Behind the Scenes: Our Trip to Bridal Market AmericasMart Atlanta 2019

One of the many perks of running a bridal and prom biz is that we get to take numerous buying trips all over the country to source the most beautiful gowns and accessories for our stores. Earlier this month we headed down to Atlanta to visit America’s Mart and hit up a Pop Up Shop for Justin Alexander so we could do a mid-season restock. Over the years we’ve honed our buying trips into well-oiled routines and we wanted to give ya’ll a peek behind the scenes.

Step One: Get The Crew Together

First, we have to decide who gets to go. Everybody loves to go to the markets and we try to get all of our stylists to at least one show per year so they can soak up all the new designs, textures and trends. For this trip, owner Jacqui Wadsworth invited our awesome GG Management Team: Grace, Heather, and Elizabeth. Since Atlanta is just a short drive, Grace volunteered to bring us in her beautiful and sporty Honda Fit.  Road Trips, as we know, have rules. To start the trip out right you just gotta make up a group name. After several miles of debate, we named ourselves the “Hu$tlin’ Hunnie$.” (Grace made sure we used dollar signs for the s’s!). Another rule, lots of selfies. If we don’t document and post it on social media it never happened, right? Also, our outfits totally coordinated with all of us in black and cream without even planning it!

Step Two: Hit the Road

Grace got her car all shined up, gassed up and brought her Spotify playlists. We hit the road, all talking on top of each other, making guesses at how long our drive would be. Heather guessed two hours, Grace predicted five. (Because Grace knows how many stops we have to make!)

Step Three: So Many Stops

Let’s face it, we need snacks, and drinks, and bathroom breaks, and more snacks, and more drinks, and therefore even more bathroom breaks. It’s a cycle. We embrace it!  There is no telling how many stops we actually made, but for sure we hit up: One Rest Area, Arby’s, McAllister’s for lunch, plus a couple gas stations. Oh, and, there was a side trip to try to find Pecan Pralines at a mysterious “nut stand” we never could find.

Jacqui baked delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies for the trip. And Heather needed a Mint Chocolate Chip Shake.

Step Four: Oh Wait, Do We Have to Work?

So after our drive, we arrived in Atlanta and headed straight downtown to the Market. We got our badges and headed up to the Justin Alexander showroom to get our first look at the new bridal styles. So fun!

Our rep Jody was on hand to show us around. Market showrooms are a place where we can really touch, see and learn about the latest bridal styles. (Also, they bring us drinks and trays of sweets.) It is sensory overload at first because there are just so many GORGEOUS gowns. But we know we have to carefully study, consider and select the styles and sizes that will work best for our Gilded Gown brides. So it is serious business.

Step Five: R & R

Grace sources us the best Airbnbs ever. This trip we stayed in a lovely four bedroom house with a fairyland backyard complete with twinkle lights in all the trees, a fire pit, and a hammock. We got take out and chilled. Or warmed, actually, cuz we could not get enough of the fire pit! We never even turned on a tv. Real conversations for the win!

Step Six: Brunchin’

We always eat at really nice restaurants. Jacqui is so generous! We found this great spot Sun in My Belly where we had an AH-MAZING brunch. And Grace tried her first Bloody Mary.

We love soaking up local places that are full of inspiration. This place was rocking the white paper lanterns, and we are totally planning our next window redo based around them. So even while we are eating, drinking and enjoying ourselves we are actually still working. (Wink)

Step Seven: Back to Work

Next, it was back to America’s Mart for some more bridal gown study. We really do carefully consider all options. But, we always want them ALL.

We reveled in all of the textures from ostrich feathers to appliques to elaborate waterfall beading.

We love seeing new trends. And we were all wild for the off the shoulder flutter sleeve dress.

We carry so many bridal lines from Justin Alexander like our Lillian West, Sincerity and Sweetheart gowns. All the designs were there for us to shop.

After processing all the beauty, it was time to decide on which beautiful new gowns we wanted for our brides.

Step Eight: Head Home

After an exciting 24 hours, it was time to head home. Road trip on repeat. Snacks, and drinks, and stops. Oh, and singing Prince and Journey in the car. And snapchat pics.

