Swoon-Worthy Ways to Incorporate Bridgerton Style Into Your Wedding

Bring on the Bridgerton

We are so inspired by the gorgeous opulence of Netflix’s Bridgerton. The clothes, the jewelry, the manors, the fabulous interiors, the flowers, the love stories….we just want it ALL!! And since the social season is upon us, dear brides, we decided to highlight the impeccable style of the show. And politely demonstrate that there are many ways to bring the elegance, and luxuriousness of that beautiful bygone era to a modern-day wedding.

Have no fear, dear brides, for if you too loved the show, there are lots of ways you can bring a touch of Bridgerton to your wedding that will impress even the likes of Lady Whistledown. So if you are looking to host the perfect modern-Regency-inspired day, please read on.

Of course, the internet is brimming with amazing inspiration for brides with an affinity for vintage-inspired vibes. For example, check out Elegant Wedding’s stunning Bridgerton Styled Shoot (they NAILED the swoon-worthy feels!):

In fact, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings’ blue and lilac themed take on a Bridgerton wedding is absolutely glorious:

Furthermore, another glowing example of an utterly romantic Bridgerton inspired wedding can be found at Green Wedding Shoes:

It’s All In the Details

The surest way to transport your guests to another time and place is through your details. Again, details make the difference in everything about your wedding from your venue, your floral elements, your invitations, your cake to your dress. For this style, you’ll definitely want to concentrate on the details. For instance, just incorporate things with vintage charm, lots of natural elements, and anything with a bit of whimsy. Think feminine details and period furnishings. And FLORAL everything!

The Venue

Assuming you don’t have an English Country Manor or a historic cathedral available to host your wedding at, we’ve got some more affordable options for you. First, look for a local historic mansion, museum, or hotel for your venue. Also, check with botanical gardens and lovely outdoor spaces. You can give whatever space you choose loads of Bridgerton charm with your decor and florals.

The Florals & Decor

If you decide to splurge on anything for your day, we recommend getting extra with the floral elements. For an inspiring example, take in this stunning over-the-top winged archway and floral-lined aisleway featured on Green Wedding Shoes. To be sure, the arch is absolutely loaded with gorgeous greenery and flowers. And who wouldn’t want to promenade down this elegant flower-lined aisle to their one true love?

TIP: The trick to achieving a Bridgerton look is in layering the details. For example, Elegant Wedding paired extravagant florals with a lace tablecloth, a teapot, taper candles, cut glass, and lots of fruit. Here it creates an effortless symphony of romance and nature. Also, this look delivers a major dose of Bridgerton charm. And, dear brides, you can easily recreate this for your tables by collecting similar items from thrift shops, family members, and estate sales.

Another way to incorporate Bridgerton into your day is to set up a swanky backdrop like this circular one loaded with lovely lilac Wisteria. Most florists can duplicate something similarly fabulous or you can find options on Etsy or Amazon.

[…Just taking a moment to appreciate ALL of the floral moments in this scene…]

Another floral moment we can’t take our eyes off of is this dreamy bride wearing a custom headpiece and holding a quintessentially Bridgerton bouquet.

Here we have more Bridgerton influenced bridal bouquets brimming with beauty, for you to peruse…

The Invitations

Signal a memorable wedding to all your guests by sending them on-theme invites. The prettiest Bridgerton-ish invites we found are from Sierra Dyer Co:

The Cake

For your cake start with a traditional tiered confection and then layer on the details that work for you. Which one do you love best below? We choose the one with the wisteria arch, in the middle photo!!! But we’d definitely enjoy eating any of them!

And Your Dress is Flawless, My Dear

For your dress, try a style with an empire waist, or something with little cap sleeves. Or, go big with a ballgown like this platinum silk wedding dress from The Gilded Gown.

The accessories make this look swoon-worthy with the beaded topper, pearl earrings, gloves, and tiara.

We hope you can incorporate some of these romantic Bridgerton details into your wedding day. But always remember it doesn’t have to be perfect!

1 Bridal Gown Styled 5 Ways Boho/Glam/Classic/Rocker/Rustic

1 Bridal Gown Styled 5 Ways!

Boho, Glam, Classic, Rocker & Rustic

We took a traditional ballgown from our collection and styled it five different ways simply by changing out the accessories. You’ll see how easy it is to channel your unique style by pairing your wedding dress with the perfect finishing touches that reflect your vibe. Read on to see how we transformed this gown from Boho to Glam to Classic to Rocker to Rustic.

