Experiencing Rustic Glamour: A Gorgeous Glamping Wedding at English Creek Hideaway

The Allure of Nature and the Charm of Luxury Converge

Allow us to introduce you to English Creek Hideaway, a hidden treasure nestled in Newport, Tennessee. Here, the dreams of a captivating outdoor wedding come true. When the allure of nature and the charm of luxury converge, a glamping wedding becomes the epitome of rustic, boho glamour. Imagine saying “I do” surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

Join us as we embark on a journey to explore this extraordinary venue, courtesy of the talented photographer Anna Bucklar. With her vision, she has orchestrated a team of vendors to stage a stunning styled shoot, capturing each beautiful moment in its full glory.

The Perfect Wedding Dresses for the Day

Anna handpicked a pair of wedding dresses from The Gilded Gown that are perfect for a rustic glam wedding day. The first is a flowy, long sleeve dress with a lace bodice and English net skirt.

The next bridal gown showcases a sleek and minimalist style, boasting a deep V-neckline and a distinctively defined waistline.

The Venue: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

English Creek Hideaway offers a picturesque setting that beautifully blends the rustic and the elegant. As you step into this serene oasis, you’re greeted by the lush greenery of the Smoky Mountains, creating an idyllic backdrop for your special day. The outdoor venue is a haven for those seeking a unique wedding experience. Thistle Do Flowers made the stunning florals, like the bouquet and arrangement shown below:

Tiny Houses, Treehouses, and Domes: Whimsical Accommodations

One of the standout features of English Creek Hideaway is its assortment of charming accommodations. Imagine preparing for your big day in a cozy tiny house, perched amidst the trees. Or perhaps you’d prefer the enchantment of a treehouse, where you can let your imagination run wild. Each accommodation adds its own flair to your wedding festivities, ensuring an experience like no other. And, for this shoot, a bar cart from Double Crown Events was the perfect addition to the day.

The Rustic Elegance of the Barn

For those who seek a traditional touch, the barn at English Creek Hideaway offers a stunning backdrop for your ceremony or reception. With its rustic wooden beams and open-air design, the barn exudes charm. Imagine exchanging vows under the open sky, surrounded by your loved ones and the tranquil beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

Nature’s Luxurious Touch: Outdoor Bathtubs and Saunas

What’s more indulgent than enjoying a soak in an outdoor bathtub amidst the beauty of nature? English Creek Hideaway takes luxury to a whole new level with its outdoor bathtubs and saunas. Imagine unwinding before your wedding day, rejuvenating your mind and body as you prepare to embark on this incredible journey.

A Touch of Whimsy: Animals and Wildlife

English Creek Hideaway brings a touch of whimsy to your wedding with its resident animals. Imagine sharing your joy with a gentle goat or a friendly cow – the perfect companions for sweet wedding photos. These charming animals add an element of playfulness to your celebration, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, English Creek Hideaway is a captivating destination that transforms your wedding into a storybook experience. From the allure of the Smoky Mountains to the cozy comfort of tiny houses, and treehouses, every detail is carefully curated to create a day that’s as unique as your love story. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic elegance of the barn or the luxurious relaxation of outdoor bathtubs, this venue offers an unforgettable backdrop for your journey into wedded bliss.

If you’re a bride and groom seeking an extraordinary wedding that blends nature’s beauty with refined luxury, English Creek Hideaway in the heart of the Smoky Mountains awaits, ready to turn your glamping wedding dreams into a reality.


Florist @thistledoflowers 

Venue:  @englishcreekhideaway

Bar cart: @double_crown_events

Photographer: @annabucklarphotography

Dress & Accessories: @thegildedgown

Feel All the Feels While Trying on Wedding Dresses at The Gilded Gown

Go Ahead and Feel All The Feels

Your walk down the aisle towards a lifetime of love is a journey that begins with the perfect wedding dress. Part of the process of finding your dress, though, can bring out some emotions. So, keep in mind as you start trying on dresses, you might be swept away by a surge of sentiments.

You could be laughing, crying, cringing, loving, questioning, adoring, worrying, rejoicing or all of these. And that’s ok with us. Because we’re here to support you no matter what you feel! So go ahead and feel all the feels while trying on wedding dresses at The Gilded Gown.

