CAKE BREAK: Color Block Wedding Cakes

Design trends usually have an interesting history. The current craze for color blocked confections can be easily traced back to the work of artist Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter whose modern, abstract style was distilled into very simple, geometric paintings. Color-blocking is thought of as the exploration of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. We love how a concept can originate with an artist, pop up in fashion a couple decades later, and then get “discovered” fifty years after that.

Yves Saint Laurant, the famous French clothing designer, inspired by Mondrian, translated the trend into fantastic cocktail dresses back in the 1960s.

So, the colorblock “trend” has been around for awhile – but it’s been cropping up in creative new ways in fashion. From multi-hue dresses to colorful separates to bright accessories, this style is everywhere:

The design world loves color-blocking, and it is showing up in clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture and home decor. We present the joyfully, color blocked, woven Tropicalia chair by Patricia Urquiola:

These days this concept has found its way into the hearts of bakers and brides, and has been transformed into so many beautiful wedding cakes. Some are color blocked on the inside:

But most are color blocked on the outside:

A delicate take on this style trend, uses soft colors and metallic touches to deliver the trend in a classic wedding palette:

The craftsmanship and coolness of the baker at Letterpress Bakery of Canada, produced this combination of color blocking in soft plum, gold and cream paired with succulents for this incredible work:

The addition of lush florals add romance to multi-tiered cakes in tones of burgundy, pink and grey:

The black, gold and white color blocking on this dramatic cake radiates style:

De La Creme Creative Studio, a powerhouse bakery located in St. Louis, Missouri, makes literally the most beautiful wedding cakes we’ve ever seen. They specialize in fabulous, artistically-inspired creations for brides willing to have the very best. Several of their designs incorporate color blocking, in the softest, sweetest pastels. Behold the eye candy:

This cake combines gentle color blocking with sequins and stripes:

A magnificent multi-tiered cake with an embossed layer and a super cool floral wreath encircling a monogram:

Here is an additional confection featuring a wreath on the front. We are sensing another trend here!!! Love this!!

Cascading roses top this darling two layer cake. The embossed piping on the bottom layer is divine. Yes.

Pale blue, silver and rhinestones deliver a Marie Antoinette-worthy wedding cake. Swags of jewels, a monogram, tufting, draping, bows AND color blocking. Yeah, and we count six layers:

It’s pretty cool how a Dutch painter’s work from back in the 1930s is informing wedding trends in cakes today. From artist, to design world to fashion to cakes – color blocking has made quite a journey. The inspiration utilized bright primary colors and the interpretation has softened the look to translate into wedding-worthy shades.




WEDDING INSPO: Pale Pink Wedding * Millennial Pink Palette #millennialpinkwedding


We love the ethereal, desaturated shades of pink, known as pale pinks, also referred to all over social media as “millennial pink.” Whatever you choose to call it, this sweet set of colors has swept the fashion world. Each one so soft, so appealing, & so so perfect for a wedding palette! No longer relegated to little girls, this new rendition of pinks are current, hip and all the rage in the design world. The best of all? We love Pantone 489 U, cuz we think it is the perfect combination of blush, pale pink and nude. Which one is YOUR favorite?

You can incorporate your fave shade into your wedding day by adding tons of pink details from the decor all the way down to your feet. Pale pink Converse are an adorable option for a pink #obsessed bride! And including swags of pink on the chairs looks super cute. Really, really feeling it? Try a fashion-forward pretty pink hair tint! LOVE!

You can find inspiration for this color palette literally everywhere! Nature gives us darling flowers and the palest flamingos. One of the world’s most respected color experts, Annie Sloan, gives us the perfect Chalk Paint, in Antoinette! You could whip up some awesome DIYs with this stuff!

Outdoor wedding? Try the “Pink Forest” sunnies from Illesteva. These would be on point for your honeymoon too!!!

Will you be needing a bridal bag in this seasons’ key color? Ummm, yeah!! Especially if it is this Pink GG Marmont Matelassé Cross Body Leather Shoulder Bag by Gucci.

Your wedding day mannie will be apropos if you decide on Essie’s “Blushing Bride.” The hugest bouquet ever will help drive your color story home. And ballet inspired shoesies will certainly be adorable on you.