Boho Bride

Boho bride style incorporates an eclectic mix of natural elements, a free-spirited aesthetic, and a mix of textures and patterns. The relaxed, global-inspired vibe bends traditional design rules to create a layered, personalized look. Here we’ve embraced the style’s laidback feel with a gorgeous flower crown, a stunning hair vine woven in a luxurious braid, and a bouquet full of dried grasses, leaves, and eucalyptus. With the addition of these accessories, this classic ballgown is ready for any bohemian wedding.

Glam Bride

Glam bridal style is all about glitz and bling and “extraness.” For brides seeking a glamorous, glittering wedding day look we suggest loading up on all the things. Here we’ve elevated this simple gown with the addition of a sparkly beaded belt, darling drop earrings plus a dramatic headpiece. A metallic lace-trimmed veil and bracelet add to the completed vision of loveliness.

Classic Bride

Classic bridal style is all about wearing a dress as timeless as possible. The traditional bride wants her wedding dress to be as in style on the day she wore it as it is on her 50th wedding anniversary. So here we’ve let the simple elegance of dress shine with the addition of a few well placed accessories. Pearl earrings, a delicate bracelet and an embellished updo are all the extras needed to keep this dress classically sophisticated and refined.

Rocker Bride

A rocker bridal look is all about bringing your own sense of style and personality into your wedding day. Here we’ve taken a classic ballgown to an edgier vibe altogether with the addition of an ivory bridal moto jacket and some geometric earrings. Imagine this with a pair of combat boots, doc martens or other alternative shoes and rock on!

Rustic Bride

Boots, barns and the beautiful outdoors are close to the hearts of rustic style brides. We’ve taken this classic ballgown in a country direction with the addition of an adorable lace-edged topper. Plus we’ve added a wide satin sash with a floral element to perfectly cinch in the waist of the gown. And, the littlest leaf drop earrings give a nod to nature as well.

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Olivia & Brennan’s Fairytale Love Story

Olivia and Brennan’s Fairytale Love Story

Olivia and Brennan have the absolute sweetest, fairytale love story. And they recently had the most beautiful, fairytale wedding EVER, too! And we are so thrilled that Gorgeous Gilded Gown bride Olivia was kind enough to share all the details (and photos) of their amazing story with us!

The Sweetest Introduction

We LOVE the story of how these two met. Oliva explains, “I had been working at State Farm corporate office, in Atlanta GA., for two years under an amazing manager named Brad. We became great friends and I would always talk to him about my guy problems. One day I came into work crying over an Ex, so Brad said he wanted to introduce me to someone that would treat me right. He took out his phone and showed me the Instagram page of the most handsome man I’ve ever seen … it was his little brother, Brennan!” From there, Brad gave Brennan Olivia’s phone number and Instagram and the rest is history!!

The Best First Date

Fast forward to February 2017. Olivia and Brennan had been texting and talking on the phone for a couple of weeks when they decided to go on their first date. She says, “Our first date was at a hookah lounge in Atlanta. We ate good food, danced, talked about life and had so much fun! By the end of the night we weren’t ready to leave each other so we went to another lounge, we paid for parking, parked the car, and talked about our childhood, our future, and our families for four hours straight! We never actually made it inside the 2nd lounge!” Brennan told her at the end of the night that he knew she was the one and one day he would marry her. Olivia says, “Of course I didn’t believe him at the time! Lol!”

A Big Move

After a couple of years of dating, Brennan told Olivia that his company wanted him to move to Knoxville for an amazing opportunity. He let her know that the only way he would take it is if she moved with him. Olivia recalls, “At this time, I had never even heard of Knoxville and was nervous to move away from all my friends and family in Atlanta with a “boyfriend.” I was also deep in my career and was scared to leave my job. I didn’t know what to do. Brennan without telling me decided he wanted to make a commitment before I just up and moved to Knoxville and sacrificed everything for him. So he nervously went to my parents’ house and asked my father for my hand in marriage. He told my dad that he didn’t want to move their only child to Tennessee without plans of making me his wife. My dad loves Brennan so naturally, he said yes!”

