Bridal & Prom Markets – Where We Find The Best Dresses & Accessories

Have you ever wondered where we get our beautiful dresses from at The Gilded Gown?

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We procure all of our luxurious dresses and accessories brand new from various high-quality manufacturers like Justin Alexander, Nina Canacci and Malis Henderson. These manufacturers have retailer web portals that we can log in to in order to look through the current styles and order stock. Our exclusive bridal design houses and prom purveyors send reps to visit us in the store, too. But the primary way we source the absolute best dresses and accessories is by visiting lots and lots of Bridal and Prom Markets!

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Held across the country in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Dallas the Bridal and Prom markets we attend are fun and fabulous, exhausting and exhilarating, educational and glamorous. Bridal and Prom Markets are held in glorious multi-storied buildings filled with gorgeous garments at wholesale pricing.

Each vendor has their own booth showcasing their latest designs. Markets are the place where we immerse ourselves in the behind-the-scenes world of bridal and prom fashion, with designers, models and glittering showrooms galore. Each market is an extended shopping spree of epic proportions! All that sparkle and glamour takes work though! Our ten to twelve-hour shopping sessions require serious fortitude and focus so that we purchase only the very best of the best for our Gilded Gown Girls back home. During the course of the year, we specially select hundreds upon hundreds of dresses, veils, jackets, earrings, necklaces, and headpieces.

We have the opportunity to watch lots of stunning fashion shows while enjoying free food & drinks.

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We visit all of our trusted manufacturers to see the gowns in person to consider the cut, construction, and fabric. We carefully examine each and every item before we order it for our store. We also check for up and coming new designers that we think our customers will gravitate toward.

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A strange phenomenon happens to us at the markets, which we have dubbed, “sparkle head.” That is what happens after several hours of looking at stunningly gorgeous items when we can no longer make any kind of sense, our eyes start watering and we have a desperate need to sit. There is only such beauty one can take in after all. When “sparkle head” sets in, we usually head back to the hotel or a restaurant to decompress and unwind for a bit.

We always work hard, but we play hard too. This year almost our entire staff visited one or more of the markets. It was a great bonding experience for Team GG, and it allowed our stylists to learn even more about the brands we carry at The Gilded Gown.

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Jacqui and Grace find us awesome hotels or Airbnbs to stay in and we usually eat at some world-class restaurants, too. And, sometimes we get in some personal shopping as well.

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As soon as one market season finishes we get a minute to catch our breaths, and then it starts all over again. And we couldn’t love it more!

Beautiful Bridesmaids Gifts for Your #BrideTribe

One of the best parts of planning your wedding is selecting your bridesmaids. You’ll want to choose those “ride or die” girls who know you best. They are the people you want to share all life’s big moments with. Surrounding yourself with your closest family members and your besties who’ve been with you through thick and thin means that you’ll be super supported during your special day. They’re the girls who will keep you relaxed and happy.

But asking someone to be in your wedding means that you’re entrusting them with some serious elements of the planning! Your bridesmaids will be organizing your bachelorette party, and your bridal shower plus handling tons of little details you don’t even want to think about to make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. They’ll also be shelling out for dresses, shoes, and gifts for you. Since you are asking a lot of them you’ll want to show your love and appreciation with amazing bridesmaid gifts. Here are some gorgeous items we know your bride tribe will love:


Jewelry and accessories are a timeless gift that all of your ladies will appreciate. To make this very easy on you, head to The Gilded Gown to snag gorgeous accessories. This way, your bridesmaids’ jewelry or hair accessories for your wedding will match the theme of your day perfectly.

A pretty necklace is a classic bridesmaid present. Get matching necklaces for all your maids to wear on your wedding day. And, one for yourself, of course.

A hot trend in gifting is bolo bracelets. We have sweet options in silver, gold and rose gold:

Your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in matching pearl drop earrings, like these from The Gilded Gown:


If your girls tend to rock different styles, consider gifting them something more individualistic and not necessarily meant to be worn on your wedding day. Depending on your budget, jewelry stores usually have great options for bridesmaids. Or, head to your friend’s favorite store to shop for jewelry. Think Pandora if they like to be on-trend. Or if they’re a lover of all things vintage the internet is a great resource. We found tons of cute antique options on Ruby Lane.