And since we’re on the topic of bouquets, look at these insanely inspirational handfuls of gorgeousness….

Pale pink flowers, we adore you.

And these shades of florals look perfectly wonderful on guys, too.

Pink details can add so much whimsy to your wedding day. Try cotton candy favors, big balloons and that ever-popular wedding prop, the mason jar, this one updated with an on-trend color and a dip in glitter!

Pale pinks look fantastic paired with metallics, whether it is the sparkly silverness of mercury glass or glittery gold.

And, if you so happen to love sparkles, try bedazzling the bottom of your wedding shoes in silver glitter. So fun in photos! Or have a custom brooch bouquet made incorporating all kinds of bling. If your budget is boundless, have your wedding in a castle and spend a bazillion dollars on hanging floral orbs of beauty. We know we would!

Rose gold is another metallic that works with pink. Especially if we are talking about rose gold sequins! Dress up your tables with runners of rose gold, and dress your maids in a variety of rose gold and blush.

Or combine cream with your color story, to add a delicate touch. Doesn’t this cake look yummy? We want to sit down in that perfect chair with a big piece right now!

Of course your cake element will need to be pink. And boy oh boy are there some lovely pink cakes out there.

Millennial pinks are modern, cool and versatile, so whichever shade of pale pink you decide to roll with, we know it will make your wedding day beautiful.







BRIDAL FYI: What the heck is a crinoline? Hoop Skirts, Petticoats and Other #bridalunderpinings

As a bride-to-be you have to immerse yourself in a whole new world of wedding-ness as you prepare for your special day. Not only do get to figure out your own personal style in terms of wedding decor, color schemes and your dress, but you also learn a ton along the way. For instance you quickly become familiar with a host of wedding terms like trumpet, bustle, and silhouette while you pour over gowns on pinterest. At a consult with your florist you learn about boutonierres and breakaways, at your cake tasting they’ll be throwing out words like ganache and marzipan. But you may have heard another mysterious remark whilst trying on wedding dresses. Perhaps your stylist mentioned something like, “a crinoline will do wonders for this ballgown.” And you’re thinking, ‘ummmm…a what? What the heck is a crinoline and what is it going to do to this dress?’

A crinoline, my dears, is basically a slip, usually made of horsehair, that helps support the design of your dress. And here’s where you are most likely thinking, ‘Wait, horsehair?’ Yep, that’s right, crinoline is a net-like material that is made from actual horse hair, or a combo of horse hair and polyester, silk or cotton. Merriam-Webster defines a crinoline as, “a full stiff skirt or underskirt made of crinoline.” The fabric is durable, easily shaped, and was first used way back in the 16th century to support the elaborate gowns the European high society wore every day. Throughout history women have worn some type of crinoline or other underpinings to pouf out their skirts. Hoopskirts, petticoats and slips have all been worn for centuries and we find it cool that they are all still used in modern society for brides, royalty and quinceañeras. Check out these awesome vintage underthings that paved the way for current day styles:

Back in the day, the height of fashion apparently dictated a giant hoop skirt contraption, a team of four or five ladies, and some sort of pulley system to lower it over head to achieve a staggering dress width. The completed look is divine but looks at least 12 feet around! A couple thoughts: How did she fit through doorways? And how cute is the puppy in the last shot?

The petticoat, a close sister to the crinoline, is an underskirt usually a little shorter than outer clothing and often made with a ruffled, pleated, or lace edge. We found this amazing pic of a 1950s era lingerie fashion show. Look at all the beautiful slips.


You’ll be able to accentuate the line of almost any style wedding gown you chose with a bridal slip.  A poufy crinoline will add dimension and fluff to your ballgown skirts, while a tiered slip with a train will support any softly layered skirt.

Add personality to your ensemble with a softly hued petticoat:

Or even incorporate a richly colored slip for major sass:

Your bridal stylist is an expert in helping you choose the right underpining for your wedding dress.