Anticipation and Excitement

When you first enter The Gilded Gown, a sense of anticipation fills the air. The realization hits that the dress you will wear on your wedding day could be right in front of you! Plus, the sheer size of our 14,000 foot store is pretty exciting. And our racks of gowns showcase a diverse array of styles, from classic to modern. To be sure, each dress holds the promise of turning your dreams into reality.

Self-Discovery and Reflection

When you slip into your first wedding dress, a moment of self-discovery unfolds. As you continue to try on dresses you’ll discover which ones compliment your figure, accentuate your features and align with your personal style. The process of trying on different dresses fosters self-reflection. And this allows you to understand your preferences and choose a dress that truly embodies your wedding day vision. Your Gilded Gown Stylist will be there every step of the way to help you.

Nostalgia and Sentimentality

When you stand in front of a mirror, in a wedding dress, a sense of nostalgia can wash over you. You might remember all the times you’ve envisioned this moment—the countless hours spent browsing magazines, scrolling through Pinterest boards, and watching romantic movies. Trying on dresses at The Gilded Gown can transform these cherished visions into tangible realities, creating a powerful connection between past fantasies and future realities.

Decision Making

With a variety of stunning options, brides often find themselves grappling with a mix of emotions—from enthusiasm to possibly feeling a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, because The Gilded Gown’s knowledgeable staff can offer expert guidance, helping you carefully navigate through the sea of choices.

Bring Your Family and Friends

The emotional journey of trying on wedding dresses doesn’t have to taken alone. The presence of some of your closest friends and family members can make your experience even better. The collective “oohs” and “ahs,” the tear-filled eyes, and the heartfelt cheers from loved ones can mirror your emotions, creating an atmosphere of shared joy and anticipation.

Confidence and Elation

Amidst the dresses, hopefully you’ll eventually encounter “the one” that leaves you feeling utterly transformed. As you stand in front of the mirror, the dress accentuating your beauty and capturing your vision, a rush of confidence and elation will fill your heart. In this magical moment, all the uncertainties fade away, and you’ll envision yourself walking down the aisle, radiating joy and happiness.

Come Feel All the Feelings With Us

At The Gilded Gown, our exceptional selection and dedicated staff go beyond just fulfilling your dress requirements; we take pride in creating a haven where you can embrace any and all emotions and create lasting memories. We like to believe we are helping set the stage for your beautiful wedding day and a lifetime of cherished memories to come. So bring on those happy tears!

We invite you to schedule your feeling-filled bridal fitting with us at The Gilded Gown. Give us a call at 865-329-4905, or you visit our online appointment scheduler here. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday from Noon to 6 pm for your convenience.

Special thanks to our gorgeous models, Carly with Gage Talent and Diane with The Gilded Gown.

Beautiful Brides of The Gilded Gown 2023 – Part 1

While the year isn’t yet complete, the influx of stunning photos from our beautiful brides compelled us to offer a glimpse. Join us in rekindling the enchanting moments shared by some of our 2023 brides. Their sheer beauty and profound love continue to serve as a wellspring of inspiration. At The Gilded Gown, we humbly recognize our small part in crafting these picture-perfect memories for our brides. Anticipate more 2023 brides in our ongoing series, as we remain committed to sharing their stories.


The enchantment of bride Danielle on her wedding day has left us spellbound. For one thing, her gown showcased delicate lace appliques on ethereal tulle, and the flowing skirt was elegantly trimmed with horsehair. Plus, the serene setting of Foothills Farm in Cosby, Tennessee, served as the perfect backdrop for her nuptials. In addition, the exquisite floral arrangements, masterfully crafted by Cupids Petals, added to the splendor. Finally, the lens of Wendy Crowder Photography immortalized each exquisite moment, ensuring that every detail of the day’s magic was perfectly preserved.


In a choice that exuded elegance, bride Kelsey adorned herself in a fitted, shimmering wedding gown featuring intricate beading, 3D florals, and a tasteful slit. Indeed, against the idyllic backdrop of the Clinch River, Kelsey and her beloved Joel proclaimed their heartfelt vows, creating an unforgettable scene. And, the talented Emily from TMT Weddings skillfully captured every precious moment of this enchanting union.