Stylin’ Sunnies

Everyone loves a pair of stylish sunglasses! Giving fashionable frames as a gift that your squad can wear during your reception and ceremony is a great way to show how grateful you are. Your maids will be able to shield their eyes from the sun AND look glam in matching sunnies. 

Choose a style that compliments your wedding vibe, and your girls will be wearing this gift long after your wedding has come and gone! Plus, your fiancee could order the same shades for his groomsmen and the whole wedding party would be looking good together.

Fun Floral Robes

If you plan to have your photographer on site as you and your crew get ready for your big day then consider purchasing matching floral robes for your bridesmaids as a thank you. Cute robes like this are very trendy right now and make for fun pics of you and your tribe!

They are also great to get ready in because no one will have to worry about messing up their hair or makeup when they go to change into their dress. Plus they are so pretty!


Phone Cases

Another great gift option for your bridesmaids are these pink leather phone cases. Personalize them with a monogram so each friend knows you put extra thought and love when it came to a thank you gift. This is another gift that keeps on giving and will be used by your crew until the next iPhone comes out!

And, we are obsessed with everything from Rifle Paper Co. Your maids will be too. Their phone cases are #bomb, like this clear gold foil toile case:

Or this adorable printed case:

Lil’ Things

Sometimes the littlest gesture can make the greatest gift. We adore these bride squad luggage tags which are less than five dollars each:

Another stellar choice for your maids? Pinch Provisions MiniEmergency Kit for Maids. This kit is chock-full of 21 little essentials (like hairspray and earring backs) that can save the day on your big day. And it is less than $20, too!


One of our fave ideas for bridesmaids gifts is a pair of darling tennis shoes. Everybody loves a signature tennie, and how cute would it be if all your maids changed into these vintage blossom Keds to break it down on the dance floor at your reception? And how fun would it be to have a group pic with everyone lifting up their dresses to show their dancing shoes?

Any of these presents are the perfect way to thank your bridesmaids for their friendship and support from the moment you were engaged to the day you become a Mrs.! They work together tirelessly to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams and these gifts will help show your love and appreciation. Wrap their gifts in personalized boxes, like these, for the perfect finishing touch for your girls.



BRIDAL NAIL TRENDS. Inspo for Your Wedding Day Mani

Your perfect wedding day look requires attention to every detail. You’ll be focusing on your dress, shoes, bridal accessories, makeup, and hair. And we know you’ll want your nails to be on point for your walk down the aisle, too. We sourced some of the prettiest manicures around to inspire you to focus in on your favorite style for your special day. From Matte to Sparkly we have beautiful options to fit every brides’ vibe.


With matte nails, it’s all about a flat finish that delivers major style in a very non-shiny way. A pinky taupe matte mani is a subtle way to “bring it” with a finished yet understated nail.

A softer take on matte, “Sue” by Zoya in champagne gold, features a multi-hued oyster shell pearl fleck in a velvety matte finish. So pretty and bridal.

For a more dramatic manicure, try a navy polish. We picture this at a luxe fall wedding. Preferably holding a greenery bouquet.


We adore the lace nail trend for a sweet and romantic mani. Nailstamp4fun created a lovely look featuring lace nails along with a single jeweled accent nail.

Lace patterns are inherently romantic so they pair perfectly with a wedding day polish.


Pale pink is, we believe, the quintessential and classic nail polish color for brides. Our pick for the prettiest pink is hands down Essie’s “Ballet Slippers.”

After all, this $9 polish WAS Meghan Markle’s pick on her recent wedding day to Prince Harry.


Has anyone else noticed how popular the color yellow is lately? We are seeing it on Pinterest, on the Gram, on cool chicks around town. Even every tv commercial seems drenched in variations of the sunny shade. We love the idea of an adorably fresh and sweet pale yellow hue for a wedding day look, like this shade “Meet A Boy As Cute As Can Be,” by OPI. Love this lemony shade? Hurry it is on clearance now at Sally Beauty for less than four dollars!!!!



Looking for something cutting edge and trendy for your wedding nails? Then say “hello” to Orbit Nails – where each nail features a thin outline of color around a solid oval of another color. We adore this tiffany blue edged with black version of the polish.

Or try a classic black and white combo for a more traditional take on the trend:



You can never go wrong with a french manicure, a style which features a band of white polish across the tip of the nail and a contrasting clear or pale polish underneath. Your look will say classy, clean and perfectly groomed with a french mani.