The best part, when the beautiful dresses we pick show up in the store as new arrivals and our happy brides find the ones that speak to their hearts. It’s why we do what we do. And we are so lucky to be in the bridal business. Next up, The National Bridal Market in Chicago in March!


Rust: An Unexpected Wedding Color for 2019

Style Your Day

Rust is trending hard for 2019 weddings. We just love this rich, throwback color which is so current yet also so retro and 70s inspired. A rust-hued palette adds natural richness to a wedding with shades of copper, terra cotta and orange. Bringing this color story into your wedding via your decor, your floral elements, your cake and all of your special details will open the door to a fresh, hip and stylish aesthetic.

A rust color palette combines well with neutrals, glacier blue, yellow, teal, and even a dash of pink. Using complimentary shades will bring depth and interest to your wedding, even if you just use a little tiny bit.

Set the Tone

Set the tone for your wedding by sending out the coolest invites ever. This is a chance to give your guests a peek into your wedding day vibe by using your signature color.

Get Inspired

Check out this beyond beautiful blush and rust wedding featured on

Photo cred: Dawn Charles

Focus on Flowers

Rust is the perfect shade for boho brides searching for a signature pop of color.  We love these urban metal rings with bright blooms in tones of rust, orange, red and yellow with lime green foliage:

from PolkaDotBride

We can’t get over the gorgeous touches of toasty, burnt orange rust in this decadent bouquet:

This greenery wall with a swath of rust and yellow flowers has major, major impact!

from PolkaDotBride

Set The Stage

Finding signature pieces to enhance your color story, like this amazing vintage chair, can beautifully deliver the theme throughout your wedding and reception.

This visually stunning outdoor desert wedding has rust on fleek with a vintage rusted truck and lots of furniture and decor.

Feed Them Style

Your guests can nosh of delicious foods which give a nod to your color palette too. These yummy skewered bites have touches of rust:

Micro tacos are popular for weddings this year. These guys served on top of cut out limes can be just one more place to use the color.

Delicate touches of rust on the wedding cake are just enough, like this triple-tiered confection:

This gorgeous drip cake features figs and mixed florals with a punch of rust:

It’s all in the Details

There is a reason for the saying, “it’s all in the details.” Because it is all the countless little touches which add up to a well-styled wedding. We’ve sourced some of the best lil’ details like this aptly named Heart on Fire Tonic Nail Polish, which is the most amazing shade of rust for your bridal mani. Oh, and it is only$12!

The perfect pair of slingbacks with a square toe and block heel are on sale now at TopShop:

How cute would your groom be in a pair of rust converse?

We are obsessed with this pair of fringed and feathery leather earrings which are handmade by Ranch Gal Designs from rust color velvety soft suede! They would make a super bold statement on wedding day.

We hope you’re as inspired as we are by this refreshing and unexpected color option for 2019 weddings.


What’s cute for your Wedding? Balloons!!!

Whimsically light, airy and full of fun, balloons are such a cute way to decorate your wedding! Plus everyone associates balloons with happiness; after all, they are sweet, nostalgic reminders of birthday parties, circus visits, and childhood celebrations. Since balloons are traditionally associated with so many special occasions, using them for your ceremony and reception will signal to your guests that it is time to celebrate. ‘Cuz nothing announces a party like an exuberant, over-the-top display of balloons:

Balloons can be used in so many ways at your wedding! You can decorate the entrance, the venue or the reception. Your bridesmaids can carry them in lieu of bouquets, or you can have an elaborate photo backdrop installed. Plus you can customize your balloons to fit any wedding theme and color scheme. We adore these giant white balloons with rainbow tassels which line the aisle of this ceremony space in a fresh and modern way:

You can even have an entire building spiffed up with the addition of some well-placed balloons:

These days balloon installations are not like the ones we remember from kids’ parties. Nowadays they are elevated, grown up and very stylish. Need proof? Take a look at this hip display of balloons in shades of navy and burgundy at a rustic industrial wedding:

A vision of blue and white, this balloon decor incorporates lots of hanging tassels and sprigs of greenery and provides an “ahhhh” moment for anyone who sees it:

Or how about this lavish entranceway embellished with loads of ombre balloons and floral elements? Just stunning!

