The Best After-Christmas Gifts to get for YOURSELF

Ahhhh, the holidaze. You’ve decorated, baked, cleaned, shopped, attended parties, and given of yourself tirelessly. Your loved one’s Christmas gifts have all been lovingly selected, wrapped and distributed by you, and opened by them, and that is such a relief, isn’t it? But now it’s time to treat YOURSELF in order to rejuvenate after the holiday hubbub. Rewarding yourself isn’t selfish, it’s crucial to your well-being. Buying a few little luxuries of your own will not only boost your mood, and provide motivation in the coming months but it will also give you more fuel to provide for the others in your life as we head into 2018. Don’t worry, you don’t need to search these items out, either, because we’ve compiled a few of our favorite after-Christmas gifts you can give yourself.

First up, you’ll be needing the perfect NYE dress! Our pick? This strappy, sequined slip dress from Target. Available for less than $25, this sparkly dress will solve that age-old question of “what am I gonna wear?” with ease!!! Universally flattering, this stunner can be worn with bare legs and arms for all out glam, or you could layer it over black tights and add a fuzzy cardi for a more covered up but still fancy version.

Complete your New Year’s Eve look with a modern “wow” statement in the form of these sapphire blue crushed velvet booties! These bold heels will work with dresses or pants (even jeans) for so many fun looks. You will get so much wear out of these guys. AND, you deserve them!!!

And, add some rose gold dangle earrings for less than $10, for added sparkle and pizzazz. We love the vintage vibe of these ornate cutout danglers! They’ll be wearable long past your NYE celebrations!

A new year is beginning, and you’ll be needing a fresh purse that you can throw on for all your countless errands and appointments. We think you should look stylish and also be very, very comfortable with a smaller, crossbody option. Our pick is this easy to wear Kate Spade New York Mulberry Street Pyper Pebbled Leather Crossbody Ocean Ice Blue:


And, of course, you’ll be needing a few indulgent baths with candles to get you through the winter. (Most women list a candlelit bubble bath as the most relaxing treat of all.) We got you!

We think this set of twelve bath bombs from Amazon by LifeAround2Angels will be super moisturizing and therapeutic. Handmade with all natural ingredients like Shea & Coco Butter, these soothing bombs will provide hours of relaxation time. And fun, ‘cuz they fizz like crazy and turn the water joyful colors (but don’t worry, they don’t stain the tub!)

For your candle, we suggest an absolute extravagance. Diptyque’s Baies Candle, a sumptuous scent composed of blackcurrant leaves and roses, comes in a gorgeous glass container. Heck we even love the box. This is a Parisian luxury candle that you will savor every time you light it.

Go ahead and spoil yourself! You matter! You deserve it!  You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection!

CAKE BREAK: Wreath and Garland Wedding Cakes

The Christmas holiday is upon us, and we’re pretty sure when you hear the words “wreath” and “garland,” Christmas decorations spring to mind. But we aren’t talking about those fragrant signs of the season. We are talking about a stylish take on Wedding Cakes that has nothing to do with Santa and his reindeer, but has everything to do with a perfect desert on your wedding day cake table.

Boho brides, we know you love your floral crowns and greenery halos! We do too. But did you know that this free-spirited trend has made its way onto wedding cakes? Pastry chefs and wedding cake bakers everywhere have been turning out tons of artsy-chic garland and wreath cakes. They’ve basically taken style inspiration from what you want to wear in your hair and translated it into cake decorations. De La Rosa Cakes & Cupcakes is responsible for the sweet boho wedding cake crowned with a floral wreath below (image by Sonya Khegay):

These whimsical wedding cakes are adorned with wreaths, or garlands, or swags of something beautiful. These bakery delights can be topped with anything from handmade sugar confections to natural elements – and therefore they can lend themselves to any style wedding decor. For example, if you are planning a feminine-but-rustic nuptial, take a peak at this glorious customized cake by Baker’s Brew Studio, which features hydrangeas, greens and twigs. It is the absolute perfect combination of girly & foresty. Perched atop of wood slice, the swag of loveliness accentuates the delicateness of the pale pink ombre cake. We know, you want a matching crown to wear. We do too.

Are you going with mocha and peach tones for your wedding palette? Get inspired by this yummy milk chocolate and gold three-tiered cake from designer Susan Trianos which features a twig wreath, leaves, tiny beaded pods and one gorgeous rose.