Radiant Gilded Gown bride Ashley was glowing in her plunging V wedding gown. Truly, her lace bodice was perfectly complimented by her flowy A-line skirt. Ashley and her handsome hubby Kevin said, “I Do” amongst the towering oaks, and beautiful fields of Heartland Meadows in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their gorgeous photos are courtesy of Justise/Kasey Free Photography


Captivating Bride Jenna was absolutely gorgeous in her long sleeve wedding dress. She chose a clean-lined flowy skirt topped with a V-neck lace bodice. Jenna and her hubby Taner promised to love one another forever in Seymour, Tennessee. Their venue was a charming, Victorian-style farmhouse built in the late 1800s called The Ivey House. And, their photographers were Emily & Ryan Hull who expertly captured their special day. Jenna says, “I absolutely loved my dress. Thank you so much.”


Brittany radiated beauty on her wedding day, captivating everyone around her. Also, her exquisite bridal gown, adorned with lace, delicate 3D florals, and corset boning, added to her allure. And, a touch of baby’s breath tucked into her hair complemented her flowing veil perfectly. Finally, the skillful lens of photographer Kelsey Marie preserved every breathtaking moment, ensuring that the day’s magic would be cherished forever.


Gorgeous Gilded Gown Bride Sky chose a daring black ballgown with metallic green embroidery for her elopement. Sky and her handsome hubby Andrew had their ceremony at the historic Ely’s Mill in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Their coordinator was Effortless Elopements and their photographer was Sydney of Alisha Bacon Photography.


Bringing her wedding vision to life, Whitney, a radiant Gilded Gown bride, blended rich berry hues and verdant green for her palette. Meticulously selecting an intricate ballgown, she paired it seamlessly with an elegant beaded veil. Amidst the ambiance of The Views at Sunset Ridge in Cleveland, Tennessee, Whitney and Stephen exchanged vows, commencing their journey together. She says, “The Views at Sunset Ridge handled all the catering and decor as well. It was fabulous! Our flowers for the wedding party were done by Jimmie’s Flowers in Cleveland. Also, we had an amazing photographer, Paige Ivey Evatt!”


Lovely Gilded Gown Bride Nicole chose a wedding gown that featured an enchanting illusion bodice adorned with delicate appliqués. And, the gracefully flowy skirt danced in harmony with the beach breeze. Nicole and James exchanged their vows in scenic Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Picture Perfect Photography by Amanda captured their cherished moments, preserving the essence of their special day.

As we conclude this first chapter of our journey through The Gilded Gown’s remarkable brides of 2023, we are reminded of the enduring power of love and beauty. To be sure, each bride has left an indelible mark with their unique stories. We eagerly anticipate sharing more romance, and cherished memories in the upcoming installments of this series. At The Gilded Gown, we remain committed to being part of our brides’ unforgettable moments. So please stay tuned for the next chapter as we continue to celebrate love, happiness, and the art of turning dreams into cherished realities.

Check out some of last year’s brides here:

Beautiful Brides of The Gilded Gown 2022 Part Two


Our Hottest Bridal Summer Sale EVER

Are wedding bells ringing in your future? Congratulations! Planning your dream wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, but we have some fantastic news that will make your journey to the aisle a whole lot easier. The Gilded Gown, your premier bridal boutique in Knoxville, TN, is thrilled to announce our hottest Bridal Summer Sale ever, and you won’t want to miss out on the incredible deals we have in store for you! Our National Bridal Summer Event is in FULL SWING!

Find Your Dream Dress for Way Less!

From now until August 19th, we are making wedding dreams come true by offering jaw-dropping discounts on every dress in our collection. Whether you’re envisioning a timeless classic, a bohemian beauty, or a modern masterpiece, we have a vast array of styles and silhouettes to suit every bride’s unique taste. Our experienced and passionate bridal consultants are here to assist you in finding the gown that will make you feel like an absolute queen on your big day.