Perhaps you’d like a ceiling full to surround your cake cart:

Or maybe just a swag of white balloons combined with touches of pink and some greenery? It makes for the sweetest dessert table decor, don’t ya think?

Having a simple back yard affair? Tie on a few giant balloons to easily and instantly decorate your tablescape!

A more sophisticated look is attainable as well. Check out this lavish, color-blocked table display:

Heck, you can even say your “I Dos” under an elaborate balloon arch, like this one, combined with brightly colored honeycombs:

Including a photo wall for your loved ones to pose in front of is a must in this social-media-driven world of ours. Why not blow their minds with something exceptional like this:

Or this one which serves as a ceremony backdrop, a photo wall AND the perfect spot to share a kiss:

Your “balloon” girls will steal the show walking down the aisle with oversized pale pink beauties:

Another way to incorporate balloons into your special day? Use gold letter balloons to spell our your names and announce to the world that you are ready to party!

Another way to proclaim yourselves as a newly married Mr. and Mrs.? Walk out carrying these extra large balloons we sourced from Etsy:

Balloons are guaranteed to make your wedding guests smile! Easy to DIY or have professionally installed, balloons are colorful and joyful symbols of fun. We hope you found some wedding inspo and will consider using some floaty, festive balloons for your day. And if you are into making a balloon display yourself, watch this awesome tutorial on how to make your very own arch on YouTube:


Single Bloom Bouquets >> Minimal, Modern And Money-Saving!

We simply adore one bloom bouquets for weddings, whereby a bride (and her bridesmaids) carry a single stem down the aisle. This idea is trending for 2019 as many brides yearn for something unique, beautiful and affordable for their weddings. Not only is this concept mind-blowingly simple, but it also saves a huge amount of money! And, this genius plan does not require sacrificing any style either because single bloom bouquets are gorgeous, too! Regard this fabulous solitary peony below, which delivers a major wow factor:

Photo: Heather Waraska

If you are looking to keep things easy and streamlined for your wedding we invite you to consider this fun floral trend. Carrying a sole bloom down the aisle is crazy affordable, cool and will have all the past brides on your guest list thinking, “Why didn’t I do that?”

Just imagine the savings! An extravagant bridal bouquet can average $250, whereas one stem is only around $5. Multiply that by the number of bouquets you need for your special day and you will see that you can save hundreds if not thousands on your floral budget. Win!

Perfect for brides with a minimalist vibe, single bloom bouquets fit practically any wedding venue from outdoor ceremonies to indoor church events. Several types of flowers lend themselves to this modern trend such as magnolias, calla lillies, roses, and dahlias.


“The calla lilies are in bloom again…I carried them on my wedding day…”
Katherine Hepburn

A calla lily (like the lovely white one below) symbolizes innocence, purity and faith AND delivers major impact down the aisle:


There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.     

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Roses make amazing single bloom bouquets. Their beauty is beyond compare and there is good reason why poets love to mention them. For your wedding day look try adding a simple ribbon, or perhaps a handful of greenery to your bloom to elevate the look:

 “Have you ever looked at the bud of a magnolia flower? It’s a tight little pod that stays closed up for a long time on the end of its branch until one day, out of nowhere, it finally bursts open into this gigantic, gorgeous, fragrant flower that’s ten times bigger than the bud itself. It’s impossible to imagine that such a big beautiful thing could pop out of that tiny little bud. But it does.”

Joanna GainesThe Magnolia Story

A magnolia is a striking flower that works great as a single stem bouquet. Because the bloom is so large a solo magnolia conveys the look of a much bigger bouquet. This stunning flower is associated with dignity and a love of nature so it is perfect for outdoor brides! Magnolias definitely deliver a southern feel as well. And, hey, if it works for Joanna Gaines you know it is stylish!

Bright and beautiful, the dahlia represents dignity and elegance. Since this beauty also symbolizes commitment and a bond that lasts forever it makes a flawless wedding flower!


The utter simplicity of carrying just one flower down the aisle is very appealing. Not only does it save money and convey a minimalist, less-is-more feel, but it also focuses the attention on a single bloom. No matter what your wedding style or budget is, the single bloom trend can help you have the day of your dreams. We’ve searched Pinterest for even more pretty single bloom ideas to provide you with a little floral inspo. Enjoy!



