CAKE BREAK: Geometric Wedding Cakes Deliver Major Style

We are super inspired by all things geometric lately. From decor to furniture…geometric patterns like squares, hexagons, and triangles are taking the design world by storm. For example, these lovely wall hangings pair the clean lines of the copper geometric forms with lush floral arrangements. So modern, fresh and pretty. And perfect for weddings!

This same design aesthetic has also been making an appearance on wedding cakes lately. From Pinterest to Instagram, we’ve sourced lots of inspiring options for anyone looking for a hip wedding cake. Irresistible geometric cakes run the style gamut from softly romantic to boldly graphic and can add a lot of impact to your wedding day!

We love this moody, purple take on a geometric cake featured on The three-tiered cake uses pops of gold and black for a striking effect.

Honey Crumb Cake Studio created this pristine marbled cake with rose gold geometric details and a sugar succulent cluster.

photo by blue rose photography

Triple tiers of rich, dark navy fondant covered cake are accented with gold geometric details and topped with beautiful florals from the amazing artistry of Marie Antoinette Cake Design.

We love the bold graphic elements and colors on this bright cake from Very Unique Cakes by Veronique. The black and white stripes paired with the red poppies are so flirty and fun.

Another bright and beautiful cake comes from Jessica Harris Cake Design. This confection combines color and pattern with texture…a stunning combo!!

We found this light and airy dream cake on Pinterest and fell in love with its’ watercolor wash of blue accented with mint and gold geometric elements.

This rustic-glam cake has a geometric shaped top tier and looks perfectly in place perched on a barrel in a barn setting.

The Pink Cake Box created this soft and dreamy confection which combines blush pink, rose gold and grey. The bottom layer is accented with rose gold geometric accents.

Dmytrii Puga designed this arresting, white-on-white geometric masterpiece topped with a deer head sculpture.

Octagon shapes in an array of pretty pastels adorn this three-tiered cake.

Another octagon-adorned cake in white with gold.

A vision of mid-modness, this geometric cake incorporates brightly colored circles and off-centered layers.

This exquisitely crafted one-of-a-kind cake features black stripes over white layers and vibrant sugar floral elements and is from The Mischief Makers Cakes.

MODwedding showcased this sweet cake with soft pink geometric shapes in 3D. The design is simple yet utterly captivating.

This mega-tiered cake is a beautiful combination of gold, white and green. We especially love the base and all the geometric risers.

How gorgeous is this five-tiered wedding cake from Sweet Cheeks Baking Company? The sweet blush pink topped with glittery gold and highlighted with mint green geometry makes our hearts sing.

The Wedding Cake Boutique created this clean-lined, contemporary cake with blue diamond embellishments.

What’s better than one kick-bootie geometric cake? Three of them!!!


Another visually stunning option, geometric-cake wise, comes from A,Elizabeth Cakes. Tiers upon tiers of soft cake rounds are accented with lovely florals in the palest of pinks and 3D shapes in copper.

If you are passionate about purple, consider this cake featured on Wedding Chicks. The bottom marbled layer sets the stage for drama while purple, black, silver and gold combine for a major punch of style.



REAL WEDDING: Macy & Tyler, Best Friends Who Fell in Love

Macy Blevins


Tyler Isaacs


Macy and Tyler have a heart-warming, classic love story. These childhood friends grew up together in the same neighborhood, became best friends and then fell in love.

Tyler’s family moved into Macy’s neighborhood (Meadow Oaks Subdivision in Maryville, TN) when she was in 1st grade. Tyler’s twin sister Emily and Macy quickly became the best of friends along with another neighbor Candice Huffstetler. Meanwhile, Tyler made fast friends with Lee, Paul and Jack Bristol; David Shields, Andrew Godfrey, Keith Ivens and Jacob Blevins (Macy’s little brother). The tight-knit group of boys became known as “The MOB” or “The Meadow Oaks Boys.” The girls in the neighborhood were often referred to as “The Meadow Oaks Beauties.” All the kids played together, but mostly the boys ran from the girls. Until they got older…

They took their group seriously. Mary Bristol, an artist in the neighborhood, even made them matching T-Shirts. Friends from other neighborhoods could become Honorary Members, like Tyler’s best friend Chad, who lived elsewhere and would come and hang out with the “The MOB” too.

Amazingly, all these kids stayed in the neighborhood through their growing up years. And all their friendships endured. They spent each summer together and forged lifelong friendships. As they grew up though they started to go their separate ways. Macy left for her first year of college at ETSU. Tyler attended the University of Tennessee. They still saw each other on visits home and continued their friendship.

Macy began to see Tyler in a different light when he returned home after his first year of college. She told her mother, Mary, “I think I might have a weird crush on Tyler.” At the time they were both dating other people. A year or so passed and another summer rolled around in Meadow Oaks. This time they were both single. Tyler must have been sweet on Macy too because he invited her for coffee and doughnuts. Their first date was amazing, but there was just one problem. Tyler had to leave the next day.