You might not need anything extra under your gown, as many modern bridal styles are flowy and pre-lined. But, it is nice to know what the heck a crinoline is, and a little about it’s history. Plus, they just look so cool. And, even sometimes edgy:


Style Your Wedding: Hanging Decor #Don’tGetHungUpOnDecor #HangingWeddingDecor

Brides are you looking for something extra special to amp up your wedding decor? Consider using Hanging Decor! Hanging decor can consist of greenery, paper, glass, flowers or just about any grouping of objects you like. This type of decor works well when you have a large quantity of items. Say your guy loves vintage watches, well you can easily incorporate that element for him. But, hang just one pocket watch and it would look weird swinging around over your groomscake table, right? But hang a group of old-time pocket watches and you look like the coolest design maven ever. “How did she think of that?” your guests will exclaim to one another as they admire your ingenuity.

Fabric makes wonderful hanging decor elements. Swag swaths of chiffon to construct a billowy canopy over your tables. Wrap chandelier chains in ribbons for a sophisticated look. Or, suspend a bunch of ribbons, vertically, from the ceiling for a colorful and whimsical display.

Looking to go ALL OUT? Then we suggest transforming your wedding reception venue’s ceiling into a dazzling display with hanging branches, floral decor and/or chandeliers.

Or, achieve a simpler, but equally pleasing style aesthetic by hanging glass bottles with single stems and string. These bottles can be collected from dollar stores, craft shops, thrift stores and flea markets in the months before your wedding. So sweet!

We love the tried and true, typical hanging decor like paper lanterns, paper fan decorations and hanging tissue paper flowers. Especially when you put a ton of them together. Yeah, it’s been done before, many times, but that’s because it WORKS. Paper lanterns are festive, fun, and light-hearted. And, affordable. Such an easy way to impart major chic to your space. These items come in every color under the sun so they can add to any wedding color scheme. Joyful never goes out of style!

String some flowers upside down for some serious style impact. A simple assortment of stems can be utterly transformed just by hanging them upside down by their stems. See?

Floral elements look even cooler hung in combination with geometric shapes.

Including lighting with your hanging decor can amp up the amazingness, especially for evening weddings. A multitude of twinkle lights hung vertically in a tree is utterly stunning. Lanterns strung up with jute rope and adorned with lush flowers dress up a tree. Hanging glass orbs with candles add a glamorous dose of romance!

White paper flowers on fishing line are an inexpensive and simple design solution, plus they aren’t going to wilt. Have your bridesmaids and family help you make up tons of these puppies ahead of time. has a great tutorial here for making white jasmine flower garlands. Best part? You don’t even need any glue! For the wedding hang them up in great quantities for a lovely look.

Whatever style you want to convey at your wedding, you can easily incorporate some hanging decor to bring it! No need to get hung up on what to do, just use some creative and gorgeous hanging wedding decorations.

CAKE BREAK: Beaded & Sequined Wedding Cakes #BeadedWeddingCake

We’ve always got time to “research” beautiful, glamorous, delicious-looking wedding cakes for our brides. And this time we focused on cakes dripping with decadent, delectable, edible sequins and pearls. Now, if only we could figure out how to reach through our computer screen and grab ourselves a piece (or a whole cake)!!!

Beaded and sequined bridal cakes are an upscale take on traditional tiered wedding cakes. And, these beauties lend themselves to just about any wedding theme. For example, the beaded confection below, by the amazing self-taught cake artist Lina Veber, who Cake Geek Magazine has called “one of the world’s premier sugar flower artists,” would work perfectly for any rustic wedding. We love the charming purple ribbon that encircles the cake. Check out Lina’s website to get super inspired about your own wedding cake: Lina Veber Cake Bakministeriet

We love the soft, romantic vibes the next set of delicately beaded cakes display. The faintest hint of pink coupled with pearls and rosettes make the sweetest looking cakes, ever. Garden wedding? Try one! The floral elements would also pair nicely with any tea party themed nuptials, too.

Rebekah Naomi Cake Design the cakery of acclaimed American baker Rebekah Wilbur produced this gorgeous gold and green four-tiered number. The edible bead work is just exquisite! This would be right at home at any sophisticated affair!

The monochromatic white and silver metallic cakes below demonstrate the glamorous options available to the discerning bride. Delicate pearl beading paired with enchanting rhinestones add elegant flair to the confections. These could bring loads of design flair to any classic style wedding. They just ooze sophistication! And, somehow, they’re sort of understated AND over-the-top at the same time.

Looking for a more dramatic cake statement? What about this Ah-mazing black and white pastry we found on Pinterest. Just…WOW.

