Your Bridal Appointment at The Gilded Gown

Hello Brides!

Ever wondered what happens at a bridal appointment? We thought we’d walk you through the experience you’ll receive with us. When you visit The Gilded Gown you’ll first be greeted by one of our friendly bridal stylists who will spend some time getting to know you, and your bridal party. They will ask you all about any plans you’ve made for your special day such as your venue, your wedding color palette, and your overall vibe. Are you planning a rustic, barn wedding? Maybe you’ve got a hip downtown event in mind. Or are you a traditional-minded bride with a romantic chapel ceremony in the works? No matter what kind of wedding day plans you have planned, our dedicated team of stylists genuinely want to hear about them. We are interested in learning as much about you and your dreams for your wedding as we can. After all, the more we listen to what you envision, the better able we are to help you find the perfect dress.

This is a wonderful time to describe the dress of your dreams, discuss your target budget and let your stylist know of any special concerns you might have. Have a Pinterst board of inspo pics? Let us see! Anything you absolutely must have in a dress? We’d love to hear about it.

We offer a very relaxed, fun environment and our stylists are always ready to share a laugh! Our goal is for you to have a lifetime shopping experience. We like to say that our work is “a joy, not a job” because we get to be a part of so many happy moments.

After we learn more about you and your hopes and dreams for your wedding, it’s time for a little tour. We will show you where your private dressing room is, where our try on runways are, and also give you an overview of our amazing selection of gorgeous dresses and bridal accessories. Your stylist will give you your very own shopping cart and show you where to look for your size. They’ll also help you select dresses based on your preferences. Oftentimes our stylists end up picking “the one.”

We give you the space to look on your own, too, if you prefer. We offer a huge selection in all sizes from 00 to 32.

Once you’ve found some dresses you love we will show you to your private dressing room. This is your own little oasis to try on in. Our stylists will assist you with any built-in corsets, straps, buttons and zippers. Our gowns are fully lined with built-in bra cups.

Once you’re in a dress it’s time to hit the runway and admire your reflection!

You’ll feel like a bride when you try on some of our pretty accessories to help you perfect your wedding day look. Seeing yourself with one of our bouquets can transport you right to the aisle.

A veil is a perfect finishing touch. (Be prepared for tears! Seeing yourself in a veil can be emotional.)

When you find a dress that you love you’ll know it.

By the time you’ve tried on all your dresses and had your “yes” moment, you and your stylist will most likely by high-fiving!

Once you’ve said, “Yes!” it’s time to purchase your gown. You can purchase your dress outright, or if needed, you can utilize one of our easy layaway plans. Our stylists are happy to explain how our plans work.

Finally, it is time to celebrate! We love our brides and we can’t wait for you to become a Gilded Gown bride too! Schedule your bridal appointment on our website or by calling us at 865-329-4905.




The perfect flowers for your wedding: Pretty Peonies

Lush, extravagant Peonies are a beloved vintage garden classic, adored throughout the world for their beautiful early summer blossoms. They are the perfect choice for your wedding florals if you are looking for something romantic, gorgeous and unforgettable. Not only are they super lush and pretty but they also have a delicate sweet scent. Peonies add so much charm to a bountiful bridal bouquet:

Peonies come in a lovely variety of colors. The traditional tints of garden peonies include delicate white, and the sweetest shades of pale pinks:

The layers of petals are so fluffy and amazing:

Tree and hybrid peonies expand the color palette to offer shades of coral, rose, red deep purple, mahogany, and bright yellow. So no matter your color story, peonies can pretty much compliment your wedding vibe.

Sunny yellow peonies are so bright and cheerful:

Peonies also make fabulous boutonnieres. We love the muted mauve of this one:

Peonies work well with any color tux from black to navy to grey:

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Peonies are also the perfect flower to consider for your centerpieces since they are long-lasting, and so so pretty!!!!