Tyler, who served in the National Air Guard during college, was deployed to the UAE for six months. But, the couple stayed in touch every single day with phone calls and texts. When Tyler was finally scheduled to come home, Macy wasn’t sure if they were officially “dating” or not. The minute he was back though, her doubts evaporated.

The adventurous young pair shares a love for travel. That first summer they visited Texas where they hiked and camped. They went all through the Rio Grande Valley. They stayed in Marfa and fell in love with the town.

They spent a very happy year enjoying each other’s company and doing fun things. Somewhere along the way, they realized they had fallen in love.

They spoke of marriage and even shopped for rings, but Macy made sure Tyler knew she wanted to be surprised when he proposed.

The next summer they went back to Texas and Tyler surprised Macy by proposing in one of their favorite places, Marfa. Macy said “YES!”

They were engaged for almost a year.  They spent the year planning their wedding and enjoyed lots of trips through national parks in Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. They even visited Hawaii.

Macy and Tyler got married on a bright and beautiful summer day in June, outdoors, underneath a beautiful wooden arbor hand-built by Macy’s father Scott Blevins at Smith Event Centers in Maryville, TN.

About 150 guests attended. Touchingly, every single boy from the MOB were the groomsmen, along with Honorary MOB member Chad. They were all decked out in suits from Regal Tuxedo. Emily, Tyler’s twin sister, served as Macy’s maid of honor. Macy’s bridesmaids also included Candice Huffstetler, Jessica Lavendar, Jordan Puente Jordan, Brianna Goins, Kayla Bachman, Kyra Tedford, and Kyla Murphy.

Beautiful Macy was absolutely radiant in her dress and accessories from The Gilded Gown.

Macy and Tyler’s happy day was perfectly captured by Chelsey Wiliams Photography. Below is a photo of the gorgeous couple with Macy’s family.

Her stunning mother, Mary, is a popular bridal stylist at The Gilded Gown.

Macy’s wedding colors of lavender and sea glass are evident in her lush & lovely floral arrangements from Maryville Flower Shop.

Bradford Catering prepared a bountiful feast with several breakfast stations including a Biscuit Bar and a Fruit and Cheese Table. The couple also included a Coffee and Doughnut Station in honor of their first date.

Cheers to the happy couple. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. And lots of adventures!



Dress & Accessories: The Gilded Gown

Tuxes: Regal Tuxedo

Photographer: Chelsey Wiliams Photography

Venue:  Smith Event Centers

Catering: Bradford Catering

Florist: Maryville Flower Shop

Hair: The Body Shop Salon and Spa in Alcoa, TN

Makeup: Amanda Singleton

Event Planner: Christian Russell

Officiant: Pastor Gary Stinnett



HAIR TREND: Bridal Ponytails

Oh Hey, ponytail! You’re our go-to hairstyle for our bad hair days, whenever we get hot, our fave workout “do.” You’re our savior when we’re running late and have to throw some style together on the fly. We appreciate you for all those times. But oh how you’ve changed….now you’ve been beautifully elevated and polished into a new bridal trend!

We’ve rounded up a bevy of gorgeous, inspiring, wedding-worthy ponytails to compliment any bridal vibe from romantic, to boho to uber-sophisticated.

 Loose & Wavy

The Loose & Wavy Ponytail is the perfect compliment to a delicate, romantic wedding. Soft waves can be worn on the side, at the nape of your neck or even with a center part. Let strands of hair escape to highlight your face. Tuck in a beautiful hair accessory or some fresh flowers for even more beauty. Loose & Wavy Ponytails work so well for outdoor ceremonies, whether it be on a beach, in a garden, or a barn.

The perfect hairstyle to wear in a field of flowers as you marry the one who makes your heart sing.

Sleek & Smooth

The Sleek & Smooth Ponytail is super glam, super straight, and very current. This style incorporates lots of product to ensure that not a hair escapes at your event. The Sleek Ponytail has hair pulled firmly into a tail, sometimes with a section of hair wrapped around for a stylish finish. We think this style fits for sophisticated weddings.

A lower, side-parted Sleek & Smooth Ponytail imparts a fresh, simple, and clean look. 

If the Sleek & Smooth Ponytail is good enough for the runway its good enough for your wedding day!

Sweet & Side Swept

The Sweet & Side Swept Ponytail compliments wedding dresses with simple necklines, with beautiful illusion bodices and perfectly balances one-shouldered gowns. The side pony can be worn straight, wavy or curly.  Of course, the side pony looks even better when paired with a beautiful bridal hair accessory! And it is just so darn charming!

We love the addition of a few twists or a braid or two for a modern boho vibe. Add in a gorgeous bridal hair vine and you will rock your bridal pony!