Our crew is obsessed with this adorable, itty-bitty sequined cake. How perfect for a small, intimate wedding. Even if it’s just the two of you going to the courthouse, a wedding cake is still in order. DIYers you can even make this yourself by following the tutorial on

The edible sequins come in all shades of metallic, so you can be sure to have your favorite included on your cake. Rose gold!!! Gold!!! And you can add a pop of any color you like to pull in your wedding scheme. The pink rose really stands out against the background of gold sequins!

Beading and sequins add to towering cakes, too. Combined with ruffles, floral accents, and other cake decor, the embellishments add pizzazz and sumptuousness to each layer. Perfect for traditional and large weddings. Plenty enough so that you can freeze the top layer for your anniversary.

This ocean blue square cake with gold “rope” trim would be well-suited to a beachside ceremony.

For the utmost in chic cake, we suggest a stunning black cake loaded with elaborate beading and floral elements. The splendor of this cake works for the fanciest of occasions. We feel it would suit any ritzy, big city wedding. Or any wedding where you want to impress the heck out of your guests. This one is almost too magnificent to eat. Almost.

Image result for quote about cake


BRIDAL STYLE: Luminous, Glowy Skin for Your Wedding Day #LuminousBride #bridalmakeup

As a bride we know you want a glowy, fresh complexion for your wedding day, right? And, starting with luminous skin will make any makeup you apply on your special day look even better. So, we’ve sourced some fabulous tips to get your face in tip-top shape!

1. Exfoliate!

Start exfoliating several months before your wedding to get truly radiant skin. The best exfoliators contain lactic acid, like DR. BRANDT SKINCARE’s Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator ($79 at Sephora), a scrub formulated with aluminum oxide crystals and soothing botanicals to polish away dead skin cells, provide a radiant, healthy look, and smooth skin’s texture. You’ll be amazed at the maximum results you’ll achieve in minimal time. Want even better results?  Visit a dermatologist where you can get you major improvements for your skin, since their products contain a higher concentration of glycolic acid than at-home treatments provide.


2. Detox!

Whatever you put IN your body, shows on the OUTSIDE. So it makes sense to detox your body to help eliminate any toxins and thereby benefit your skin. The best ways to clean up your interior? Start by drinking tons of water each and every day. Fill up the crisper in your fridge with lots of fruits and veggies, and nosh on them every chance you get. Those nutrients will save your skin! Cut back on everything fun including sugar, salt and alcohol. Hey, it’ll be worth it! (And we did just say “cut back,” not “eliminate.” You still got to enjoy life!) If you want to get real serious about detoxing, we suggest juicing. Juicing for Beginners is a great place to start.


Eat your greens, drink your water and cut back on the margaritas to achieve a naturally beautiful face for your fiancee to adore!

3. Vitamins!

Vitamins for skin are key, especially vitamin C. Applying Vitamin C to your skin is the best way to achieve a bright, even complexion, notes Erin Ferrill, East Coast educator for HydroPeptide. “The brightening qualities of this well-known vitamin make it the perfect companion for anyone struggling with age spots, sun damage or those who just want a makeup-free pick me up,” Ferrill says. For a true vitamin-taking/skin-enhancing win, take both vitamin C and vitamin E together. This powerhouse combo has been shown to increase the ability of the skin to protect itself from sun damage. “While this is no excuse to ditch the sunscreen, it is a great way to give your skin a fighting chance against the damaging rays of the sun. Look for products that combine vitamin C with gentle exfoliants and natural skin brighteners like bearberry, licorice, mulberry and brightening peptides.”

4. Chill out!

We love this super simple trick. Sucking on a cube of ice chills all of the millions of cells in your cheeks and lips, increasing circulation, and resulting in plumper, more rosy-looking skin! Annie Tevelin, founder of SkinOwl, says, “This is a great glow-fix mid-dinner or before taking a picture to restore fatigued skin to a more peaches and cream complexion.”

5. Makeup!

Achieve the “lit from within” look with the help of radiance-enhancing makeup products. Start by applying an illuminating cream under your makeup, like Becca Backlight Filter Primer ($38 at Sephora). Use TARTE Water Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 – Rainforest of the Sea™ Collection for a glowy and flawless look lasting for up to 12 hours. Finish with some bronze contouring, a little rosy blush and some illuminator swept across the tops of your cheekbones. Or better yet, find a local makeup artist to transform you into the very best version of yourself. In Knoxville we recommend Bangs and BlushSouthern Sirens, or Southern Belle Beauty!