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Peonies add a brilliant finishing touch to wedding cakes, too, like these fuschia and pink beauties:

If you don’t want to use real flowers on your cake, you can have peonies recreated in sugar. Look at the amazing craftsmanship of Leslea Matsis’ peonies! Her meticulous attention to detail and flair for sugar flowers is absolutely stunning:

You can also add more Peony flavor into your event by including the signature flower in your favors and for your wedding party gifts. Greenleaf Gifts has a whole line of peony-inspired offerings, like this home fragrance oil which has a subtle rosy scent:

Mrs. Meyer’s Peony products would be a nice addition to bridesmaids gift baskets:

Treat your guests to a Michel Design Works candle, like this one inspired by pink peonies, which will provide hours of delicate scent to their room while adding a touch of sublime beauty to their home decor. You can purchase this lovely selection from Barnes & Noble. Handmade from 100% soy wax, this candle is presented in a beautifully printed glass vase and housed in a gorgeous decorative box with a wooden pull:


If you decide to incorporate pretty Peonies into your wedding, we suggest planting some in your new yard too. A peony plant will bloom for a generation or more with little attention and will be a wonderful yearly reminder of your wedding day. They are dependable, incredibly long-lived plants and will provide lots of flowers for you to cut and decorate your home with. Check out House of Hawthornes’ handy guide on growing your own peonies:


by Mary Oliver

This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready
to break my heart
as the sun rises, 
as the sun strokes them with his old, buttery fingers

and they open —
pools of lace, 
white and pink —
and all day the black ants climb over them,

boring their deep and mysterious holes
into the curls, 
craving the sweet sap, 
taking it away

to their dark, underground cities —
and all day
under the shifty wind, 
as in a dance to the great wedding,

the flowers bend their bright bodies, 
and tip their fragrance to the air, 
and rise, 
their red stems holding

all that dampness and recklessness 
gladly and lightly, 
and there it is again — 
beauty the brave, the exemplary,

blazing open. 
Do you love this world? 
Do you cherish your humble and silky life? 
Do you adore the green grass, with its terror beneath?

Do you also hurry, half-dressed and barefoot, into the garden, 
and softly, 
and exclaiming of their dearness, 
fill your arms with the white and pink flowers,

with their honeyed heaviness, their lush trembling, 
their eagerness
to be wild and perfect for a moment, before they are
nothing, forever?

Wedding Food: Charcuterie Tables! Plan an Amazing Grazing Table!

There is a trend in wedding reception food that we are loving. Charcuterie Tables (or Grazing Tables) are basically cheese boards on steroids. They are an absolutely lavish spread of antipasti, assorted cheeses, vegetables, spreads, and various tidbits covering an entire table. Essentially the ENTIRE table becomes the cheese board:

We adore the exuberance and abundance that a charcuterie table delivers to a gathering. Nothing makes a statement quite like a luxurious, creative spread of meats, cheeses, fruits, and accouterment artfully strewn about a table. We love the informal and interactive vibe of a beautiful grazing table. Who can resist diving into the bountiful selection?

Your guests will have a blast mingling around a table piled high with so many wonderful options. There’s a rustic and sophisticated appeal in an amazing arrangement of delicious goodies. Plus a grazing table allows your friends and family to select exactly what they want. And you’ll be transporting your friends and family to a carefree escape since charcuterie tables are a culinary glimpse into an al-fresco, sun-dappled, Mediterranean lifestyle:

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

So if you’re looking to make a big impression at your wedding we suggest a gorgeous grazing table. Heck, you can even SEAT your guests around one like this lovely display by MyNameIsSnickerDoodle:

Read more about her fabulous table by clicking on the above photo.

Perfect for an app station or even served as the main entree, grazing tables are an easy and fun way to serve your guests in style:

And, DIY brides, If you are making your own wedding food, we’ve got tips on how to build the perfect charcuterie table!

Decide on several:

  • artisanal cheeses
  • cured meats
  • pâtés
  • gourmet crackers
  • freshly baked bread
  • candied nuts and seeds
  • savory nuts and seeds
  • pretzels
  • olives
  • artichokes
  • sun-dried tomatoes
  • pickles
  • falafel
  • fresh vegetables
  • hummus
  • pesto
  • handcrafted dips
  • fresh and dried fruit
  • salads
  • fresh herbs
  • chutneys, jams, and honey
  • gourmet condiments
  • balsamic vinegar
  • flavored olive oils
  • dark chocolate

Select your Cheese First!

There are endless cheese options in all types of styles, textures, and tastes so deciding on what you want to serve can be daunting. The key is variety. You’ll want cheeses to please every palate and types with different flavors, softness, and color. It’s also fun to pick a couple of obscure cheeses to tantalize your guests taste buds! In order to choose the right ones for your table we suggest using this handy cheese chart:


Next up select meats to compliment your cheeses – mixing and matching different meats according to the depth of flavor and versatility you’d like across your spread.