Roaming Food Bars, Our Favorite Wedding Reception Food Trend for 2019

A wedding is probably the biggest soiree you will ever throw. And a big part of planning your wedding includes figuring out the food situation. I mean, most festivities invariably revolve around everyone’s fave pastime, eating. So deciding on what to serve and how to serve it at your wedding will likely consume a fair portion of your planning time. You might have debated the merits of a plated meal versus a buffet for your event. Or perhaps you’ve even considered having a food truck or two, but there is another option for you to consider, especially if you are seeking something exceptional and unique for your wedding reception. Roaming Food Bars, the latest wedding reception food trend for 2019, are a fun approach to feeding your loved ones. An informal and interactive way to have your guests experience food, roaming food bars take the meal to the party.

Your guests won’t have to line up at buffet, or queue up at a food truck window. Instead, with roaming food bars, the food will come right to them, as they mingle and enjoy themselves at your reception. Roaming food bars are an elevated riff on hors d’oeuvres plates of the past. Instead of a platter of pimento stuffed olive canapes, say, picture a guy carrying around a full-on raw bar in a cool wooden crate. He’ll have everything your people will need including plates, napkins and sauces. Imagine their happiness when this guy walks up with oysters on the half shell just for them. Yes, a crab leg sounds delightful!

We love the interactive quality a roaming food bar brings to a wedding reception. An added air of excitement will fill the air as guests experience various fun dishes as they pass through the crowd, like this:

Roaming Food Bars aren’t just carried, they can also be pushed through your event on adorable carts, like this amazing sushi and noodle station on wheels:

Abigail Kirsch, a legendary catering and event company in New York, has set the bar for fabulous food carts. Their rolling food stations offer everything from a Savory Fondue Station to a Vietnamese Rice Bowl Cart in rustic industrial style no less. So much yummy inspo!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, hello captivating lil’ cheese cart! We will have the Manchego please.

Your food presentations can get terribly artsy too, if you are inclined in that direction. Pri Productions, one of the Southeast’s premiere event companies, served up these delicious looking skewers on an interesting piece of wood:

Everyone will be happy to see this tray make the rounds, as it is filled with yummy sweets.

With roaming trays you can even provide colorful candies and treat bags as favors that can be passed to your guests.

Roaming Bars can also be a handy way to convey drinks to your guests as well.


Roaming food bars are the perfect way to present festive food pairings, too, like shots of Patron and mini tacos:

Roaming food bars also serve up food in easy to manage sizes, that are portable and fun for guests.

Instead of a seated dinner or a been-there-done-that buffet, consider hosting a roaming meal for your guests consisting of lots of passed apps, appetizing small plates and interactive stations. The reception will be a memorable event for everyone.


47 Wedding Dresses Under $1000 at The Gilded Gown #budgetbridalgowns

We are so thrilled to be able to offer hundreds upon hundreds of lovely bridal gowns in all sizes, styles and price points at The Gilded Gown for our brides. Each and every dress we carry was carefully selected at bridal markets across the country. Now that the exciting 2019 bridal season has arrived, we thought we would highlight some of the beautiful options we have available to you, all amazingly well-priced at BELOW one thousand dollars. You can get an AMAZING gown and not break the bank. It’s true. We’ll prove it! And, as always, we offer two layaway plans so that you can easily pay your dress off over time. [BONUS: some of these styles have just been reduced to even LOWER prices on our sale rack.]

To start off, we bring you “Ideal” by renowned bridal designer Diane D’Angelo’s brand Abree. This gorgeous beaded illusion topped gown has a satin band waist detail and a flowy slightly A-line skirt. Priced at only $891 this is a fabulous option for brides searching for something beautiful and affordable:

We just adore Diane’s “Nala,” priced at $999. This delicate spaghetti strap gown features lace appliques and a boho vibe, perfect for the adventurous bride.

Abree also created the style “Nyra” which features a twisted, ruched v neck bodice highlighted with a wide lace waist and flowy skirt. This one is a steal at $951.

Sincerity Bridal by Justin Alexander offers this adorable strapless gown at just $998. Isn’t it so sweet?