Tousled & Textured

We love the voluminous, textured style of a tousled ponytail. This style looks “messy” but it is actually a carefully orchestrated combo of styling techniques, product, and accessories. This carefree style works well with boho, eclectic wedding day looks.

We think the best hairstyles look natural and unstructured. Like, you could have possibly done your hair yourself. But you couldn’t possibly do your hair yourself, ya know?

Inverted & Inside Out

One of our favorite ponytail styles for weddings involves an inverted twist. Remember the “topsy tail” from years ago? This style incorporates the inside out technique but updates it to a beautiful bridal-worthy version.

This is an effortless-looking style, which looks awesome with the addition of a few twists.

Bouffant & Beautiful

The Bouffant & Beautiful Ponytail uses expert styling for a modern take on a classic, vintage hairstyle. We love the high hair at the crown contrasted with a simple ponytail. A gorgeous headband doesn’t hurt things either!

We adore this edgy Bouffant & Beautiful ponytail that Nicole Kidman is rocking.

This style also looks amazing with some sideswept bangs.


We hope you found some ponytail inspo! And next time you are pulling your hair up in an elastic we hope you remember that your standby hairstyle can be transformed into a stunning, bridal-worthy design on your wedding day.

Top Tips for Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day!

Your wedding day is such a special occasion, usually one of the most significant and memorable events in your life…but it DOES require tons of prep work! Planning your wedding can feel slightly overwhelming and you might not know where to start. No worries, we’re here with some top tips to keep you stress-free and totally on top of your wedding game. Yes, you’ll still have reservations, deadlines, and appointments to worry about, but with the proper mindset and a bit of organizing, planning your perfect wedding can be effortless and fun! Attitude is everything, so keep positive and remember this is all about celebrating the amazing love you’ve found.

1:  Define your Vision

Before you book a venue, schedule your dress or tuxedo appointments, or even set a date for your ceremony, we suggest that you first zone in on your overall vision for your event. This is the best way to get the wedding day you’ve been dreaming about. Have a talk with your fiancee away from distractions and go over your hopes for the day. Take the opportunity to hone in on what defines you as a couple. Think about each other, what drew you to each other, how you fell in love. Write down a few words that best describe each other: adjectives like low-key, generous, kind, silly, intelligent, adventurous. Also, jot down some of the things that you love to do together and some dreams you have for your future together.

Next, close your eyes for a moment and imagine your happy day, walking down the aisle to marry your soulmate…how do you imagine the surroundings? What vibe are you feeling? Are you in a beautiful cathedral? Is it evening? Early afternoon? Are you walking through a garden? Is there a large crowd or is it an intimate setting? Maybe you see yourself in a stylish urban setting? Perhaps you picture yourself in a barn.

By completing these exercises a theme will become apparent. And, once you’ve established what your “vibe” is as a couple, you can move on to your research phase. Your fiancee may not be involved with this part, but it is the perfect time for you to check out Pinterest, wedding blogs and bridal magazines to get loads of inspiration specific to your vision. Compile all your fave ideas by writing them down, and printing out inspirational photos. Create your own vision board to showcase your favorite plans. Just get a blank book, bulletin board or poster board and glue, tape and tack all the wedding-y things that speak to you, to your hearts’ content. That way, when you are ready to book your venue, select your flowers, choose a cake or purchase the dress of your dreams you’ll have a wonderful and helpful reference to bring with you.

2:  Find your Dress

Once you have your wedding vibe figured out, whether it be boho, traditional, whimsical, glam, rustic, tropical or any other style, it’s time to schedule your dress shopping appointment. We think selecting the perfect dress first sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. Sharing the “yes to the dress” moment with a few of your loved ones is a beautiful way to begin the rest of your planning. And, when you have your wedding gown, you have a major item checked off your to-do list.  You’ll be super relieved that you’ve got the dress taken care of and you can better focus your attention on all the other details. (Read all our best tips for a successful first bridal gown shopping experience here.)

3: Set your Budget

Budget is always a concern when you are planning the biggest party you’ll ever throw. Tally up any money you have to go towards your special day including any contributions from your loved ones. Once you have a total you can a track your budget efficiently with an app like this one!

4: Create your Guest List

Traditionally, in the past, wedding invites were just sent to the immediate families of both wedding parties and their in-laws. But times have changed and most couples want their homies in attendance! Nowadays, college roommates, best friends, co-workers, and plus-ones are all invited too. So count up all those special people and create your guest list prior to booking anything else, especially the venue! Some venues have a restriction on the number of people they can host due to space. If you’re set on a specific destination, having too many guests can result in a sudden cancellation. By using a website event management service, you can regulate your guest list and receive RSVPs all in one organized space– so easy!