Don’t let budget constraints hold you back from wearing the dress of your dreams. Our Bridal Summer Sale makes it possible for every bride to walk down the aisle in a gown that is perfect for her, both in style and price. So gather your loved ones and begin this dress shopping adventure because finding your dream dress for way less has never been easier!

Unbelievable Deals on Accessories!

We believe that every bride deserves to shine and sparkle as she walks down the aisle. To complement your dream dress, we are offering an exclusive promotion where all accessories are half off! From delicate veils to dazzling tiaras, stunning jewelry to elegant shoes, our selection of accessories will add the perfect finishing touches to your bridal look. Mix and match to your heart’s content, and let your unique style shine through.

Take Your Dress Home the Same Day You Fall in Love!

We understand that when you find the dress that makes your heart skip a beat, you want to hold onto that feeling forever. That’s why at The Gilded Gown you can take your dream dress home the same day you fall in love with it! No long waiting periods or anxious anticipation about shipping times—just the immediate gratification of knowing you’ve found “the one.”

We Celebrate Every Bride!

At The Gilded Gown, we firmly believe that love knows no boundaries, and every love story is worth celebrating. Regardless of your background, size, shape, or budget, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best on your wedding day. Our team is dedicated to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of magical.


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♬ Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

So, whether you’re a traditional bride with a love for lace, a modern bride with a penchant for minimalist designs, or a boho bride seeking an ethereal look, we have the dress for you. Our Bridal Summer Sale is your golden opportunity to find your dream dress and accessories at a fraction of the price.

Don’t let this chance slip away! Schedule your FUN FITTING at The Gilded Gown in Knoxville, TN, and let us be a part of your bridal journey. Make the most of our incredible deals and immerse yourself in the joy of finding the perfect gown for your special day. Our hottest Bridal Summer Sale ever is here to make your dreams come true!

The BEST Sale We’ve Ever Had! National Bridal Summer Event this July!

Attention, fabulous BRIDES! Get your party hats on and crank up the excitement because it’s time to throw the ultimate bash! Our spectacular annual National Bridal Summer Event is about to kick off on July 15th at the one and only hotspot, The Gilded Gown! Hold onto your veils, ladies, because this year is all about breaking records with our BIGGEST bridal sale ever! We’re talking jaw-dropping markdowns on a gazillion dresses that’ll make you want to do a happy dance in the fitting room! Can you believe it? EVERY SINGLE DRESS (every size, every style) is up for grabs at irresistible prices! But wait, there’s more fun to be had! Hold onto your tiaras because we’re spicing things up with a wild twist—ALL accessories are getting in on the action too! We’re talking half-off deals on veils that’ll make you feel like a celestial queen, headpieces that’ll unleash your inner goddess, earrings that’ll make you sparkle brighter than the sun, necklaces that’ll add a touch of enchantment, bracelets that’ll jingle-jangle with joy, combs and clips that’ll make your hairdo sing, bags that’ll be your ultimate chic companion, and gloves that’ll make you feel like a glamorous starlet from a bygone era! So grab your entourage, unleash your shopping superpowers, and let’s dive headfirst into this thrilling bridal extravaganza! It’s time to make magical memories and snag the wedding ensemble of your dreams, all while having the time of your life! Let the fabulous festivities begin!

Get ready to jump up and down with excitement because our Kickoff Celebration on Saturday, July 15th is going to be off-the-charts EPIC!!! We’ve got something extra special for every single bride in the form of jaw-dropping swag bags that’ll make your heart skip a beat!


But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for an all-star lineup of amazing wedding vendors who will be joining us, bringing their A-game and adding a sprinkle of magic to the festivities! Check out the list below for a sneak peek of the awesomeness waiting for you:

But that’s not all, folks! Get ready to have your fashion senses tingling because we’ve got an in-store fashion show that’ll leave you breathless! Picture it: stunning models strutting their stuff, showcasing the latest trends and styles that’ll make your wedding dreams come true! And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got DOOR PRIZES waiting to be won, just for being a part of this incredible celebration! Oh, and did we mention we’ve recruited a squad of handsome doormen, dressed to the nines in tuxes from our new collection, ready to swoop in and carry your fabulous purchases straight to your car? Talk about luxury treatment!