Salami, bacon, and ham go brilliantly with cheese and crackers, guanciale is great for slicing up and pancetta is the showstopper that everyone will be reaching for.

And, don’t forget your bread and crackers. These guys are the perfect beds for the charcuterie and cheese. Plus, they are essential for dunking into all the amazing dips. Offer a few various types of crackers, breadsticks, and some warm bread.

Not crazy about meat? You can even make a vegan/vegetarian option, like this glorious board by ItDoesn’tTasteLikeChicken.

Have a blast selecting the fun extras like fruits, figs, nuts, and crisps which will round out your table.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With a dash of creative flair, you can decorate your grazing table with whole fruits, herbs, and floral elements. You can also tailor your table to your individual style. We love the tropical flair this table has just with the addition of some palm fronds and monstera leaves:


Affordable and with limitless options, charcuterie tables are trending bigtime. We can’t wait to attend a wedding with one!

National Bridal Market Chicago 2019 Buying the Best in Bridal for You!

About to board our flight to Chicago!

We just returned from an awesome bridal buying trip to beautiful Chicago, Illinois where we attended our favorite market in the US, National Bridal Market Chicago™.

National Bridal Market Chicago always has the BEST backdrops. Love this neon floral combo!!

This twice-a-year show is THE absolute best place to see all the top wedding apparel designers’ newest offerings.

There are gorgeous bridal gowns, stunning models, glittering accessories, fresh flowers, runway shows, free swag, cocktails, and canapes. It is an atmosphere of extreme beauty, overwhelming choices and lots of buyers seriously weighing their options. It is our chance to see all the latest trends, feel the fabrics and meet the designers. And it is where all the best brick and mortar bridal boutiques send their buyers. We absolutely love to attend in order to stock The Gilded Gown with the most gorgeous bridal and special occasion wear for our customers.

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We also go a teensy bit crazy loading up on the most amazing accessories and veils. Overbought as usual!!! Oops!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is seriously fun, but also something we don’t take lightly. Since we are selecting the styles, colors, sizes and price points that we feel our customers will want for the coming season we have to really focus. Because we want to make the very best choices. And, at this huge showroom, where every dress is more breathtaking than the last, we want absolutely EVERYTHING we see, so it takes some major concentration to focus in on exactly what’s best for our store.

We couldn’t be more proud that our store owner, Jacqui Wadsworth, was a FEATURED SPEAKER at this Market. Right alongside Google!! She gave a dynamic presentation on social media strategies for bridal store owners. She is a tremendous public speaker and all those in attendance enjoyed learning from her about her amazing online skills!

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Every time we visit Chicago we try a new hotel so that we can experience a different part of the city. We love all the diverse neighborhoods with their unique vibes, eateries, and shops. This trip our stay was at the legendary Waldorf Astoria in the chichi Gold Coast district of Chicago. Bordering Lake Michigan, Gold Coast is an affluent, mostly residential neighborhood dotted with stately homes and sky-high apartment buildings. Upscale shopping like Dior, Tesla and Versace are nearby and peeking in their fabulous store windows is a fun escape from our normal! (Marshalls is more our speed!) And so many fabulous dining options can be found along the tree-lined streets it was hard to choose where to eat. But when you are staying in a five-star hotel, who needs anything but the Waldorf Astoria? We adored our brief stay in their world of luxury where we recovered from long hours of shopping at the market by watching movies, drinking $6 cokes from the mini fridge and ordering french onion soup from room service. Seriously the nicest hotel we’ve ever stayed in. The service and setting were impeccable.

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We can’t wait to head back in August for the next show!

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Cinnamon Bun Wedding Cakes! Cinnamon Flavored Wedding Treats!

We can’t think of anything more cozy, delicious and heart-warming than an ooey-gooey, dripping with frosting, warm cinnamon bun! So we are totally on-board with the latest trend for 2019 wedding desserts: Cinnamon Bun Cakes! Yes, bakers are actually making glorious cakes out of the breakfast time fave. Serve up something cinnamon inspired for your wedding and your guests will most certainly roll with it!