5:  Choose your Venue

When choosing a ceremony space, you want to take your aesthetic into consideration. If your guests are allowed to dress more on the casual side, booking an elegant, luxury event space wouldn’t necessarily match your vibe. Think of your guests’ experience when booking a venue too! Even though your wedding day signifies the love between you and your fiance, you want your guests to be able to appreciate the experience as well.


6: Finalize the Details

Once you have your vision, dress, venue, and guest list decided upon it’s time to focus on all the fun details that will bring your wedding to life. You will be needing invitations, decorations, flowers, food, drinks, and favors. Pinterest always has a fantastic selection of unique decorations, party favors, and table settings! Flowers, decor, and caterers are all vital elements of a wedding that have to be taken into consideration as well. Don’t be afraid to communicate with service companies about their offerings and how many people they can deal with. There are loads of professional wedding companies that can accommodate your needs and make your day extremely special.


Check out our other articles for wedding day inspiration and advice, and happy planning!



You found the one who gives you all the feels, and you’re ready to tell the world. So why not frame your “I do’s” with the wedding arch of your dreams. Your very own personalized wedding arbor can serve as the visual focal point of your entire ceremony, provide a gorgeous backdrop for your exchange of vows or bring a playful feel to your celebration.

Arbors and arches are super DIY projects… just purchase a base (like one of these beautiful & affordable options available on and adorn it with anything your heart desires, from lush floral elements to twinkly string lighting or even decorate it with some geometric shapes. Not up for the project? Simply enlist the aid of a professional florist or event rental company. Either way, a specially decorated arbor or arch will provide the perfect backdrop to exchange your vows under. If you make your own, though, you can permanently install it in your backyard as a romantic reminder of your day.

Your wedding ceremony backdrop style can range from whimsical to modern. Consider the season, location and theme of your wedding to design the right look for your special day. We found several gorgeous wedding arch ideas from Wayfair, which we’ve shown below to help inspire you. Whichever style trellis you choose, let it reflect your personality as a couple and the feeling you want to evoke on your special day.


Bohemian backdrops are perfect for wild-hearted, free-spirited couples looking for something different. Embellish a geometric teepee or adorn an arch with macrame and greenery to create a chic, minimal look.


Transport your guests to white sands and crystal clear waters with a tropical-inspired backdrop. Think palm fronds and relaxed breezy decor. Incorporate a whitewashed arch, textured macrame, and bright blooms. Tuck in a few Monstera leaves for the ultimate beachy feel.


Both timeless and elegant, a classic wedding arch never goes out of style. Exchange your vows under an airy, ornate arch with billowing curtains and white or pastel florals.


For fanciful couples wanting a whimsical touch at their wedding, these over the top botanical arbors deliver major style. Cascading floral arrangements, floating candles or hanging chandeliers will capture this playful look.


For all the rustic-industrial loving couples, a raw metal arch will complement your vibe. Pair it with earthy succulents, florals, and moss.


The couple who lives by all things organic can celebrate the breathtaking beauty of nature with a greenery embellished wedding arch. Hanging mason jars, muted tones and earthy eucalyptus can elevate the look.


Bold and colorful backdrops are perfectly suited for light-hearted couples who love to have fun. Garlands of bright florals or lavish streamers in a rainbow of colors add just the right dose of joy to a wedding arch.


Create your own fairytale ending with a dreamy wedding arch. Delicate details, soft lighting and barely there florals will create an ambiance you and your guests will never forget.


 Whatever wedding vibe you’re going for, you can definitely showcase your style with a personalized wedding day arbor.

REAL WEDDING: Will and Hannah’s Sweet & Southern Mansion Wedding

We fell head over heels with this sweet couple and their gorgeously southern wedding, so perfectly captured by Edwards Photography!

We were lucky enough to meet Hannah, this sweet southern bride, when she visited us at The Gilded Gown to search for her wedding dress last year. She wanted a romantic, lace, full-length gown for her upcoming spring wedding. Luckily, that day, with the help of her personal bridal stylist, Hannah was able to find exactly what her heart desired. The bridal design house of Romantic Bridals (fittingly named!), created the dress that fulfilled all her dreams. She also selected a gorgeous single layer lace-edged veil which was the perfect addition to her wedding day ensemble.

Hannah and Will were married on a delightful spring afternoon this past May at Karlan Mansion, a gorgeous antebellum estate located at Wilderness Road State Park in Ewing, Virginia. This historic mansion is beautifully placed in the heart of Appalachia, at the base of the Cumberland Mountains and is surrounded by both history and scenic mountain views. The perfect spot for a southern wedding! Edwards Photography was on hand to capture all the beauty and romance.