Sweetheart by Justin Alexander also designed this charming in this slim A-line charmeuse and organza wedding dress with a V-neckline, corded lace bodice, illusion back, natural waistline, and sweep train, adorably priced at $798:

We love this lace appliqued, beaded gown from our Curvy line, a beautiful bargain at just $709:

A pretty and modest gown with 3/4 sleeves and a jeweled detail at the waist, this gown is simply a steal at $539!

How gorgeous is this Chiffon, Alencon lace A-line wedding dress adorned with a sweetheart neckline? Very! Especially considering it less than $900 at $876!

This semi-sweetheart strapless gown has beautiful appliques and flattering ruching on the bodice. The cost, a mere $748!

The strapless neckline of this charmeuse gown is asymmetrically draped with an inverted basque waistline that sits atop a circular cut skirt. By Lillian West, priced at $872.

This tulle halter ballgown by Justin Alexander is available for $998.

$848 will get you a short and sassy gown, with a tiered lace skirt by Justin Alexander:

Feast your eyes on this stunning Alencon lace fit and flare wedding dress with heavily beaded pearl and crystal V-neckline. The gown is finished with a plunging back neckline and costs just $873.

Your budget will thank you for this one. Sincerity Bridal Style 3806 is priced at $998. This is a lovely, lovely embroidered organza applique and chiffon fit and flare gown with a sweetheart neckline. The natural waist is highlighted by a pleated chiffon cummerbund and the back is finished with chiffon covered buttons over back zipper and a chapel length train. Light and airy, comfortable and beautiful. Yes, yes and more yes!

Ok boho brides, this one is for you! The V-neck straight wedding dress with sequined lace appliques, spaghetti straps, keyhole back, and dropped waistline are completed by a chapel length train. $998.

For something different how about this Corded Allover Lace Gown with Sweetheart Neckline? By Justin Alexander, priced at $998.

Spaghetti straps adorn this soft English net A-line wedding gown featuring a V-neckline with beaded trim at the natural waistline and a deep criss-cross back, $798.

A slim mermaid wedding gown with a sweetheart neckline in beaded lace and tulle accented with a regal satin cummerbund can be yours for $998.

Composed of Tulle and cotton, this corded tea length lace ball gown accentuated with a strapless neckline is $948.

We are crushing on this sweet, embroidered beaded lace and tulle ball gown highlighted with a Sabrina neckline that leads to a v-back. A dainty bow accentuates the waistline of this tea-length cutie, $948.

By Sincerity Bridal this dress features lace over satin, an A-line silhouette with asymmetric ruching under the bust for $998.

This pretty in pink gown by Justin Alexander is $972.

A sophisticated choice, this A-line wedding dress features an asymmetrical waistline with a beaded motif at the hip to create a slimming focal point for just $998.

Strapless and full of lace, this pretty gown is $898.

By Sweetheart, for $823 is this Organza A-line wedding dress accentuated with a sweetheart neckline and crystal beading

A 1950’s inspired corded lace ball gown with a scoop neckline, dropped waistline, sheer V-back, and chapel length train, $823.

Inspired by florals, this fit and flare wedding dress features a beautiful illusion top, metallic lace, Jersey lining, and a sweep train. $923.

$947 buys this lovely embroidered lace ballgown embellished with embroidered lace appliques on the bodice, and featuring a natural waist.

The detachable sparkle tulle train will have all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle in this strapless ball gown with a ruched bodice and natural waist. $948.

One of our faves, this dramatic plunging v dress is just $848.

Featuring a sweetheart center ruched bodice with a beaded lace applique on a basque waistline, this tulle ball gown is both sweet and charming at $922.

Wow! Just $619 for this gorgeous lace illusion top soft a-line gown!

From the house of Romantic Bridals, this figure flatterer with tons of ruching is just $973.

Another option from Romantic Bridals, this slim cut lace gown is well priced at $798.

This flowy high neck dress from Romantic Bridals is available for only $973.

What? This one is only $473. Super cinched in waist with asymetrical ruching galore. By Romantic Bridals.

Another one under $500, this Romantic Bridals gown with a beautiful illusion neckline is a mere $498.

A lovely lace option, again from Romantic Bridals, is $523.