The Perfect Engagement

Their engagement story is so sweet! Olivia tells how it all went down, “On our first night in Knoxville Brennan asked me to go to dinner with him to celebrate his new accomplishments at work. He gave me his credit card and told me to pick out a new outfit. [<3] And, he said he wanted to take me to an amazing seafood restaurant that he heard about. (Brennan knows that seafood is my favorite food in the whole world.) Later, Brennan took me to Chesapeake’s in downtown Knoxville around 8 pm. He kept fidgeting and looking around so I asked what was wrong? He said, “You’re so beautiful, you’re making me nervous.” I just knew something was up, so I smiled and grabbed his sweaty hand and gave it a squeeze. Then he went to the bathroom and when he came back he got on one knee and asked me to marry him!  I cried and I almost forgot to say said YES!”

The Wedding Planning

Olivia and Brennan started making plans for their wedding for the following year (October 2020), but the pandemic hit in March 2020. So sadly, they had to put everything on hold. Olivia recalls, “When stuff started opening up a little, I started planning for a 2021 wedding. Since the pandemic was still going on I had to figure out how to do things like my dress shopping and my bridal shower a little differently.”

A Zoom Bridal Shower

Olivia had an amazing bridal shower despite dealing with the pandemic. She explains, “I had to figure out how to plan a pandemic bridal shower because I was in Knoxville all alone while my family and friends were in Atlanta. I decided not to let COVID stop me from having an amazing experience. I had a ZOOM bridal shower with over 50 guests. The theme of the shower was a pajama “Sip & Paint” party! I had everyone order the same sip and paint set. We all got in our PJs and poured our glasses of wine. We played games, we painted, we laughed for hours, and I even opened my bridal shower gifts on the ZOOM call. I had the best time! “

Dress Shopping

Olivia felt like her dress shopping was going to be so lonely without her family and friends to share in the joy. She remembers, “I had to do my wedding dress shopping alone because of the pandemic, but thank God I found Gilded Gown! The Gilded Gown was the third shop I visited. No other shop had unique dresses in my size, and all their dresses looked the same. But not at The Gilded Gown! Their dresses were all so different and they had such a large variety of beautiful plus-size dresses! Plus, they treated me like family when I needed family the most! My stylist helped me find the perfect dress! Thank you!”

Venue Shopping

Brennan and Olivia knew they wanted to get married in Georgia but they didn’t know where exactly. So they set up tons of zoom meetings with different vendors and venues every other day until they found the best option! The Crowne Plaza Ravinia Dunwoody, GA was perfect! The venue has the most magical outdoor area that was perfect for their fairytale themed wedding. 

Wedding Weekend

When the wedding weekend rolled around Olivia was nervous because when they arrived in Georgia it was raining hard AND it continued to rain every single day leading up to the wedding day. She says, “We prayed for sunshine and God delivered! Our wedding day turned out to be one of the sunniest most beautiful days I’ve ever seen.”

“I was an hour late to my own wedding but if you know me, you know that’s not shocking at all. I was treated like a Queen all day! But my favorite part was at the reception when my Cuban family got to show my husband’s family how to do some Spanish dancing like the Salsa and Bachata! It was so surreal watching our families merge together on our special day! Everything else went perfectly! I honestly felt like it was the start to a wonderful fairytale!”

The Decor

Olivia did all the gorgeous decor for her wedding, from the centerpiece to the bridesmaids bouquets. Her artist Instagram is @OliviaLoveCreations. She makes the most incredible things!

The Wedding Vendors

Dress & Accessories: The Gilded Gown

Venue & food: Crowne Plaza Ravinia Dunwoody, Ga.

Cakes and desserts: Cakes and Treats of Atlanta

Photographer & Videographer: The Wedding Pros

DJ: The Wedding Pros

Same Day Wedding Coordinator: @KeySheryl

How To Have Major Fall Wedding Vibes 2021


Ok, so we know it’s only the end of July. But as August approaches this year, we are really looking forward to fall. So we decided to dedicate this blog post to all things autumnal. From rich-hued fall-inspired colors, to pumpkins, snuggly blankets and natural elements we’ve got your fall wedding feels for 2021. For your florals, think pheasant feathers, eucalyptus, pampas grasses and dried flowers. Load your sweets table with yummy things like pumpkin pies, s’mores and candied apples. Transport your wedding into a welcoming fall wonderland using some of the ideas below!