Hannah and Will have a heartwarming love story: “We met August 2, 2014 at my best friend and Maid of honor, Jaci’s, wedding. We quickly became best friends and we started “officially” dating October 25, 2015. He proposed to me on February 1, 2017 at The Island in Pigeon Forge in front of the water fountain. He had faked proposed to me so many times I didn’t believe that he was actually proposing to me until I saw the ring. I told him “No!” about four times. followed by “Really?” which resulted in a very ecstatic “YES!” It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Even though it was February it was 75 degrees out and the sunset was perfect! It was a day I will never forget and always cherish!”–Hannah

They chose each other. xo

The love and devotion of this sweet couple is evident in every moment captured at their wedding.

We are absolutely obsessed with the lush florals and greenery by Judy’s Flowers and Gifts  that decorated the day. From the bouquets, to the decor, to the cake and Hannah’s amazing headpiece. All so gorgeous! Like, these giant hoops:

The lovely cake topper:

And, this spectacular bouquet!!!!!

And, the bridal headpiece, which is everything:

We are pretty certain that this wedding had the most precious flower girl in history, too:

Hannah and Will’s wedding party looked awesome as well. The maids shined in their gowns by ColsBM:

And the guys looked adorable in their suits (and bow ties) by Belk:

The wedding had so many sweet southern touches. Like the coke favors! After all, what is more southern than an ice cold coke, in a glass bottle on a warm spring day?

Hannah and Will your special day was amazing! We wish you the brightest, happiest future as Mr. and Mrs. as you walk towards the future!

Venue: Karlan Mansion at Wilderness Road State Park

Dress: by Romantic Bridals from The Gilded Gown

Photography: Edwards Photography

Flowers: by Judy’s Flowers and Gifts

Groom and Groomsmen Suits: Belk

Bridesmaids Dresses: ColsBM

Hair: Natasha Hunley

Makeup: Hannah Thomas, the Bride


Grooming the Groom. 8 Easy Steps to Look Great At The Wedding

For guys who want to look as good as they can on wedding day, we’ve compiled an easy guide for getting gorgeous. We were inspired by Harry’s, a cool company that provides thoughtful and affordable grooming essentials for men. Follow our eight simple steps and you’ll show up looking fresh, rested, happy and handsome for the best day ever.

1. Start Shaving Like A Pro

The first step on your grooming journey is to make your everyday shave count by using a system that gets you a close, comfortable shave. Harry’s Truman Set, $15, offers everything you’ll need to get your shave game in tip-top form. A weighted handle with rubber grip. Three German-engineered blade cartridges, each with a flex hinge and lubricating strip. Foaming Shave Gel for a rich lather, and a handy travel cover to protect your blades when you’re on the move. Implement this system now and you will be ready to receive all those kisses on wedding day.

2. Baby Your Face With A Skin-Care System

Nothing is more important than fresh, healthy skin when you want to look your best. A few months before the big day, consider scheduling a couple facials to make sure your face is baby soft, hydrated and clear. You’ll also want to start a skin care regime by using a cleanser and moisturizer morning and night. We suggest some uber-affordable, well-rounded shaving accessories to exfoliate, protect, and hydrate your skin.

3. Take The Time To Get Fit

Start fine-tuning your wedding bod by putting in some extra time at the gym. Grab a friend and play a quick pickup game. Bike, swim, or maybe go on a few hikes. Get yourself in fine form by doing whatever activities make you happiest. Clean up your diet a bit and drink more water. The healthier you are the better you look.

4. Pamper Yourself


Self-care includes a little pampering now and then. Spoil yourself with a relaxing massage or two. (Massages are great a relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and making you sleep better.) Meditate, hang with friends, soul search, skydive, binge on Netflix….practice your version of indulgence, whatever that may be, so that you feel well taken care of and fulfilled. Happy grooms look the best!

5. Tame Those Brows

Man-scaping is a good thing, especially when it comes to brows. No one wants to look at wedding pictures and focus on the groom’s crazy, unruly eyebrows. Make sure yours are on point with a quick visit to a brow studio about a week before your day. They can shape up your caterpillars in no time flat. A bit of minor tweaking can make sure your brows look natural, masculine and groomed.

6. Up Your Nail Game

Schedule a Couple Man – icures

You’re going to have lots of pics taken focusing on that new ring on your finger, so you’ll need to make sure your nails are clean, filed and groomed. And don’t worry, taking care of your nails isn’t just for the ladies. If it makes you feel better most professional athletes keep on top of their games by practicing good nail care. Heck, LeBron James gets a weekly mani-pedi. Adding this simple task to your grooming routine will not only help your hands look superior aesthetically, but it will also make them feel better. Plus, getting a manicure before the wedding will insure that you don’t have any hang nails and that your hands look amazing.

Oh, and you might as well get a Pedicure too

Image your feet soaking in a warm, swirling water while a chair simultaneously massages your back. Sound like a good idea? Welcome to the world of pedicures. Where all you have to do is sit there and enjoy your free beverage while someone else cuts your nails and cuticles. Go ahead and splurge on monthly professional pedicures. Your feet will look, feel (and smell) better. A pedicure will remove excess dead skin on the feet, reduce sore spots, and give you clean and beautiful toes.