All brides glow on their wedding days, and you will to. The happiness and joy you feel as you marry the love of your life provides more brilliance to your beautiful face than any tips we dish out ever will. But, a little prep never hurt.


HONEYMOON: Las Vegas #DecadentFun #VegasHoneymoon #MoreisMore #Overthetop

Fun-loving honeymooners looking for a decadent, and excitement-filled vacay should consider Las Vegas. This is the perfect honeymooning locale if your vibe is the sizzling-hot, stay-up-all-night, live-life-to-the-fullest variety! VEGAS, the city that never sleeps, has, well, everything. Where else can you visit Paris, Egypt AND Venice within a couple city blocks? Throw in an erupting volcano, pirate ships, show girls and pink flamingos and you’ve got yourself a trip to remember forever! And, in addition, this is a city that introduced the world to the pink cupcake ATM. Clearly, this is the most important site in town. You WILL be needing a Sprinkles cupcake at 4 am, and you can have one. In Vegas, “yes” is the answer to all your wants.

During your stay, be sure to stop by the 24-acre Paris Las Vegas to snap your pic atop the Eiffel Tower. This resort includes amazing replicas of not only the Eiffel Tower, but also the Arc de Triomphe, plus the facades of the Paris Opera House and the Louvre. So many selfie sites!! Grab some croissants at one of the 8 French eateries and then take a ride on the glass elevator up to the observation deck for a gorgeous, panoramic view of Las Vegas. C’est Bon!

The Luxor, a Vegas landmark resort, transports visitors to Egypt, where you can experience wonders such as a sphinx and a pyramid that shoots an intense beam of light into the night sky. A light that can be seen in space. Definitely another great photo op situation!

Every couple needs to take a romantic gondola ride. Preferably in Venice. But, hey, Vegas works too. Especially in the extraordinarily luxurious Venetian hotel. The hotel uses VeniceItaly, as its design inspiration and features architectural replicas of so many Venetian landmarks, including the Palazzo DucalePiazza San MarcoPiazzetta di San Marco, the Lion of Venice Column and the Column of Saint Theodore, St Mark’s Campanile, and the Rialto Bridge. Your honeymoon photo album is becoming quite impressive at this point, right?

If you do manage to catch some shut-eye, we suggest you do so in the fanciest, oozing-luxury-est, snazziest resort in town. The Bellagio. Sigh. The rarefied air of money is piped into this wonderland of awesomeness. And it feels so good to breathe it in. Plus they have a sky-high chocolate fountain, a spectacular fountain and an amazing art glass installation by Chihuly.

Oh, and an indoor conservatory of beauty. The nicest things in Vegas are free.

If you do wake up in Vegas, at any time of day or night, you can be sure to have amazing food. Todd English P.U.B. offers the world’s most overflowing Bloody Mary. Waffles are piled high with things like Thai Chicken. And EggSlut offers pillowy bricoche egg sandwiches so tasty folks stand in line for them.

Be sure to stop by the crazy-cool, retro Fremont East District where you’ll find old school casinos, showgirls randomly wandering the streets, an overhead light show, and block after block of neon lights. Oh, and a giant, fireball shooting, metal preying mantis.

Another fantastic thing about Vegas is the lovely desert landscape. If you need an escape into nature after all the glitz of town, just take a short drive to Red Rock Canyon.

Or, wander about an hour away to experience the Valley Of Fire. World-renowned for its 40,000 acres of bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops nestled in gray and tan limestone, Valley of Fire State Park contains ancient, petrified trees and petroglyphs dating back more than 2,000 years. Cool, huh?

Thirty-five miles to the south of town, you can visit the historic and awe-inspiring Hoover Dam

But the lure of excitement will surely draw you back to town. Where you can enjoy more of everything Vegas has to offer: An over-the-top exuberance! Lights! Action! Amazing Food! Sights To See! Gambling! Shows! 24/7 FUN! Fancy Hotels! Luxury! Decadence! Art! Entertainment!