Consider a chunky wood arch draped with copper fabric and swags of floral arrangements to set the stage for your special day. A few lanterns filled with candles at the base will add a layer of romance.

And for another great idea for a backdrop, use a bunch of leaf laden branches to form a picturesque arch. This one is perched atop two wooden planters overflowing with lovely flowers and greenery. 

Using beautiful seasonal natural elements for your decor will delight your guests. Wood, branches, leaves, and flowers will deliver those fall feels every time.

If your reception is outdoors, position the tables so every guest can experience the beauty of your venue. Tall vases filled with fall branches are absolutely glorious.

Elevate your tablescape by decorating the table AND the ceiling above it. This spectacular hanging arrangement uses leaves, roses, and hanging glass candle orbs. It beautifully echoes the candlelit, floral adorned table below. Together they create an amazing wow moment.

Another way to incorporate the season is by stringing feathers, orange ribbon and other bits and bobs on twine to create a boho garland. Paper feather cutouts make super cute labels for the deserts.

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding during a chilly time of year, provide a stack of comfy, cozy blankets for your guests. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The colors of fall are so pretty!

Have your photographer capture you in fall-inspired ways to best remember your wedding day.

Compliment your orange and brown color palette with a pop of brightness. Here, they’ve used a touch of teal to accentuate the fall color story.

Pumpkins are a great way to incorporate fall feelings. And, pumpkins can be painted any color your heart desires. Sprigs of fragrant greenery tied with twine make the nicest napkin toppers, too.

If you want to go all out for fall, we suggest this AH-mazing flower wall.  What a romantic setting for the bride and groom’s table! And all those vintage brass candlesticks and white candles don’t hurt the vibe either!

The most important part of the day, though, is the love you feel for one another. Even if it just the two of you in front of one glorious tree.

We think fall is the perfect time to vow your forever to someone. It’s a season full of change, growth, and renewal. And, it’s beautiful! There’s a very good reason why fall has become one of the most popular seasons for nuptials: the nice weather allows for the prettiest outdoor events. So if you’ve decided to do a fall wedding, pick a September, October, or November date. And scroll on to see more autumn wedding inspiration…


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Our BIGGEST SALE ever! The National Bridal Sale Event 2021

It’s the very, very best time of year for brides! Why? Because our annual National Bridal Sale Event is going on NOW through August 15th at The Gilded Gown. We have huge markdowns on so many dresses! In fact: EVERY SINGLE DRESS is on sale!!!!!!!!! Even better? All accessories are Half-Off too!!!!!

Our Kickoff Celebration will be held on Saturday, July 17th and it is going to be EPIC!!! We will have super swag bags for every bride, lots of other awesome wedding vendors on hand (see list & links below), tasty treats, a photo booth, fun giveaways, an in-store fashion show, door prizes, handsome doormen (in tuxes from Regal Tuxedo) to carry your purchases to your car and much, much more. We are accepting walk-ins all day, no appointments necessary 💗 The event starts at 11 am and goes until 7 pm! First come, first served. (Can’t make it Saturday? Don’t worry, the sale prices will continue through August 15th!) Come find your dream dress for less during NBSE!

We’ve slashed prices on so many gorgeous gowns! This beautiful option is reduced BIG TIME for the sale! Wow, right? You don’t have to sacrifice style and quality for the deal of a lifetime. Lace? Yes! Illusion lace keyhole back? Check. Beautiful dress? Of course! Price? Less than a thousand! HECK YEAH!

We love to celebrate with our brides on their journey to find their dream dresses. And during the National Bridal Sale Event we love to help our brides save lots of money on their beautiful bridal gowns. 

We get to see magic when our brides discover the perfect gown at the perfect price point. We are so excited for all the brides who will save BIG TIME on their dresses during NBSE 2021!

Barn wedding? How about this adorable all-over lace gown? It’s on sale for just $849!

Where are our tulle brides? Check out this beauty for under $800!

Looking for a dress under $500? We have so many beautiful options!!!

 Come fall in love with your dress for less during our National Bridal Sale Event this year!

The lavishly embellished trumpet gown with a horsehair trimmed tiered skirt is on sale for just $1097!