But wait, there’s still more to come! We’ve got surprises up our sleeves, fun activities that’ll make you giggle with delight, and moments that’ll create memories to last a lifetime. So grab your besties, get ready to dance, and join us for the most unforgettable celebration you’ve ever experienced. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, so let’s make it epic together!

We are accepting walk-ins all day, no appointments are necessary! The event starts at 11 am and goes until 3 pm! First come, first served. (Can’t make it Saturday? Don’t worry, the sale prices will continue through the end of the month!) Come find your dream dress for less during NBSE!

We’ve slashed prices on so many gorgeous gowns! This beautiful option is reduced BIG TIME for the sale! Wow, right? You don’t have to sacrifice style and quality for the deal of a lifetime. Find all the details you are looking for in your dream dress. Modern, Clean Aesthetic? Check. Beautiful dress? Of course! Plunging V? Yep! Price? Less than$700! HECK YEAH!

We love to celebrate with our brides on their journey to find their dream dresses. And during the National Bridal Sale Event, we especially love to help our brides save big bucks on their beautiful bridal gowns. 

We get to see the magic when our brides discover the perfect gown at the perfect price point. We are so excited for all the brides who will save BIG TIME on their dresses during NBSE 2023!

We are so excited to offer these unbelievable deals to you on everything in store! Come fall in love with your dress for less during our National Bridal Sale Event this year!

All our jewelry, veils, and accessories are offered at a fifty percent discount during the National Bridal Sale Event, too. So even if you already have your dress, you can still SAVE. Find the perfect finishing touches for your wedding day look at The Gilded Gown for less!!!!

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Our National Bridal Sale Event will be going on through the end of July.

Our easy and affordable layaway options will be available

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There is no better time to save on your dream wedding dress!!!!

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 865-329-4905.

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Glowing Reviews from our Happy Gilded Gown Brides

The Kindest Words

Join us on a delightful journey as we explore the experiences of brides who have found their dream wedding dresses at The Gilded Gown. In this blog post, we’ll share a collection of glowing reviews, the kindest words and heartwarming stories that highlight the joy and satisfaction our beautiful brides experienced during their visits. Get ready to be inspired by five-star ratings and radiant testimonials that have solidified The Gilded Gown as the ultimate destination for brides-to-be. Let’s celebrate the extraordinary moments that have made The Gilded Gown a happy place for countless brides.


“I took a girls trip to Knoxville with my bridal party hoping to find the perfect dress for my big day… Diane was my stylist and she was such a great help and made the whole experience fun and easy. She treated us all so well, listened to my preferences, gave me honest opinions, and even had some amazing ideas for dresses to try that I wouldn’t have normally chosen for myself that were just gorgeous! I ended up falling in love with her Wildcard and said YES to the dress. I felt like a princess and had so many compliments on my dress. I highly recommend this store! There are so many beautiful choices and the staff is wonderful!” – Candice, 5 Stars on Google


“Let me just say, I LOVE DIANE! She was so fantastic! She really asked the important questions to get me to my dream dress! She really understood my preference and style. She really took her time to get to know me and my wedding plans. I seriously love this stylist!” – Emilie, 5 Stars on Google


“The Gilded Gown gave me the best bridal experience I could of ever asked for. Going anywhere for clothing can be intimidating when you are plus size but let me tell you Diane made me feel beautiful the entire time. She was so sweet and professional for the entire duration of the appointment and even in dresses I hated on myself she reminded me that the dress was the issue not my body. I swear I could bring that lady everywhere to be my hype woman lol.
Now onto the whole purpose of being there. The dresses are of course beautiful and considering my size they had a good assortment. They were cheaper than other locations and they also had a good assortment of accessories for your special day. All in all I would recommend this place for EVERYTHING!!” – Nicole, 5 Stars on Google


“Found the dress of my dreams at The Gilded Gown and the experience was so great!” – Christina, 5 Stars on Google


“Our stylist was wonderful, and so patient and attentive. She provided wonderful snacks in the VIP suite to keep my family comfortable while she helped me pick out the perfect dress and veil combo. Such a wonderful experience for my special dress-shopping day! Thanks for all you do!” – Callie, 5 Stars on Google