All told, we think your favorite part of honeymooning in Las Vegas, won’t be the amazing sights and sounds you’ve soaked up. Nor will it be your winnings at the casino. (Although that WOULD be nice!) We are pretty sure your takeaway will be the amazing people you will meet along the way. Everyone is so friendly, from the cab drivers, valets, hotel staff, casino workers, waiters to the locals who are happy to strike up a conversation with you. They want to make sure you have the time of your lives while you are in their city. And they do. #VegasStrong



Top 5 Tips for your first bridal appointment! #firsttimebridalshopper

Selecting your wedding dress is one of the most memorable and important shopping trips you will ever make, so we’ve compiled five easy tips to help make your first bridal appointment successful and stress-free.

Schedule only one appointment for your first day of bridal shopping. Shopping for your wedding dress can be overwhelming, so focusing on a single appointment will allow you to relax and fully enjoy your bridal fitting experience. Most appointments take from one to three hours, so be on top of your bridal shopping game by arriving well-rested and hydrated. We hope that you will visit The Gilded Gown for your first fitting if we are in driving range for you. Please call us at 865-329-4905 to schedule your appointment. If not, find an indie bridal boutique in your area with this handy zip code locator so you can experience the exceptional individualized service local stores offer. It is a good policy to always call the salon to schedule your fitting so that they will have a room and stylist available to help you. Weekends are usually super-busy, and fun, if you want to be around lots of fellow brides and enjoy the excitement in the air. If you would like a calmer experience plan to go during the week, say a Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

To prepare for you visit, take some time to consider what style gown you want. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself on your happy day, walking down the aisle to marry your soulmate…how do you see yourself…what are you wearing in your mind’s eye? Is it a magical princess ball gown, a sleek and sophisticated satin dress, a flowy chiffon number or a vintage-inspired lace dress? Drawing a blank? Check Pinterest and bridal mags for inspiration, then bring your favorite looks in to the bridal boutique. Showing your consultant what you have in mind will help your bridal stylist pull styles for you. Also think about the kind of wedding you are planning. Any details you share about your wedding venue and theme will also enable your consultant to find the perfect dress for you. Also decide on your bridal gown and accessory budget. This will help you and your stylist find the best look without breaking the bank.

Remember to keep an open mind. Try on several different silhouettes, including A-line, Trumpet, and Sheath gowns. Since you are just starting your search it won’t hurt to try a few gowns that aren’t typically your style or aren’t exactly what you have in mind. You might just be surprised! Tap into your bridal stylists’ knowledge and experience, they can be a fantastic resource for you!

Don’t be alarmed at the sizes! Most bridal designers run 2-3 sizes SMALLER than your regular everyday clothing. What are the manufacturers thinking, right? Who on earth wants to go up three sizes when they are wedding dress shopping. Remember they run super-duper small, so please don’t worry about the number on the tags. Size is a four letter word and nothing more. At The Gilded Gown, we have tagged our gowns with the size they actually fit like. Our tags say “fits like size __” so that our brides are able to pull gowns that are the same as their everyday clothing, no matter how the designer has sized them. We found this genius system helps our brides and our stylists and saves lots of time, too!

Have fun. Enjoying your quest for the dress can set the tone for the entire wedding and provide a joyful memory for the rest of your life. Independent bridal boutiques provide the perfect atmosphere for a happy shopping experience with individualized service, fabulous bridal gown selections and caring consultants.

Some other helpful tips:

  1. Wear nude undergarments
  2. Don’t bring too many people, as that just makes things confusing and hectic
  3. But, be certain to bring the person who will be paying
  4. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find THE dress right away, we promise your dress is out there!
  5. Don’t be afraid to go ahead and purchase if you find THE dress, even if it is the first one you try

From Prom Shopper to Bridal Stylist: Meet Summer, She’s Chill #BridalStylist #WeLoveSummer

Bridal & Prom Stylist Summer is super chill, kind, helpful, and beautiful. We are thrilled to have her in The Gilded Gown family. The youngest member of our team, Summer keeps us up to date on things we don’t understand (like Snapchat!) and brings her youthful enthusiasm and perspective to our shop. She has an excellent eye for fit & design and can steer brides to the most flattering styles. If you are looking for a laid back bridal stylist to help you find the perfect dress, schedule an appointment with Summer! Or, if you are a prom shopper, ask Summer to lend a hand, she knows what girls like and what looks fresh! And, please be sure to check back with our blog to learn more about our other ah-mazing stylists!