Cinnamon Bun cakes are a unique alternative to traditional wedding cakes. They work perfectly for rustic themed weddings, spring weddings, glam weddings, boho weddings, fall weddings, forest wedding, beach weddings, well …. any wedding really! Because just about everyone on the planet loves them some Cinnamon Buns! These luscious, pillowy spirals of buttery dough filled with hypnotic swirls of warm cinnamon and sweet sugar just melt in your mouth like a warm hug. Oh and that gorgeous, gorgeous icing dripping over the top…is what dreams are made of. Made into cake form, cinnamon rolls are just beyond. Your loved ones will be talking about how much they adored your crazy delicious, sticky wedding cake for years. (Be sure to provide lots of napkins and maybe even some wet wipes!)

And, there is an added bonus: Cinnamon is not only one of the most delicious spices on the planet, but it is also one of the healthiest. This aromatic spice can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits as well. We’re not sure cinnamon bun cakes constitute healthy eating, per se, but at least the cinnamon part is good for you! And they sure make people happy!! And we love that these confections can compliment any style wedding with the addition of a bit of decor, like greenery, floral elements, or a cake topper.

Heck, you could even have a pan of cinnamon rolls set out on your sweets table and we don’t think you’d get any complaints! Our bet is this would be the first dish cleaned out!

You can also serve other types of yummy cinnamon treats, like churros or cookies, at your event:

A cinnamon-sprinkled spice cake would make for a memorable savory end to your wedding day:

We love the whimsy of this Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal themed wedding cake:

And, if you are going with a cinnamon bun theme, you could totally give out these adorable mini mason jar candles from the Dollar Tree as wedding favors:

Or, send your guests home with some beloved, addicting little Cinnabon’s to go:

Better yet, have your local bakery package up some hand made beauties for your guests. The best, most tantalizingly delicious cinnamon rolls in Knoxville can be found at popular VG’s Bakery! In fact, their melt-in-your-mouth spiraled beauties are their #1 best seller! Proof that cinnamon buns are crowd-pleasers!

Philosophy makes the most delicious smelling cinnamon scented shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel all in one, which would make adorable bridesmaids gifts for your girls:

And, if you’re feeling like making cinnamon rolls for your new spouse later on, here’s a great recipe:

1/4 c. warm milk, 1/2c. sugar, 1 Tsp. salt, 1 tbsp. cinnamon, 4 tbsp. softened butter, 2 eggs, 1 pkg. dry yeast, 1/4c. warm water, 2 1/2 c. flour. mix all ingredients except yeast, water, and flour and let cool. stir and dissolve yeast in warm water. add yeast to the first mixture, beat until mixed. add 1 1/2 c.flour. cover and let rise for 1 hour. add remaining flour; blend well. knead and smooth. put the dough in greased bowl, cover and let rise until double in size. punch down, shape rolls and let rise for 1 hour. bake at 400 degrees f for 18 minutes.

Wedding Inspo: Tulum a beautiful boho beach Wedding destination

With Spring in the air, our thoughts immediately turn towards gorgeous beaches, delicious food, exotic sights, and vibrant colors. We dream of walking barefoot in the warm sand, sipping fresh juice out of coconuts and wandering around charming shops and restaurants at our leisure. Sightseeing, swimming and warming ourselves in a south of the border Sun. In other words: VACAY! And for couples wanting a special experience for themselves and their guests we love the idea of combining a wedding with a beach vacation. Everybody wins. And an amazing place to get hitched is easily arranged down Mexico way in the tantalizing town of Tulum! Especially if you are an adventurous couple with a love for the beauty of nature, hip beachside towns, and a little something different.

Located on the beautiful Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Tulum is a laid-back, eco-chic town known for its beaches and rich history. It’s a cool balance of the past and present. You can see the well-preserved ruins of the ancient Mayan port city Tulum was while enjoying the modern rustic aesthetic going on now. Tulum is a place to learn about the past while forging a future (and enjoying the present). One of our favorite spots is the historic temple perched on a rocky cliff above the white sand beach and turquoise sea called El Castillo.

Absolutely bursting with natural beauty, Tulum is a coastal area filled with beaches, mangroves, and cenotes (natural limestone sinkholes). Oh, and you can actually stay in infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar’s former home, which has been turned into an amazing boutique hotel.

Casa Malca is a boho-chic hotel crammed with amazing artwork, luxurious accommodations, and charming moments all set against the backdrop of a natural paradise. It’s a place where you can get away from everything, and connect with yourself, each other and the wild beauty of nature. A place where you and your guests can be swept away by the effortless charm of Tulum. Oh, and there is also fine dining and artisan cocktails on hand, but they had us at beachfront swings and hammocks.