We really like this one by trendsetting Greek nail salon File and Style. So crisp and polished.


A pure white manicure and matching pedicure is a perfect pick for brides. File and Style does bridal right.


The perfect shade for fall weddings (and for fall anything really), is the legacy Essie color “Bordeaux.”  The deep red wine lacquer is one of the company’s original polish colors from way back in 1981. But hey, when you design the absolute ultimate burgundy color you can keep on making it year after year. And it will continue being rediscovered by fashionistas year after year. This intoxicating manicure would be amazing for any bride. And us. We need this.


Are you a blingy bride who loves some glam and sparkle? Well, then you will gravitate toward these glittery manicures.

We think these gorgeous silver glitter dusted nails by the creative sisters of Canadian nail company KnailArt would make any glam bride happy.

Whatever style captures your heart, dear brides, we do hope you found some inspiration in the latest nail trends. As for us, we are headed out to get the Essie “Bordeaux” asap, after all, we wholeheartedly agree with the philosophy of Audrey Hepburn who famously said, “I believe in manicures.”


HONEYMOON: Venice, A City of Untold Romance

Are you looking for a honeymoon destination that will deliver romance on a grand scale? We suggest the magical, achingly beautiful, utterly romantic city of Venice! Steeped in history, culture, and beauty this is a place which has only a single road, but hundreds of scenic water canals lined with stunning Renaissance and Gothic palaces. This gem in northern Italy is constructed entirely upon more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Every journey around town is a fairy tale moment, every meal is a memory, every view a feast for the eyes.

You’ll want to stay at least three days to truly experience the charms of Venice. Once you arrive, though, you’ll never want to leave. Schedule your visit during the months of September to November and you can experience the wonder without fighting crowds or paying premium prices for your hotel. The temperature can range from the upper 30s to the mid 70s during this time so you’ll need to pack some layers.

Where to Stay:

Our top pick for where to stay in Venice is the Hotel Canal Grande. This former noble residence is an elegant boutique hotel which faces onto the Grand Canal and overlooks a picturesque Venetian square. Situated just a few minutes from the Santa Lucia train station and Piazzale Roma, the Hotel Canal Grande is the ideal starting point for reaching all of the city’s most renowned sites. You can book here for about $200 per night.

Stay here and you will be enveloped in the magical atmosphere of ancient Venice just as if you traveled back in time. The hotel is loaded with items from a more luxurious era: rich fabrics, gilded mirrors, Murano glass, furniture decorated with gold leaf and gorgeous Rezzonico wood floors. You will be completely immersed in the atmosphere of 18th century Venice, but with every modern convenience (like Wi-Fi, Room Service, and Satellite TV) at your fingertips.

Oh, and the Hotel Canal Grande features its own private dock so you can quickly arrive and depart by private water taxi or gondola.

What to See:

When you are in a city such as Venice, where everywhere you look is breathtaking, you can simply just be there and be supremely satisfied. However, there are a few amazing places you will want to make time to enjoy.

Start at the Piazza San Marco. This square is the central point of the city and is the only”piazza” in Venice; the other squares are called “campi.” This is a pedestrian-only zone and visitors can enjoy the open space, outdoor cafes, and shops beneath the surrounding covered arcades. Be sure to try the famous Caffe Florian. The square is also renowned for its multitude of pigeons, but don’t feed them, it’s illegal. At the end of the square, you’ll find the Grand Canal and the mooring area for Venetian gondolas.  

Piazza San Marco

We recommend Alex Hai Gondola Tours for exploring all of Venice via the picturesque waterways.

Venice’s main street, Merceria, leads onto the square through the arch in Saint Mark’s Clocktower.

Saint Mark’s Clocktower

You will have to visit the Basilica di San Marco, the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice located at the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco. It is the most famous of the city’s churches and one of the best-known examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture. Since the 11th century, the astoundingly beautiful building has been called the “church of gold” for its opulent design, gold ground mosaics, and its status as a symbol of Venetian wealth and power.

Ponte di Rialto or The Rialto Bridge is the heart of Venice, and it is the oldest bridge spanning the Grand Canal. This is a great bridge to share a kiss under!

There are so many other attractions to experience in Venice as well. Go there and it will take you places you’ve never dreamed of. Ancient palaces, historic churches, romantic restaurants, chic shops, fishing islands, museums, charming squares are all at your disposal. Wherever Venice leads you, you will leave with memories to last a lifetime.