7. Work on Your Smile

Visit the dentist and get a quick check up and thorough cleaning to make sure your smile will be beautiful at your wedding. Also, invest in a teeth whitening kit. Our fave? Crest White Strips. You’ll need to start using these about two weeks before the wedding. Slap those sticky strips on your teeth for thirty minutes every day (perhaps while you watch the game) and you will have noticeably whiter, brighter teeth by wedding day.

8. Handle the Hair

Style & Cut

Consult with your stylist and choose your hairstyle a few months before the wedding. (You don’t want to try a new style right before the wedding.) Get regular cuts to keep your hair game strong. Be sure to schedule an appointment the week before the wedding, too.

Get Good Product

Start using high quality hair products so that your hair will be the healthiest and handsome-ist possible. Your stylist can recommend the best options for your hair type.

Get your style business in order by implementing a superior shave plan & skin care routine, spend some time getting fit, wax the brows, whiten your teeth, find time to do “you,” take care of your nails, and get your hair styled. These steps will insure that you will look and feel your very best on your wedding day. Once you’ve started, you might as well continue following the checklist after you’re married to keep your future looking bright.

Wedding Inspo: Vintage Camper Weddings #caravanwedding #vwvanwedding

We’ve gone crazy for vintage campers, with their whimsy and awesome retro style. And, we’re pretty sure there is no better way to celebrate a summer wedding than to host it surrounded by the beautiful outdoors and a fabulous vintage trailer or two. They are adorable, provide the perfect backdrop for your event AND they can be used as drink stations, photo booths, dressing rooms or even as the honeymoon suite! Our rambling hearts first noticed the movement to restore vintage trailers on the tv show Flippin’ RVs on GAC, This show features co-hosts Anna and Justin Scribner and their RV restoration biz called Flyte Camp. Their craftsmanship in turning old and moldy trailers into art-on-wheels is simply spectacular. Regard this 1955 Spartan Manor 328, a vision of mid-century-ness:

Anything we find to be visually stunning has usually been found and appreciated by many others first. And, most times, whatever cool things we discover have also already been incorporated into the world of weddings. And, so we thought to ourselves, ‘let’s check Pinterest for vintage camper weddings.’ #Bingo

There are vintage campers and vans of every persuasion, color and style. And, lots of couples have been charmingly incorporating these beauties into their weddings. Take for instance, this fashionable English wedding. Their mode of transportation? A vintage pink van. So much to love here: hats on the ladies, pumps, midi dresses, and A PINK VW:

A bevy of bridesmaids in sweet floral robes congregate under the pinstriped pastel awning of this cutie:

Antique trailers make amazing food stations. They provide a visual feast for your loved ones before they even taste the food. Set the stage for happy guests with something like this crisp white trailer, the perfect place to serve your wedding sweets.

For your bar, consider the cool factor a portable caravan provides. Your guests will have a blast stepping up to a neat antique. A fun idea: feature an old-school cocktail or two from the era of the vintage camper. Tom Collins and Singapore Slings for all.

SideCar Cocktail Company brings their craft cocktail program to the weddings and events in the California area. Their signature drinks are served from Tinker Tin Trailer Co’s gorgeous, customized 1961 Shasta bar trailer:

Vintage campers offer such panache and joyfulness for everyone:

Vintage campers make perfect photo booths. We love the boho styling and bright turquoise color on this baby:

Having a barn wedding? Consider having a restored vintage horse trailer, like this one, for your photo booth:

Quick question: Is a vintage VW romantic? Normally we might not think so. But, now, well, yes, it sure is. Throw a gorgeous floral wreath on the front and grab your honey for a smooch and you’ve got yourself a swoon worthy photo op:


Actress Jenny Garth’s wedding (featured in People) showcased a couple of super-cute vintage pastel trailers, and, her floral wedding gown is EVERYTHING.


Want to add color and personality to your wedding? There are lots of restored camper rental agencies around the US and Canada. Some even have their own venues.

The most amazing of all, Tinker Tin Trailer Company, located on the Central Coast of California, offers nostalgic trailers for events all across the US. They also have a permanent site available, “The Trailer Pond”:

JuneBug Retro Resort in Asheville, North Carolina offers use of their ten restored campers for weddings held on their gorgeous property:

If you crave all that is nostalgic, fun and adventurous for your wedding, seek out a vintage camper or too. You’ll begin your  journey together with such happy memories.

Happy Trails!


DIY Drink Station: Mimosa Bar! Perfect for your wedding

Wondering what to serve your family and friends at your wedding reception? Consider a colorful and fun Mimosa Bar. After all, what drink signals a celebration more than champagne? This bubbly white wine is the ultimate go-to celebratory drink…a joyous elixir which can be deliciously paired with various fruit juices and pretty garnishes to create the ultimate wedding drink station! #Pop!