At Casa Malca they truly celebrate the natural beauty of this special place and they are happy to host stunning beachfront weddings. This Instagram worthy property specializes in intimate weddings, allowing couples the opportunity to rent out the entire property for their special day.

Tulum is bursting with organic food, bicycles, sweet little shops, nature, and fun bars. Our fave travel guide, wheretonexttravelblog, has a great post with tons of details about how and when to travel to Tulum.

Inspired by the sights and sounds of this quirky-cool setting, we’ve compiled some Mexican beach wedding inspo for you. Consider a floral headdress a la Frieda Kahlo, the rich, gorgeous textures of handmade Mayan embroidery, layers of colorful jewelry, a table set with fresh flowers and maracas:

A strapless lace dress with pom gladiators and serious statement earrings:

Serve mini tequilas and tacos in lime wedges, have a Mexican inspired wedding cake and colorful florals:

Spend time beachside, in a macrame tepee and seaside swing where shoes are always optional:

Mexcian dresses make the sweetest bridesmaids dresses. Give them each a pair of colorful earrings for the day, and treat them to a beachfront cocktail.

Plan to stay several extra days after the wedding for the honeymoon of a lifetime (and pack a killer bathing suit!):

Ideas for the reception: Taco bar, popsicles on ice, and hammocks to chill out on:

Tulum is a town where it is easy to reflect on the past and enjoy the present. And it is the perfect destination to start your future together.

3 Gorgeous Gilded Gown Brides on Their Wedding Days #RealWeddings

Seeing our beautiful brides on their wedding days absolutely fills us with joy. We love the chance to see how their days unfolded and how all their planning paid off. And, it is also wonderful to see how the dresses they fell in love with at The Gilded Gown work perfectly to fulfill their visions. Today we are highlighting three gorgeous brides and their very individual weddings. All have different styles, venues and vibes and all are absolutely breathtaking!

An Intimate Candlelit Wedding

Beautiful bride Casey married her true love Tyler at The Standard, a beautiful event space in Knoxville absolutely loaded with vintage charm and a hip rustic industrial vibe. Casey mixed traditional with modern and made sure her winter wedding was warm and inviting. Winx Photo captured their love-filled occasion to perfection. The photographers shared an amazing blog post about the couple’s day, too!

Casey chose to wear a classic bridal gown with three-quarter lace sleeves and buttons down the back. This pic of Casy’s Mom helping her get ready is so so precious.

Melissa Timm Designs made the loveliest florals for the event. The cascading bouquet Casey carried down the aisle is sublime!!!

The wedding backdrop was this incredible wood log installation with tons of candles and greenery:

Every detail of this wedding is just perfect, including the most important one, the fact that this couple is truly in love. 

All the Amazing Vendors from Casey and Tyler’s Wedding:

Photographer: Winx Photo | Venue: The Standard | Planning: Team Wedding | Florals: Melissa Timm | Dress: The Gilded Gown | MUA: Southern Sirens | Hair: Kimberly Queener | DJ: Ogle Entertainment | Catering: Holly’s Eventful Dining | Cake: Publix | Invites: Vistaprint | Videographer: Haven Media | Officiant: Paul Harris | Suit: Men’s Warehouse


A Colorful Multicultural Wedding

Beautiful bride Hillary married her best friend and true love Rajiv under the open sky at the picturesque lakefront resort Wind River in Lenoir City. These two love each other so much they actually had TWO ceremonies! Rajiv’s family is from India so they wanted to honor meaningful traditions from both of their cultures. Their bright and beautiful wedding day was all about family, friends, and festivities (and saying “I do” twice!). The couple’s spectacular nuptials, which were gorgeously photographed by Zamana Lifestyles, were featured on The Pink Bride Blog and in The Pink Bride Magazine.

Hillary shone in her gorgeous strapless A-line lace appliqued dress and stunning cathedral veil from The Gilded Gown.

The lavish Indian ceremony was exotic and visually stunning.