From the most cliched experiences to the surreal moments, a honeymoon spent in Venice will provide the most romantic backdrop for everything you do. Be it kissing on a gondola ride or witnessing a romantic sunset, Venice has the capability of turning every ordinary moment into an extraordinary memory. We think Truman Capote perfectly captured the spirit of the place, when he famously said, “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate in one go.”

STYLED SHOOT: Vintage Country Wedding Inspo

On a recent gorgeous and sunny weekend, we were thrilled to participate in a charming wedding shoot with lots of wonderful wedding pros. This Vintage Country Wedding Styled Shoot was expertly captured by the talented Ashlyn Socinski Photography against the backdrop of Sevierville’s picturesque venue The River Place.  Ashlyn originally planned a much simpler shoot featuring a female model in a wedding dress alongside some of Southern Vintage Girls‘ amazing props. But as luck would have it she found a male model, then a hair and makeup artist materialized. Then the wonderful staff at Southern Girls Vintage were able to secure the use of The River Place and the whole shoot blossomed from there into a fully developed and inspirational wedding photo shoot. The perfect weather, fresh air, and green grass along with the lovely setting, combined with all the amazing florals, cool vintage pieces and the vibrant young couple all combined into something truly special.

Set in the heart of the Smoky Mountains and brimming with classic southern charm, The River Place boasts panoramic mountain views and a riverfront property. And, they have an awesome vintage truck perfect for posing on!!!! We have all the feels for this natural setting. The sweetest spot for a rustic wedding day.

The adorable couple looks like a real-life bride and groom on the happiest day of their lives, don’t they? The gorgeous cap-sleeve gown is currently a popular style at The Gilded Gown.

The bride, beautiful model Ms. Ashton Crow, happened to be visiting family in town. Ashton hails from Augusta, Georgia. She is such a natural in front of the camera! Her lovely, lush bouquet was the handiwork of D Garden by Dustin Manning. The pretty pinks really make her blue eyes pop!

Dustin also made all the other stunning arrangements! The rich, saturated pink flowers are offset by lots of greenery and the wired burlap ribbon adds that country finishing touch.

If by chance the handsome male model looks familiar to you, that’s because he is none other than Lawson Bates from the reality TV show Bringing Up Bates. Lawson is currently an up and coming musician in Nashville, Tennessee. He proved his prowess in front of the camera! #allstar

Southern Vintage Girls provided all the perfect props, like this fabulous antique settee, which features prominently in the pics.

They offer a unique collection of vintage and specialty event rentals including furniture, decor, and tabletop items for weddings and events.

Young love, even staged, just makes us happy.

We love the relaxed and carefree vibes from the day.

We have to say hair and makeup artist Miranda Goff absolutely outdid herself! Ashton’s bridal look was pure perfection. BTW Miranda is also a local photographer in Sevierville.

We want to give a shout out to all those who worked so hard to make this photo shoot so beautiful! Thank you for allowing us to contribute the dress!


PHOTOS | Ashlyn Socinski Photography

VENUE | The River Place

RENTALS | Southern Vintage Girls

FLORAL | D Garden by Dustin Manning


HAIR | Miranda Godd

MAKEUP | Miranda Godd

BRIDE | Ashton Crow

GROOM | Lawson Bates

Gown and accessories: The Gilded Gown

STYLED SHOOT: Every Bride Is Beautiful at Cardwell Manor

We were thrilled to provide the dresses and accessories for an amazing, multi-bride styled shoot this summer held at the gorgeous Cardwell Manor, a venue rich in character and steeped in history. Knoxville Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer Amber Lowe, of Amber Lowe Photo, beautifully captured SEVEN different brides in SEVEN completely different bridal looks against the gorgeous backdrop of Cardwell Manor. Each bride had a distinct look, complete with beautiful hair by on-location stylist Christi Piontkowski of Knoxville Bridal Hair. Makeup Artist Lindsay Conroy of The Skin Lash & Lab made sure every bride was flawless. And the breathtaking florals were courtesy of the talented Dustin Manning of D Garden Floratique. All the gorgeous models combined with our fabulous dresses and accessories plus the stellar efforts of all the other bridal pros involved made for a heavenly, inspirational photo shoot! Sigh.