So many gorgeous gowns, and ALL of them are on sale!

All dresses are on sale, in sizes  00-40! Every dress, every style, every size will be discounted! Yay!!!!!

We are so excited to offer these unbelievable deals on our stunning gowns.

All our jewelry, veils, and accessories are offered at a fifty percent discount during the National Bridal Sale Event,too. So even if you already have your dress, you can still SAVE. Find the perfect finishing touches for your wedding day look at The Gilded Gown for less!!!!

Save $50-$100 off all

new arrivals & current styles

whether you purchase in-store

or custom order your dress!!!!!!!

Our National Bridal Sale Event will be going on through August 15th.

Our easy and affordable layaway options will be available

on all sale dresses and accessories.


If you have any questions, please give us a call at 865-329-4905.

Please check out our social media for the latest updates,

like our facebook pages as well as our Instagram.

We are SUPER excited to have several awesome local wedding pros participating in our kickoff celebration on Saturday, July 17th. Please visit their sites to learn more about their premiere products and services:

The Knoxville Photo Booth CC

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Melissa Timm Florist

Winding Creek Wedding & Events Center


Karley & Brent’s Romantic Beach Wedding

Karley and Brent’s Super Romantic Beach Wedding

The Perfect Couple: Karley and Brent

You know those couples that just RADIATE true love? The couples who we all call the “lucky ones.” Two people, who have found what we all dream of? Well, gorgeous Gilded Gown Bride Karley and her handsome hubby Brent are definitely one of those couples. They are young, beautiful, kind-hearted, and caring…and they are absolutely head over heels in love with one another! Happily, these two got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2021. This darling couple is so in love they couldn’t wait to say their “I do’s.” So they decided to tie the knot just a few months later. They wanted something chill, fun, carefree, and family-oriented for their special day. And they put their heads together and came up with the best destination wedding plan ever.

The Perfect Plan

Karley explains, “around the time we got engaged both of our families were trying to plan family beach vacations for the summer. We thought, ‘let’s just merge the two, and plan a beach wedding weekend where everyone could still get their vacations in, while also celebrating with us.’ Our decision only gave us about four months to plan everything (which was a little difficult being in another city), but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. I will forever cherish the moments of prepping/planning, and will forever remember everyone who made it joyful and exciting (BIG SHOUTOUT TO GILDED GOWN).”

The Perfect Beach: Isle of Palms, SC

Karley and Brent decided on the charming beach of Isle of Palms, SC for their destination wedding/family vacay. Luckily, photographers Kristin Lane Burrows and Lucy Wheaton were there to capture all the beautiful moments.

The Perfect Bridal Look

Karley looked perfect on her special day. Her soft beach-ready curls were thanks to the artistry of Shane Archer. And her dewy, picture-perfect makeup was by Kelsey Caudle.

The Perfect Ending

As if a stunning beach ceremony filled with joy wasn’t enough, this happy couple ended their day with three amazing deserts thanks to Logan Sweet Treats. Their wedding cakes looked too pretty to eat, but we’re pretty sure everyone got past that. And two more words come to mind: Macaroon Tower!

The Perfect Dress

Karley’s found the dress of her dreams with us at The Gilded Gown. She fell in love with a gorgeous wedding gown, that fit her wedding day vision perfectly. She chose a fitted sheath silhouette lavishly embellished with beads from the bodice to the scalloped hemline. The flattering v-neckline and lace-up open back are complemented by a sweep train.

A Perfect Experience

Karley shared her dress shopping experience with us. She says, “I remember calling my mom right after I left my dress appointment at The Gilded Gown. She was excited for me, but she was also confused as to how I had ALREADY found, tried on, and bought my wedding dress! I had scheduled my appointment at the last minute (this was my first one), and neither my mom nor my sister could go. So my friend and I went with little expectations of actually finding ‘the dress’ – I remember my mom saying on the call, ‘Karley, this is the first place you went! How???” – I was shocked myself, but I truly give all the props to Gilded Gown because the experience was so easy, so exciting, and somehow stress-free.”