Hillary looks totally ravishing in her custom Indian attire from Surinder Bedi:

All the Amazing Vendors from Hillary and Rajiv’s Wedding:

Photographer: Zamana Lifestyles | Venue: WindRiver | Reception: The Venue at Lenoir City | Catering: Chowpatty | Florist: Melissa Timm Designs | Invitations: Julie Hanan Design | Dress: The Gilded Gown | Indian Attire: Image Boutique Shop By Surinder Bedi | Tuxedos/Suits: Prestige Tuxedo | DJ – Sequoyah Entertainment | Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals | HUMA: Bangs and Blush

A Fairy Tale Wedding

Beautiful bride Ashli married the love of her life, Michael, on a winter day at The River Place a gorgeous 57-acre farm in the heart of Sevierville. Her vision included vibrant pops of red, a touch of plaid, and a storybook feel. The results of Ashli’s careful planning are absolutely breath-taking. And Red Boat Photography took swoon-worthy pics of the romantic day. (They also posted an awesome blog about the event.) We just can’t get over this pic of the wedding party and Ashli in her RED COAT. Love, love, love!

We love how Ashli accented her glamorous satin, beaded wedding dress from The Gilded Gown with a cozy wrap, too. Ashli’s outerwear was on point!

The gorgeous red bouquet from Robin’s Nest adds a dramatic accent:

All the Amazing Vendors from Ashli and Michael’s Wedding:

Photographer: Red Boat Photography  | Associate Photographer: Mary Ellen Chandler | Venue, Coordination & Rentals: The River Place |
HMUA: Hair & Makeup: Amanda & Crystal of Southern Sirens | Video: Lions Creative | Florals: Robin’s Nest | Cake: B & G Catering – Henry’s Bakery & Deli | Catering: Wright Stuff Catering | DJ: West Entertainment | Dress: The Gilded Gown |Tux: Regal Tuxedo of Knoxville – Formerly Savvi Formalwear

Wedding Veils 101

Wedding Veils 101

If we were to name a single item that announces “BRIDE!” to the world it would have to be a veil. So we compiled a bit of our research into a primer on all things veil for you. After all these beautifully flimsy, sheer bits of tulle and net which manage to symbolize brides so perfectly have a long history.

Veils are actually the oldest part of the bridal ensemble according to wedding expert Susan Waggoner in her book I do! I do!: The Origins of 100 Classic Wedding Traditions. The practice of covering a bride’s face dates way-way back when brides were wrapped “from head to toe to represent the delivery of a modest and untouched maiden.” In those days veils were also believed to protect brides from evil spirits lurking around. They further served to shield the bride’s face from the groom prior to the wedding, because they believed it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony. Veils at that time really did their job. Brides couldn’t even see to walk with their heavy face coverings. That’s why someone had to literally walk them down the aisle!!! We love that times have changed but the best part of the traditions remain!


Photo cred: Keepsake Memories

As weddings became more religious in Western culture, the veil was used to symbolize modesty, obedience, and chastity. Eventually, though, veils fell out of fashion. For example, during the 17th and 18th centuries, brides didn’t really wear them in the United States and England. However, when the inimitable style icon and original fashionista Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840 wearing an insanely gorgeous veil, they instantly regained popularity.

To this day brides love to wear veils. And as bridal stylists, we know that nothing brings out the happy tears from brides and their squads during the dress shopping experience like adding a veil in the mix. There is just something so romantic and ethereal about veils. Luckily today’s veils come in all kinds of gorgeous shapes, sizes, and styles. Most brides no longer wear veils for any particular symbolic reason but just ‘cuz they look so darn pretty.

Veil cred: Malis Henderson

Veils are carefully composed of fabulous fabrics such as chiffon, organza, English net or silk tulle. They come embellished with beading, lavish lace appliques, piped trim or serenely unadorned and simple.

Veil cred: Malis Henderson

Veils come in various lengths, too, and most are named for the body part they end near.



Bird Cage

Bird Cage Veils are vintage-inspired, short and uber flirty. These veils are the perfect finishing touch for retro-minded brides rocking any vibe from the 20s through the 60s. They are usually between 4-9 inches long. Typically they just cover the eyes, but they can cover your entire face too. Also called a “bandeau” veil, this style is most often composed of Russian net or lace.


Shoulder veils which fall to a bride’s shoulders usually have a layer that goes over the bride’s face called a blusher. During the ceremony, the front layer is pulled back to reveal the brides beaming face. (Any length veil can have a blusher layer to go over the face too.) TaDa! Such a magic moment!