Allowing your loved ones to assemble and customize their own drink creations makes for a super fun party atmosphere. Plus, Mimosa Bars are not only visually appealing but they also are budget friendly as all those juice choices make the champagne go further. #yay

The talented folks at Zola (a site where you can manage your registry, wedding website, checklist, and guest list manager, all in one place…for free!) shared this awesome tutorial with us on how to set up your very own Mimosa Bar.

Our DIY mimosa bar is exactly what you need to take your reception drink station to the next level and create a fun experience for the entire party. Not only is our seven-step guide to making the perfect mimosa bar easy, but it lets guests join in on the fun and make their own drinks—leaving you to enjoy the party along with them.

We’ve created four drink recipes for you as well as a step-by-step guide to make the setting-up process run as smoothly as possible.

What You’ll Need:

In order to create the perfect mimosa bar, you’ll need a few key ingredients. Since one bottle of champagne is equivalent to around six to eight mimosas, keep your guest list in mind when shopping for your favorite bottles of bubbly. See our list below for the essentials you’ll need to make a mimosa bar that will impress your guests.

  • Champagne: The number of bottles will vary depending on the size of your party. Consider purchasing one bottle of champagne per four guests.
  • Juices: We used pomegranate, pineapple, grapefruit, and orange juice, but feel free to select juices based on your taste and color scheme.
  • Garnishes: We used pomegranate seeds, strawberries, pineapple wedges, edible flowers, and rosemary, but any fragrant herb or complementing fruit will work too.
  • Juice carafes: Put your juices on display in unique vessels for a clean look like juice carafes. We used 12 oz. carafes for each flavor of juice.
  • Champagne flutes: Can’t forget the most important part! Make sure you have enough champagne glassesavailable for everyone attending the party.
  • Sugar (optional): We created a sugaring station so guests have an option to add a sugar rim to their glass. In order to make the sugar stick, you will need to include a small bowl of lime juice or water.
  • Decorations: Some ideas include flowers, banners, straws, coasters, and flute charms.

How to Set Up a Mimosa Bar

Now it’s time for the fun part! Follow these seven steps to create the ultimate mimosa bar for your wedding reception. Feel free to add or skip any steps based on the supplies you can find and the number of guests at your party.

1. Make all items easily accessible

mimosa bar set up

Presentation is key and the same goes for your mimosa bar. In order to make sure guests can easily access all ingredients, set up your mimosa bar in order of sequence by starting with the champagne flutes and ending with garnishes, plates, and napkins. If you choose to add a sugaring station, make sure to have it at the beginning of the bar, since that’s one of the first steps when making a mimosa.

2. Create a backdrop

mimosa bar backdrop

Use your theme to get as creative as you can with this step. For our mimosa bar, we used a wooden “love sign” and assorted greenery. Make sure to your drink station decor compliments your wedding colors and vibe.

3. Decorate your bar or table

mimosa bar decor

Whether you will be placing your mimosa essentials on a bar or a table, make sure to add some fun decor to complement the setup. Some ideas include banners, appetizers, confetti, and straws. For our design, we included mini muffins and cinnamon buns as appetizers for guests to snack on, as well as fun straws meant to accessorize their mimosas. If you’re stuck on what to add to your bar decor, fresh flowers will help liven up the space and go great with your wedding design.

4. Pour juices into serving glasses and add labels

mimosa bar juices

Pour your juices into serving glasses and label them so guests know what they are. Make sure the design of your labels works with the rest of your bar decor. We used heart shaped labels to match our love sign and banner. We also put our juices in 12-oz. carafes with wooden corks to compliment the rest of the table set up. Pro tip: Use clear jars so that guests can easily differentiate between the juices.

5. Place chopped fruit and garnishes in serving dishes

mimosa bar garnishes

Depending on the type of mimosas you will be making, put your garnishes in serving dishes so guests can easily access them. Include a sign next to the garnishes so guests know exactly what to use them for. Adding garnishes to your mimosa is one of the best parts of the mimosa-making process, so get creative with the types of garnishes you include. If you’re stuck on what to add, edible flowers are always a great accessory! You can find these at you local farmer’s market or organic supermarket.

6. Include a sugaring station

mimosa bar sugaring station

This step is optional, but definitely a fun touch for your mimosa bar. This will allow guests to add sugar to the rim of their champagne glass, which will give their mimosa an extra kick of sweetness. For this, you will need a small bowl of lime juice (water or lemon juice will work as well) and a dish filled with sugar. Let your guests know that they should dip their champagne rims into the lime juice before applying sugar so that it will stick.