Going for a preppy, Southern-style, Kate Spadesque wedding soiree? Then you’ll be wanting a crisp black and white striped cake with a boxwood wreath, like this one:


For all you DIYers who plan to decorate your own cake, we love this square boxwood wreath to add a dose of classic sophistication to your cake at your wedding, available at Target for $26.99, (and just right to hang on your new front door in the future), here:

Are you planning a Spring garden wedding with shades of pistachio & mint? We bet you’ll be majorly inspired by this fabulous option from Wedding Cakes by Design; a marbled, three-tiered confection adorned with a stunning wreath of Juliet roses, tea roses and trailing vines:


The perfect cake stand for your wreath or garland wedding confection? We suggest this gorgeous, modern marble & acacia wood cake stand, available at Target for $24.99 here:

Are you looking for a super-simple but elegant cake for your intimate wedding? Might we suggest this option, a white cake encircled with laurel. (Cool fact: Laurel crowns were worn as a mark of honor in the past):

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a greenery garland is to simply encircle the base of a cake. We love the clean, fresh look which would be a snap to recreate for yourself very affordably. Just purchase a white cake and wrap a garland around it. Use a fresh strand of greenery from your florist, or purchase an artificial one.

Is your wedding more of a floral garland cake type of affair? Then, try this adorable floral garland, for under $40, available here:

We are enchanted with the posh British cake design house Rosalind Miller‘s botanical collection, (image by Mowie Kay) seen below. Swags of sugar florals never looked more gorg!


However you envision your special day, there is the perfect garland or wreath cake for you. You’ll love it so much it will feel like Christmas!



STYLED SHOOT: Chic Moody Wedding Inspiration with Erin Morrison Photography






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Groom’s Attire | REGAL TUXEDO



Rock Prom! Find the Best Dress for Your Body Type

Selecting the perfect prom dress that looks like it was practically made for you, is all about embracing your body type and celebrating your favorite features. Everybody has body parts they worry about. Short, thin, tall, curvy, well-endowed or tiny, all girls want to look their absolute best at Prom. Accentuate your positives, dress to flatter your figure and you will rock your prom dress for sure! It’s all about balance and proportions. Want to pick the best prom dress for your own special body type? Read on for some easy tips on how to select a style that fits YOU best! Remember our friendly stylists at The Gilded Gown are trained to assist you find the absolute perfect style that you will love, too.

Are you Petite?

Try a dress with a sheath or column silhouette, ‘cuz those long, lean lines lengthen the body visually. Princess seams which run vertically up and down a dress will also make you look taller. If you want a princess style ballgown, try one with a strapless, sweetheart top but a flowy skirt. The fewer layers in your skirt, the better. Short dresses are also good for petites, especially when paired with some amazing high heels. Empire waisted gowns are another perfect option!

Column silhouette with princess seams and sweetheart neckline

Are you worried about your bust?

Keep the girls in check with a corset style dress with built-in boning. The structure and support will have you carefree and dancing. Or, try an illusion top gown for tons of security. We love their ease of wear. And you can’t go wrong with a defined waist dress!

Illusion Top gown with a defined waist

Want a boost in your bust?

Your best choice is a plunging v neck dress. These dresses feature super low necklines, sometimes with sheer panels, which are very popular this year. You can also try a dress that is heavily beaded or sequined on the bust area to emphasize what you’ve got. A sweetheart neckline accentuates as well.


Plunging V

Heavily Embellished Bodice

Want to look little in the middle?

A-line gowns are the most forgiving style and they are also super easy to wear and comfy. Sitting, dancing, and even eating are no problem in this silhouette. Your midsection will be discreetly concealed by layers and layers of tulle. Another style to try is a dress that features flattering pleats (called ruching) that camouflage any unwanted lady lumps. Consider emphasizing your shoulders with a cap sleeve selection. Creating the illusion of more width in this area will make everything below it appear more narrow.

A line, flowy dress

Concerned about your arms?

Sleeves are cool these days, and we are really happy about that. Try a gown with three-quarter sleeves for a fresh, fun, modern take. You will be covered, but stylin’, with a glamorous lace top.

3/4 Lace Sleeves

What to slim down your lower half?

Try on dresses with A-line skirts, but stay away from anything TOO full to avoid that tu-tu look. We suggest a color blocked dress featuring a fun pattern, with a dark top. Two piece gowns are also a nice option.