Any venue boasting a #bomb pink bathtub immediately jumps to the top of the list of our fave wedding locales. Especially when they styled an amazing shot such as this! Our lovely bride is wearing a soft English Net Grecian gown in Misty Rose/Sand/Nude by Sincerity from Justin Alexander. A matching plunging V-neckline and back adds romance to this comfortable jersey lined gown. This look pairs perfectly with vibrant hair, a glass of Rose, and, of course, a Tiara.

A vision in lace, this bride is wearing a stunning v neck full-length bridal gown, in ivory, with a semi-cathedral train. Check out the cool hanging garland and billowy white drapes, oh, and that BOUQUET! So romantic!!

Captured in a moment of reverie while sitting in a lovely vintage chair, this bride is wearing a drapey, full-length satin gown with lavish beading at the shoulders.

A two-piece wedding dress? Why, yes, please, if it is composed of modern lace, with three-quarter sleeves and beautiful like this one by Justin Alexander.

A classic strapless sweetheart ballgown graces this beautiful bride. Loads of lovely viory tulle is lavished with embroidery and beading at the bust and the waist. 

Sleek and sophisticated and wearing blush pink, this beauty is dressed in satin with buttons to the train.

But wait, check out the racer back, which is….everything…

Feeling extra flirty? Maybe you’d like to consider this bold & boho three-piece bridal ensemble from Justin Alexander, which features a bustier, wide leg pants and an off-shoulder FRINGE overlay.

Here’s a better look at those pants:


We adore this bridal braid with a delicate intertwined hair vine.

A view of the porch at Cardwell, with all the gorgeous brides, and a ton of amazing florals. Swoon!

There are interesting antiques and artwork at every turn. Cardwell Manor makes an amazing canvas for any wedding.

Wedding day makeup needs to be perfection. Regard perfection:

The perfect bouquet sets the stage for your wedding day look, like the bountiful bundle of fall toned florals paried with sprigs of greenery below:


Thank you to all the models, and the wedding professionals who made this day happen.

Dress and Accessories | @thegildedgown

Photographer | @amberlowephoto

 Venue | @cardwellmanor

Hair | @knoxvillebridalhair

Makeup | @lindsayconroy.skinlashlab

Floral | @october_design_guy


10 Wonderful Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

We’ve all been to weddings where the favors (though well-intended) were just not that, shall we say, “useful.” And most of those ended up gathering dust or worse, thrown in the trash. We don’t want that for YOUR wedding. No, no, no. Consider gifting your guests with wedding favors that they will actually love and really use! We’ve compiled a list of the top ten wedding favors that will make your guests very happy!

1 | Popcorn

Ahh, popcorn. Served at all the best events! Movies, Fairs, Circuses, Theme Parks, Beach Boardwalks. So why not your wedding too? Popcorn epitomizes light-hearted food fun. so what better way to entertain your loved ones on your wedding day than to provide them with a buffet of flavored treats? We know we’d be selecting the kettle corn option. Or maybe the butter toffee…

We love the idea of these sweet little jars of unpopped kernels. These cheap and easy DIY favors can be made well in advance of the wedding, and will certainly be appreciated by your guests.


2 | Soap

Your friends and family most likely use soap every single day, so we are pretty sure they will actually use a sudsy bar of goodness. Soap can be packaged a myriad of awesome, cute ways, such as in a lil’ parchment pouch with a thank you card attached, like so:

You can go high-end and cool like these handmade soaps. Inspired by quartz, these soaps resemble rocks, are tied with gold cord, and were also featured on Ruffled.

Check out this French Country bonanza of lavender infused soaps in a rustic basket. We love how each soap is beautifully packaged with a stalk of lavender.

3 | Tiny Succulents

Succulents are a wonderful option for your wedding favors: they’re “green,” they’re attractive, and they can double as place settings AND decor at your event.

Your guests will be clamoring to pick up their very own tiny succulents. They will find good homes on window sills, desks and coffee tables.

We love this little army of cacti in galvanized pails, just waiting to be oohed and ahhed over.

4 | Matches

Matchbox favors are super affordable, customizable and a really cute takeaway for your guests! Everyone needs matches, and we’re pretty sure your friends and family will keep their box of matches from your special day for years to come. Each time they open that catch-all drawer in their kitchen and see your matches, they’ll be like, “Oh, that was a great wedding.”