From our Curvy line, this beaded bodiced gown has a beautiful waist detail and a flowy skirt. $539!

Looking for a short sleeve gown? This one from Curvy is just $617.

Hey sassy! You are tea length and adorable for just $707.

A mere $499 will get you this sweet strapless gown by Curvy:

This lovely gown is also $499! Check out the corset back.

Looking for a curvy lace gown, we suggest this beauty for $659.

And, last, but not least, this gorgeous illusion top 3/4 sleeve gown can be had for just $499.

Come visit us soon at The Gilded Gown to hand select your own beautiful bridal bargain!!!!



Christmas Wedding Inspiration 2018

There is something extra special about weddings held at Christmas time. Everyone is in a festive state of mind, hearts are full, the twinkle of sparkly lights are everywhere, a sense of childlike wonder prevails, and, after all, it IS the hap-hap-happiest season.

Plus, you know it’s a romantic time of year when there is a plant just for kissing under!

The magic of the season might even provide a wintery wonderland as the perfect backdrop, free of charge:

What better time is there to say, “I do,” than when the whole world is joyful!

So if you’ve decided to have your own Christmas nuptials we have compiled some incredible ideas and inspiration for you from dress to decor and everything in between!

First, and most important, (we are a bridal store after all) is the bride. For this type of wedding, we believe any style wedding dress the bride desires will work well. The addition of accessories is all it takes to make her holiday ready. We just adore adding a topper to a bridal look! Throwing on a cozy red shawl or a sweet lace overlay to a wedding dress can utterly transform the ensemble:

And carrying a wreath certainly brings the Christmas charm:

A cathedral-length fur-trimmed cape with a hood can deliver a major snow princess feeling:

Even something as simple as a plaid flannel shirt tied over a gown provides powerful Christmas pop with rustic charm:

Our favorite Christmas weddings incorporate the traditional palette of white, red and green with a hint of burgundy and gold. Check out the lovely Holly & Mistletoe theme by Chic Vintage Brides:

Seasonal decor such as boughs of pine and holly, red berries, and plaid accents set the stage for a romantic holiday vibe. We are #obsessed with gorgeous red plaid throws embroidered with “Mr” and “Mrs.” They look so pretty draped over chair backs at the head table, and, how cute would photos be of a couple wrapped up in these???

Natural elements such as pine cones and moss add a festive touch, especially paired with some glitzy, icy crystals:

And what Christmas wedding would be complete without poinsettias? Even if a fabulous twenty-five-foot poinsettia tree isn’t in the budget, a few well-placed pots of these red beauties will certainly convey the spirit of the season!

Swags of greenery with pops of red floral elements provide beauty as well as a wonderful, fresh, Christmas tree scent:

Bouquets and boutonnieres are another opportunity to communicate a holiday theme. How stunning is this boho couple on their winter wedding day?

This gorgeous profusion of florals reads Christmas with its’ pop of red flowers:

A wintery white bouquet with an armload of greenery and some beautiful berries is also amazing:

For him, an outstanding coordinating bout:

Or have your groom pick out his red favorite tie:

Christmas wedding invites are extra pretty and come in many styles.

Favors are so easy and affordable for a Christmas themed wedding. Personalized ornaments are a nice choice:

Individual lil s’mores kits are adorable:

Pine cone fire starters are useful favors for wintertime:

Candy canes are a very inexpensive option that everyone will enjoy:

Our fave favor idea, though, has to be mini Christmas trees! People can plant them and watch them mature into full-grown trees! How many wedding favors stick around and are enjoyed for years to come? Plus it’s doing good for the earth! Win win!!!

Other awesome ideas for a Christmas wedding day include having Santa attend and having carolers serenade your guests:

Have Christmas inspired sweet treats at your dessert station:

Deck the flower girls and ring bearers in holiday garb:

You can have so much fun coordinating their looks. This flat lay of a flower girl’s Christmas attire is precious:

Any way you choose to style your Christmas wedding, whether it is outdoors in a snowy wonderland, or indoors by candlelight we feel sure you will be surrounded by love and tidings of joy.


