DIY Paper Flowers aka Decor you can make from office supplies #PlayAtWork #DIYDecor #DIYWeddingDecor

DIY Paper Flowers 1

We love to make something from nothing. And by nothing, we mean things you probably have available right now whether you are at home, school or at work. So kinda free.

Do you have a stack of copy paper, tape and scissors? Or if you don’t have any copy paper, you’ve probably got a newspaper or magazine handy. ‘Cuz you could easily substitute those for the copy paper. No tape? How about a glue stick? That’ll work too. So from those simple items you can create an amazing paper flower. Cluster a bunch of them together and you can have yourself a luxurious and gorgeous display. {Please view our previous post about how we used these for a glorious backdrop of White Paper Flowers here!}

So these flowers can be made in any color or pattern depending on the paper you use. We used white for our bridal shop window. But you could easily make whatever you like to tie into your wedding or party theme…

The following tutorial is for one style of paper flower, but you can easily make different kinds by varying the shape of petals you cut out and also varying the sizes of yours as well.


DIY Paper Flowers 2

DIY Paper Flowers 3

DIY Paper Flowers 4

DIY Paper Flower 5

DIY FLowers 5

DIY Paper Flowers 6

DIY Paper Flowers 7

DIY Paper Flowers 8

DIY Paper Flowers 9


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