Beaucoup offers a set of 50 personalized matchboxes for about $30.

BeSpoke Bride has a great DIY for making your own matchbook covers for your wedding.

5 | Bottle Openers

Bottle openers make fabulous favors. These practical gifts will be popping off lids well into the future. We love these antiqued bronze key bottle openers from

6 | Honey

Individual pots of honey will add a touch of sweetness to the end of your wedding day. How adorable are these jars of honey with dipper sticks attached?

Custom Love Gifts offers precious fabric topped honey favors, too:

7 | Candy Bar

Some things in life are just going to make people happy. And, candy is one of those things. Install a sweets bar at your wedding reception and watch your guests gather round it with big smiles on their faces! Everyone turns into gleeful kids when surrounded by Sour Patch, Twizzlers, and Gummies!

It doesn’t even have to be an elaborate buffet of candy to make your loved one’s day. A simple display of Hershey’s kisses, (with a scoop to load them into takeaway containers) provides a joyful goodbye for your guests. We guess they’ll be unwrapping a few before they even make it to their cars!


8 | Mini Bottles of Liquor

Nothing says “celebration” like champagne. Provide your guests with their own take-home mini bottles of bubbly for a memorable and festive favor.

Now, this is a favor table the guys will love! Mini bottles of alcohol all lined up, just waiting to be happily pocketed by all your wedding guests.

9 | Spice

Something a bit unexpected, but also useful for your guests are mini spices bottles. Spice lasts practically forever, and it adds so much flavor and excitement to food. Don’t you adore the idea of your guests making a delicious meal using your favors? These cuties are from

Order your own custom spice blend from Wedding Spice Favors, or use some of their prepackaged options. Our pick? Himalayan Pink Salt.

10 | Mints

Send your guests on their way with a tasty, edible favor. Mints, like the pretty ones in plastic cases, below, are treats guests will be thrilled to take home.

An easy DIY version, buy prepackaged mints and simply add your own labels.

No matter what tokens you provide your guests, Including favors at your wedding is the nicest way to show your gratitude and appreciation to all.

CAKE BREAK: Geometric Wedding Cakes Deliver Major Style

We are super inspired by all things geometric lately. From decor to furniture…geometric patterns like squares, hexagons, and triangles are taking the design world by storm. For example, these lovely wall hangings pair the clean lines of the copper geometric forms with lush floral arrangements. So modern, fresh and pretty. And perfect for weddings!

This same design aesthetic has also been making an appearance on wedding cakes lately. From Pinterest to Instagram, we’ve sourced lots of inspiring options for anyone looking for a hip wedding cake. Irresistible geometric cakes run the style gamut from softly romantic to boldly graphic and can add a lot of impact to your wedding day!

We love this moody, purple take on a geometric cake featured on The three-tiered cake uses pops of gold and black for a striking effect.

Honey Crumb Cake Studio created this pristine marbled cake with rose gold geometric details and a sugar succulent cluster.

photo by blue rose photography

Triple tiers of rich, dark navy fondant covered cake are accented with gold geometric details and topped with beautiful florals from the amazing artistry of Marie Antoinette Cake Design.

We love the bold graphic elements and colors on this bright cake from Very Unique Cakes by Veronique. The black and white stripes paired with the red poppies are so flirty and fun.

Another bright and beautiful cake comes from Jessica Harris Cake Design. This confection combines color and pattern with texture…a stunning combo!!

We found this light and airy dream cake on Pinterest and fell in love with its’ watercolor wash of blue accented with mint and gold geometric elements.

This rustic-glam cake has a geometric shaped top tier and looks perfectly in place perched on a barrel in a barn setting.

The Pink Cake Box created this soft and dreamy confection which combines blush pink, rose gold and grey. The bottom layer is accented with rose gold geometric accents.

Dmytrii Puga designed this arresting, white-on-white geometric masterpiece topped with a deer head sculpture.

Octagon shapes in an array of pretty pastels adorn this three-tiered cake.

Another octagon-adorned cake in white with gold.

A vision of mid-modness, this geometric cake incorporates brightly colored circles and off-centered layers.

This exquisitely crafted one-of-a-kind cake features black stripes over white layers and vibrant sugar floral elements and is from The Mischief Makers Cakes.

MODwedding showcased this sweet cake with soft pink geometric shapes in 3D. The design is simple yet utterly captivating.