The sweetest ending to a Christmas wedding (besides the bride and groom’s happy future) is a delicious holiday cake. A layered naked cake topped with a bed of berries and a reindeer is full of holiday cheer:

And a pine cone and greenery topped two-tier wedding cakes delivers classic style: 


Meet Heather: A Beautiful Bridal Stylist with a Heart of Gold

When you visit The Gilded Gown these days you are likely to meet one of our newest team members, Heather. This beautiful dreamer will surely capture your heart like she has ours. The first thing you’ll notice is her charming personality. Heather is super outgoing, full of laughter and has a captivating wit. So you are guaranteed to have a blast with her and leave with a new friend (and most likely a dress and accessories). You’ll see that she has fabulous personal style, too. She happens to have a killer boot collection, like the pair pictured below:

Heather’s background is in retail, human resources and management. Throughout her career she’s honed her great interpersonal skills. We are thrilled to have her as a key part of our growing team in the position of Sales Manager and HR Specialist. She brings major professional cred with a caring and approachable attitude.

Heather has a huge appreciation for life and practices gratitude daily. She believes in enjoying each and every moment. And she makes it her mission to make sure everyone around her is having a great time too. Heather is also really down to earth and extremely kind. Her motto is “Eat the Cupcake!” and it perfectly embodies her spirit of living in the moment. She doesn’t say no to any treats, in fact, she even has a Pinterest Board named: “Get in my belly!” Her humor and joyfulness carry over into all her bridal appointments. You can always tell where her bridal parties are located in the store by the constant laughter. If you love having fun, schedule a fitting with her. Since she models so many of the dresses she has a fantastic firsthand knowledge of how they fit.

This Southern belle has the accent and mannerisms of a true Tennessean, although she was actually born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She came here with her family during her elementary school years and stayed all the way through college at both The University of Tennessee and Pellissippi State. The most important trait she kept from her Northern roots is an intense love for the Steelers!

Family is everything to Heather. She is a proud mama to two amazing kids, Hannah and Drew. Hannah recently graduated from Bearden and currently works at Double Dogs. Drew is a sophomore at Bearden who loves playing video games.

Her third child is her precious dog, Allistair, if you count dogs. (We do!)

Heather has a large group of close friends who she enjoys spending time with.

Some of her other interests include gardening, playing scrabble, reading, crafting, camping, photography, and watching Lifetime movies.

Heather is having a blast working at The Gilded Gown. Her favorite part is working with brides and seeing them experience the happiness of finding the dress of their dreams. As she describes it, she loves, “the moment the bride gets chill bumps on her arms and you can see the excitement on her face!”

Heather’s winning ways with brides:

  1. She helps them focus on the positives
  2. She makes them feel comfortable during their appointments
  3. She encourages her brides to relax and enjoy themselves
  4. She has fun with her clients
  5. She understands that dress shopping can be stressful and helps avoid it

Heather’s long-term dream is to camp her way across the country where she can, “meet people and hear their stories and sleep under the stars.” As she puts it, “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and with people I haven’t met.”


We think her favorite quote, by Dolly Parton, perfectly sums up how she treats the world:

“If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”



PUMPED for PROM! Top Style Trends for Prom2K19

We are so excited about PROM2K19! The vibe this year is fun AND festive! We are so happy that girls are already shopping with us to find their dream dresses. Plus, we are absolutely thrilled that our reputation as the best place to shop for prom is growing. So far this year we’ve had shoppers from six states, our prom registry is filling up and it is only December! But we have even more dresses arriving fresh from our exclusive designers!!! When you shop with us you can be sure you’ll have an original designer dress at an affordable price. We register each dress and we offer easy layaway terms, too.

Our team scoured the apparel markets in Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta to source the very best prom styles for you! We met with the top prom designers, carefully studied the latest trends and took into account what YOU are looking for this year. The 2019 Prom Gowns are arriving at The Gilded Gown and they are GORGEOUS!


This year it’s all about the beautiful shiny and glittery fabric. From bodycon mermaid styles in electric gold to dramatic plunge front ballgowns in iridescent fabric, you’ll be sparkling your way into 2019 with our gowns. Make a statement in a dress where the construction and fabric provide a major WOW factor.