“I really enjoyed my bridal appointment at Gilded Gown. I’m a plus size bride, and it’s really wonderful to walk in to a store and have so many options to try on. If you’re unsure what kind of vibe you like or what style of dress you want, this is definitely the place to go because they pretty much have it all. I felt beautiful and encouraged by my stylist, and even found a dress I loved and would not have picked out for myself. Ultimately, I found ~the~ dress at a different shop, but I am so happy I came here. It was a great experience and the prices were excellent, too.”- Melissa, 5 Stars on Google


“Bought my wedding dress at The Gilded Gown. The salesperson was excellent and so positive and helped me find the perfect dress for our elopement in the Tetons. I could not be happier. I felt beautiful in the dress. Thank you so much!” – Kelly, 5 Stars on Google

Book Your 5 Star Appointment Now!

We invite you to schedule your fun bridal fitting with us at The Gilded Gown. You can give us a call at 865-329-4905, or you can visit our online appointment scheduler here. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday from Noon to 6 pm for your convenience.

Styled Shoot: Stunning Sunset Wedding at The Loyston

An Enchanting Wedding Vision

Step into the enchanting world of The Loyston Wedding Venue, where magic meets breathtaking views and whimsical romance fills the air. We were thrilled to provide the wedding dresses and accessories for a gorgeous styled shoot by the talented Amanda May Photos at this amazing new venue. A team of awesome vendors combined their talents to bring this magical sunset wedding vision to light. So prepare to be captivated by the irresistible charm and offerings of some of East Tennessee’s finest wedding pros. And fall in love with some of our lovely bridal looks, too!

An Affordable Venue with All the Amenities

The Loyston, nestled in the heart of Copper Top Estates was the perfect setting for the shoot. This picturesque wedding venue with breathtaking views, is nestled among mountains and overlooks Norris Lake. It offers elegant suites for the bride and groom, complete with natural light, private restrooms, mirrors, and comfortable seating. Even better, is the extremely affordable price point! Conveniently, the venue can easily accommodate up to 150 people. Notably, The Loyston provides a climate-controlled space ensuring comfort for all guests. It also offers an indoor/outdoor experience with the option to open the garage doors on perfect days. Overall, The Loyston combines stunning views, convenient amenities, great pricing, and ample parking to create an exceptional wedding venue.

All the Beautiful Details

Wedding Coordinator ELease Productions was on hand to oversee that all the details were perfect: Including the absolutely gorgeous florals courtesy of Now & Forever Floral Design. Gail’s Custom Cakes made the lovely four layer wedding cake. And All Occasions Party Rentals provided all the extras. Videographer Jake Shick Productions got the most beautiful footage of the shoot.

Two Wedding Day Looks

Amanda May totally captured all the wedding day vibes, with the help of stunning models Claire Wardrep and Colton McConnell (in a suit by Bellario’s Tuxedo). And, Claire was an absolute showstopper in her two looks from The Gilded Gown (hair and makeup by Stunning by Rachel). She totally rocked the flowy A-line dress and then turned heads again in a sleek fit and flare number. She looked drop-dead gorgeous in both styles, no doubt about it! Claire’s ability to effortlessly pull off different silhouettes added an extra dose of glam to the whole event.

Effortless Elegance: Flowy Lace & Chiffon Gown

Step into a world of ethereal beauty with the mesmerizing chiffon flowy A-line bridal gown, showcased by the enchanting model Claire This gown effortlessly combines grace and allure, captivating all who lay eyes upon it. The plunging V-neckline adds a touch of sass, while the delicate lace bodice exudes timeless charm and intricate detailing. As the chiffon fabric gracefully cascades down in an A-line silhouette, it creates a dreamy and romantic look, as if the bride is floating on a cloud. With every step, this gown whispers elegance, making it a truly enchanting choice for the modern bride.

Elegantly Chic: The Allure of the Fit and Flare Dress

Claire exudes timeless elegance in this sleek fit and flare lace bodice dress. This one is a true masterpiece, designed to make every bride feel like a vision of grace and sophistication. The intricate lace detailing on the bodice adds a touch of romance, while the V-neckline accentuates the bride’s natural beauty and creates a captivating focal point. With its sleek silhouette, this gown hugs the curves in all the right places. The combination of the delicate lace and the clean lines of the dress creates a perfect balance between modern and classic.