7. Keep champagne chilled

mimosa bar champagne bucket

One of the most important parts of your mimosa bar is the champagne, which should be kept chilled at all times. A bucket is ideal for this so that you can have multiple champagne bottles on the table at once. We decorated our bucket of bubbly with greenery and edible flowers to match the rest of the decor.

Making Your Mimosas

Making a mimosa can be done in four simple steps. We recommend a 1:1 ratio of champagne to juice. However, guests can serve themselves and make the mimosa according to their own preferences.

  1. Create a sugar rim.
  2. Pour the bubbly.
  3. Add your choice of juice.
  4. Top with a garnish.
  5. Enjoy!

Mimosa Bar Recipes

mimosa bar drinks

Below are recipes for each mimosa that we made for our mimosa bar. Depending on the number of guests and your budget for the celebration, feel free to include as many options as you like.

  • Pineapple mimosa: champagne, pineapple juice, pineapple slices, and edible flowers.
  • Grapefruit mimosa: champagne, grapefruit juice, and rosemary.
  • Classic mimosa: champagne, orange juice, and strawberries.
  • Pomegranate mimosa: champagne, pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds, and edible flowers.

For an easy guide, download our infographic below to get started on making your own mimosa bar.

If you’re looking for more wedding planning tips, check out our wedding planning timeline and don’t forget to create your wedding registry at least eight months prior to your wedding day.

REAL WEDDING: Brittany & Randy. Love is Worth Waiting For!

All of us at The Gilded Gown were absolutely thrilled when Edwards Photography shared their breathtaking images with us of one of our brides’ weddings. We wanted to find out more, so we approached gorgeous bride Brittany to see if she would share details of her special day with us. We are so thankful we did because this is probably the most romantic thing we’ve ever heard…

This is an amazing love story that was ten years in the making. You see, for all those years Brittany and Randy were best friends. Brittany didn’t realize that early on in their friendship Randy had fallen in love with her. Because Randy kept his feelings quiet, content to be a supportive friend, just so he could be around her. His devotion brings to mind one of the most beautiful Bible passages: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Through the years Brittany met and married someone else, but her friendship with Randy continued. Randy patiently remained a faithful friend, never letting her know his feelings. Then Brittany went through a horrible divorce. Randy was there, by her side, the entire time. She says, “He was always trying to uplift me, cheer me up and over-all just take away the pain.” Randy was a true friend, who took her places, did silly things to make her laugh and let her vent about her problems. But Randy’s feelings were getting stronger, and after awhile he decided he had to let Brittany know just how much she meant to him.

One day as they were sharing a meal at Chili’s Randy professed his love. He told Brittany just how much he loved her and that he had been in love with her for all those years. He explained that he had respected her marriage, and her, too much to confess his true feelings. But now that she was free he wanted to date her. He took out a promise ring and said, “Let me make a promise to you that all men are not the same.”

From that moment on, Brittany knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her best friend. As their new relationship began Randy proved his character by helping Brittany care for her grandfather with Alzheimer’s, and her grandmother! As time went along, she kept falling for him, watching how he would care so lovingly for her relatives. She knew he would do anything for her. And she loved how Randy could always make her laugh and smile. She knew that she wanted to, “snatch him up!”

A few months later the couple made a trip to Kingsport and visited Brittany’s favorite ring shop, Fred Meyers. Randy picked up two rings and asked her, “Which one do you like?” Brittany picked one, and Randy said, “Well, let’s get married!” He purchased the ring, and let Brittany wear it. (She was too excited to wait!) But, he wanted to make his formal proposal on a picturesque spot on a little white bridge with a creek underneath it. When he did, she said, “Yes!”

After that, the wedding planning was ON! The date was set for February. She knew she wanted a snowy, Christmas themed winter wedding and she had a blast collecting decor. She used tons of Christmas Trees and twinkle lights. They even got their hands on a snow machine!

Finding the perfect dress proved difficult at first because Brittany started her search for a dress online. She didn’t LOVE anything she saw, plus she was worried that she wouldn’t like it in person, she couldn’t determine the quality of the fabric through a computer screen, and there was a good possibility that anything she purchased online might not fit right. She was getting down and out about the dress search until one day she found out about The Gilded Gown. Brittany recalls, “It was breath taking! I walked in & fell in love!!! Everyone there was so, so, so nice! We started pulling dresses! I thought I was a princess and felt right at home!! I didn’t know what I wanted!! We tried on dress after dress, and I loved them all!!! Then as we thought we had picked one, my aunt went and looked one more time and she found “THE DRESS!” Everyone at the shop loved it!! I had that glow! It was perfect!!! It was over all so fun!! I thank you guys so much for helping me make my perfect day, even better!!!

We were thrilled when Brittany shared her wedding story with us. We hope this touches your hearts like it did all of ours. Brittany & Randy all our best to you. Your beautiful love story is an inspiration!


Photography: Edwards Photography

Dress: The Gilded Gown