Jori Finds The Perfect Cruise Dress for Dinner with The Captain!!!

Jori is totally excited about her upcoming cruise on Carnival to gorgeous Nassau, Bahamas.

beautiful blue skies and water in nassau bahamas

A popular cruise-ship stop, the city has a hilly landscape and is known for picturesque beaches as well as offshore coral reefs, perfect for diving and snorkeling. The charming island retains many of its vintage pastel-colored British colonial buildings.

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Jori can’t wait to explore the island AND the cruise ship. A huge Titanic fan, she is most looking forward to occasions where she can dress up like Rose, especially dinner at the Captain’s Table!!! We love that Cruise lines feature at least one night on the voyage where guests have the opportunity to showcase their more elegant attire! This is a chance for Jori to go all-out! Her first choice is this glorious, jewel neck Nina Canacci 2017 Prom Gown in black and emerald Green (which highlights her beautiful red hair):

She test-drove this look to make sure it would work perfectly on her ship. We think she looks amazing no matter what activities might arise. Here she is resting on a bench, dancing past windows and grabbing a soda.

Jori is such a lovely girl, and we know the captain is bound to take notice of her in this stunning, intricately beaded gown.

Jori completed her look with scrunched satin gloves. Adorb! Jori’s requirements for the perfect dress includes: fun, beautiful, comfortable, danceable and noticeable. We think she accomplished her mission!

We can’t wait to hear how her trip goes! Hopefully she will share a dance with the Captain!


And, since no packing job is complete without OPTIONS. Jori has selected another gorgeous dress to bring just in case. (Plus we just know she is going to meet a dashing gentleman who will whisk her away to a glamorous date!)

What do you all think of this navy, long sleeved Azzure Couture look?


Where the other dress is loads of fun, this gown delivers sophistication and glamour in a big way, from the navy velvet skirt to the beaded sheer sleeved bodice. Wowza!

We know Jori will be turning heads in this gown. 

No more cleaning carts for Jori! It’s time for her to dine, relax and enjoy!

She’ll be like, “hmmm… I want the steak or the lobster?” We’re like, “GET BOTH!”

And she’ll be sure to do loads more on her trip, too:  Try out a Celebrity Chef Restaurant. Sip a Frozen Drink (or two) Poolside. Take in a Broadway Show. Have a Slice of Pizza. Surf, Swim and Skydive. Shop. Rest. Why not do it all!

We have a feeling this might be the trip of a lifetime for Jori. And beautiful both inside and out, this ever-smiling & hard-working single mama deserves it!

If you are headed to a cruise in the near future, we invite you to come find your dream dresses for the occasion at The Gilded Gown. We are fully stocked in all sizes, styles and colors. The Prom gowns are NEXT LEVEL this year and work for any dress up social event.

Located in Knoxville Center Mall, we are open 11 am t0 7 pm Monday – Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 6 pm. Always offering personal stylists, easy layaways and friendly service, The Gilded Gown is your locally-owned formal wear boutique.

Bon Voyage Jori! We love you!!


Our Trip to Market Recap: The Bridal Show at the America’sMart in Atlanta

picmonkey-imageHave you ever wondered what it is like to “Go to Market” — the place where store owners go to purchase the items they will sell in their retail shops? Imagined a trip to a glorious multi-storied building filled with gorgeous garments at wholesale pricing? Considered a shopping spree of epic proportions during which you purchase hundreds upon hundreds of dresses? Wheeeeeee, I know I have!

We just returned from Atlanta’s famed America’sMart, where we attended the Vow New World of Bridal Show, and got to experience what it is like to be immersed in the behind-the-scenes world of fashion, designers and showrooms galore. WOW! Jacqui and Grace have attended markets before, but I feel like they were just as excited to attend as I was.

Let me just say: It takes considerable fortitude to shop a 14-story building ladies. What an amazing experience!

It was fun feeling like big-city girls walking through downtown Atlanta as we headed into the market each morning:


Mad props to the Marriott Marquis, our fabulous hotel, which was about a block and a half from the Market:


Once you arrive at America’sMart the first thing you have to do is check in and get your badges for the event. Grace had to wait for hers for a minute as you can tell from her expression, lol!


Once you are through security, you enter into the biggest indoor shopping experience in the universe. Behold the wonderment, glass elevators and all:

floors-and-floors-and-floors-of-dresses apparel-mart-wonderland

Showrooms were brimming with gorgeous models and gowns! Each designer had all their beautiful creations on display on mannequins, racks and models. What a feast for the eyes. We were thrilled to shop the very best of the best for our Gilded Gown Girls back home!

bridal-showroom model-at-azzure-couture-2

And most had some type of yummy treats on hand — ranging from candy, parfaits or fruit to elaborate spreads of food. Thank you!

fashion-show-us grace-enjoys-free-market-treat

There is even a buyer’s lounge, which is a necessity, because ten + hours of shopping per day is hard on ya:


buyers-lounge another-view-of-the-buyers-lounge restin-a-spell

Here are some highlights from the beautiful designs of Azzure Couture (available exclusively at The Gilded Gown for upcoming prom season!):


We loved their dresses and selected lots of amazing dresses for Prom 2017! Do you see a favorite?




img_2016 img_2017 img_2039img_2021 img_2026

Here is my favorite gown by Azzure Couture. Check out the amazing florals, sheer illusion sleeves and decadent beading:



We also found lots of lovelies at our favorite Nina Canacci:

sooo-many-dresses teamwork-is-dreamwork-whilst-shopping


Grace gives a tour of some of our top picks from Nina Canacci in these videos:


All in all, we had the most wonderful time selecting the dresses which we know will delight our Gilded Gown Girls!



Ms Wheelchair Tennessee 2016 Carly Pearson Found Her Dress at The Gilded Gown <3

We absolutely love meeting new people and finding out their stories. Yesterday we were thrilled to meet a beautiful, vibrant lady named Carly Pearson. She came in looking for a formal gown. She described herself as a tomboy who doesn’t like to wear dresses, but said she urgently needed a long dress. And, it needed to be beautiful. Oh, and another thing….Carly Pearson uses a wheelchair. Turns out she needed a very, very beautiful gown because she is Ms Wheelchair Tennessee 2016 and she is going to represent Tennessee in the national pageant NEXT WEEK in Grand Rapids, Michigan to compete for the crown of Ms Wheelchair America 2017. Our reactions: Wow that is cool! YAY Carly! So glad she is at The Gilded Gown! Ummm, wait. did she say Next Week??? and OK WE NEED TO HELP HER FIND THE PERFECT DRESS STAT!!!




Carly, a healthy, extremely fit and beautiful mother of two, would much rather be participating in sports than rocking a long dress on a stage. However her mission is to help other people with disabilities live active and healthy lives and she knew participating in the Ms Wheelchair Events would help promote her platform.

Carly sustained a spinal cord injury in 2002, when she fell while heroically fighting wildfires in Oregon as part of her work with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. She currently works as an independent distributor for Advocare International and a motivational speaker.

Carly’s Facebook Page

Vote for Carly here!!!

Carly Pearson News Interview

Bridal Stylist Grace kept Carly busy trying on lots of gorgeous options. Everyone in the store admired the different dresses as Carly came out to look in the big mirror. The choice was obvious when Carly came out in this Nina Canacci Royal Blue Gown:

3106 (1)

20160729_141844 (2)

Carly, thanks for making our day! We know you are going to do great in Grand Rapids!

adf2ec13-9acb-4e6d-9243-bec5ad129d56-large16x9_TNTMsWheel 13260159_1736788119940165_258044068398007144_n 13237604_1736788273273483_3218790706320637666_n 12650891_1689148121370832_2465983853823377206_n 12643013_1689147851370859_4207176965837112586_n


2016 Miss Black Teen US Ambassador La’nyah Outsey-Pettway at The Gilded Gown

The beautiful, kind and talented La’Nyah Outsey-Pettway is off to compete in the 2016 Miss Black Teen US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant in Oklahoma City, OK in July, 2016. She already has the Tennessee title, so we have high hopes she will place well at the national level! Go La’Nyah!

We are so proud that La’Nyah found her perfect pageant competition dress at The Gilded Gown.

2016-06-21 11.37.53

La’Nyah’s platform is to promote positive thinking and positive self image to combat bullying. She believes that in order to prevent people from harming themselves and others, they have to be encouraged to think positively. She urges kids to stay upbeat and to speak positively everywhere they go. As she says, “You have to love yourself and always remember that people who harm other people with their words or actions do not love themselves enough.”

La’Nyah and her mother have raised most of the money needed for their competition but they still need a tiny bit. If you would like to donate to a very worthy young lady please visit:


Gilded Gown Prom Pics 2016 – Part 2

We love this time of year. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and exciting proms are happening all around us. AND, our Gorgeous Gilded Gown Girls’ prom pics are starting to roll in. We’ve helped so many beautiful young ladies find their dream dresses at The Gilded Gown and we are thrilled to see them glowing and happy on prom night. The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes. And the photos we are receiving prove how lovely our girls look and feel for their special events!

Haley Prichard of Maryville is absolutely stunning in her pale pink ballgown. We love you Haley!!!

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Haley Prichard Prom 2016


Haley posed for this precious pic with her brother Zachary. (Don’t be fooled, they actually love each other lol!)

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Haley Prichard with brother Zachary Prichard 2016

Ansley Williams of Gibbs Highs School wore one of our favorite gowns this year, a Long Sleeve Lace dress by Nina Canacci. Super-sophisticated Ansley! You look amazing.
The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Ansley Williams Gibbs HS Prom 2016

Another Gibbs High School beauty, Cora shined brightly in her black lace over nude bodiced ballgown. So pretty!!!!
The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Cora from Gibbs Prom 2016

Lexi Jones from Powell decided on a vibrant royal blue strapless dress with a heavily embellished drop waist. We can see why. Lexi is beautiful!
The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Lexi Jones Powell HS 2016

The Gilded Gown is located in Knoxville Center Mall, downstairs, near Sears, across from the Shoe Depot. We are open Monday thru Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday from Noon to 6 pm. We offer the largest prom and bridal store in our area with dresses by Mon Cheri Bridal, Nina Canacci, Justin Alexander, David Tutera and many, many more. Friendly and fun atmosphere where we love our girls and it shows. Happiness is contagious and love is all around! Easy Layaways! New stock! Miles and miles of jewelry and accessories. Special sales going on now! Come see us, we are waiting for you!

Gilded Gown Prom Pics 2016 – Part 1

We love this time of year. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and exciting proms are happening all around us. AND, our Gorgeous Gilded Gown Girls’ prom pics are starting to roll in. We’ve helped so many beautiful young ladies find their dream dresses at The Gilded Gown and we are thrilled to see them glowing and happy on prom night. The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes. And the photos we are receiving prove how lovely our girls look and feel for their special events!

Rachel Ward rocked her black Nina Canacci dress featuring gold accents and a hi-lo hemline which shows off her awesome black cowboy boots. We love how she made the dress her own by wearing her boots!! POW!

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Rachel Ward Prom 2016


Mindy Luttrell sent us photos of her beautiful daughter Kira which span the last three years. Three proms in three years all in dresses from The Gilded Gown!!! How cool is that? We are honored to be a part of Kira’s life. Can’t wait to see what she picks for next year’s Senior Prom and her WEDDING! Thanks Kira & Mindy!
The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Kira Luttrell - 3 years 3 prom dresses from Gilded Gown
The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Kira Luttrell Prom 2016


AnnaLauren Kelly shared her gorgeous pic from prom this year. She nailed it with this black ballgown with a heavily sequined bodice and tons of detailing at the waist! AnnaLauren completed her look with the perfect hairstyle and accessories. So BEAUTIFUL! YAY! Thanks AnnaLauren. Come see us when you get engaged!!!


The Gilded Gown is a bridal and prom emporium located downstairs near Sears at Knoxville Center Mall. Open Monday – Saturday 11 am to 7 pm and Sundays Noon – 6 pm. We have racks and racks of gorgeous gowns by Nina Canacci, Mon Cheri Bridal, Justin Alexander, David Tutera and many, many more. We register each prom dress sold to insure girls are the only ones in the dress at their event. Easy Layaways available. Friendly, caring stylists. Fun & casual atmosphere. Love is all around us!