Thanks to All!

We have to give a shout out to the talented wedding professionals for their contributions to creating a truly memorable styled shoot at The Loyston:

The Anatomy of a Wedding Dress

Every bride dreams of discovering the perfect wedding dress that will make her heart dance on her special day. The magic and charm of a bridal gown lie in its intricate design and meticulous attention to detail. In this delightful blog post, we’ll explore the anatomy of a wedding dress, highlighting three key elements: the bodice, waist, and skirt. These components work together in a joyful symphony to create a breathtaking ensemble that enhances the bride’s natural beauty. By choosing the ideal bodice, waist, and skirt, each bride will find the dress of her dreams, tailored perfectly to her unique vision for her wedding day. Get ready to embrace the joy of finding that one-of-a-kind gown that will make you shine brighter than ever before!

The Beautifying Bodice

The bodice is the upper part of a wedding dress, covering the torso and typically ending just below the bustline. It plays an important role in defining the overall silhouette of the bride. There are various styles of bodices, each offering unique features.



The sweetheart neckline forms a heart-shaped curve over the bust, accentuating the décolletage and creating a romantic and feminine look.



The V-neckline elongates the torso, giving a slimming effect while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated appearance.



A strapless bodice reveals the shoulders and highlights the collarbone, exuding a sense of grace and charm.



An illusion bodice features sheer fabric adorned with delicate lace or intricate beading, creating an ethereal and enchanting effect.

Plunging V Neckline, Natural Waist, A-Line Skirt

The Defining Waist

The waistline of a wedding dress is responsible for defining the bride’s figure and creating an hourglass shape. Different waistline styles offer varying degrees of comfort and aesthetics, allowing brides to choose the most flattering option.

Natural Waist


This waistline rests at the smallest part of the torso, highlighting the natural curves and accentuating the bride’s waist.

Dropped Waist


The dropped waistline elongates the torso and emphasizes the hips, offering a more modern and fashion-forward look.

Empire Waist

Empire Waist

The empire waistline in bridal fashion refers to a style where the waistline is raised to just below the bust, creating an elegant and elongated silhouette.

The Cascading Skirt

The skirt of a wedding dress is the lower part that extends from the waistline to the hem. It plays a vital role in determining the overall style and movement of the dress, ranging from voluminous and dramatic to sleek and minimalist.

Sweetheart Neckline, Natural Waist, Ball Gown Skirt

Ball Gown

The ball gown skirt is characterized by its fullness and dramatic silhouette. It creates a fairy-tale-like appearance, with layers of tulle or organza cascading down to the floor.

Plunging V Neckline, Natural Waist, A-Line Skirt


The A-line skirt gently flares from the waist, resembling the shape of an uppercase “A.” It offers a universally flattering silhouette that suits various body types.

Scoop Neckline, Natural Waist, Fit and Flare Skirt

Fit and Flare

The fit and flare skirt hugs the body from the waist to the knees and then flares out, creating a sensual and glamorous look. It accentuates the curves and is perfect for brides who want to make a bold statement.

Square Neckline, Natural Waist, Sheath Skirt


The sheath skirt falls straight down from the waist, skimming the body’s curves without excessive volume. It exudes an understated elegance and is ideal for a minimalist or beach wedding.

All the Parts Equal A Beautiful Dress

A wedding dress is a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship, with the bodice, waist, and skirt acting as its key elements. The bodice embraces the upper body, while the waistline accentuates the figure, and the skirt gracefully cascades down, completing the ensemble. The combination of these elements creates a dress that not only flatters the bride’s silhouette but also captures the essence of her unique style and personality. Whether the bride envisions herself as a princess in a ball gown or a modern siren in a mermaid dress, understanding the anatomy of a wedding dress helps in finding the perfect gown that will make her wedding day unforgettable.

Time to $ave in our world of pure wedding enchantment!