Whatever your shape, you can feel confident and beautiful! We invite you to come view our selections for Prom2K18 at The Gilded Gown. We have a huge selection of all styles and colors in stock. Plus all sizes are available from 000-36. Easy layaway program! And, we register your gown so you can be sure to be the only one at your school in your dress.


Woodsy Weddings! Rustic Style Ceremonies are Still a Trend For 2018 #nomasonjarsneeded

When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy,

And the dimpling stream runs laughing by;

When the air does laugh with our merry wit,

And the green hill laughs with the noise of it.

~William Blake

Woodsy Weddings are super popular for 2018, with a bounty of natural elements such as armloads of greenery, shafts of sunlight, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and the glorious woods setting the stage. The upcoming season’s take on the ever-popular rustic themed wedding is an updated, more nature-inspired affair. Think fresh-face brides, hand made signs, whole foods, and the gorgeous backdrop of mother nature.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “A grove of giant redwood or sequoias should be kept just as we keep a great and beautiful cathedral.” And we think exchanging your vows in a forest grove is effortlessly romantic and an appropriate choice of settings. You can enhance the beauty of nature with just a few key pieces of decor such as a hanging crochet arbor, or an antique bike topped with a box overflowing with flowers. Flower petals can still pave the way down the aisle, even in an outdoor “cathedral.”

Something about an outdoor wedding, especially in the woods, evokes a carefree feeling. We love long, loose waves for the bride at such a wild and free ceremony. And we think that keeping decor simple with elements found in nature such as wood slices, wildflowers, and antlers brings home the woodsy spirit. An especially rustic basket would be endearing as a flower girl basket.

Embrace this trend by utilizing vintage glass bottles, galvanized metal pails and stacks of wooden crates. And of course bring in lots of greenery, and lots of unstructured florals. Wayfair has an awesome collection of nine crates on sale for less than $90, available here. You could give them an aged appearance by simply adding a touch of stain. Plus, these crates could easily transition into your home decor after the wedding.

Nothing is more woodsy than, well, actual wood. This is a rustic wedding staple, an element that we’ve seen in years past, and it will remain relevant in 2018. Wood stumps, branches and slices of tree trunks offer limitless possibilities from seating, to place settings to cake stands. Factory Direct Craft sells wood slices here.

For creative, earth-friendly woodsy favors consider handing out evergreen saplings. This gift that is a keepsake which continues to grow with your family and friends. Homespun, handmade favors in simple kraft bags embellished with paper doiles and tied with string are another good choice. Or hand out pine cone fire starters, a great DIY project.

Easy & Affordable


Soy wax flakes


Wired candle wicking

Wooden spoon

Double Boiler

Wax paper

Melt your wax over a double boiler. Let it cool for about 15 minutes. Meantime, wind candle wicking around your pine cones, and tie the end into a little loop at the top of your pinecone. Dip each pinecone in the cooled, melted wax until it is fully submerged. Remove with wooden spoon and let cool on waxed paper. After about 15 minutes re-dip each pinecone. Repeat a couple more times. Re-melt and re-cool wax if needed. You can add color to the wax and scented essential oils to the melted wax if you so desire. Need better instructions? Martha Stewart knows waaay more than we do….here is her recipe



BRIDAL STYLE: Get Your Glow On! Top Performing Primers for a #RadiantWeddingDay

Getting your Glow On is so Important on Wedding Day. ‘Cuz guess what? When your fiancee takes that walk down the aisle towards you, his eyes will be looking in one single place. He’s not gonna be focusing on the gorgeous dress you agonized over, or even your amazing floral crown. He won’t be checking out the perfect bouquet that took weeks of planning with your florist. Neither will he be looking for his friends to high-five down the aisle.

Your guy is gonna be 1000% laser focused on YOU and your beautiful, beautiful face. So, for sure, you are going to want that face to glow. Of course, you WILL already be radiant with happiness; but it won’t hurt to have dewy, plump, natural, healthy, glowy, illuminated skin, too. One way to get that glow? Primers!!! And we’ve got the top ones here for you to choose from!

If you desire a lit-from-within, healthy-looking, radiant face on your wedding day (and we know you do!) we highly recommend BECCA’s Backlight Filter Face Primer, $38 at Sephora. This stuff helps blur imperfections and imparts the most radiant glow to your face, EVER. This magical liquid creates a super-smooth canvas for your makeup, extending its wear for hours and hours. (Long enough for your wedding AND your reception.) Infused with BECCA’s proprietary blend of light enhancing luminescent, crushed pearls, this one-of-a-kind, lightweight, whipped fluid creates and acts as an instant filter. Packed with vitamin E, this wonderful formulation minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Mix a few drops with your foundation for an even more diffused, romantic, soft-focused radiance that allows your complexion to glow.