This mega-tiered cake is a beautiful combination of gold, white and green. We especially love the base and all the geometric risers.

How gorgeous is this five-tiered wedding cake from Sweet Cheeks Baking Company? The sweet blush pink topped with glittery gold and highlighted with mint green geometry makes our hearts sing.

The Wedding Cake Boutique created this clean-lined, contemporary cake with blue diamond embellishments.

What’s better than one kick-bootie geometric cake? Three of them!!!


Another visually stunning option, geometric-cake wise, comes from A,Elizabeth Cakes. Tiers upon tiers of soft cake rounds are accented with lovely florals in the palest of pinks and 3D shapes in copper.

If you are passionate about purple, consider this cake featured on Wedding Chicks. The bottom marbled layer sets the stage for drama while purple, black, silver and gold combine for a major punch of style.



REAL WEDDING: Macy & Tyler, Best Friends Who Fell in Love

Macy Blevins


Tyler Isaacs


Macy and Tyler have a heart-warming, classic love story. These childhood friends grew up together in the same neighborhood, became best friends and then fell in love.

Tyler’s family moved into Macy’s neighborhood (Meadow Oaks Subdivision in Maryville, TN) when she was in 1st grade. Tyler’s twin sister Emily and Macy quickly became the best of friends along with another neighbor Candice Huffstetler. Meanwhile, Tyler made fast friends with Lee, Paul and Jack Bristol; David Shields, Andrew Godfrey, Keith Ivens and Jacob Blevins (Macy’s little brother). The tight-knit group of boys became known as “The MOB” or “The Meadow Oaks Boys.” The girls in the neighborhood were often referred to as “The Meadow Oaks Beauties.” All the kids played together, but mostly the boys ran from the girls. Until they got older…

They took their group seriously. Mary Bristol, an artist in the neighborhood, even made them matching T-Shirts. Friends from other neighborhoods could become Honorary Members, like Tyler’s best friend Chad, who lived elsewhere and would come and hang out with the “The MOB” too.

Amazingly, all these kids stayed in the neighborhood through their growing up years. And all their friendships endured. They spent each summer together and forged lifelong friendships. As they grew up though they started to go their separate ways. Macy left for her first year of college at ETSU. Tyler attended the University of Tennessee. They still saw each other on visits home and continued their friendship.

Macy began to see Tyler in a different light when he returned home after his first year of college. She told her mother, Mary, “I think I might have a weird crush on Tyler.” At the time they were both dating other people. A year or so passed and another summer rolled around in Meadow Oaks. This time they were both single. Tyler must have been sweet on Macy too because he invited her for coffee and doughnuts. Their first date was amazing, but there was just one problem. Tyler had to leave the next day.

Tyler, who served in the National Air Guard during college, was deployed to the UAE for six months. But, the couple stayed in touch every single day with phone calls and texts. When Tyler was finally scheduled to come home, Macy wasn’t sure if they were officially “dating” or not. The minute he was back though, her doubts evaporated.

The adventurous young pair shares a love for travel. That first summer they visited Texas where they hiked and camped. They went all through the Rio Grande Valley. They stayed in Marfa and fell in love with the town.

They spent a very happy year enjoying each other’s company and doing fun things. Somewhere along the way, they realized they had fallen in love.

They spoke of marriage and even shopped for rings, but Macy made sure Tyler knew she wanted to be surprised when he proposed.

The next summer they went back to Texas and Tyler surprised Macy by proposing in one of their favorite places, Marfa. Macy said “YES!”

They were engaged for almost a year.  They spent the year planning their wedding and enjoyed lots of trips through national parks in Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. They even visited Hawaii.

Macy and Tyler got married on a bright and beautiful summer day in June, outdoors, underneath a beautiful wooden arbor hand-built by Macy’s father Scott Blevins at Smith Event Centers in Maryville, TN.

About 150 guests attended. Touchingly, every single boy from the MOB were the groomsmen, along with Honorary MOB member Chad. They were all decked out in suits from Regal Tuxedo. Emily, Tyler’s twin sister, served as Macy’s maid of honor. Macy’s bridesmaids also included Candice Huffstetler, Jessica Lavendar, Jordan Puente Jordan, Brianna Goins, Kayla Bachman, Kyra Tedford, and Kyla Murphy.