The Perfect Yes

She says, “I showed one picture of what I was looking for, and my stylist Elizabeth and I went around and picked out all the dresses that were similar. She also encouraged me to try some different styles/patterns that I wouldn’t have normally thought about (which I was so thankful for because I ended up getting one that was so different from the picture I showed her). The dress I bought was actually the first dress I tried on (although I tried on several after that) – I vividly remember putting It on for the first time, and I swear, I couldn’t stop smiling (which had to mean something right?) – after trying on several other dresses, I came back to the first one, and the rest is history. I’m VERY GRATEFUL for my experience at Gilded Gown, their team is amazing!”

The Wedding Pros

Photographer: Kristin Lane Burrows

Second Photo Shooter: Lucy Wheaton

Wedding Location: Isle of Palms, SC

Hair: Shane Archer – Salon: Grow Knoxville, a Shane Archer Concept

Makeup: Kelsey Caudle

Sweets: Logan Sweet Treats

CAKE BREAK: Square Wedding Cakes

It’s Hip to Be Square

Brides, if you are looking for a fresh take on wedding cakes, consider going with square layers instead of the more traditional round tiers. Because there is something inherently cool about square cakes with their crisp edges and sharp angles. Plus their clean lines are perfect for a modern wedding day aesthetic. And square wedding cakes can be sleek and chic, glamorous, or even whimsically romantic depending on the decorations used. So, if you’re hip to be square, keep reading, because found some of the best wedding cakes for 2021 just for you.

Spare & Square

The world’s best cake artists are totally embracing the square cake format. Take, for example, this stunning cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes. It features simplistic white squares accented with darling floral hoops.

We are crushing on this marbleized confection by pastry chef Megan Joy of Megan Joy Cakes in Eagle, Colorado. The beautifully bespoke cake has a hint of blue and green and is a study of composed simplicity.

Crummb Cakes a cake studio in Singapore has created some of the most trendsetting cake designs to light up social media. Owner and cake artist Paulin Teo has developed a modern, architectural aesthetic that has inspired cake decorators (and brides) around the world. We adore her pale blue, three-tiered confection with pearl details. The soft color looks so pretty juxtaposed with the sturdy squares of cake.

Another minimalistic approach to square cakes is this one which features an elegant textured white frosting and a single natural element. This cake manages to deliver a whole lot of impact with very subtle details. We can totally picture this at any hip wedding whether it’s in a field, a desert, a forest, or against a mountain backdrop.


Just because a cake is square doesn’t mean it can’t also be effortlessly glamorous. Take for instance this glamorous tower of white cake with an asymmetrical cascade of colors down one side.

We love this fancy little square cake by Miss Shortcakes. This one is lavishly decorated with gold leaf vines, and accented with a single gorgeous bloom.

Another amazing cake by Ron Ben-Israel, who the New York Times calls, “the Manolo Blahnik of wedding cakes.” This sumptuous cake uses an exceptional color scheme and an abundance of floral elements.

A more traditional take on a square cake, this four-layer beauty, is a study in blush, ivory, and white. The scrollwork and fresh lush blooms make this one truly elegant.

Whimsically Romantic

Square cakes can be whimsical and full of romance too. Like this fanciful purple and gold leaf cake is from the artists at Montreal based Bayard Royal bakery.

Square cakes can also be naked like this delicious-looking chocolate and blackberry square cake by Cassidy Budge Cake Design. We want very much to eat it, don’t you?

Where are our Boho brides at? Because you all will love this textural white wedding cake with sugar macrame (SO CUTE) and bright blooms.

Lael Cakes a Brooklyn based boutique cake studio is responsible for this gorgeously vibrant and unique square cake.

On Set: Behind the Scenes of A Glam Photoshoot

On Set: Behind the Scenes of A Glam Photoshoot

Mackensie’s Vision

Gilded Gown Stylist Mackensie leads a double life. She is an amazing bridal stylist, but she also heads her own production company, Ken’s Productions. And we are thrilled that Mackensie’s latest creative endeavor combined both of her talents. She recently styled looks from The Gilded Gown and put together an absolutely stunning Vanity Fair-Old Hollywood inspired shoot.

“On Set”

Mackensie described the creative process for her most recent shoot. She explains, “My inspiration was the Golden Age of Hollywood and the magazine covers of Vanity Fair. The main goal of this photoshoot was to capture what really goes into a photo shoot. We achieved this environment by expanding the boundaries of the typical “set” and photographing exposed cords, fans, lights, and stylists working on the set. We also searched for unique angles to photograph from to create a “behind the scenes” feel. Some images are reminiscent of talk shows and Hollywood glam headshots, all combined to create the title “On Set.” 