Want to perform a bit of magic on your face? Try this holy grail primer beloved by makeup artists for years. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, $36 at Sephora (in any of their collection of superstar primers) instantly primes and evens skin tone. Packed with high-def spheres which blur imperfections, this transparent primer gel makes makeup look better and last longer. All you have to do is smooth a layer over clean, moisturized skin before you apply your makeup. Your makeup will glide on flawlessly and even better it will last for hours and hours. Lines and pores will diminish and your skin will look as smooth as a flattering Snapchat filter! Another benefit? It also works on your hair to tame frizzies.

Expect nothing less than a revolutionary beauty product from the storied House of Dior. The respected French fashion house delivers a powerhouse primer, Airflash CC Primer, available for $50 at Neiman Marcus . This one is perfect for brides looking for a radiant complexion! Their revolutionary spray technology brightens dull complexions, color corrects imperfections, erases shadows, AND evens out skin tone. This exclusive formulation includes an energizing mix of minerals to refresh the skin as well as hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth. YASSSS! You can layer this product under your foundation to set and hold, or use it alone for a radiant glow.

For illuminated, effervescent, glowing skin we definitely recommend starting your wedding-day makeup look with a primer. Your skin will look amazing, and your makeup will last through every single step of your day. Most importantly, your guy will fall even more in love with you as he watches only your beautiful, radiant face as he walks towards you and your happy-ever-after.

Save a TON on Your Wedding Dress. The National Bridal Indoor Sidewalk Sale is Going On NOW thru December 23rd!

Beautiful brides, have we got an awesome sale for you! The best sale we’ve ever had in fact!!!! We have extended our National Bridal Indoor Sidewalk Sale Event from now until December 23rd. This is your opportunity to purchase a bridal gown for less! You won’t be sacrificing style or quality, you’ll just be saving a TON of money! And this time of year, as we all know, is hard on the wallet.

What kind of savings can you expect?

You can expect to save from 25% to 50% off designer wedding dresses. Many dresses are priced from $200 – $500 in our sale section! You can also save 50% off on all accessories. That includes veils, jewelry, bridal sashes and more! I know, it’s crazy. But we love our brides, we love the bridal industry, we are grateful for our business built on love, and we love to sell dresses. We love to make people happy, especially when they find the dress that pulls their heart strings. When we are able to pass amazing deals on to our brides, we do. And right now, we are! Please, please come see our luxurious selection of stunning wedding dresses. You’ll be so happy you did. And we will be thrilled to have you.

What kind of selection do you have?

Our store is huge. 6400 square feet of fashion and fun. Our owner likes to stock a ton of dresses. We have sooooooo many dresses right now. And most of them are ON SALE. We have every style from glam to boho. Love lace? We’ve got it! Taffeta? Yep. Satin? Yes, of course. Billowy chiffon? Absolutely.  No matter what your wedding dress vision is, we most likely have a dress to fulfill it.

What designers are on sale?

We carry a large assortment of designers in our bridal boutique. That diversity is reflected in the gowns reduced for this once-in-a-lifetime sale! David Tutera by Mon Cheri Bridal dresses are all marked down half off. Many styles of Justin Alexander, Lillian West, Sincerity and Sweetheart are marked down to 25% to 50% off.  Assorted designers ranging from Maggie Sottero to Romantic Bridals can be found in our regular half-off section, too.

What kind of accessories do you have?

We have EVERYTHING from garters, hair vines, pearl encrusted tiaras, gold crowns, floral crowns, rhinestone combs, bridal sashes, veils of every persuasion, bracelets, earrings, bling and glitz.

Will you have things on sale in my size?

We have every size in stock from 000 to size 36. If you have any concerns about sizes, please call us at The Gilded Gown at 865-329-4905. We’ll be happy to check the sale dresses to see how many we have left in your size.


What kind of financing do you offer?

The Gilded Gown has the easiest four-month layaway plan. There is a $50 layaway fee. That $50 plus the cost of your dress and tax is simply divided by four.  To put your dress (and accessories) on layaway you just pay 25% of the total. Then you just have to make payments for the next three months. Our layaway plan is so popular with our brides because it is easy, affordable and stress-free.