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Sale is Going on Now

Step into a world of pure wedding enchantment as we unveil our extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime Wedding Dress Sale at The Gilded Gown! Brace yourself for an abundance of joy and excitement as you immerse yourself in the most captivating event of the season. Now, prepare to be dazzled, because we’re not just offering a sale; we’re igniting a frenzy of happiness and celebration!

Picture this: a utopia of dreams come true, where every aisle is adorned with breathtaking wedding gowns, and the air is filled with a palpable sense of romance and anticipation. This month, we’re gifting you an unparalleled opportunity to make your fairy tale a reality, by showering our entire store with unbelievable discounts. Yes, you heard it right – every single dress is on sale!

Every Style You Can Dream Of

Glamour knows no bounds at our emporium of elegance. Whether you’re yearning for a timeless, classic look or seeking a contemporary and minimalist vibe, our treasure trove caters to every taste. Dive into the world of maximalist extravagance, where sequins shimmer like stars and lace cascades like delicate waterfalls. Alternatively, embrace the carefree spirit of bohemian beauty, where ethereal fabrics and whimsical details transport you to a realm of untamed romance.

A Rainbow Awaits

But that’s not all. Brace yourself for the pièce de résistance: an entire rainbow of colors and sizes awaits your arrival. No matter your vision, we have the palette to paint your dreams. From ivory to blush, from champagne to bold hues that ignite the room, choose the shade that reflects the essence of your love story. And worry not about finding the perfect fit, for our collection encompasses an array of sizes, ensuring that every beautiful bride can find her perfect match.

Are you ready to unveil your radiant glow and embark on a journey to find your dream wedding look? Today, you have the opportunity to capture the essence of opulence without breaking the bank. At The Gilded Gown, we believe that nothing should stand in the way of your happily ever after, which is why we’ve curated this sensational sale to make your dreams a reality, without compromising on quality or style.

Cheers to All The Goodness

So, join us as we raise our glasses to love, laughter, and the breathtaking allure of a perfect wedding dress. The clock is ticking, and the doors to this extraordinary celebration won’t stay open forever. Don’t miss out on this jubilant affair that will ignite your imagination and leave you with memories to treasure for a lifetime. Your dream wedding look awaits, and the magic of savings is yours to seize, today and today only!

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Boho Bliss! Get Your Dream Wedding Dress For Less

Welcome to our extra special Wedding Dress Sale, going on now! Every dress in the store is on sale this month -including our new arrivals. We have every aesthetic in store from traditional to minimal to maximal to boho! Now is the time to save on every size, style, and color you can imagine! At The Gilded Gown, you can get your dream wedding look for LESS today!

Boho Bliss For Less

Today we are highlighting one of our gorgeous boho lace gowns. And it’s on sale for $200 off this month!!!!. This one is currently available to purchase in fits like sizes 4 and 10. Regularly priced at $1686 this beauty can be yours for just $1486 throughout the month of May!!!! It’s absolute perfection from the silhouette to the fabric to the train. Yay!!!!

Fit and Flare Silhouette

You’ll certainly feel the romance in this all-over lace fit and flare gown. Because it’s unique combination of a sweetheart bodice featuring a defining seam at the natural waistline, plus a shapewear mesh lining that creates the softest curves ensures you the utmost comfort on your special day. This gown is flattering and oh-so-easy to wear!

All-Over Lace Fabric

This gown is constructed of uniquely patterned all-over ivory lace with a nude underlay. The lace detailing creates a beautiful, organic pattern that is both modern and timeless and quintessentially boho.

The Tantalizing Train

This “Sweep” train is subtle, yet romantic. It’s a very manageable length but still provides a dazzling display at the back of the dress!

Could this be Your Yes Dress?

Are you intrigued by this alluring all-over lace strapless gown? We invite you to schedule your fun bridal fitting with us at The Gilded Gown. You can give us a call at 865-329-4905, or you can visit our online appointment scheduler here. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday from Noon to 6 pm for your convenience. And, remember we have thousands of gowns to choose from! Stay tuned to see more of our sale dresses highlighted here on our blog! Also, you can see lots more options several times a day by following us on our socials: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat all @thegildedgown. #WeLoveOurBrides and “WeLoveWhatWeDo”