So Much Talent

Mackensie collaborated with a stellar lineup of Knoxville’s best talent to bring her vision to life. (And to showcase the gorgeous dresses and accessories from The Gilded Gown). The remarkably talented photographer Brian K. McQuain was on hand to capture every beautiful moment. And those moments were more beautiful due to the artistry of hairstylists and makeup pros Kristen (KC) Colemon, as well as Mary Harris & Mariah Fouch of Salon Biyoshi. The shoot was held at The Secret Studio in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The lovely models were thanks to two top agencies: GĀGE Talent & The STAIR Agency 

Enchantment of An Earlier Age

Gorgeous models Claire (The STAIR Agency ) & Marissa (GĀGE Talent) perfectly capture the glamour of old Hollywood here. Their looks here elegantly evoke the enchantment of an earlier age. Mackensie choose gowns in muted reds and beige with pops of black.

The details on both of the gowns, like the corset strap back on one and the beaded bodice on the other give a timeless feel. Either dress would have fit right in at a fancy soiree from another era.

Gorgeously Glam

Models Claire, Marissa, and Umwali (GĀGE Talent) are gorgeously glam in these looks styled by Mackensie. Everything about them from their beautiful faces, to the beaded formal gowns captures the essence of another time and place.

Claire is wearing an all-over lace gown with a jewel neck collar.

Here Umwali is radiant in a red chiffon gown with loads of crystal beading. And Marissa is beguiling in a black with sultry side cut outs.

The Pros Involved

Production: Mackensie Wolfe of Ken’s Productions 
Photographer: Brian K. McQuain 
Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists:  Kristen (KC) Colemon, Mary Harris & Mariah Fouch of Salon Biyoshi
Gowns and Accessories: The Gilded Gown
Agencies: GĀGE Talent & The STAIR Agency The STAIR Agency 

Models: Claire & Umwali ( GĀGE Talent) and Marissa (The STAIR Agency)
Space: The Secret Studio

Gorgeous GG Prom Girls of 2021, Part II

So many gorgeous Gilded Gown Girls,

we had to do Part II!

Our gorgeous Gilded Gown prom girls TURNED OUT this year. We are so excited by all the beautiful photos we are receiving through DMs, Facebook, Email, and Instagram. Check out Part I here. And, read on to see all of the beautifulness.

Radiant beauty Megan Parrot turned heads in her red dress at Polk County High School in Benton, Tennessee this year.

Luminous Kaya Backer attended Coalfield High‘s prom in a beautiful navy gown.

Miss Gracie Yarnell was breathtaking at Karns High School Prom 2021. She chose a trumpet gown in vivid royal blue.

Beautiful Breyelle was a knockout in her spectacular metallic accented gown. She attended prom at McMinn Central High School.

The exquisite Zaria Freeman attended Hardin Valley Academy’s Prom this year. She says, “I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me find such a gorgeous dress. It made me look and feel just like a princess. I loved it!”

Lovely Lacey Kidd chose a daring two piece red gown for her prom at McCreary Central in Kentucky.

Ella Rader was ravishing in red at South Doyle. She got swept off her feet by her date Ewan. Ella says, “I’m still obsessed with my dress. Thank you for helping me find the perfect one,”

Miss Ansley Osborne attended the prom at Ooltewah High School. She was so lovely in her royal blue plunging v gown. Her photographer was @honest_lensphoto.

Stunning Sydney Day @day.sydney on her prom night. She says, “I absolutely loved my dress and I felt so beautiful! My hair was done by Bernice Turner at Hair Etc. located in New Tazewell, TN. My makeup was done by Chloe Hopper @makeupbychloehopper. My sister took my pictures, although she does not have a photography page her Instagram is @savannah_b_day.” Her prom night photos were taken at the LMU campus in Harrogate, TN.

Gorgeous Michaela Parton attended Sevier County High School’s prom in this dramatic two piece ballgown.

Beautiful Zoe Ferguson looks amazing in her shimmering pale blue ballgown at Greenback High School Prom 2021️.