Summer has a fierce determination that we adore. For instance, Summer made up her mind that she wanted to be a bridal & prom stylist when she shopped at The Gilded Gown for her prom gown. She told herself as she was trying on dresses, “I’m going to work here one day.” Guess what? She made it happen! Here is her prom dress pick:

Summer is a graduate of Central High School with lots of country-girl hobbies. She loves to fish, hunt, four-wheel and camp. We love that when fellow outdoorsy girls shop, Summer can swap stories back and forth, about things like fishing line and football scores.

But Summer loves glitz and glam too. She cleans up nice!!! Modeling fancy dresses is second nature to her now! Check out our Instagram feed @thegildedgown and you’ll be sure to see her pic popping up! The other day a customer came in and said she recognized Summer from our feed! #precious

Summer loves her family and she is very close with both of her brothers. And, if you know Summer, you KNOW she is crazy about Austin, her awesome bf. (We like him too…He is the nicest guy who often stops by The Gilded Gown to visit her and always offers to take out our trash.)

This adorable couple has lots of fun together.


Summer has many talents. She is an award-winning Winter guard and Color guard girl! And, she has a photographic memory which comes in handy when we need to know a style number on a dress.

We sure do love Summer around here, and we’re sure you will too.




BRIDAL STYLE: Fresh and Fabulous Modern Bridal Updos #BridalUpdos #BridalHair

The most popular hairstyle for brides has traditionally been some sort of updo or bun situation. This is because, typically, updos are extra-extra special. Buns bring to mind glamour, ballet dancers, movie stars, royalty and elegance. In most cases this look will require careful styling from a professional, plus an investment of both time and money. In other words, this style is not an every-day look. Who, for example, has an hour and at least a hundred bucks for their regular hairstyle? Nobody! But, when all eyes will be on you on the most SPECIAL day….making the effort to be extraordinary is totally WORTH IT! We’ve sourced some of the prettiest bridal updos around, and we hope you will find some wedding day hairstyle inspiration here.


First up is a series of loose updos, sourced from Pinterest, each embellished with gorgeous bridal hair accessories. Who doesn’t love a triple stranded pearl, right? The addition of a floral bridal vine on the side is so on-trend. And, you can never go wrong with an above bun beaded piece.

Another fave is the addition of braiding techniques to the updo. Encircle your crown with a series of twists and braids for a casually beautiful style. Or get edgy with a mohawk-inspired do! Love!!! Super loose braids can go traditional when you add in a white lace comb!

But, you don’t actually HAVE to spend any money or much time at all if you style a quick updo for yourself. We’ve got to say we are big fans of an uber pared-down approach to a bridal bun. A clean, slicked back chignon or do-it-yourself ballet bun provide effortless style that you can easily do yourself. And forgoing accessories of any kind takes this modern and minimalist wedding day look to another level. So freaking chic!!!

Yet Another Beauty Site has a wonderful tutorial for an elegant yet easy chignon below:

We adore a simple classic updo featuring a side or center part. Look, if Kate did it, you know it is on point. Of course, we absolutely love adding to the style by adding a huge floral crown a la Frida Kahlo.

If you are asking yourself, “Umm, wait, who is Frida Kahlo?”, she was one of Mexico’s most important painters! Frida was a harbinger of today’s selfie-obsessed culture, since she mostly painted self-portraits. Wild and wonderful she had impeccable personal style influenced by Mexican culture, and her famous folk art explored questions of identity, gender, class, and race in society. So if you are leaning toward an updo with a floral crown,  let this amazing lady be your muse:

Gorgeous bridal updos go glam with the addition of bridal hair vines, hair clips and veils!

And, to finish out our bridal hairspiration, we are circling back to our most favorite look: the messy updo. So soft, romantic, carefree and pretty! Tuck in some fresh greenery and floral elements to take the look sunshine and fresh air worthy! Or try a super carefree look with loose tendrils escaping here and there, and you will look like the heroine of an English romance novel.

No matter which updo you choose, you can be sure you will be looking your very best for your happy day!