Shoulder-baring styles with cuff sleeves are totally on trend for 2019! Also known as “Bardot style” dresses, these flirty and flattering prom dresses pay homage to Brigitte Bardot, the French actress and style icon that made them famous. We love when awesome styles of the past become fresh and modern, and this one is very fashion forward this year!



Floral prints have been popular for the last couple of years and they are still hot for 2019. This season floral dresses run the gamut from bold and vibrant to cool and understated. Whatever your style, there is a perfect print for you at The Gilded Gown.


The soft hues in the pastel range continue to trend for prom. This year look for delicate shades of lilac, pink, mint, and blue.


Glamorous black is the quintessential color for stylish formal wear. We have a beautiful selection of this timeless and elegant classic color in lots of styles from lavishly beaded to super simple which will fit every taste and budget.


Lace is another element that we’ve seen in the past that is still very popular this year. Whether it is a touch of lace on the bodice of a ballgown or an allover lacy design, we’ve got so many stunning options available.


Are you a glam girl who loves embellished gowns with intricate embroidery, sequins and beading? This year we have so many styles with sparkly adornments that you will love!!!

This year we are also elated to announce that we are expanding our prom into its own!!!! Our selection and staff have outgrown our current space, so this year our BRAND NEW PROM STORE will be opening next door to our current store. The bridal will remain in the original location with more room and more runways! The new space will host a grand opening in January which you do not want to miss! More than 6000 square feet of retail space will showcase our selection of thousands of prom gown in every single size and style!!!

Love to get cozy? Try Hygge, the Danish art of comfort and good cheer!

Since the weather outside is getting colder, and the holidays are upon us we thought we’d bring up the awesome practice of taking coziness, comfort and joy to the NEXT LEVEL. Have you heard of it? Hygge (pronounced HOO-gə) is the Danish practice of elevating coziness and comfortable conviviality to an art form. And since most people love to be comfy and cozy Hygge is catching on worldwide. Imagine all things relaxing and comforting that you love and combine them all together in your head. For instance, picture a crackling fire, a comfy armchair, a pile of pillows and throws, a warm mug of cocoa, a loved one, a stack of good books. Are you with us? Now imagine some great music playing softly and the enticing smell of delicious cookies baking in the oven. Oh, and envision yourself wearing something extremely soft with some fuzzy slippers, too. Sound heavenly? Well, that’s Hygge for ya.

Hygge is all about taking the time to amp up the cozy factor. For example, when you get in for the night after a long day of work, you can just plop down on your couch to watch tv like you usually do. OR, you could take a little time to first light a candle, put a throw in the dryer for a minute to warm it up, pile on all your pillows, get some warm tea, fix a plate of special snacks and hunker down for a super awesome tv experience. Which sounds cozier? Hygge baby!!!

Whenever you take the time to light a fire, don’t you just love it? Fire one up, toast your toes in relaxing flannel pjs next to your boo and you’ll be practicing Hygge.

Everything soft and fuzzy adds to the coziness. Like a little kitten snuggled up in a blanket.

You can make your house Hygge-ready by layering rugs, throws, and pillows with abandon. Adding in natural elements like plants makes your environment happier and healthier too.

Stack up books you’d like to read and amass some beautiful candles, too.

Give your wardrobe a Hygee makeover. Get yourself some super soft sweaters, tees, and socks. Slippers, wraps and anything uber comfortable works well for this way of lifestyle.

Incorporate your comfy clothes into your everyday life and you’ll feel a little boost of Hygge, even when you’re headed out for a busy day on the go.

Hygge is meant to be shared with others, too. Invite friends over for a relaxed evening with yummy food, candlelight, and companionship.

Lift everyone’s spirits with warm laughter, good conversation, and some fun toasts. Ensure everyone has a cushy seat and a smile on their face and you’ll all be basking in Hygge together.

Those quiet moments at home are the epitome of Hygge though. Like nestling with a newborn. So cuddly!

If you want to know more about the art of coziness we recommend The Little Book of Hygge by Meik WikingHygge: The Danish Art of Happiness by Marie Tourell Søderberg, and The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well by Louisa Thomsen Brits.

Happy Hygge-ing Everybody!!

We wish you all the comfort and joy of the season (from our blanket fort in front of our roaring fire!)