Elbow length veils are perfect for a more traditional wedding ceremony. They fall gracefully over a bride’s shoulders to her elbows.


Fingertip veils reach the tips of a bride’s fingers, about hip-length. This style is popular with brides because the length allows the back of a dress to be seen. So many bridal gowns these days have such amazing backs!


Designed to fall at your knee, this wedding veil length offers drama and elegance without weighing you down. If you choose to wear your veil for your reception, you’ll be able to dance the night away, thus the name “waltz.”

Chapel/ Floor

A  chapel or floor-length veil just grazes the floor and extends just barely beyond the length of the bride’s gown. The flowing fabric is nice for brides who want the look of a train without having one on their dress.



For a dramatic down-the-aisle look consider a fabulous cathedral-length veil. This extends beyond the length of the wedding dress and commands “oohs and aahs” from your guests. And they look just right in a cathedral.


Anything over 120″ in length is generally reserved for royalty, veil-wise. Megan slayed.


Ok, so there are a few people who like to go larger than life with things. Respect. So If you really want to go big with your veil you will have to compete with Maria Paraskeva, a bride from Cyprus, who achieved her lifelong dream after creating the world’s Longest wedding veil in preparation for her wedding. She wore it on August 14, 2018. Her veil was sooo long she actually made it into Guinness World Records. With this length veil, you’re probably gonna need an outdoor venue. And a lot of help.

The seemingly never-ending lace veil measured 22,843 ft 2.11 in. (basically 63.5 football fields long!!!!). You go Girl!!!

Whatever gorgeous veil you select to wear on your wedding day, we hope you enjoyed learning a little about the history behind the tradition. We know you’ll wear it well. And if you are looking for the perfect style remember to stop by The Gilded Gown to shop our extensive selection of veils.

Behind the Scenes: Our Trip to Bridal Market AmericasMart Atlanta 2019

One of the many perks of running a bridal and prom biz is that we get to take numerous buying trips all over the country to source the most beautiful gowns and accessories for our stores. Earlier this month we headed down to Atlanta to visit America’s Mart and hit up a Pop Up Shop for Justin Alexander so we could do a mid-season restock. Over the years we’ve honed our buying trips into well-oiled routines and we wanted to give ya’ll a peek behind the scenes.

Step One: Get The Crew Together

First, we have to decide who gets to go. Everybody loves to go to the markets and we try to get all of our stylists to at least one show per year so they can soak up all the new designs, textures and trends. For this trip, owner Jacqui Wadsworth invited our awesome GG Management Team: Grace, Heather, and Elizabeth. Since Atlanta is just a short drive, Grace volunteered to bring us in her beautiful and sporty Honda Fit.  Road Trips, as we know, have rules. To start the trip out right you just gotta make up a group name. After several miles of debate, we named ourselves the “Hu$tlin’ Hunnie$.” (Grace made sure we used dollar signs for the s’s!). Another rule, lots of selfies. If we don’t document and post it on social media it never happened, right? Also, our outfits totally coordinated with all of us in black and cream without even planning it!

Step Two: Hit the Road

Grace got her car all shined up, gassed up and brought her Spotify playlists. We hit the road, all talking on top of each other, making guesses at how long our drive would be. Heather guessed two hours, Grace predicted five. (Because Grace knows how many stops we have to make!)

Step Three: So Many Stops

Let’s face it, we need snacks, and drinks, and bathroom breaks, and more snacks, and more drinks, and therefore even more bathroom breaks. It’s a cycle. We embrace it!  There is no telling how many stops we actually made, but for sure we hit up: One Rest Area, Arby’s, McAllister’s for lunch, plus a couple gas stations. Oh, and, there was a side trip to try to find Pecan Pralines at a mysterious “nut stand” we never could find.

Jacqui baked delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies for the trip. And Heather needed a Mint Chocolate Chip Shake.

Step Four: Oh Wait, Do We Have to Work?

So after our drive, we arrived in Atlanta and headed straight downtown to the Market. We got our badges and headed up to the Justin Alexander showroom to get our first look at the new bridal styles. So fun!

Our rep Jody was on hand to show us around. Market showrooms are a place where we can really touch, see and learn about the latest bridal styles. (Also, they bring us drinks and trays of sweets.) It is sensory overload at first because there are just so many GORGEOUS gowns. But we know we have to carefully study, consider and select the styles and sizes that will work best for our Gilded Gown brides. So it is serious business.