Beautiful Macy was absolutely radiant in her dress and accessories from The Gilded Gown.

Macy and Tyler’s happy day was perfectly captured by Chelsey Wiliams Photography. Below is a photo of the gorgeous couple with Macy’s family.

Her stunning mother, Mary, is a popular bridal stylist at The Gilded Gown.

Macy’s wedding colors of lavender and sea glass are evident in her lush & lovely floral arrangements from Maryville Flower Shop.

Bradford Catering prepared a bountiful feast with several breakfast stations including a Biscuit Bar and a Fruit and Cheese Table. The couple also included a Coffee and Doughnut Station in honor of their first date.

Cheers to the happy couple. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. And lots of adventures!



Dress & Accessories: The Gilded Gown

Tuxes: Regal Tuxedo

Photographer: Chelsey Wiliams Photography

Venue:  Smith Event Centers

Catering: Bradford Catering

Florist: Maryville Flower Shop

Hair: The Body Shop Salon and Spa in Alcoa, TN

Makeup: Amanda Singleton

Event Planner: Christian Russell

Officiant: Pastor Gary Stinnett



HAIR TREND: Bridal Ponytails

Oh Hey, ponytail! You’re our go-to hairstyle for our bad hair days, whenever we get hot, our fave workout “do.” You’re our savior when we’re running late and have to throw some style together on the fly. We appreciate you for all those times. But oh how you’ve changed….now you’ve been beautifully elevated and polished into a new bridal trend!

We’ve rounded up a bevy of gorgeous, inspiring, wedding-worthy ponytails to compliment any bridal vibe from romantic, to boho to uber-sophisticated.

 Loose & Wavy

The Loose & Wavy Ponytail is the perfect compliment to a delicate, romantic wedding. Soft waves can be worn on the side, at the nape of your neck or even with a center part. Let strands of hair escape to highlight your face. Tuck in a beautiful hair accessory or some fresh flowers for even more beauty. Loose & Wavy Ponytails work so well for outdoor ceremonies, whether it be on a beach, in a garden, or a barn.

The perfect hairstyle to wear in a field of flowers as you marry the one who makes your heart sing.

Sleek & Smooth

The Sleek & Smooth Ponytail is super glam, super straight, and very current. This style incorporates lots of product to ensure that not a hair escapes at your event. The Sleek Ponytail has hair pulled firmly into a tail, sometimes with a section of hair wrapped around for a stylish finish. We think this style fits for sophisticated weddings.

A lower, side-parted Sleek & Smooth Ponytail imparts a fresh, simple, and clean look. 

If the Sleek & Smooth Ponytail is good enough for the runway its good enough for your wedding day!

Sweet & Side Swept

The Sweet & Side Swept Ponytail compliments wedding dresses with simple necklines, with beautiful illusion bodices and perfectly balances one-shouldered gowns. The side pony can be worn straight, wavy or curly.  Of course, the side pony looks even better when paired with a beautiful bridal hair accessory! And it is just so darn charming!

We love the addition of a few twists or a braid or two for a modern boho vibe. Add in a gorgeous bridal hair vine and you will rock your bridal pony!

Tousled & Textured

We love the voluminous, textured style of a tousled ponytail. This style looks “messy” but it is actually a carefully orchestrated combo of styling techniques, product, and accessories. This carefree style works well with boho, eclectic wedding day looks.

We think the best hairstyles look natural and unstructured. Like, you could have possibly done your hair yourself. But you couldn’t possibly do your hair yourself, ya know?

Inverted & Inside Out

One of our favorite ponytail styles for weddings involves an inverted twist. Remember the “topsy tail” from years ago? This style incorporates the inside out technique but updates it to a beautiful bridal-worthy version.

This is an effortless-looking style, which looks awesome with the addition of a few twists.

Bouffant & Beautiful

The Bouffant & Beautiful Ponytail uses expert styling for a modern take on a classic, vintage hairstyle. We love the high hair at the crown contrasted with a simple ponytail. A gorgeous headband doesn’t hurt things either!

We adore this edgy Bouffant & Beautiful ponytail that Nicole Kidman is rocking.

This style also looks amazing with some sideswept bangs.


We hope you found some ponytail inspo! And next time you are pulling your hair up in an elastic we hope you remember that your standby hairstyle can be transformed into a stunning, bridal-worthy design on your wedding day.