What are our store hours?

The Gilded Gown is open seven days a week. Monday through Saturday our hours are 11 am until 7 pm. On Sunday we are open from noon until 6 pm.

How do you make an appointment:?

Easy, just give us a call at 865-329-4905! Walk-in brides are welcome, but appointments are definitely encouraged on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as we get super crowded.

See you soon! xo


CAKE BREAK: Color Block Wedding Cakes

Design trends usually have an interesting history. The current craze for color blocked confections can be easily traced back to the work of artist Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter whose modern, abstract style was distilled into very simple, geometric paintings. Color-blocking is thought of as the exploration of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. We love how a concept can originate with an artist, pop up in fashion a couple decades later, and then get “discovered” fifty years after that.

Yves Saint Laurant, the famous French clothing designer, inspired by Mondrian, translated the trend into fantastic cocktail dresses back in the 1960s.

So, the colorblock “trend” has been around for awhile – but it’s been cropping up in creative new ways in fashion. From multi-hue dresses to colorful separates to bright accessories, this style is everywhere:

The design world loves color-blocking, and it is showing up in clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture and home decor. We present the joyfully, color blocked, woven Tropicalia chair by Patricia Urquiola:

These days this concept has found its way into the hearts of bakers and brides, and has been transformed into so many beautiful wedding cakes. Some are color blocked on the inside:

But most are color blocked on the outside:

A delicate take on this style trend, uses soft colors and metallic touches to deliver the trend in a classic wedding palette:

The craftsmanship and coolness of the baker at Letterpress Bakery of Canada, produced this combination of color blocking in soft plum, gold and cream paired with succulents for this incredible work:

The addition of lush florals add romance to multi-tiered cakes in tones of burgundy, pink and grey:

The black, gold and white color blocking on this dramatic cake radiates style:

De La Creme Creative Studio, a powerhouse bakery located in St. Louis, Missouri, makes literally the most beautiful wedding cakes we’ve ever seen. They specialize in fabulous, artistically-inspired creations for brides willing to have the very best. Several of their designs incorporate color blocking, in the softest, sweetest pastels. Behold the eye candy:

This cake combines gentle color blocking with sequins and stripes:

A magnificent multi-tiered cake with an embossed layer and a super cool floral wreath encircling a monogram:

Here is an additional confection featuring a wreath on the front. We are sensing another trend here!!! Love this!!

Cascading roses top this darling two layer cake. The embossed piping on the bottom layer is divine. Yes.

Pale blue, silver and rhinestones deliver a Marie Antoinette-worthy wedding cake. Swags of jewels, a monogram, tufting, draping, bows AND color blocking. Yeah, and we count six layers:

It’s pretty cool how a Dutch painter’s work from back in the 1930s is informing wedding trends in cakes today. From artist, to design world to fashion to cakes – color blocking has made quite a journey. The inspiration utilized bright primary colors and the interpretation has softened the look to translate into wedding-worthy shades.




WEDDING INSPO: Pale Pink Wedding * Millennial Pink Palette #millennialpinkwedding


We love the ethereal, desaturated shades of pink, known as pale pinks, also referred to all over social media as “millennial pink.” Whatever you choose to call it, this sweet set of colors has swept the fashion world. Each one so soft, so appealing, & so so perfect for a wedding palette! No longer relegated to little girls, this new rendition of pinks are current, hip and all the rage in the design world. The best of all? We love Pantone 489 U, cuz we think it is the perfect combination of blush, pale pink and nude. Which one is YOUR favorite?

You can incorporate your fave shade into your wedding day by adding tons of pink details from the decor all the way down to your feet. Pale pink Converse are an adorable option for a pink #obsessed bride! And including swags of pink on the chairs looks super cute. Really, really feeling it? Try a fashion-forward pretty pink hair tint! LOVE!

You can find inspiration for this color palette literally everywhere! Nature gives us darling flowers and the palest flamingos. One of the world’s most respected color experts, Annie Sloan, gives us the perfect Chalk Paint, in Antoinette! You could whip up some awesome DIYs with this stuff!

Outdoor wedding? Try the “Pink Forest” sunnies from Illesteva. These would be on point for your honeymoon too!!!

Will you be needing a bridal bag in this seasons’ key color? Ummm, yeah!! Especially if it is this Pink GG Marmont Matelassé Cross Body Leather Shoulder Bag by Gucci.

