a lot that you all traveled so far to share in our special day. Thank you for filling our hearts with gratitude.

Much love,

Aspyn and Parker

If they sent GIFT, but couldn’t attend:

Dear Heather,

Our wedding was a happy and special day, but we were very sorry you could not be there to share it. You were missed. Thank you for sending us the lovely gift of the hibachi grill. We will use it often on our back patio and we will think of you each time. Your kindness is much appreciated.

With gratitude,

Jacqui and Beau