Gorgeous Miss Emily Hall looking beautiful at Sweetwater High School Prom 2021.

Beautiful Baylee rocked her Angel blue and silver mermaid #PromGown!  She attended Grace Baptist Academy Prom.

Miss Gracie Smith with her date Carson Burkett at their Copper Basin High School Prom! #GorgeousCouple 
Gracie is stunning in her all-over sparkle mermaid in gold and magenta!

Senior Miss Trisha Wilson looking lovely in lavender with a gorgeous braided crown. She attended Prom at Cumberland County High School this year!

Luminous Meghan Bowers attended Oak Ridge High School Prom this year in a vibrant hot pink gown.

Gorgeous GG Prom Girls of 2021, Part I

We are WOWed

with all the Gorgeous Gilded Gown Prom Girls of 2021

We are thrilled that all our gorgeous girls were able to attend prom this year. WooHOO!!! And, it must be because we are all celebrating a return to normal that we received such a huge amount of photos this year. YAY! We are beyond grateful for all the emails, DMs, and Instagram tags we received. Because our girls shared so generously with us, we are making two prom blog posts this year to fit all the pics in. [Stay tuned for Part II]. And, now we are very proud to present our Gorgeous Gilded Gown Prom Girls of 2021 looking so amazingly lovely on their special nights.

A vision of loveliness, Nevaeh Tallent, photographed by Mackenzie McManus, chose a dramatic metallic accented dress for her 2021 prom at Powell High School:

Incandescent Khadijah Latham is absolutely radiant in her navy lace gown. Miss Khadijah attended Fulton High School’s Prom this year.

Gorgeous Lydia Avery attended Sweetwater High School’s Prom with her date Sterling Dawson 
Mom Kayla was on hand to take pictures. She says, “Thank you so much! Everyone loved her dress and it was absolutely perfect for her!!!

Lovely Tyra Reagan selected an off-shoulder satin gown for her Gatlinburg Pittman 2021 Prom. Her Mom Melanie snapped this sweet pic.

Shay Williams attended Pinecrest High School’s prom this year in a strapless satin red gown. Her beauty was captured by Photographer Tagina Fleet. Shay says, “Thank you so much I really loved this dress and everyone else did too!”

Beautiful Baylee Davidson attended Leslie County High School Prom in Hyden, Kentucky in a dress accented with gold lace appliques. Her lovely photo is by Brooke K Photography. And, how cute is her prom bouquet (and her date)!?!

Alanna Williamson is ravishing in red at her South Doyle High School 2021 prom:

Gorgeous Haley Harrold attended McMinn County High School in a dramatic black gown. This stunning image of Haley is by Allie G’s Photography.

Amiyah Reeves, far left, at Powell High School’s 2021 Prom is simply ravishing. She says, “I just wanted to say, thank you so much for helping me at the very last minute! This meant so much to me and I couldn’t have done it without your help, I am so grateful for all of you at The Gilded Gown.”

Anderson County High School‘s Prom had the prettiest girl, Kylee Summers, in the prettiest red ballgown this year. She was photographed by Halie Martin.

Gorgeous Mary Hall, at McMinn Central High School‘s 2021 Prom, photographed by Bethany Stokes wore a beaded ivory gown:

Mary Ann is so alluring in her turquoise gown with a beaded waist. She attended Campbell County High School’s prom this year. She says, “Katie helped me pick out this beautiful dress. Thank you, Katie and The Gilded Gown.”

Adorable Alexsis Patty attended Heritage High School Prom in a glam black strapless dress. Her photographer was Tonya Damron and her make-up was by Shanté YuSlay.

Miss Madison Land went for all-out glamour in her sparkly sequined gown. She attended Soddy Daisy High School Prom this year. And her beautiful photo is by Wendy Land.

Stunning Marisa Klein showed up to Roane County High School’s prom in a pretty off-shoulder gown. Her
photographer was Maddie Moore.

Gorgeous Madeline McCampbell attended Heritage High School Prom in an amazing emerald green off-shoulder gown. Hope Breeden of Rosalina Photography captured this precious moment.

Beautiful Ella Scott shimmered in her metallic gown with dramatic side details at Meigs Co High School in Decatur, TN. Her photographer was her mom Julie Scott.

Check back next week to see more of our gorgeous Gilded Gown prom girls!