Your wedding day mannie will be apropos if you decide on Essie’s “Blushing Bride.” The hugest bouquet ever will help drive your color story home. And ballet inspired shoesies will certainly be adorable on you.

And since we’re on the topic of bouquets, look at these insanely inspirational handfuls of gorgeousness….

Pale pink flowers, we adore you.

And these shades of florals look perfectly wonderful on guys, too.

Pink details can add so much whimsy to your wedding day. Try cotton candy favors, big balloons and that ever-popular wedding prop, the mason jar, this one updated with an on-trend color and a dip in glitter!

Pale pinks look fantastic paired with metallics, whether it is the sparkly silverness of mercury glass or glittery gold.

And, if you so happen to love sparkles, try bedazzling the bottom of your wedding shoes in silver glitter. So fun in photos! Or have a custom brooch bouquet made incorporating all kinds of bling. If your budget is boundless, have your wedding in a castle and spend a bazillion dollars on hanging floral orbs of beauty. We know we would!

Rose gold is another metallic that works with pink. Especially if we are talking about rose gold sequins! Dress up your tables with runners of rose gold, and dress your maids in a variety of rose gold and blush.

Or combine cream with your color story, to add a delicate touch. Doesn’t this cake look yummy? We want to sit down in that perfect chair with a big piece right now!

Of course your cake element will need to be pink. And boy oh boy are there some lovely pink cakes out there.

Millennial pinks are modern, cool and versatile, so whichever shade of pale pink you decide to roll with, we know it will make your wedding day beautiful.







BRIDAL FYI: What the heck is a crinoline? Hoop Skirts, Petticoats and Other #bridalunderpinings

As a bride-to-be you have to immerse yourself in a whole new world of wedding-ness as you prepare for your special day. Not only do get to figure out your own personal style in terms of wedding decor, color schemes and your dress, but you also learn a ton along the way. For instance you quickly become familiar with a host of wedding terms like trumpet, bustle, and silhouette while you pour over gowns on pinterest. At a consult with your florist you learn about boutonierres and breakaways, at your cake tasting they’ll be throwing out words like ganache and marzipan. But you may have heard another mysterious remark whilst trying on wedding dresses. Perhaps your stylist mentioned something like, “a crinoline will do wonders for this ballgown.” And you’re thinking, ‘ummmm…a what? What the heck is a crinoline and what is it going to do to this dress?’

A crinoline, my dears, is basically a slip, usually made of horsehair, that helps support the design of your dress. And here’s where you are most likely thinking, ‘Wait, horsehair?’ Yep, that’s right, crinoline is a net-like material that is made from actual horse hair, or a combo of horse hair and polyester, silk or cotton. Merriam-Webster defines a crinoline as, “a full stiff skirt or underskirt made of crinoline.” The fabric is durable, easily shaped, and was first used way back in the 16th century to support the elaborate gowns the European high society wore every day. Throughout history women have worn some type of crinoline or other underpinings to pouf out their skirts. Hoopskirts, petticoats and slips have all been worn for centuries and we find it cool that they are all still used in modern society for brides, royalty and quinceañeras. Check out these awesome vintage underthings that paved the way for current day styles:

Back in the day, the height of fashion apparently dictated a giant hoop skirt contraption, a team of four or five ladies, and some sort of pulley system to lower it over head to achieve a staggering dress width. The completed look is divine but looks at least 12 feet around! A couple thoughts: How did she fit through doorways? And how cute is the puppy in the last shot?

The petticoat, a close sister to the crinoline, is an underskirt usually a little shorter than outer clothing and often made with a ruffled, pleated, or lace edge. We found this amazing pic of a 1950s era lingerie fashion show. Look at all the beautiful slips.


You’ll be able to accentuate the line of almost any style wedding gown you chose with a bridal slip.  A poufy crinoline will add dimension and fluff to your ballgown skirts, while a tiered slip with a train will support any softly layered skirt.

Add personality to your ensemble with a softly hued petticoat:

Or even incorporate a richly colored slip for major sass:

Your bridal stylist is an expert in helping you choose the right underpining for your wedding dress.

You might not need anything extra under your gown, as many modern bridal styles are flowy and pre-lined. But, it is nice to know what the heck a crinoline is, and a little about it’s history. Plus, they just look so cool. And, even sometimes edgy: