Gilded Gown Prom Pics 2016 – Part 3 #KnoxvillePrahmPics #KnoxvillePromGirls

Love Letter to All Our Gorgeous Gilded Gown Girls:

Dear Girls,

Thank you beautiful Gilded Gown Girls! We are completely thrilled that all of you took the time to share your prom pics with us. It was an honor to help each and every one of you find the perfect dress for your prom! All of us at The Gilded Gown cherish your lovely photos and share in your joy. Your loose braids, long waves and updos all look amazing. The photos you generously shared prove that the wrist corsage trend is going strong and this year’s high illusion neckline trend is a big-time winner! We love all the great outdoor shots and all the guys look handsome too. Thank you for being such great role models and for showcasing our gowns with such beauty, class and elegance. We hope that as you graduate and move forward in your lives you always look back on your prom night with pleasure. Our dream: Once you finish college, and meet your fiancée we hope you will once again return to The Gilded Gown and let us help you find “THE” dress for your wedding. Your futures are bright with promise. Remember to live your life with courage, grace, gratitude and love! Study hard, work diligently and have lots of fun.

We leave you with some words of encouragement from greater minds than ours:
“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” Albert Einstein
And, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Henry David Thoreau
And, last but not least, “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” Thomas Jefferson

Love, The Gilded Gown


Hannah Gillette 2016 prom





IMG_20160502_134208 - Copy

IMG_20160502_225137 - Copy

IMG_20160504_141930 - Copy

IMG_20160506_130932 - Copy

IMG_20160507_082056 - Copy




Miss Cross Walker Valley HS Prom 2016 Nina - Copy

Mya Rudder in Red Prom 2016 - Copy

Olivia South Doyle HS Prom 2016 - Copy

Sophie Bobrek Pro 2016 Nina - Copy

BFFS: Friends make life wonderful!

A BFF is the person you value above other friends in your life, someone you have the absolute most fun with ever, someone you trust with your life and someone in whom you confide. BFFs are your chosen family and their importance in life is indescribable. Best friends are super–supportive and your secret-keepers. They boost your self confidence and stand by you during tough times. Best friends make the very best partners in crime and will share literally millions of inside jokes with you. They will be there for you if you should need a shoulder to cry on and they possess the uncanny ability to make you laugh uncontrollably. In fact, your BFF can even make you laugh WHILE you are crying.

BFFS don’t care if your house is a mess and you are in yoga pants with holes. Best friends will answer your late night phone calls, cheer you on, accept you as you are, and provide you with a reality check when you need one. BFFS provide unconditional love, understanding and loyalty. But the greatest thing about BFFS is that they make you happy, share in your good times and make life exciting, worthwhile and joyful. They will also help you find just the right outfit, especially for important events in your life like prom.

This year at The Gilded Gown we have been witnessing lots of BFFs shopping together for Prom. The excited chatter and laughter coming from the dressing room area is at an all-time high. We are thrilled to see all that love, friendship and support radiating from our beloved beautiful Gilded Gown Girls! Life is good, friends are awesome and the dresses are beautiful.

Grab your BFF and come find your dream prom dress. We don’t mind if you talk too loud or giggle like crazy. (You’ll fit right in!)

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - BFF BLOG 1 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - BFF BLOG 2 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - BFF BLOG 3 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - BFF BLOG 5A



It is all in the details this Prom Season

At The Gilded Gown we embrace details because we know in our dresses it is the small design elements that add together to equal a beautiful look.

Luxurious Beading –  An extravagant amount of beads sewn on a dress as decoration.

Illusion Elements – Transparent panels attached to the bodice or body constructed of  sheer fabric such as tulle, net, or lace.

Cut-outs – Areas of a dress that are purposely left out to expose a bit of skin and add excitement to the design.

Two-piece silhouettes – Gowns featuring a separate top and bottom which highlight a bare midriff.

Rhinestones – Clear imitation stones of high luster made of glass which mimic the look of diamonds.

AB Crystals – Aurora Borealis, known as “AB”, is one of the more popular Swarovski crystal coatings that gives off a rainbow-like effect. Pretty.

Lace –  A fine open fabric, typically one of cotton or silk, made by looping, twisting, or knitting thread in patterns and used especially for trimming garments.

Appliques – Ornamentation, such as cutout designs, that are sewn on to or otherwise applied to a piece of material.


The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 1 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 2 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 3 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 4 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 5 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 6 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 1 Hailey The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 7 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 8 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 9 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- Collage Detail 10

We have so many dresses in stock and on the floor ready for you to try on. Come find your favorite elements combined into your dream dress. All the colors in the rainbow available in sizes from 0-32. We are located in The Knoxville Center Mall, downstairs near Sears. The Gilded Gown is open Monday – Friday 11 am – 7 pm and Sundays from Noon until 6 pm. We offer a four month layaway plus caring professional stylits.

Ask us about our latest sale!

Prom 2016: YES, YES, YES

Our absolute favorite word for Prom Season 2016 at The Gilded Gown is “YES!”

Because when we hear the word “YES,” we know that we have done our job by helping our girls find “THE” dress. A dress that looks beautiful but more importantly a dress that makes them HAPPY. And true beauty stems from, we believe, happiness. So shine on beautiful, happy, Gilded Gown Girls. We love you!

If you are still searching for your “YES” dress, we invite you to come visit The Gilded Gown any day of the week. We are open Monday – Saturday 11 am – 7 pm plus Sundays from Noon – 6 pm.

Right now we have an extra-special sale going on. Our red dot gowns priced at $249 and above are $100 off. YES! Our green dot styles are discounted $50! Alright!!! AND….when you say “YES” to your dress you will receive an additional bonus discount of 50% off all accessories. Heck Yeah!

At The Gilded Gown we have all sizes and colors represented from 0-32 in stock and ready to try on. We have a team of caring & dedicated professional stylists at your disposal. We have miles of jewelry counters full of the perfect accessories to complete your prom look. We even have a “YES” sign for you to hold when you find the perfect prom dress.

Come on down, we are waiting for you to say….



The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- YES 1.jpg The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- YES 2.jpg The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- YES 3.jpg The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN- YES 4.jpg


Being green is a good thing. Helping our planet not only feels great but makes the world a better place. Easy ways of going green include sticking to warm showers (instead of steaming hot), requesting email receipts instead of paper, meatless Mondays (veggie pizza = yum) and sticking with plain soap instead of antibacterial. Interested in being even greener? Click on this link to see fifty ways YOU can help the planet:

Wearing green is also a good thing. Because mint green for Prom 2016 is a hot color that flatters most girls. This luscious and light color is pleasing & pretty. Plus we’ve sourced some awesome mint green inspiration in the form of Chucks (love us some Converse!), rollerskates, headphones and even a great recipe for a mint smoothie.


The Gilded Gown Knoxville TN Pastel Prom Nina Canacci 2016 The Gilded Gown - Mint Green Collage 1 Mint Green Smoothie Collage The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Mint Inspo 2


Prom 2016 at the Gilded Gown

We love prom season and this year is especially awesome. Girls from all around the south are visiting us this year. Thanks to social media the word is spreading about our amazing selection of dresses from size 0-32 in stock, our extra-friendly stylists and our festive atmosphere.

The process of helping girls find the perfect dress is so enjoyable. Seeing all the smiles, happy tears and selfies (lol) is a rewarding experience for all the stylists. We get to hear personal stories, see girls encourage each other and witness the special connections between moms and daughters on a daily basis. Sometimes a shy girl will barely want to come out of the dressing room, but will find the courage to step out. When another customer tells her how beautiful she looks, and the shy girl begins to see herself in a new light and smiles at her reflection we are filled with happiness. When she breaks into a happy dance we are ecstatic. Other times a girl has been on an endless quest to find her dress. She might have looked online and at several other stores. We love to see her face when she tries on “THE” dress at the Gilded Gown. Relief and joyfulness fill the dressing room area.

Thank you Gilded Gown girls. We love you!!!!! HUGS!

Here are just a few pics of this year’s exciting and fun-filled prom shopping season at The Gilded Gown.

The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN Pink Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Blue Lace Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Red Lace Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - White Beaded Illusion Prom 2016
The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Prom 2016 Store Shot The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Store Shot Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Store Shot 2 Prom 2016 The Gilded Gown - Knoxville TN - Store Shot 3 Prom 2016