Step Five: R & R

Grace sources us the best Airbnbs ever. This trip we stayed in a lovely four bedroom house with a fairyland backyard complete with twinkle lights in all the trees, a fire pit, and a hammock. We got take out and chilled. Or warmed, actually, cuz we could not get enough of the fire pit! We never even turned on a tv. Real conversations for the win!

Step Six: Brunchin’

We always eat at really nice restaurants. Jacqui is so generous! We found this great spot Sun in My Belly where we had an AH-MAZING brunch. And Grace tried her first Bloody Mary.

We love soaking up local places that are full of inspiration. This place was rocking the white paper lanterns, and we are totally planning our next window redo based around them. So even while we are eating, drinking and enjoying ourselves we are actually still working. (Wink)

Step Seven: Back to Work

Next, it was back to America’s Mart for some more bridal gown study. We really do carefully consider all options. But, we always want them ALL.

We reveled in all of the textures from ostrich feathers to appliques to elaborate waterfall beading.

We love seeing new trends. And we were all wild for the off the shoulder flutter sleeve dress.

We carry so many bridal lines from Justin Alexander like our Lillian West, Sincerity and Sweetheart gowns. All the designs were there for us to shop.

After processing all the beauty, it was time to decide on which beautiful new gowns we wanted for our brides.

Step Eight: Head Home

After an exciting 24 hours, it was time to head home. Road trip on repeat. Snacks, and drinks, and stops. Oh, and singing Prince and Journey in the car. And snapchat pics.

The best part, when the beautiful dresses we pick show up in the store as new arrivals and our happy brides find the ones that speak to their hearts. It’s why we do what we do. And we are so lucky to be in the bridal business. Next up, The National Bridal Market in Chicago in March!


Rust: An Unexpected Wedding Color for 2019

Style Your Day

Rust is trending hard for 2019 weddings. We just love this rich, throwback color which is so current yet also so retro and 70s inspired. A rust-hued palette adds natural richness to a wedding with shades of copper, terra cotta and orange. Bringing this color story into your wedding via your decor, your floral elements, your cake and all of your special details will open the door to a fresh, hip and stylish aesthetic.

A rust color palette combines well with neutrals, glacier blue, yellow, teal, and even a dash of pink. Using complimentary shades will bring depth and interest to your wedding, even if you just use a little tiny bit.

Set the Tone

Set the tone for your wedding by sending out the coolest invites ever. This is a chance to give your guests a peek into your wedding day vibe by using your signature color.

Get Inspired

Check out this beyond beautiful blush and rust wedding featured on

Photo cred: Dawn Charles

Focus on Flowers

Rust is the perfect shade for boho brides searching for a signature pop of color.  We love these urban metal rings with bright blooms in tones of rust, orange, red and yellow with lime green foliage:

from PolkaDotBride

We can’t get over the gorgeous touches of toasty, burnt orange rust in this decadent bouquet:

This greenery wall with a swath of rust and yellow flowers has major, major impact!

from PolkaDotBride

Set The Stage

Finding signature pieces to enhance your color story, like this amazing vintage chair, can beautifully deliver the theme throughout your wedding and reception.

This visually stunning outdoor desert wedding has rust on fleek with a vintage rusted truck and lots of furniture and decor.

Feed Them Style

Your guests can nosh of delicious foods which give a nod to your color palette too. These yummy skewered bites have touches of rust:

Micro tacos are popular for weddings this year. These guys served on top of cut out limes can be just one more place to use the color.

Delicate touches of rust on the wedding cake are just enough, like this triple-tiered confection:

This gorgeous drip cake features figs and mixed florals with a punch of rust:

It’s all in the Details

There is a reason for the saying, “it’s all in the details.” Because it is all the countless little touches which add up to a well-styled wedding. We’ve sourced some of the best lil’ details like this aptly named Heart on Fire Tonic Nail Polish, which is the most amazing shade of rust for your bridal mani. Oh, and it is only$12!

The perfect pair of slingbacks with a square toe and block heel are on sale now at TopShop:

How cute would your groom be in a pair of rust converse?

We are obsessed with this pair of fringed and feathery leather earrings which are handmade by Ranch Gal Designs from rust color velvety soft suede! They would make a super bold statement on wedding day.

We hope you’re as inspired as we are by this refreshing and unexpected color option for 2019 weddings.